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Its a Human thing….. the Edge of the Age #2017Posted March 8, 2017


conversation extract; the HOB Reflection 2017 – O.I., A.I. and I

From an Organic Intelligence point of view, much of what is going on on Earth today is a Human thing. From Human conflicts of various nature to the existence of an Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, the Human Society is at Human’s hands! nevertheless…

One way or another we are all relying on one of the Gigantesque branch of our System Economy….

By interest, will or obligation, the minus or maximus 7.5 billion Human’s of Earth has created this System Economy, involving the Earth, its Environment(s), Fauna and Flora….

One way or another we have to make minute to minute decision which we know will affect our Life instantly and for an uncertain amount of Time…

 By interest, will or obligation, the decisions made a 100 years ago took Decades to be produce and a Century to be achieve….


One way or another we are dying, news to say the Earth is dying; entire Glaciers & Forests, Birds or exotic Mammals are dying….

By interest, will or obligation, Human survival as it is, demanded and still demand for Death, to be more accurate, the negligence of the Human Society demand for it….


We are bound by obligations, Gravity is one, Emotion another, We have already fallen from Free Will and interests is but always associated to Accounting…

… One way or another, One must reflect on its interest to know, willingness to understand and obligation to react to what is learn and understood…

and Artificial Intelligence created by the least among Us will NOT find these questions and solutions for Us….

It is a Human thing… Transcend YourSelf…..






the Edge of the Age MAR#2018 – Human’s and E.L.E.Posted March 10, 2018


fear not, if anything is to happen, you will be sitting  first row for the show.”


From the Day the Earth Stood Still to the Day After The Music Died, a common denominator to all. Fear of the unknown.

To be aware of the now is to enter in total symbiosis with the all, Earth, Human’s and their issues with Life, the Stars the Universe, Multiverse and Outer Dimensions. It also mean’s to be here, to Be Earthling and consciously assert scenarios of existential extinction threat.

The now common label E.L.E. aka Extinction Level Event (see also bc “biotic crisis”) has been around for quite some time. Yet We are still here, Earth L0ose human society, in quest for a universal surviving. Away from literature’s and CT ideals, the Edge of the Age takes You for a walk down …. So You won’t have to ask Alice …


The Edge of the Age MAR 2018 – Human’s and E.L.E.

– the very ‘compromising’ future of “Ends scenarios”.


Conscious Self (Egocentric or Altruism) 5%

Collective Subconscious (Emotional Intelligence and Collective Consciousness) 95%

“Why we have a good shot at passing “the Elbow of Time” is that whoever waits from the other side may just be tired of waiting and decides to make it easier for Us, We cannot ignore that possibility.”

Unlike Consciousness (always aware of the present), History can be distorted at will to provide a common reality. It appears that We are creating Our History and We let it ripple through Time and its consequences. Difficult to believe otherwise! Thales of the Past bow the fabric of Time of Our Present reality. As an example, imagine if Hector and Achilles would have join forces against Agamemnon, forming a blood ballet of perfect Sword swinging and Spears throwing and ending in a perfect harmony between Greece and Sparta. The difference today would considerably shape what is perceive as Our Present, and we are not talking about Trojan horse here but more likely the derivative of what could have been as the opposite of what is! What History won’t say is what Our Future is made of, and today Human L0ose Society is about to take responsibilities of its Universal existence, toward Infinity. To do so, all threats & risks on Earth, from Space or from Outer Worlds or Dimensions for Human Life should be under study, watch and Intelligent answers prepared for every possible scenarios.

A short list of actual E.L.E. causes From Earth and Beyond selected by the HOB for You –


Electric Wind event —- possible —- Planetary scale  here 

Asteroid Impact event —- possible —- Planetary scale  here

Earth over-Oxygenation event —- possible —- Planetary scale  here 

VR 7+ event —- overdue —- Planetary scale  here 

Gamma Ray Burst event —- overdue —- Planetary scale  here

Magnetic Pole shift —- ongoing —- Planetary scale  here

Multi Verse shift event —- gathering of evidence —- Universal scale  here

Dimensional/Gravitational/Vibratory event —- ongoing —- Cosmic & Etherial Scale  here

Entropy? … its happening now, so as BIOTIC CRISIS

Welcome to Earth Biodegradable Entropy …

/All is to be considered, from the Cosmos or from Earthlings themselves, in E.L.E. studies all scenarios are respected and all direct us toward more knowledge, more understanding and more consciousness of our actions, as a Planetary Civilisation/


ETCT “There is consensus in the scientific community that the current massive degradation of habitat and extinction of many of the Earth’s biota is unprecedented and is taking place on a catastrophically short timescale. Based on extinction rates estimated to be thousands of times the background rate, figures approaching 30% extermination of all species by the mid 21st century are not unrealistic (14), an event comparable to some of the catastrophic mass extinction events of the past (56). The current rate of rainforest destruction poses a profound threat to species diversity (7). Likewise, the degradation of the marine ecosystems (89) is directly evident through the denudation of species that were once dominant and integral to such ecosystems. Indeed, this colloquium is framed by a view that if the current global extinction event is of the magnitude that seems to be well indicated by the data at hand, then its effects will fundamentally reset the future evolution of the planet’s biota.” continue here …

Pre Clusion

from the Day the Earth Stood Still to the Day the Music Stop …


The Day the Earth Stood Still (a.k.a. Farewell to the Master and Journey to the World) is a 1951 American black-and-white science fiction film from 20th Century Fox, produced by Julian Blaustein, directed by Robert Wise, that stars Michael RenniePatricia NealBilly GrayHugh Marlowe, and Sam Jaffe. The screenplay was written by Edmund H. North, based on the 1940 science fiction short story “Farewell to the Master” by Harry Bates. The score was composed by Bernard Herrmann.

In The Day the Earth Stood Still, a humanoid alien visitor named Klaatu comes to Earth, accompanied by a powerful eight-foot tall robot, Gort, to deliver an important message that will affect the entire human race.

In 1995, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry as “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. //2008 adaptation// The Day the Earth Stood Still is a 2008 American science fiction thriller film, a loose adaptation of the 1951 film of the same name. The screenplay by David Scarpa is based on the 1940 classic science fiction short story “Farewell to the Master” by Harry Bates and on the 1951 screenplay adaptation by Edmund H. North.

Directed by Scott Derrickson and starring Keanu Reeves as Klaatu, this version replaces the Cold War theme of nuclear warfare with the contemporary issue of humankind’s environmental damage to the planet. It follows Klaatu, an alien sent to try to change human behavior or eradicate humans from Earth.

The Days After The Music Died

Is a novel by A G Kimbrough set in the dark days after a global EMP War. A family struggles to escape the mayhem of the cities and reach their prepared refuge. Their oldest son Richard, must attempt to trek from California across half a hostile continent.

//By the time Richard pulled on to the Bay Bridge, the sun was breaking through the fog, and the Oldies Rock on his special playlist had just finished Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue”. 

Halfway through his second cup of coffee, with the stereo now playing Richi Valens “La Bamba”, Richard felt that life was good. As he approached the Treasure Island exit, the Tahoe died, along with the stereo, and every other vehicle on the bridge. 

Coasting to the curb, he noticed that the gas gauge, the whole instrument panel, and his iphone were all dead.

“Oh Shit. its really hit the fan!” he exclaimed. 

Richard opened the door and stepped out. A man in a Tesla jumped out as smoke burst from under the hood. 

