Before we (re)begin!

Funny enough in January 2021, just at the start of the (infamous) new editorial line “Conscious Neutrality, a living choice”, Home Of Bohemian UBUNTU servers were terminated. the Edge of the Age, HW&WB, the HOB Esoterikos, Reflection, Of-Grid Living, SOUND a Musical Experience, PLAYList, Surf with Us, Keys, HODT Sound Search & Studies, the HOB 5D’s, the Original Farmer, Off Grid Infrastructure, the Outer World & Astro Enthusiasts,…etc, in all over 20 years of Seasonal “SPR/SUM/AUT/WIN” publication dissipated in the vastness of the digital neant.

That is just as well, from one line to another, here is a reboot, Autumn 2021.

Ps: we are recollecting the safeguarded originals, be patient, it will take some time do achieve so. We are building an archive just for that purpose.

Editor’s View Point. Lexicon of a dark web World.

/picking up unsaved and fallen servers data’s and contents is not a crime or trash picking, it is just the proof of a poor creative mindset/

/adjusting the style of your content with others ideas at your credit “to ‘buz’” in a more fashionable way is not an issue, everyone needs to pay the bills, however, your Neurons are awaiting for you to connect, that is what Consciousness is all about/

/characterizing your content using attribute who have nothing to do with your editorial line is not a mistake, it only show how critical editorial integrity is/

/using publication’s which demanded years of research, peer reviewed or not, to make a stand (and some cash) is not a problem, information needs to feed the W3C, just remember to acknowledge the makers of such publication, specially if it come from the Alternative Community/

/it is difficult to accept that you are far behind, when you where convince that you where leading/

/you pack the full set of Diploma, great, you are fully Instructed on how things work, so make it work, and while you are at it, take time to Educate Yourself about Other’s, the World surrounding you, it needs as much attention as you do/

/now we all know that conspiracy is a tool for “order’, what is the order you abide by/

/Humanity is a Family made of different Phenotypes, Indivisible Individuals, Intelligent Consciousness sharing one similar experience, Existence, honor it and keep your Religion believes, Sexual Orientation, Political convictions, Cultural practice and Social construct to yourself, You can Be part of the Human Family as You are, or you can be part of the Herd and in this case you should live up to it/

/thinking that you have competition because your neighbor publish the same stuff as you are is only a living proof that you are not digging deep enough, million’s of subjects are in dire need of attention, and waiting for you to do your job/

/to compromise with Your truth is to compromise with fake news, remember that Sapir & Whorf prevail, in Sounds and Writings, and that changing others View Point to make yourself a ‘celeb’ will only prove that you actually lack of your own View Point, its ok! not too late to build one/

/to Act knowledgeable after reading the headline of a new discovery does not make you Intelligent or Aware, it is only a sign that you are in desperate needs of attention/

/ nowadays DNA is used for anything and everything, don’t be fooled, what is your is yours, you are unique so does your view point, make a good use of it/

/you are Emotionally compromise, the ‘person’ in the worst position to talk about yourself, is you/

/ like the Daft once said, Human, after all!/

/ attention Seeker’s, Attention seekers./

the HOB RAW – AUT – 2021//

Review & Archived Web publication – One last RAW.

NOTICE: beware, no not of the Beast, your Banker, any horses or even yourself, beware of Social Media, as in; what you are reading now is ‘mediumed’ to You by a Media, the WWW aka the W3C, please imprint this short read in Your Mind before proceeding. here

The I.O.C.P., in a word.

Civilization is a word. A made up word like all words aiming at defining the Act(s) of Living by Human of Earth, on “Earth” a “Planet” of the “Solar System”. It includes a vast amount of principals, facts accepted or not, construed Truth, and is mainly base on what Modern Human (circa 197.979 BCE) have been slowly and not so gently creating, building, making and inventing to Be in existence, conceptually of course no Artifact nor Automobile can validate Your existence (as per Why You exist we leave it up to you to answer) You simply exist. Civilization is what makes Human promote an “Intelligent Existence”, from that point in Place and Time (see Ian lecture at White Horse ‘Consciousness & Calendar’ to better localize Yourself, watch here) ‘the Civilize’ You can exist. But your quest is not to Be, You Are, but to Experience, experience Yourself, Others, Life and the Art of Living in general term. Civilization is just that, an amalgam of experience on the top of which You will superpose Your own experience and by accumulation promote the Human Act(s) of Living for Generation to come. The question remain as such.

