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From MESMERIZING to SUBLIMING, the fall of Digital Realism.




(of a solid substance) change directly into vapour when heated, typically forming a solid deposit again on cooling.


elevate to a high degree of moral or spiritual purity or excellence.



  1. capturing one’s complete attention as if by magic.

The Human Game as define by Nash (not negative hash, but John) involve all interactions by and between all ‘people’ in and by which all ‘Acts” have an effect and affect on the gain or loss (Individual or Group) following the decision made by the said Individual or group of Individual, with affect and effect on the said Individual and others//

None less to say that first, being consistent with the HOB view point on Transcendence, to ‘believe’ that you are able to make a choice to articulate a decision involve the capacity to use a large amount of ‘data’ or ‘information’ to do so, and that those ‘data’s or Information’s’ are in your grasp of gathering, analyzing, and understanding (hence the issue with false knowledge and fake news) to apply the said “data’s & information’s” to your deduction while Intelligently (involving Instinct, Intuition and Emotion) processing it to make the decision which will be granted a pathway by Human Society aka: ”The Game” in order to reach its conclusion and for the decision makers (and followers) to obtain the wanted result, to be acknowledge or recognize as the “Truth teller”, (being right about anything is still the main Reason(s) of All conflicts). In other words, a flagrant position between Unconsciousness & Delusion.

For anyone of any Social ‘class’ or “Instructional” knowledge;

What is this believe that you withhold the required Consciousness to make decisions?;

ask yourself this question!

The interaction in question, is of course, between a set of Human(1) who speak the same language (Sapir-Whorf), and for which each Individual is being recognize as being part of the said ‘game’, ‘system of thoughts’, ‘social mechanism’, ‘etc…’. Too complex to go around? How come then, are you participating? competing? debating? not others ‘Game’ but yours, uncompromisingly accepting that it is only happening(1) between the Human Group which you are a part of (forget the Internet, its effect and affect is for All the same) defending and protecting it from any others Act(s) and Action(s).

Abiding by a ‘no rule game’ in which the gain or payoff and loss or waste, is affected by decisions not only made by Individual or group of Individual You don’t know but even more interestingly, decisions which will always have an effect and affect on both, decision makers and decision receivers bluntly directed to one end. Appropriation. Appropriation of others Ideas, Interests, Goods, and by extension the most valuable of all, Time(s).

Conscious Neutrality! a state of Being pertaining to the conscious observation and witnessing of what this Reality becomes without Your participation, event if the outcome forward great catastrophe, Social or Environmental. A conscious choice with the aim of enhancing Sapience, Sentience, Scientience and overall the Common Intelligence. Humanity is yet to come out of its refusal of Spiritual acceptance and its Affect and Effect on Physical Reality.

Until then, stay away from any ‘games’ and use your Time(s) for yourself and what matter most. Your own view point.

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