“What the hell is going on?” He demanded. 

Richard answered. “I think we got hit by an EMP attack.” 

“What does that mean?” 

“It means the end of the world as we know it. I suggest you get home any way you can. It will be bad everywhere, with no power, water, or food.” 

The man looked unconvinced. He then looked back at his burning car. Without a word, he started toward the off ramp.// available here …

Present of Future Times

in the list that we have gathered for You We did not forget the one and most likely cause of E.L.E., the Human cause. We let this open for You to decide and this is where Our Time stand.

There is very little doubt that Human Universal, or for that matter Multiversal experience has and will require a test by Fire. However the ongoing probability true, and however well ongoing some events are, Human this time are responding in kind with a Hand on both ends, Consciousness for stimulus and Conscious Co-Creation for response.

It’s Time for Us to be recognize in all Verses and Dimensions as We are, Human’s of Earth.




The Edge of the Age – MAR2018#





the Edge of the Age – the HOB late Spring 2018#Posted May 29, 2018


Epigenetic rules, but when we think mutation, most think third eye or a shirt accident due to turning green. Rarely mutations invite a different approach. The Edge of the Age takes You for a journey to the extraordinary dimension of the Biological case of Consciousness mutation.

Consciousness, the Biology case! the Edge of the Age MAY 18


We ask for changes. Not so often but likely regularly, we ask for changes. And if changes don’t come we search, find and force changes. What we accept if we demand for it is the easy part of Human life, the other part not so, receiving something different than what we ask for or even better, receiving something we did not ask at all and on the top of it something that we don’t want or like!

Human Biology consciousness basics are simple to get to. Color’s come easy, change in color is acceptable and have rarely pointed out difficulties to adapt and accept. Shapes become more specific in adaptation and acceptance, we know what a car look like and we like a car to look like one…, the list is long, but we finally arrive in the Human realm of the ‘unmanageable’s’; mutation in behavioral patterns due to Brain Gene mutation, new mental habits triggered by Technologies vectors, expanding abilities to concept thinking, are a few to mention of the ‘unmanageable’s’ which belong to that high end (and sorts of dreamland) easily reachable but perfectly hidden part of Our shifting Consciousness.

A Planetary Biological mutation maybe ongoing, and it look more and more like a private party, Human’s only, and it is in forms of patterns/behaviors and life habits that this mutation realizes itself and this Intelligent Conscious Biology aggregate in multiple forms to create a Universal Consciousness.

On Earth, today, the basic of Time and Place provides with very little help to understand the Power of Biology on Consciousness. “Boundaries and Concrete Reality” work better to do so. Boundaries separates everything and are anchored in Our made up very concrete reality. Our Mind provides Us mindset to go along according to these 2 ‘axis’. What change around Us comes from somewhere, it was created and introduce to Us by Individuals and Groups according to these 2 ‘axis’, boundaries and concrete reality, to properly function in today Human Society. This is the case for consciousness of humanity, to help dissipating the cloud of boundaries and concrete reality and reach to ethical behavior and empathy toward each other to achieve a Biology Mutation such that it will mutates in a universal consciousness.

Daily applications

// Abstract: The Dynamic Core and Global Workspace hypotheses were independently put forward to provide mechanistic and biologically plausible accounts of how brains generate conscious mental content. The Dynamic Core proposes that reentrant neural activity in the thalamocortical system gives rise to conscious experience. Global Workspace reconciles the limited capacity of momentary conscious content with the vast repertoire of long-term memory. In this paper we show the close relationship between the two hypotheses. This relationship allows for a strictly biological account of phenomenal experience and subjectivity that is consistent with mounting experimental evidence. We examine the constraints on causal analyses of consciousness and suggest that there is now sufficient evidence to consider the design and construction of a conscious artifact.// Biology of Consciousness

I admire you so much, you are my guide…

These words may sound very welcoming, but if they come from an individual that you have very little esteem for, the perceived emotional response may not be so pleasant. These are the Human bias that we have to deal with every day. But these biases have been at study for decades, and lately have taken an understandable form in Academia “Stanford circa 2011: Phd Robert Sapolsky: here …“ and Consciousness of Our Human Biology is on the rise. Boundaries and concrete reality is slowly dissipating.

//Ext: The spectrum of opinions on the brain-mindrelation is wide while there is a continuous increase of knowledge on specific neurobiological aspects of distinct mental processes, there are some main basically different lines of general philosophical thoughts and attitudes concerning brain, mind and consciousness that are rather persistent. The progress made in brain research has been so impressive that many neurobiologists, including some of the most creative scientists in the field, tend to assume that there will be an asymptotic approach to a complete understanding of the mind. This attitude, whether implicit or explicit, is not necessarily related to specific philosophical concepts which are often viewed as unnecessary. Consciousness appears as a property of systems of nerve cells in the brain, and scientific progress has led to the understanding of systems features even in very difficult cases. For example, supraconductivity is the property of systems of certain metal atoms at low temperatures. After all we have learned how to understand supraconduction on the basis of physical laws and processes – why should this not be possible for consciousness as a system’s property of certain neural networks?//… here …

Humanity new Conscious norm…

What shall come next? When is next? Why a “next”? we have anticipated rewards, however the unfolding momentum take its roots not long ago in the globally accepted concept that the multiple point of view aspect shall prevail. Not so much for competitive, advancement or challenging ideology, but instead pointing out a clear shift in collective decision making, addressing a mutation of habits or behavioral pattern changes. Such an exponential momentum, biologically triggered, is now the new Human Conscious norm…

… a Conscious Biology.

The Edge of the Age MAY18 – the HOB


The HOB Reflection SUM18 – Unusual UnityPosted June 22, 2018


A century ago, Human society entered a world of modernity. A century later, Human lives in a world of technology. Mindset’s are predictable, Life itself not so much, and consciousness unfold from experience, in Our case the Human experience. Today, as a Civilization we state Our abilities to bend reality just enough so it can sustain Human Lives convenience.

But what is happening is being experienced in billions of ways. It take a Human for the Human experience to be. So are We ready to live this experience? What prospect Human Future have if it is not along with a rise in consciousness. At this stage (let’s call it the Human elbow of time), very little could be needed to transform what We know in something We don’t, and matter is that changes are underway, Human changes, figuratively and physically.

Other things to be mentioned; Our Sun is going into Hibernation, cold is to be expected as well as more ground activities (volcano, earthquakes, landslides,…), this is the time to remain connected and aware of any developments. Not that the Earth will zip zap and Human’s to experience a Hollywood flix of the catastrophic kind (or will it?…) but over the next 5 years, Life may become way more complicated that it already is. Best example is Earth 1750/1890 cold period.

Truly lucky we are! Since then, We have reach an advance state of technology, and very little remain to be done to enhance it to such a level that technology would help overcome daily Human Life difficulties. Forever…

The HOB Reflection MAY18

Unusual unity…

Challenge is on Unity

We live in a world of power unity. By that we mean that power generations in various forms have been developed through the world over the last 50 years to a world of electricity end-users. A most needed power resource barely managing to adjust to demands (in Btu +quadrillion by 2020), and to sustain Our cable less world.

However, un-unity rules, the Entropic kind, and it do not matter how well organized, planed or secretly made this achievement demanded, in no way it provide with a long term solution and We live in a challenged short term future.