Conundrum is a word. Its meaning reflect a state or act of which one can be made aware but not intellectually and comprehensively explain the said state, confusion better define this state, but it is more often use in social communication as a riddle play, specially when it comes to queries such as Human, Earth and the Cosmos, is ask to those with the responsibility to curate the answers, conundrum is the modern escape word. From there responsibilities is caste in ‘levels’, the question is ‘what is sustainable’, starting by Life itself here and in this Universe. What is your level?! Not so long ago the question was, what is your number?! The level in question here is that of consciousness, Your and this Humanity Consciousness, with an hinge, broken levee, Humans can’t let go of “the truth”, Yours, Theirs, Ours. Reality! Belief?. How aware that you are aware are you!? How fast consciousness can come to be interpreted and utilize, how many Human are moved by the realization of their conditions with only guaranty is that all will stay like so. Few exceptions of course, it confirms the mass exemption, competition, and the cold truth of it, be it’s Genes, Instructed Intelligence, Courage, Cautiousness, Adventureness, Resilience, Mathematical Awareness, Physical Power, Mechanical Logic, Endurance and so many other capacity that the Human Specie is able of, You will always find a more competitive Human Being, hence the classification, absolute Fear to question the roots, fragile foundations. Behold Human of Earth Empire, Convictions & Obsessions is still the 12 and Midnight of any power seeker and ‘wannabe Human ruler’ all social class included, no classification dissection, Human’s “vision-feed” on other Human’s, nowadays proven real when the absolute goal is the realization of an Idea (True from Art to War), for a group or one self, without compromise for anything else, including Life: “attention Seekers, Attention seekers”.

Interlude: reading is an Action(s) which demands regular interruption for the slow Mind to process, by regression if needed, the content of a text (disregarding what the said text promote) in order for the Eye (22 to 24 frame per second, it is slow ref: the flicker Frequency) to See. Not the same for Consciousness which function somewhere between 40 and 50 billion Frame per Second, hence the time to pause once in a while when reading, “when” being the key word to address, so stay on the text for now, We will ‘pause’ later! (fyi; if you feel in Danger it is already too late so continue reading).

Aim is a word. What is this Humanity aim? When the sum of thing is pattern, repetition, the recognition or ‘deja vue’ of things, success is at works, in failure and achievement, successions of Acts and interpretation of events, what tend to stay around over time, or if you like it better “Reality” as it is #tagged nowadays is becoming more and more difficult to grasp. What is this Humanity choice? Memories of events are dissipating to the advantage of the ‘memory capable’ ‘IQ electable’, walking functions of modern times. For Science all the above apply but with a major variable, events need to be observed and replicated to be consider as part of ‘the tangible reality’ hence the absolute need of Inspiration (by what?). Can this Humanity accept, or is this Humanity the ‘maker’ of this consciousness and this reality. Multi-verses and multi-dimensions of all things would make more sense than any known studied theories.

Humanity is a word, a word invented by Human’s to define an whole, an Organism Entity, Hue, Being as in To Be, the Human Being “in” its Human state, a Social Organism enable to “React” (#Intelligent Reaction/Spontaneous Reaction/Stimulus Response) to any outer threat, a Sense of Survival, a Survival Sense acquired over Millenia, with no known reference to be compared too! Occulted?!. Humanity .21 with escape velocity in sight, ‘the’ Universal Planet Earth question is a riddle, a shy request for a Specie in demand of adventure. Hence the question. What is this Humanity aim?

