P.O.D. – Private OffGrid Development

P.O.D. Initiative – the HOB I.O.C.P.

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IOCP BoD P.O.D. Pitch Industry –

Vision and value proposition

P.O.D.’s or Private Ofgrid Development system, offers an efficient, and sustainable solution to the growing demand of Off-Site, Modulable and Movable prefab housing, a large segment of the world housing market demand.

The Development coordination between France, Russia and Canada fully secured design and industrial assets, largely base on Organic Construction Materials. P.O.D. Design was made possible under the IOCP incubators and presents a strong opportunity in the relief and remote housing service.

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IOCP BoD P.O.D. Pitch Industry – Addressing special housing demands
The World need’s Homes!

Only considering the increase in Natural Disasters and Environmental shift, population affected the last 10 years alone have over pass 200 millions in country like China, Indonesia, the U.S.A. or Europe, affected by Earth Quake, Hurricane or Wilde Fire, concluding in the loss of habitat, this comes on top of conventional housing demands with a total of 1.8 billion Human living in inadequate shelters.

The problem comes in 3 forms, accessibility, affordability and relocation.

P.O.D System has been developed in consideration of these 3 problems and addresses them in a modern, efficient and sustainable manner and can service emergency housing demands as well as current market demands in prefab technology.
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IOCP BoD P.O.D. Pitch Industry
P.O.D. System solution. Addressing people needs –

Product quality. The overall design for the P.O.D. System was develop using organic and biologic materials and resin offering a healthy, high quality and comfortable habitat for any lifestyle. Viability is maintained with the habitat functions, solar power generation, water filtering/storage and biogas units for waste.

Delivery rapidity. The building process of the basic shell demand 2 weeks to several month according to specifics (Mobile Hospital, Technical Building, Dry Room,…). When completed, P.O.D. System deliver the solution for transportation with the use of the existing logistic infrastructure, P.O.D.’s is container type, friendly to the logistic network, delivered anywhere on Earth via Boat, Railways and road. Adapted to function.

Earth living environments, from Desert to Mountain and Ocean Shore to Steps, Human are present in all environment Earth offer. To sustain life in most of these environments habitat needs to be adapted to offer basic living support. P.O.D. System is fully adaptable to any environment and terrain.

Cost efficient. The process of building/manufacturing and the use of modern tech provide with a strong cost for value for customers and deliver satisfactory margin to sustain business. The goal is to support continuous R&D in order to enhance both, quality and effectiveness to customers.

Carbon neutral. The design embraces environmental demands. 100% of each P.O.D. is recyclable and reusable. The building footprint is neutral and each component have been selected accordingly to the Carbon Neutral standard.

Sustainable. The ability to sustain Life in a time of exponential changes while maintaining viability is a key point of modern housing design. The solution P.O.D. System provides is matching market demand in sustainable habitat, thanks to a resources base R&D and a growing demand in modern construction materials. Sustainability is match from design to function.
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IOCP BoD P.O.D. Pitch Industry

The whole project was incubated by the HOB Industrial Open Cooperative Platform or the HOB IOCP. The idea was born from the reflection on modulable/movable functional habitat and the original design imagined and created by the IOCP. The development work is a team work assembled under the IOCP with the aim to compile the best solutions for each of the P.O.D. System component.

The development demanded the involvement of intelligence & know how from Architecture, Engineering, Financing, Safety, Environmental, Lifestyle, Logistic, Economy, Human Science, Tech & IT, Health, Industrial, Fengshui and Life Cycle specialist with a reach of over 100 individuals from all continents.

The intense use of the IOCP infrastructure for data sharing and specialist’s voluntary participation have made the P.O.D. System realistic.
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