Problems? Not so much, from cable less world to cable less lives, in less than 24 month, the world will become password less ( Trusona password). From here the short term Future is easier to read. Transportable power sources sales is supporting the ever advancing power storage solutions, and like a ‘cause’ Our ability to reach individual sustainability, at least regarding power access is becoming realistic, and this is a big social change in habits, patterns and development, best example to date is the growing demands in available Biotech adjunct worldwide.

… Woman more interested in Peace and Man in Justice?

Yes that is a question. And in a World in which ‘memes’ becomes Human Social patterns, there is logic on how inexorably organism functions. Unlike Physics “fundamental symmetry” restrain by Nature, Humanity dimension’s have long cross the boundaries of what was reality, and today Human’s individual and social traits have evolved enough to trigger speciation, and the rise of the “Homo Universalis” Species, able to explore anything with a screen touch.

Point is that Our interest in Life, beside living it, stands more in what We feel, experience and choose. Our Individual biological Nature has positioned Us on the Universal board and Our common interests tends more and more toward ‘states of Being’ than ways of doing. Matter is, that the world population is growing, but the world of Women is shrinking, 2018 Earth, un-survival from environmental events, conflicts or Social competition among others, affected Women more than Men for over 4 decades now, whispers of Woman Rights!!.

Peace and Justice seems to come hands in hands and along easy nowadays in the world Human society. Nothing is less true. In the reality of Our lives, Peace and Justice do not cost, provides or demands the same. And the difference between being conscious of Our responsibilities and being able to assumes them very often appear contrary to either logic or necessity of the moment.

in Time

Everybody is well aware of the good time passing by faster, in the neutral aspect faster than normality. To the opposite our emotional intelligence suffer time when in difficulties. But can we say bad time?

Ony time is to tell. Our natural sense of perception demands Us to predict. In Science or Life, Human’s like to know what’s next. From a planetary civilization perspective, and in the best of world, doing what is real versus doing what we feel would consciously makes Us unified as a Planetary Civilization , from which a new species would morph, manifest or mute from. But is that Time ahead of Us or behind Us?

Unusual habits

Made’s and Designs

Easier to design and build than the other way around. However true, often it happen that building first is a necessity. Inventors know that fact. But what we like to encompass here stand more on the derivative of the Human made versus design experience.

For years now reverse engineering is at use for copying or inspection, and our growing and enhanced abilities to vision, design and build or inbuilt, is a process that is slowly entering the global perception and lets Us access a new dimension of projection. But what design and vision shows us is a great deal of growth in Human abilities in conceptual thinking.

Of all the things We know, the things We do not see matter most. To envision it lets say, a little too much or not enough and We don’t make it, a little too early or too late and We won’t reach it and not enough knowledge or too much and We will not see it. These invisible things to Human’s make or design Our days. And as Existential Risks goes, prevention prevail, and with the consciousness that the invisible surrounds Us, We should be conscious of how this effect and affect Our lives.

Better to Do than to Be… or is it just easier…

If so, to process and let go on Our past, Humanity’s past, is a necessity in order to move forward. For one, Peace prevails; Human of Earth will not progress under continual Emotional assault, and for the other, Justice is a personal, Individual, day to day choice. To Be Just is to choose Just everytime.

And as for Our Future, ask Yourself what to make of late Phd Hawking worries of the possibility that we could be contacted by a outer Earth Civilization more advance and more able than We are and the possible outcome from the encounter.

Then conclude by reflecting on the possibilities that, We, Human’s of Earth could instead become the discoverer of Worlds and that if We do, would the “Human of Earth concept” be apply then…

… Would We Be better then Ourselves when the Time comes?

For a planetary Civilization and an Ethical Universal Consciousness


Reflection SUM18 – Unusual Unity


Earth Tomorrow’s, and Changes – Reflection at the HOB WIN 18|19Posted January 12, 2019


Earth Tomorrow’s, and Changes!

Know your basics. that’s all we say here at the HOB. it can’t hurt and likely can save your Life, Earth 2019 changes of Universal Nature are in the making. the HOB 2019 Reflection.

Our convictions are deceiving. By knowledge and conventional sharing of information’s, what we perceive as reality is often accepted and use to build block by block this experience, and to be ever more convincing, truth’s and facts supported by social believe have become a trade, information is everything from the cost of a thing to the state of Planet Earth, and thanks to networks and online media, information’s inform on everything, what you will know tomorrow?

This is the subject of Reflection to open this year 2019, Earth Tomorrow’s and Changes. And if you ask what Physic’s, transdimensional thinking and apply Esoterism have to do with all this? Everything we shall answer!


Chitchat on Pattern(s) Recognition(s)…!

We will not only consider accumulation of large data’s but Pattern Recognition as a whole, technologically and intuitively recognized and valued technique to realize the existence of similarities in what makes Life on Earth and in this Universe, as we perceive it to be.

If we talk Atmospheric changes, it’s not about Air! but that is the only issue discussed nowadays, from the preindustrial Earth at start – 600 Giga tons of CO2, to which we are adding about 9 Giga tons a year each year for over 50 years now, a big concern for many, but not only CO2 matter, chemicals and other heavy metals account for a mass of products, stranger to Earth Atmosphere, to proliferate and now occupy Earth Fauna, Flora, and directly affecting Human Life by delivering tons of CO2 in heavily inhabitated urban Metropoles only considering the effects of our transports in Cities Air quality. Not so much is revealed about the other aspects of Earth Atmosphere, from Particles to Magnetic effects, these subjects are voluntarily occulted.

If we talk Climate, Human livable Earth Climate, we have all accepted by now that we are on the edge of a change. Toward what is not clear yet, Cold or Hot, theories piles up and anything from Human activities to deeper Cosmic interventions are at work. Which is what, near future will tell. For now humanity suffer from years of established Climate patterns, change is the word and very little is done in supporting the victims of these changes, only regarding prevention or post disaster relieve, we are underequipped and unprepared. Climate over Earth is what it is, 99% of the world population is interested in local Weather more than in Earth Climate, and years of recorded patterns compiled with millennia of registered data’s from Geology to Physic research have yet to convince the few interested in the Earth Climate, the debate is on which model. Climate talks was made possible because of modern science, however the cost is in Human Life’s, and we have to understand what is happening in order to prepare, and respond.

If we talk Magnetic and Geomagnetic activities, from Human, Earth, our Star the Sun, the ‘Milky Way’ Galaxy and anything from the Universe that can reach us and our ‘ways of life’, Magnetic activities and forces at work is becoming the subject that matter, good reasons for that, Earth Geomagnetic Shield is low, dangerously low and this is due to a strong Solar minimum. Overdue, the ongoing Magnetic Poles shift reminds us of patterns, but a wide spectrum of Magnetic science; including of its effects on Earth are the ones unknown to us. In any case, Matter will align with any and all Magnetic major changes and the Time demand acceptance and observation.

If we talk Geological patterns this Planet Orbit alone account for most changes on earth today, only thinking Sea level it reshapes Earth surface Geology, those we can account for after decades of Geology research and new knowledge of what is Planet Earth, forces us to focus on accepting the capacity of Earth Seismic and Tectonic activities and the effect and affect on human Life. The amount and regularity of Volcanic events, Quakes, massive landslides, occurring on Earth today and touching humanity is giving us a good view of what is ahead.

If we talk Star, Our Star the Sun, we ask questions. Late year 2018 the Sun is not gaseous, possibly entering Solar Hibernation but is well in the Solar Minimum, everything is arguable, and in this consideration and with so little time of recorded data’s and conclusion on their studies, we ask questions.