Here again of all plausible answers, Sapir and Whorf need way more attention that which is (and not for the good Reason(s)) given. The consideration that a Thought, emanating from what ever inspired it and when willingly express throughout the Vocal Human system, produce a very specific Sound of which very little but the meaning of the said Thought is acknowledged, leaving the Audible but unperceptible, aside not to say unacknowledged, this is in what the ‘very’ debatable Sapir & Whorf (Linguistic Relativity read here) is in fact all about, not only in the level of language used (as in which Classification or Caste) or only in reference to the complexity of Sounds produce by a Language duly flowing from a countless time of construction, change, variation and adaptation to render it usable for the present time to understandingly convey the meaning with the maximum efficiency, hence the hypothesis controversy, the more adapted to the task the more efficient the “Word” will be, to say that such a Science could be used and abuse to direct if not control Minds and mindset fall short in the realization of the present.

Physical Time is pacing up, and if we were able to watch ourselves with our ongoing planetary consciousness and a valid critical mindset, we could even say that we are acting this life, a no rehearsal show, ‘the’ revelation of an improvisation! This is the difference between the World we live in, and the worlds we sublime, between the Life we live and the Life we Dream, between the ‘social tool kit’ we need and the one We have!, all Industries are now morphing into lighter and more functional, at the other end a fastening Hormesis, bioprotective function’s tested, Human could be mutating to a more than human form of Life, another form of Living, and another status of Being, uniqueness is at test and Your Life choices with it.

Panic is a word, a word made from a request of Human to a Deity, Pan, at the time Celtes arrived to Greek from Italy (Rome Stoicism vinquished), Greek Preistess & Priest invoked the Deity to make Celtes unable to understand each other when speaking and create a total confusion in the Celtes Nomadic army, Panic. There and then comes an idea, the idea that your solution for how Life came to be, is and will be, exclude you from Life itself, ‘obsession of convictions’, of all absolute, deprive the experience seeking Human Being of it, none can precisely define the Human State as it was and less Humanity’s future, but for the Present, the ‘now of time’ We can, beginning by Our state of believes & disbelieve of what a Human Being is, so we’ve build theories and imagine concept, “the definition of Species usually refers to the ability to interbreed. Race is a social construct based on unified identity through hereditary physical characteristics. Species is a biological taxonomy classification based on the limits on how different a genome must be to be unable to successfully produce offspring (ask Reddit read here) or in the Modern case, ask the Common, Common Era made by Common Human Being, the Race has grown to a conscious ‘breed’ and we ask at the HOB what could stop the Human Race from racing?!, Human Childs looking at the Stars awaiting to conquer once more, this time and for the first time conquer as a Kind, the Human Being of Planet Earth, ready for a new jump, a fully awaken one, a decided and participatory permutation, Universal Consciousness at view and looking for a propulsion momentum to reach escape velocity, what can be the limit of Our imagination! Are We, as an organism, trying to keep this reality together no matter what consequences, or is it the lack of vision that restrains Us All? Acrimonic hegemony have replace procrastination!? and Prostitution in all forms remain the oldest profession still in use as a Common mode of Surviving, ‘the trade’ is taking a last breath.

Human is a word. It define the Indivisible Individual and command acceptance of any and all Differences only to validate all and every Similarities. What would change when All would believe in the unbelievable or how are we here?:

Manifestation/spontaneous event/ by timely evolution

Experimentation/intelligent intervention/ by genetic manipulation

Creation/imagination & creationism/ by “A” Capable Soul Power

;unable to think about it, “but you can work!” consciousness first, what would be the reason of work?, subsistence, achievement, power, comfort or simply existence. Is it a necessity, an obligation? Who make the decision for what is to be made? Does work the result of an imagination of a 3 dimensional world, or a pathway corrupting Soul Mind and Body? Can it be attributed to Intelligence, not your IQ it choose you for a predefine task (a systematic continuity), what we imply here is your Cell Intelligence, Universal Cell memory – at reach! What kind of understanding? The question in itself imply classification, what is to be understood is more like “it is which is which”?! Talks of a new Industrial Era (7.0 Industrial Revolution – Biomimicry), deeper into Chemistry and more than ever accepting that Alchemy from its early stage is the reason of it All, Universal Age regulator. Time(s) is for All on Earth, but what beyond Earth? Time(s) as a define dimension could mean that we are in Our (Dimension) and quiet possibly not in an other one (Dimension), taking in consideration that the 3 axes of Dimension exist in these other ‘time dimensions’, ready to fold this Dimension in to others, so much energy have been trapped in Matter, a consuming amount of Time(s) that is now shifting to a common experience, shared by All but experienced Individually, Human Being of Earth have to become students again, Self Student, students of self! We are here and now, no possible prevention to your future, only preparations for what is commonly known, for anything else, the waiting of the experience. How to enhance the difficult part of life while keeping the other parts healthy and operating?! Are we the subject of a choice only driven by Emotional interface, or is it that the choices We make reflect Our lack of Self Will!? Self Ignorance is what Self inflicted and Social Emotional abuse lead to, and expectation is hope nemesis. The basic vision of another Industrial Revolution would agree that profound changes in the way we make anything on Earth was profoundly affected by such discoveries, that it changed Our view of what is realizable, inventions? ‘expecting’ that all will remain the same. Should We Dream of a Life of no reward but Consciousness!

So where to help. Well, all this really started here about 27 years ago,for this time, Our Time(s), the ‘now’ of Life, so many questions stay unasked, bad habits to let questions unasked, for some it is “Das Zeitalter der Ubergange: aka; The Age of Transition – watch here , for everyone else; ,… you would have a better chance to find an answer searching for anything zootrophic, in your dictionary as in yourdictionary definition ;-)) ,… or you could attempt to deep-dive in the ‘Fauna part of the Living ;-)))) at your own risk!

Dream is a word. A powerful release of Melanin and Oxytocin occurring during the rest period of Life, Sleeping. When will we Dream of Electric Sheep? The ‘main stream’ of any Industries is use for Eon’s to (say) help society to take consciousness of this world, if there is a ‘core’ a ‘main body’ to guide this Humanity, there is cohesion, Indivisible and un-commingling by nature. The HOB refer to the Alternative as a space of consideration, for consideration, understanding and reflection on a given subject, from Life itself to the Act(s) of Life and the Art of living, and difference can be made, a conscious main stream subsist by shaping others acts from a single cognitive stream to Billion’s, the Conscious Co-Creation experience is proposed. In Alternative thinking, consciousness first, the experience itself form an Individual Reaction(s) and however witnessed, reported or extrapolated by another Living Human Being, Life is to be experienced Individually, the Indivisible Individual. From this Time on, the more conscious we will be the less we will be able to Act over this reality, Conscious Neutrality, and that is where and when a new adventure begin, of all things that move Humanity for millennia boredom is the revelator, impatience Nature. This Humanity will adapt painfully or joyfully, changes in habits (all of them) and de-assigning matter for exploration purposes is now on course, escape velocity at reach, should We scarify over a 10000 years of Mechanical Engineering to it? Which is which? The Wish of All Human? a living experience of discovery? Restricted area, not to say Occulted. And for this, Human of Earth (hanged by a Solar string, a swing of Our Star could erase the freshly digitalized living and dead memory of a Humanity on the edge of Universal Consciousness), reach to new purposes, ready is the new curious, the 21 Century C.E. tool kit in a portable phone, lightness is the new luxury, so the Human being of Planet Earth re-become creative, Sapience dimensions at work, We did set up the 3D Printer from Sapience Human Ingenuity, Our Sentience forced it out, and we realized it from Our Scientience, We did not ‘resurrect’ the 3D Sculptor, Reason for this is industrial, easier to turn wood, stone and metal into dust and add which ever solidifier to it, a 3D Sculptor would address the Matter in its raw state, and carve out what ever the user intend, a dimensional shift in how Our Common Industries will be run and operated from now on, and a continuity in exploration of the Dimension’s of Us.

Science within Fiction: “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” Arthur C Clarke. In the current scenario and in the relevant context of Earth, this quote can be extended to the ongoing Environmental fluctuation and developing momentum. It can be extended to Life itself Fauna & Flora and included Geophysics, with no doubt the Cosmogenic attribute with it. So we have ask the question before and do it again; who know what is unfolding and should we be terrified by either the answer that no, none does or yes someone do!