Earth Tomorrow’s, and Changes – Reflection at the HOB WIN 18|19

What causes danger, or to be more precise, what causes danger to Humanity. On Earth we have been at war for as long as Human’s have walked this Planet, stories of wars and people dying from their cause did not erased humanity! Natural catastrophes (with a Theology input) say the Flood, did enjoy preparedness and the Life of Earth was sustained! So if we really want to go this way, we must go back as far as the Dinosaurs to talk E.L.E. or Extinction Level Event, but again this is Empirical data’s and Cult’s evidence only, and it all indicates changes. What do we know of changes today? Not in our habits or difficulties to make it to tomorrow, but total changes, when everything you know, accept and believe come to term with you, as an individual! Thus information and independent reflection comes handy, in order to Be, be ready!

Magnetic Poles shift, not so much a direct threat!… or is it!


//The magnetosphere is a large area around the Earth produced by the planet’s magnetic field.

Its presence means that charged particles of the solar wind are unable to cross the magnetic field lines and are deflected around the Earth… Scientists have discovered that ancient pots can act as a magnetic time capsule…. This is because they contain an iron-based mineral called magnetite. When pots form, the magnetite minerals align with the Earth’s magnetic field, just like compass needles. here …//

Master’s of creations

Do we master understanding? the clues inherited from Humanity long live but short past history, the Earth is full of evidence of such relating to existential experience survive by a sufficient mass to continue the Human endeavor on Earth and record it in the stone in form of schematics or erect wide and heavy structure as a reminder of it, by ‘it’ the HOB mean the Magnetic and Electric influences of Our Universe on Life specifically Human’s Life, with this consideration, should we master our understanding, “from Spontaneous Evolution to Spontaneous Mutation” , in the glimpse of an Eye, or Light Speed in Layman terms.

Does this reality ask for a Gene consciousness? Cost of happiness? If all of our references are false Icon’s…? Everything is related to what we can see in one way or another? Reality is such that indeed a small changes in the light spectrum could unveil a new reality!? these are Human questions, emphasizing the wide vector of reflection Humanity have gain, an exponential knowledge about to shift in Dimension.

To bend Light at will would demand us to see Light as an Element and not as the result of a cause?! and a single change in Our Star, the Sun, would validate this assumption, words of Galactic Resonance…

/Qt//we show the predicted declination at Kyoto in 2015 by IGRF-12 in addition to the predicted directions towards the geomagnetic and magnetic north poles. The reason why we have now westward declination in Japan is probably due to the presence of a strong positive geomagnetic anomaly around Lake Baikal in Siberia. The N-poles of magnetic needles tend to be attracted to the anomaly to show westward declinations around Japan….//here …

Convenient Dependencies…!

The interest is in the quality, quantity, immediate access, a quest for comfort and the ability to sustain it, there is nothing of globalization, Earth sustain 8 billions of Us, standardization master it all, and we have entered an economy of utmost precision, so much that we can quantify all that is made on Earth, Ethical example, food supply can feed the world in quantities but over 120 million people are living in states of food crisis or famine, not so much for accountability, manufactured goods from around the world demand the constant reorganization of our aging industrial model, does it mean that we are preparing for a different industrial model? Of course not! Comfort and maximum viability standard can be achieve by humanity, but the cost is not valued in economical data’s, it is driven by the necessity of people to survive according to their ability to access dependencies, from first aid kit to luxury goods, materials patch the Ego and care for the Self, life expansion and Life extension in mind, the new path is build of the remnants of an Age passed, Human habits won’t change, people do, and Humanity is changing, mutating and mixing with the commodities that promises so much, eradicating convenient lifestyles and all dependencies, Humanity Nature is about to be revealed.

/Qt//Three options for food supply resilience are identified: food stockpiles, agriculture, and foods produced from alternative (non-sunlight) energy sources including biomass and fossil fuels. Each of these three options has certain advantages and disadvantages. Stockpiles are versatile but expensive. Agriculture is efficient but less viable in certain catastrophe scenarios. Alternative foods are inexpensive pre-catastrophe but need to be scaled up post-catastrophe and may face issues of social acceptability.,,/continue here …

InterLinked – Climate science and the myths of renewable energy – link

You can say ‘its not like that’ as much as you want, it won’t make you feel and resent what your Emotional Intelligence effect and affect has on other Human, but you have already experience other Human’s Emotional Intelligence affect and effect on you, a step further toward Consciousness and we will soon experience how other’s feel and resent our emotionally intelligent conscious constructs, this is call Empathy, a biochemical bond to which Humanity only learn to adjust. No compromise in change, in its definition “Make or Become different”, as a result Humanity should be entering a state of contemplation at Once in order to experience a Planet with no other influence from Human’s but their incandescent presence, understand by that Consciousness, if anything made from “this Universe’ can leave ‘It”, nothing tells in what physical form, other forces are at Work, and Humanity 21 Century is about to encounter these forces, a reality deeply resented.

Knowing something is far better than believing in a thing, consequences are in acceptance as it can be no other reality than ours, the unfolding acts will demonstrate our adaptability, or not. , convenient dependencies are the cause of Human disruption, Earth environment as well as anything part of this as far as this Universe extends has its own agenda, disregarding Human effect and affect on the Organic Intelligence that is Earth and accepting that we are demanding for change comes first,  Human dependencies are fast becoming burdens, less to carry is required, we are in a transition, destination unknown, viability unknown, Physic’s laws unknown, make no mistake about it, you are Emotionally compromise.

InterLinked – 5 top LTE on Earth – link

Rescue mission, the numbers just don’t adds up!

Unless we all participate to this, very little doubt that we will all suffer it. Just considering basics when Life is compromised speak for it all, according to one physiology it takes 2 to 6 to carry one injured person, we are 8 billions coming, disregarding the efforts made by Federated Governments, Country States or Unified Organizations; anyone may just be next on the list, and outstanding activities in form of Natural Disaster is revealing the Nature of this Planet, wild, unbecoming to us, and truth maybe that we have very little effects on the causes, the nature of this Universe is in our reach and uncover itself. However, Human Intelligence prevails and ‘this’ whatever it is can be overcome, and if possible with comfort and no worries. Here is what rescue cost and what prevention could do to help understanding how unprepared and unequipped we are for this transition.

In numbers, say cash, in 2017 worldwide 306 billion US$ is what natural disaster cost, 2018 yet to be evaluated.

In Human Life’s, touching 1% of the world population, by year that is, over 100 millions, growing.

Rescue from what!?

If we consider pure data and statistic, Water vapor is the main green house gas in earth Atmosphere, Human action may just be more in chemicals than in CO2, but in any case we are heading toward Cold, Solar Minimum and whispers of Solar Hibernation, Oceanic current shifting to cold mode, and the position of the Solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy alone could become the main causes, Natural cycles matter, and participant elements extend from Human to Cosmic, only Human’s may just be the victim of it all. Prevention is the answer, and best of all is informative prevention, from Solar weather of the day to Seismic daily update, Air quality and any natural related events, preventive information is growing very fast, new utilization in data and better access to virtual application’s lead.

Relative Serenity

The reason of the possible’s is not at stake here, but Human Civilization maybe, not that Humanity will vanish from Earth, but our encounter with Earth and Cosmic elements demands us to be organized, prepared and knowledgeable of the ongoing events. The Future is made of uncertainties, variations of what we know ask for adjustments and a day on Earth is not enough to go over it all, a consciousness and deep knowing that Human Intelligence will prevail, Earth Tomorrow’s are as many as there is realities, Changes demands us to adapt once more, and more than ever we are conscious of our Power of Creation, supporting Life one day at a time in a relative serenity.