Able is a word, and a Name, with both the same meaning, it characterize a specific State of Being, ‘abilis’, or “to whom the trade is granted”, the Power of the Cell is intact, Eon’s of time over disregarding when We came to existence on this Sidereal timeline, so far the only ‘matter’ this Universe uses was existing in one form or another. Understanding means accepting. We have surely acknowledge our lack of knowledge in front of Our Cosmic awakening, and the ‘numerisation’ of what this Universe from Earth and a Human view point tells Us “how Innocent We are”, but this Universal Innocence is about to fail Us, On Your Own Human. The acceptance that observations where made, recorded, in so many case reproduce, data’s extracted, experiments concluded and rendered into a teachable knowledge un-conflictingly part of an instructional system ruled by an educational program to build an idea mainly base on comfort, the untold word so simplistic that the thoughts of it made Us wonder why did we adapt to this ‘market overview of ourselves’ only to compartmentalize Human Beings, Availability Vs Accessibility is an ongoing conversation at the HOB, a fringe of what is to be known about the Cosmos, Life, Earth and this Humanity is shared by 8 Billion’s living Human Beings, yet all is so new, why so little time. Longevity, addressing ‘immortality’, Mortality?

Change is a word. Your day to day job is to change and adjust your view point on yourself, this World and this experience. Time. Dedication or Allocation!? Choices or Decisions?! Be afraid or live in fear! Recognized, Identified, localized, in many ways and without noticing it, we all have been Acknowledged digitally, ‘Personified’, of all “User’s”, a recorded 5.7 Billion WWW daily ‘clients’ for the Eye to see, in Science the Act of Violence is differentiated from the Act of Aggression, the second express a Reaction the first an Action. All these terminology which you transform in Emotions all Senses out ‘online’, as in the physical world, those terms are leading to an all out Fear/Phobia, “the Word Wide Web” is Human and the human condition apply. The ‘connection correction’ was made in 1993 on Earth (Time & Place). Since then, and however you are a Tribes Man un-touch by Modern Civilization or a London City ‘Wall Banker’, likely that your ‘intimacy’ an idea of privacy, have been digested by the ‘net’, those days you are more likely to have your face catch by a drone photography and watch at in the swap of a second by billion’s from every Country, yet the loneliness of the ‘Being’ remain, build up, strengthen, alone You are, Sin of Innocence, Science of Ignorance and a persistent Fear/Greed dichotomy for All, with Alexithymia ramping in a Dominion of Synaesthetes.

“This speculation of an Order is devastating for Human’s!”

Life is a word. It is experienced better than it can be explain. The Availability Vs Accessibility fast became rhetoric, at the end of it, Consciousness, the Universal kind, and Our inability to willingly enhance that Consciousness, only Time(s) remain. The ‘Choice’ better known as decision of Self Discipline and Conscious Neutrality has been made, the indivisible Individual, h+, Human .21 is here. So! Can we dream of a ‘declassified’ Human Planetary Society, is there a Reason for the ‘classification’ of a Human Being, Savannah Hunter or Elite Born share the same fate what ever the Life, un-abundant Cosmic experiences, little to no offering to satisfy all in what Human capabilities are, in Dreams and in the very physical world, boredom at every level! So we create, imagine and manage existential crisis, for the All to remember that there is a whole, and how far apart this Humanity consciousness extend from one end to another, for some all and every extravagant living experiments are accessible, for most only contradictions are available, the ‘Biomimicry Epoch’ have grown from the rupture of traditional industries, ‘tradition’ the Trade is lost forever, sublimed, compartmentalized, mechanized, ‘politicized’ and now lost, styles and life, lifestyles, ‘the Human’ is ready for a new statement. Not long before our t-shirts are made of Fungus and shoes made of Fruit skins, is ‘are you ready’ a question? Are You waiting?.