Earth Tomorrow’s, and changes –

– Reflection at the HOB WIN 18|19


Health, as defined by the WHO’s? the Edge of the Age – the HOB SPR2019Posted June 13, 2019



Health, as defined by the WHO’s?

the Edge of the Age – the HOB SPR2019


… is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This definition has been subject to controversy, as it may have limited value for implementation. Health may be defined as the ability to adapt and manage physical, mental and social challenges throughout Life…

Naturally the HOB do not take responsibility for other statement and we aim to look into the new and multidimensional Reality of Human Health, solutions, products, business or social endeavors to maintain or enhance One Health state,

Welcome to the Edge of the Age batch Spring 2019,

Health as defined by the WHO’s?

One, Only by One.

Ignorance confuses even the wise, and the dichotomy is in our convictions. The case maybe that indeed there are other Dimensions and other Worlds, in Time, below, above, before and after, but that these places are not accessible to Us, and that at this moment of lucid reality we contemplate ‘Truth’, We have been given this World for Humanity to care for its own existence but it always feel like We are the ‘Guess’ of an Organism from which We sustain our Lives. One Time, One Dimension and One Consciousness for All? WHO care?

Qt/ The WHO Global Health Estimates provide a comprehensive and comparable assessment of mortality and loss of health due to diseases and injuries for all regions of the world.

The latest WHO assessment of deaths by cause are available below. Due to changes in data and some methods, latest estimates are not comparable to previously-released WHO estimates.// Uqt / here …

HEALTH… is it?

So, the endeavor is Health, and what better one that Our own. The ‘One by One’ concept actually comes from the IOCP Incubated WeTreat (yet to be functioning) after the conclusion that if the idea is to optimize One Health, the focus must be on One ‘Integral Being’, or ‘I B’ in order to provide with the legitimate tools and ability to really care for Oneself. Easier say that done, it appears that We all carry the enigmatic but rather weighty “Self” as in “Egocentric Self” if not to say that We suffer it. In this regards the eligible attention is on Longevity, not just the goal of passing through Time, but the goal of sustaining an optimum “Health Biostatic” understand here the ability to find the ultimate Biological balance and keep it that way. Are We meant to stay in this state infinitely?

Qt/ World health statistics 2019 summarizes recent trends and levels in life expectancy and causes of death, and reports on the health and health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and associated targets. Where possible, the 2019 report disaggregates data by WHO region, World Bank income group, and sex; it also discusses differences in health status and access to preventive and curative services, particularly in relation to differences between men and women.//E Qt/ continue here …

what is not the end of you, only makes you stronger!

To introduce this idea, the HOB provides with an introduction in the form of a question; what is Life if the only purpose is to Die from it? Yes, that’s right, and to better analogizing this, we take the example of a Fruit Tree, multiple branches like the multiple facets of Our Health and for the sake of the argument let’s say the ‘Junk DNA’ is the Roots. The Fruit, the ultimate product of the Tree is to be only consumable in Season and is the result extreme of a growing process that demanded years in the making. Now that you get the picture anthropomorphize and replace the Fruit by Your DNA, and we mean literally (if you haven’t made a GENOType yet just worry of it and make one, there are now dozens of service providers worldwide) and come to the conclusion that the Fruit, Your Ultimate Health, can only be consumed at specific time, the Season, and that in order to keep it optimum at least a part of Your entire Life, much attention and concession must be made so the Roots and Branches can deliver the appropriate product for the Fruit to be. Now that You get it lets move forward.

Qt//The world is facing multiple health challenges. These range from outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and diphtheria, increasing reports of drug-resistant pathogens, growing rates of obesity and physical inactivity to the health impacts of environmental pollution and climate change and multiple humanitarian crises.

To address these and other threats, 2019 sees the start of the World Health Organization’s new 5-year strategic plan – the 13th General Programme of Work. This plan focuses on a triple billion target:  ensuring 1 billion more people benefit from access to universal health coverage, 1 billion more people are protected from health emergencies and 1 billion more people enjoy better health and well-being. Reaching this goal will require addressing the threats to health from a variety of angles.

Here are 10 of the many issues that will demand attention from WHO and health partners in 2019.//Uqt / more here …


What Life is sustained by?

That question itself provide with genuine and resonating multidimensional questions as the answer is intrinsic, to make it short, a lot. So much in fact that it is simply not conceivable at Our stage of Intellect, to identify each and every component of the ‘What’ of Life, and we will concur here that some protagonists have broken the boundaries of the “How” of Life before we are able to reach the “What”. This doesn’t help, and we must take it a step further to initiate an answer. Epidemiology provides with a good ground to do so, and a metaphor is needed.

Qt/Of the 40 leading causes of death, 33 causes contribute more to reduced life expectancy in men than in women. In 2016, the probability of a 30-year-old dying from a noncommunicable disease before 70 years of age was 44% higher in men than women.//Uqt/ more here …

‘the Case’….

The metaphoric case unfold as such; a zone is declared no man land due to an epidemic, it doesn’t matter which kind just choose something strong and devastating, and emphasize the ‘Before’, ‘During’ and ‘After’ of the event. ‘Before’ involve a number of causes from the dissemination of a Bacteria or Virus to trigger the epidemic and place it among the random low hygiene geolocation, its easy look on a map among the 2 thirds of the Planet developing countries. The ‘During’ is when some Dies, and some Lives according to the Biology system able to transcend or not, from one state to another by applying the ‘White Cell and other works’ on the system (yes one system against another) and result in the Not Die conclusion added to which a third system that only prevail since half a century and come under the code name of “vaccination” enabling a second group to go through the epidemic alive. Then come the ‘After’, for the Living only or afterlife stating the experience, and the claim that nothing is what it should be if we apply the “Evolution Theory” as known today, aka ‘the Survival of the Fittest’, the Human Life pool have been entirely rewritten if we use this theory as a fact of Life, instead lets go on with our metaphor and look at the ‘After’ from a coincidental view point and conclude with a possibility that We have generated new types of Lives, Human Lives, by protecting Our Health. This metaphor can be apply to One Health from the infinite scale of the Atom up to the full organism, or Being, and the daily job of Your circulary functions is to adapt or provide if necessary the proper response in order to maintain Health, the whispering of Epigenetic roams every corridors of Medicine Faculties worldwide. Are We the descendent of Our Elder’s, or are We something else?


Who’s the WHO’s?

Qt/ WHO works worldwide to promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable.

Our goal is to ensure that a billion more people have universal health coverage, to protect a billion more people from health emergencies, and provide a further billion people with better health and well-being.// Uqt/ here …

“Love has Dimensions that even Beauty cannot ignore”


Love Yourself!… the Future of Health care!