Being is a word. It defines both a State and a ‘creature’, being a Human Being. Of all Similarities and Differences, the one that comes to mind is, the Mind, the RAW’s from the HOB Esotherikos House address ‘the human being’ has the Soul, the Spirit, the Body and the Mind as 4 distinct needed elements for Existence, what is of Consciousness. For the Mind, always and forcibly “assimilated” (assimilation is the mother of all Similarities cognitive dissonance) to “be” the Brain (like a part of the Cortex does this, your Pineal Gland does that, Oxytocin zip bag, etc…), or under the influence of your’s and everyone else ‘belief’ that you are convince to be committed to your “Self” (conviction is the father of all Differences cognitive dissonance) and duly and diligently ‘process’ by your Brain, and that this load of experience is what is the Mind! This conversation, this Reflection All Human have with themselves must be address, you are emotionally altered and compromised. Convictions and assimilation aside, the Human Mind, ‘this’ invisible organ, is now expanding daily, with a single task, to witness, observe, attract, catch and filter anything from the Universe or this Earth into Similarities & Differences, an inheritance from our existence, a Genetic ‘laissez-passer’ unfolding from the Cell, center stage to this Universal Consciousness over Eon’s of evolution’s or a Time Quanta, very likely mutation’s await and before all adapt for survival, Sapient, Sentient & Scientient Human Being, a Cosmic Salient Specie in the making, Earth and the Stars right of the Self, Self Rights, a whisper of Universal Memory and Cell Existence, all in all a Biological experience in-memorae by Cell’s and freshly digitalized as ‘the living Biology of the human race for the Universe memory’, unexpected success are the best, one truth can be said about consciousness and reflect more Our confidence in face of the unknown than its understanding.

Universal Time, Cosmic schedule, the opposite of any metric systems touch by culture, is the same for all, maybe a little more Time for some Cells, a decade or 2 of more Live Consciousness for some Human, but over all, Time lay on Us its perpetual movement, hence the constant uniqueness/loneliness conundrum, only match by Our Social abilities. The stage of the Family, what differentiates Us from the Herds is fully consume, the Human of Earth Family is as it is, becoming best friends after a few minutes by providing a future guaranty, the guaranty of a future if the Family Cult stand strong, which ever way Humanity have to divide more, more Human if the conquest of the Stars is to be. Lucid Dreams and Golden Sheeps?!

Uncertainty is certain and Ignorance was blissed, until the consequences of this very Intelligent and resilient construct, Ignorance, started to show on Humanity. Fire like Reaction, it burn the Present Time(s) tasks and deeds over achieved in less than a Life time and a Human wave to backlash an ignored Human Emotional history, burn like Fire ‘fear to Be’ imprinted and forced change in Humanity Genomic, by habits, for future come, the Untamable Human occupy more than the physical dimension. A claim for a more Human Humanity, a more humane society, a form of Being never experience, hence the importance to it, a path to reach escape velocity with above of us all, the Stars, the creation of a common path for this Humanity, for this Planetary Civilization. It makes this Present inconsistent and incoherent.

When will it Change, Transform, Morph, Permute, end? In what consideration is this Reality that We, Human Beings, share and dislike (not to say worship), this ‘human existence’ is in effect due to Us, dematerialization at will (the Dream), and what would it take to ‘not be’. In its written contemplation of the idea, Norwood Russell Hanson read here and here (careful it is from 1962 but was ‘just’ accepted) the observed subject is, how far is too far! Life & Matter or matter of life, and the ‘Will’ which hold it together, is but an illusion, so they say,…