Greeks used seven words to define the different states of Love Human’s experience:

  • Storage: natural affection
  • Philia: friendship
  • Eros: sexual and erotica
  • Agape: unconditional, divine love
  • Ludus: flirting
  • Pragma: committed, married love
  • Philautia: self love

So what Love has to do with Health? The answer is known by all and clicks-in as a Biological Inheritance, and the reality of our lives, however “unreal” they may be, is build on one foundation, our ability to maintain Homeostasis , in layman terms, to maintain a good Health, and for One to be able to do so, Self Esteem, Self Protection, Self Love and Love for Others is a requisite, but these are as traitorous as they are needed and comes to term with disproved experiences of Love and that if One Self indulge too much or too little, too many or not enough, the opposite is as true as the preposition, and unfortunately One may just Die in good Health as One in poor Health may outlive and slowly and painfully reach the certainty of the end. Thus the consideration of Love as a primordial Element of Health, funny? You say! the cause of poor Health today is led by a total Lack of Love we answer. Is poor Health the highest short term cause of mortality?

Qt/ Global suicide mortality rates were 75% higher in men than in women in 2016. Death rates from road injury are more than twice as high in men than in women from age 15, and mortality rates due to homicide are 4 times higher in men than in women.//Uqt/


Your Health is Your responsibility, and asking One to build a house with bricks and mortar but not providing the tools to do so increase the vulnerability of Our Self, Our being and by erosion Our Health. Nowadays Health has become a trade, and this is not a quantitative or accountable statement, the norm is measure in currency and soon the point will be reach that very few will be able to use the “vaccination” to be able to go along. as You would not ask for permission to breath,  no permission is needed to care for Yourself and explore what You are made of and reconstruct if needed the ‘I B’, with Your strongest  Power at hand ,Your Choice, to confront the “thrill merchants” to provide with the necessary tools to take Your Own responsibility, and for this the Who is You!

the Edge of the Age – the HOB SPR2019


The HOB – Closing Spring 2019 – Reflection,… a World await!Posted June 20, 2019


The HOB – Closing Spring 2019

– Reflection,… a World await!


Right now, the world’s population is over 7.7 billion people, and it has been growing between 1% and 2% every year since 1950, according to the Pew Research Center. By 2100, the center projects the population will reach around 10.9 billion people and grow by less than 0.1% a year, the center wrote. continue here …

Population Science and Fiction


In 1798 the UK economist Thomas R Malthus (1766-1834) published his Essay on the Principle of Population as it Affects the Future Improvement of Society, arguing that a Utopian situation of peace and plenty would be impossible to achieve because the tendency of populations, in the absence of the checks of war, famine and plague, to increase exponentially would result in society’s continually outgrowing its resources. In the second edition of 1803, replying to criticism, he introduced another hypothetical check: voluntary restriction of population by the exercise of “moral restraint”. But Malthus had little faith in the effectiveness of moral restraint, and most modern sf writers agree with him…more here …


World Population in 2050

What will the world look like in 2050? The world’s population 30 years from now may look more different than we expect. According to World Population Prospects, the global population in 2050 will be around 9.77 billion people, which is 2 billion more than what the current population is today.

In terms of each country’s population growth, we can expect India to surpass China as the most populated country in the world by 2050. Today, India’s growth rate is 1.08% while China, the most populated country in the world at the moment, has a growth rate of only 0.35%. By 2050, India’s population will hit 1.66 billion people, and China will come in second place with a population of 1.36 billion.

The United States currently is the third most populated country in the world, but is expected to drop to fourth most populated by 2050. Instead, fast-growing Nigeria will become the third most populated country by 2050 with its current growth rate of 2.6%. Nigeria’s population will be around 410 million by 2050 while the US in 2050 will have about 390 million people.

Vatican City is predicted to continue being the least populated country in the world in 2050. It currently has a negative growth rate and is predicted to have 800 people by 2050.

Trends are pointing towards the most populated countries reaching their capacities and slowing down their population growths. Meanwhile, less populated countries with developing industries and technologies will see a boom in population growth, which are similar factors that allowed the recent growth of India and China in the last century…continue here …

UNDESA – World Population Prospects 2019

Globally, the level of fertility is expected to fall from an average of 2.5 live births per woman in 2019 to 2.2 in 2050 and to 1.9 in 2100, according to the medium-variant projection. However, in Europe and Northern America, total fertility is projected to increase slightly by the end of the century from 1.7 in 2019 to 1.8 in 2100…… all here



10 BILLION (2055)
8 BILLION (2023)
7.7 BILLION (2019)
7 BILLION (2011)
6 BILLION (1999)


… in Life We Trust!

In biology or human geographypopulation growth is the increase in the number of individuals in a population. Many of the world’s countries, including many in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle EastSouth Asia and South East Asia, have seen a sharp rise in population since the end of the Cold War. The fear is that high population numbers are putting further strain on natural resources, food supplies, fuel supplies, employment, housing, etc. in some of the less fortunate countries. For example, the population of Chad has ultimately grown from 6,279,921 in 1993 to 10,329,208 in 2009,[1]further straining its resources. NigerPakistanNigeriaEgyptEthiopia, and the DRC are witnessing a similar growth in population.

Global human population growth amounts to around 83 million annually,[2] or 1.1% per year. The global population has grown from 1 billion in 1800 to 7.616 billion[3] in 2018. It is expected to keep growing, and estimates have put the total population at 8.6 billion by mid-2030, 9.8 billion by mid-2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100... here …


Two hundred years ago the world population was just over one billion. Since then the number of people on the planet grew more than 7-fold to 7.7 billion in 2019. How is the world population distributed across regions and how did it change over this period of rapid global growth?

In the visualization below we see historical population estimates by region from 1820 through to today. These estimates are published by the History Database of the Global Environment (HYDE) and the United Nations Population Division from 1950 onwards.

Most people always lived in Asia: Today it is 60% two hundred years ago it was 68%. If you want to see the relative distribution across the world regions in more detail you can switch to the relative view.

The world region that saw the fastest population growth over last two centuries was North America. The population grew 31-fold. Latin America saw the second largest increase (28-fold). Over the same period the population Europe of increased 3-fold, in Africa 14-fold, and in Asia 6-fold… continue here …


a real life ‘scifi’ scenario, Earth 2050

By 2050, a quarter of the population in European and Northern America could be 65 or over. The higher proportion and number of older people is expected to put increased financial pressure on countries in the coming decades, with the higher cost of public health, pensions and social protections systems.

Although overall life expectancy will increase (from 64.2 years in 1990 to 77.1 years in 2050), life expectancy in poorer countries will continue to lag behind. Today, the average lifespan of a baby born in one of the least developed countries will be some 7 years shorter than one born in a developed country. The main reasons are high child and maternal mortality rates, violence, and the continuing impact of the HIV epidemic…. continue here …

the HOB Reflection, Spring 2019 Closing – a World await,…


the Edge of the Age at the HOB, AUT 2019…, alone!Posted November 30, 2019


the Edge of the Age, the HOB I.O.C.P. Autumn 2019


Is ‘rational Vs emotional’ a reality, is it not the most rational experiences that trigger deep and unmanageable emotional Reaction(s)?. The recurrent and non sectorial question, are We alone in the Universe?, is now characterized by the number of Individual worldwide looking for an individual answer, under divine assumption or mathematical theory, from thoughts to convictions, the path is has it is for thousands of years (accounted in Theological records) and apparently the existence of interstellar Being would have visited Earth already (Archeological records). With this assumption or theory, the Edge face by a humanity who wonder to the possible of other form of Life in the Universe, is weighting on Us. The aim is a Humanoid Life form, with some diversion toward the Animal Kingdom and a main common attribute, being a Scientient Being, able of intelligent scientific constructs definable to what We know as such, and must contain some form of Earth known creatures forms or shapes to be perceivable as Being in Human terms.

To close Autumn 2019, the Edge of the Age aim at another condition of being Human, and alone, in the wakening of its Universal existence. The aim is at the Individual level, most profound thoughts, “Spirit Being” Selfbeing, or in Common words and what matter the most, Our Individuality, that is, accepting Our uniqueness. The dogma of ‘personality’ in Human’s society has dictated and ruled Power(s) structures for Eon’s, to ask if however it was a necessity of evolution, and if it played its role in empowering each and every Human alive and to Be is another subject entirely. Your Individuality is at the center of Our interest, igniting the Soul perception of the Self and truly accept Our Individual condition, a Human being for a human experience, for there is no confusion, no misinterpretation nor intelligence indulgence to say otherwise, in this experience, however ‘uncommon’ the Time(s) maybe for Humanity, at the edge of time We all stand alone.

the Edge of the Age at the HOB, Autumn 2019

…, alone!

for our universe to be!

Inflation doesn’t mean Dissipation, in the case of how we quantify the Physics part of Science, we surely stand alone if we consider that in the vastness of the observable Universe, the very little numbers of discovered world with Carbon based Sapient & Scientient Life Form in the Universe,… Zero World,… is in no way accountable for no Matter, this Universe is full of it, and We have now legion’s of scientific trained Individuals discovering and naming more observable Universal Matter than ever before, so Hubble Law(s) preside, this Universe is at ‘stretch’ and new dimension emerge from this ‘universal’ mechanism of pression and depression. Observed from Earth, the Mandelbraum set open its full dimension and the pixelization of this universe seams so real to Us, that we feel we are an existing and a natural part of it.

If this Universe is an Inflatory verse, then its source of constant creation, destruction and merger is appearing to come from the ‘neant’ or ‘non-existant’, accordingly the thesis of spontaneous creation leave Us thoughtless, as how something can emanate from ‘neant’. In opposition, dissipation work as a constant state of dissemination, matter (emanating from something) is dissipated in Space, understand here down to the subdivision of Particles, and not to say conscious state of dissemination, dissipation use what it ‘carry’ in matter, light, mass, and other algorithm, to occupy Space(s), which Space(s) if not available, will be conquered in a concept tagged ‘predatory verses’, independent or not from Ours, others and multi dimensional reality(ies). What is really missing is a ‘purpose’ not to say a good Reason(s), beside the only task of surviving. The Individual experience remain the ultimate experience of Life and what it is to Be Human. So? will the Universe provide for Us with the necessary ‘tool kit (Qt TMK)’ to transcend! or are We the creator’s of This reality, and if so, will We find the Time(s), at the Edge of the Age, to create Our common Future!

No ordinary Cosmic Citizen!

The Power(s) of Self Discipline is intact, this Humanity is at the apogee of its Intelligent Constructs, in this particular ‘wave of evolution’, both the Physical and the Metaphysical is has it was Created, and it is taking place in a long and endured ‘dense’ dimension, Our 3 D’s world limited creativity have consume all that it has created, bound by Time(s), a dimension merely perceive by Us but daily resented on each of Earth Individual, and the understanding of Time(s), is, if anything, contradictory. Human appears to stand apart in this Universe, if only considering Our understanding and use of Time(s).

This year the HOB focus has been on Spontaneous Evolution, and it has been revealing, but the HOB endeavor is to eliminate doubt that the quest for questioning Causality is but ie; ‘the Nature of Man requesting a willing Action(s) to Create a reaction(s)’, and Our Intelligent constructs have proven well adapt to this reality. For the HOB and with full Attention(s) from its actors and readers, not to alter, influence or convince anyone point of view we just lay it bluntly, Your Individuality is unique to this dimensional reality, so your view point, and you actively participate in the making of this Universe. But this is Earth, and on Earth, Earth rules, from Physics to Biology Law(s), everywhere We look on Earth today, Human’s are dependent, interdependent some say ‘independent’, from this Earth and each others within the boundaries of this Life comfort zone ie;the very thin layer of Earth Atmosphere, nowadays is reminded to Us and punctuate ever more how vulnerable We are as a Life Form in the midst of Our Universe.

Individuality recognition, self or social recognition that is, seams to have vanished from modern human societies. Control, for Human, is key to Life and Life sustainability, and the primordial dependence to sustain Human Life are simply not in Our control! Or so We may think. Observation, conscious one, account for this reality (here Donald Hoffman to explain, TED…) and the common creation of the Human perception is convincing enough to literally drag Us down to this Reality, and face Our common difficulties to address the unknown.

In this consideration, the influences of major disruption of Power(s) supported by an evolution of the Individual and Common Consciousness, provides with a necessary reset Action(s) for the Human intellectual mechanism, a point of view on Info vs Consciousness or different Paradigmatic questions containing the same attribute, Info Vs Energy Cosmo vs Quantum? Can we say Cosmos and ‘the’ Universe is one and the same?

The Reality of the Common Dream!

for Lucid Dream analogy here,…

// We don’t miss anything until its away from Us, taking or giving… We aggregate experiences daily with a poor memory of them, … the Common Dream is reality, its Energy, and it is exchanged and traded by Human’s daily!… /

How brain processes translate to consciousness is one of the greatest un-solved questions in science. Although the scientific method can delineate events immediately after the big bang and uncover the biochemical nuts and bolts of the brain, it has utterly failed to satisfactorily explain how subjective experience is created. As neuroscientists, both of us have made it our life’s goal to try to solve this puzzle. We share many common views, including the important acknowledgment that there is not a single problem of consciousness. Rather, numerous phenomena must be explained—in particular, self-consciousness (the ability to examine one’s own desires and thoughts), the content of consciousness (what you are actually conscious of at any moment), and how brain processes relate to consciousness and to nonconsciousness. So where does the solution begin? Neuroscientists do not yet understand enough about the brain’s inner workings to spell out exactly how consciousness arises from the electrical and chemical activity of neurons. Thus, the big first step is to determine the best neuronal correlates of consciousness (NCC)—the brain activity that matches up with specific conscious experiences. When you realize you are seeing a dog, what has happened among which neurons in your brain? When a feeling of sadness suddenly comes over you, what has happened in your brain? We are both trying to find the neuronal counterpart of each subjective experience that an individual may have. And this is where we differ. Our disagreement over the best NCC emerged during a lively debate between us at the University of Oxford in the summer of 2006, sponsored by the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio. Since then, we have continued to explore and challenge each other’s views, a dialogue that has resulted in the article here. We are bound, nonetheless, by one fundamental commonality: our views stem primarily from neuroscience, not just philosophy. We both have considered a tremendous amount of neuroscientific, clinical and psychological data, and it is from these observations that our arguments arisehere,…

Are We, Human, consciousness filters for this Universe to be? Why Our consideration only extend from ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’, existence or neant?


Neanderthal’s, Denisovan’s, Annunaki’s, …. and Other Being’s!

The present time is such that the acknowledgement of simple things provide with clues of how fast Our Consciousness (Individual or Collective) has evolved, but evolving from what remain a question. Our common perspective of this experience dictate the limit of Our abilities, in this Time(s) Our common convictions only begin with and from “the Kingdom Animalia”, nothing is given to Our Cosmic existence to enhance the probable, on Earth Time(s), from a Human point of view, it all look still, it is all lived in a 100 years or less (if taken in consideration Human average Life span its 70 years or less), and in a millennia, little has change in and out Human’s forms, evolution if any, remain a process involving Eon’s of Time(s) and no living memories, We only account with the proof of the observable and the quantifiable, to ‘stand alone’ is and always has been the ‘In-Personae Status Quo’, the Human condition only exist within the Individual, as a group, Humanity stand as it is, unable to move forward, trapped in its Biological complexity, trained to avoid extinction conflicts and weighted by Millennia of rhetoric and fears, as a Common Species and in Human Civilization terms, Science, Art, Research and Exploration has become more than ever the Life endeavor of a Humanity irreversibly standing alone from its ‘Cultural Elite’.