attention Seeker’s, Attention seeker, the most undervalued of all ‘currencies’ Attention!, more specifically what you give your attention to, the state of awareness, consciousness, ‘Attention’ is now a Science. Yes Neuron, Psycho, Ethno and so on among others are the Sciences of the Human Being, the Science of Self, but what we are talking about here is the Science of Attention, attracting attention, taking it, having the attention of fellow Human Beings, contracting attention and conserving this attention at all cost have become a Science over Eon’s of this Humanity existence, enabling for a part of this Humanity to abuse this ability and concurrently carefully passing it on to ‘Kin’ (for a guaranty of “Power post Mortem”) or acquiring this Science by acts in succession of servitudes at all level of the ‘administrative side of life’ leading to a certain guaranty of independence by surviving throughout the abusing position of power, and from power, the obsessing dependence of a whole to a part of this Humanity’s Mind is and have always been build by You willingly but surely innocently giving your Attention to where is does not help you to live in favor of a Collective Consciousness, a conscious collection that things must be has they are in order to Exist, a ‘virtual’ guaranty of safety. The Time is such that Conscious Neutrality have become the norm, to consciously and intelligently Be the Change Maker “the Sapience of Systems Metamorphosing” the willingness by choice not to participate in something that will destroy You, is now a Planetary norm and for the first Time(s) it took place without any promotion from any commercial or managerial entity (Political, Clerical or Economical), it happen because people are now paying attention to them-Self. Beware Human, Soul bandage and Spirit relaxant a must, beyond Light Speed, Universe Pace Raising!

Ignorance is a word. Emotionally compromised, a Human attribute. Thousands of years and nothing has changed, a recurrent pattern obviously flout, a systematic behavior only driven by what you are told and told to do, the universal and consistent proof that you are too emotionally involve to make it work, stupidity comes in many manifestation, the promotion of a single intelligence is the first sign, and they are always an Ignorance affair, never an Innocent one, Ignorance is a multidimensional sphere of influence, it demands a form of intelligence (predator-real) a (by predation/acquisition) plan, to force and enforced some sort of “foreseen path” made up by the Ignorant to preserve a ‘built-in’ construct set to survive on which it ‘must’ have control of ‘the others’ but lacking the Intelligent diversity to apply this to itself, an impossible contribution to the balance of things, beyond Narcissist, proclaiming ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ but all ‘other’s destructive’ in self convenience, fully aware of its making. Intuitively absent yet intrinsically obedient to its Nature, ‘intelligent scheme of the ignorant’ ignoring the Reason(s) for its own ways of Being, so its intelligent foreseen plan can unfold, at the cost of others if needed, Life included, and survive by such ‘rules’, that is what Ignorance Intelligence command for the Ignorant survival, a Human attribute, an Intelligent scheme promoting One view point over others, disregarding others, destructive if needed.

INTERlude: Our Sun, the Star, the return of Ra, Our Star, the Sun, the omnipresence of Light and Darkness is upon Us All. Renewable resources and alternative lifestyle, so many words written and so little to make these words a solid reality, Sapiens and Adapted alternatively, and Human all the way, a Solar sustainable Being, Sentient by default and Scientient by evolution.

Is Earth, has a Planet, is in jeopardy, or are We? Is the Universal Biome broken or is it just another leap, the Salience of Humanity, the Cell, at the base of All is able to assimilate, differentiate, Are we able consciously to operate a change, Humanity level, at once or will We remain the passenger of a story! Our Sapience, Sentience and Scientience could be in doubt, that we have build it all on ‘biomarkers’ and ‘theories’ on non existing data’s, an invention of a Dimension in great need of attention.

in all Similarities & Differences!

Vernichtungslager is a word. What? Exactly, “what?” is the proper question when addressing an un-understood word (it works with everything from a word to a witnessed act). Vernichtungslager was the word used by the German Army and representative of the ideology of that time when differentiating the type of ‘camps’ to which Human’s where sent to Die (Death unlike Ideology claim which it can, as the saying goes it rain on the just and unjust alike) which takes Us to the awareness of the moment, is there a Future for this Humanity? How would We be able to tell if no Similarities or Differences can be made between what was, and what will be. Tricky thought, You say, and indeed it is one “bitch of an idea” if considered as such. But who says We are here at all!

Information and understanding are one, to know is another, but what is in high demand is to be able to explain the things of everyday Life, a good Reason for the things of Life to be lived is but a good Reason to Live.

The level of Intelligence is rising, the one of criminal & premeditated acts, the richer you are the smarter you are recognized as such, and for the Acknowledgement nothing, this alone call for the total and absolute de-possession, or an absolute repossession, of all the things and products the Human Operation Base Industrial Open Cooperative Platform aim to achieve, the choices of what to push forward first is a recurrent one. The continuous R&D of Biomimicry principles, the aim at correcting the way we make things and for what, the available Vs accessible issue and so on have come to weight very little in view of the direction the I.O.C.P. is going, so we adapt, adjust, redistribute and distribute to make it all move forward as 1, one concept, 1 team, One Humanity, and we at the HOB will never repeat it enough, the Sapient, Sentient, Scientient Human have already permuted into a new kind, a Neo being sort to speak, and the modern social tool kit, like everything else, needs an update.

Biology, Bios, Ethic, for the flavor of the Decade ask the Scient (here) for anything else, Life is as usual. Disrupter’s power’s, “Woker’s” delight, Doer’s marketing, and Master’s of Masteries will find You, and if You find Yourself first, they’ll make a lost Soul out of You, so to find You better just their and then, anyone say enough?!?

Existence is a word. Difficult to define, it conclude by a mass awareness largely induce by Senses and Emotions and realize by Physical actions and metaphysical believes, it is said and accepted until further notice that Existence came to be and base on the few millennia of Earth view point observations made by Human Beings estimate this Universe to ‘jump-start’ from 11.5 to 16.5 billion years ago, from then until now we theorize in expansion, evolution, aggregation and superposition, Time(s) included. That is where Human attention is. Seeking understanding.

Waiting for a new opportunity or a new Idea? Commodities or Resources?! Short term profit or long term gain!? Human Resources or Manufacturing Entities!! Natural Resources or Industrial Commodities?!? Stone or Diamond!?! Valuable to Science and the advancement of the Human Specie, why so many resources are dormant. The agenda is fill up and requests start to pile up. The A.M.S. – Assisted Mobility System, the Pacific Floating Institute, WeTreat, consortia, 2SPHARMA, synbiodata, the ULUV generation, LSC – Life Sustainable Clothing, the Amaranthiane Life House, the P.O.D. Initiative and more are now cooperating to assemble knowledge and know how and ground manufacturing and assembly for commercial distribution, the aim is experience, for a concept that is neither new nor an innovation or a continuity, it is but a reflection of the time, a common Human tool-kit, what is realizable now with the aim to create a full set of tools and apparatus for what this Time require to live this Human experience, definitely no show-off or spotlight, it’s Individual, Personal and Familial. This Humanity is in search of an adventure, a new source of Inspiration, and since the first steps of the HOB I.O.C.P. in the early 90’s this alternative venture have remain just that, not for all and not looking to be, Individual Alternative Life is to be chosen.

PAUSE: aLI face & koob bABA; In this ‘habitat’ DeepDive (the Lucas HABITAT) nothing is what it seams, and nothing ever was, that is the very definition of evolution. Most of everything Human is kept in its stable states for use and use only apply to Time(s), the ‘Space’ of Being in which You, your family and friends exist for that fraction of a moment you are conscious to actually record it, hence the renewed importance to understand and comprehend Consciousness, study!

Humanity, this Humanity is about to come to a realization, that We are loosing Our Universal Innocence, not that this happen over night, the process started Eon’s ago, and that this ‘reality’ was ‘Made’ or ‘Created’ does not matter anymore, Our questions has a Specie, has a ‘group of conscious beings’ have shifted, in interests and importance, consciousness work this way, ‘a’ Universal Cellular Memory for All, Why not! And the ‘loss’ of Innocence in question is Universal. Here on Earth social shift of Planetary proportions are happening, change of interests of what exist. Digital, the Users maybe coming to adolescence and the WWW to maturity after all, change in the Earth Biome as well as observable changes of our Star the Sun, Our Galaxy and beyond. Indeed a wider consciousness, the Human Child at knowledge camp, Cosmic Child inheriting rightfully the education and instructions of a Universe it belongs too. Anyway, by the time You will notice anything You will be wearing T-Shirt made of Fungi and boots made of Banana peel, you will be sharing more than Your time and likely do so roaming the Solar system onboard of Planet Earth ship fully conscious of the experience, a Planetary Consciousness.

The Human Operation Base in a word. Ready!