The ‘Quantas’ of Our Time(s) is changing, but as nothing remain in its original form, it is a complex exercise to predict “what” can become? leading the way to this common reality far from oblivion and convince that this form of reality will remain in place and in order, if not forever, for as long as possible.

The Human case for Ancestry was crafted with its Creation, the idea of a loop reality invite Us to promote the idea that things are always the same repeating its experience over the course of Time(s), Chemical Evolution differ from this and leave little to no room to the concept of deterministic evolution in the context of modern human societies if not to have been forethoughts by Individuals who are both creators and leaders of the Human endeavor (cj; Sir Huxley 1958@). We are way pass conterintuitivity and for an already Star roaming ‘Human Civilization”, an emotionally resented new Dimension is opening, an Individual experience by ‘will or obligation’, matter of Human senses, and it comes to remind Us that whomever living creature inhabited this Universe, other Planet, or even this Earth, it is nothing like what We are today, You are unique.

Yes traces of past civilizations are found on every continents and Artifacts or mega-structures account for a physical proof of past existence of a living being, but can We compare Our infrastructure and technological lifestyles to what Archeological sites of past urbanizations offer, say the Egyptian Pyramides, of course not, traces of the Past that only remind Us that evidences of past ‘shifts and cataclysm’ did not prevent nor ‘save’ the integrality of what lived on this Planet and surely, what Civilizations has been at that Time(s) it could not sustain its state of existence, even the civilization that are today considered as ‘advanced civilization’, all took the fall, Humanity hasn’t. Another ‘Age” another ‘Epoch’, the muck and stone age still resonate, bronze and metal are still present, but what make this reality Ours stand in conscious Action(s) and the understanding of the multitudes of predetermined Reaction(s) unfolding from them, in one word ‘Consciousness’. The wake of an emergent complexity is inviting Us to accept a transformation.

compatibility issues

It’s not because there is no problem that you are happy with the service, sometime things are created and design to act within a limited amount of time and ‘Human interactions’ accounts for the day to day time consumption of each and every Human alive on this Planet, with one common wish! That all can unroll perfectly, for themselves. The present reality of Earth Human societies unfortunately is but the opposite. However the human endeavors may just work as plan, it nevertheless gives a feeling of unsatisfaction, ‘like something is missing’ to quote MPH and the question of Our apparent ‘universal loneliness’ has now become a Planetary interest. Issue is, We are not able to prevent from Our compatibilities issues among ourselves, as a humanity. Fundamental transformation come to Mind, in the sense that Information Theory Vs Equation Theory are obliterated in the process, and it demands from All of Us to pay attention, a disciplinary Action(s) base on an Individual decision. We are now witnessing the consequences of Our common creations, and foresee the outcomes, does the answers stand within the border of Our Consciousness, to be only revealed at the speed of light, at an unknown Time(s)?


…, not to sell ourselves short, we survived.

Universal hibernation or survival state? Similarities and Differences are limited when overlooking the Human ‘kind’. Humanoid in form, Arms and Legs, everything going by pairs, yet one Head, feet anchored in the Earth ground and Head in the sky! Our current physical state is questionable, human beings have evolved through millennia of adaptation, and survival, accordingly, the consideration is only including what is daily experienced for billions of Human of Earth today, or how to make it to tomorrow! Survival is at it was, a present state experienced and resolves with an increase of recorded habit and functional Action(s) supported by an ‘Entity’, understand Human Being, consciously projecting its existence, from its environment to its form.


As the Mind is letting down its limitation, the Mind too needs its combusting matter in order to transcend and the true deception uncover its nature in each of Us one experience after the other, the Similarities of today’s world and human life habits stands in a word ‘Globalization’. The filter of Industrialization and Technological advancement has now been consumed by a humanity passing 8 billions of Individuals, and We are standing, answering for Ourselves has Individuals, alone.

the Edge of the Age at the HOB, AUT 2019

…, alone!


Reflection, Autumn 2019 – The “jiffy” part of Life!Posted December 19, 2019


Reflection, closing Autumn 2019,



‘The jiffy is the amount of time light takes to travel one fermi (about the size of a nucleon) in a vacuum. Planck time is the time light takes to travel one Planck length. Theoretically, this is the smallest time measurement that will ever be possible.’

“we know that each and every second, a Photon is reflected,

this is what gives us the measurement of what we perceive as time,

but when does the second start, we do not know!”

We are closing Autumn 2019 on time, understand here deadline, not Time as a Human unit of measure, yet it is another unit of measure that took us by surprise along this search for an hypothetic ‘Spontaneous Evolution’ ie; Effective complexity: a measure of complexity defined in a 1996 paper by Murray Gell-Mann and Seth Lloyd that attempts to measure the amount of non-random information in a system. It has been criticised as being dependent on the subjective decisions made as to which parts of the information in the system are to be discounted as random. ,… hereSo here We stand, using a 9 billion oscillation of an Atom to define Our Time, trap by Time, in the midst of an Emergence Complexity barely define by an Effective Complexity nobody wants to know of, this is a strong indicator for Human and as a Human standing view point, that Our real time and conscious state of Being, here and now, is but a memory.

The “jiffy” part of Life!, closing 2019,

the HOB I.O.C.P., Reflection on Spontaneous Evolution.


Qt/Here I explore a solution to the mind-body problem that starts with the converse assumption: these correlations arise because consciousness creates brain activity and indeed creates all objects and properties of the physical world // More by Donald Hoffman// ,… here

“Stressed plants show altered phenotypes” what?!?, this year the HOB intended to review what is available in the theoretical idea of a Human Spontaneous Mutation, and it is a total failure! Not that the interest or motivation was absent, or that it was not informative, but more so a realization, that We will be conscious of the change, Human Universal one, when We will be willing too, it came as a conclusion, the participatory reality of which we are the creator’s will not provide, We ask for a ‘fine tuned universe?’, but Consciousness first, and Human’s are to shift and await for an upgrade, by Self Will or Power(s). The second conclusion we came forth address the “Who” as in ‘who knows what is unfolding?’ and here-again we fail! not to recognize a ‘ruling’ or ‘cultural’ Elite, but rather that an “Above” must be in order for the “Below” to be so, and if anyone knows what is currently unfolding, none talk of it, as if Queen’s and King’s, Presidents and Ministers, Clerks or Pope dwell’s in the reality of the Common when it comes to the “What”, as in what is unfolding and what Humanity should expect!.

Space & Species!

Human’s at the door of the Cosmos. Our interstellar as well as Stellar representation is made by machines, Man made machines of course, but machines nevertheless, so we often wonder, what would it be to encounter an equivalent or higher conscious and intelligent Life form, yet sending machines seams natural, as bond by Our Bios, Space travel until further notice, is restricted to Us Human of Earth.

On observation there is much to tell, 2019 have seen more precise (understand Humanly readable) than any other time, We are now able to observe a dimension created billion’s of years ago, like looking through the prism of Time We aim at the Past, with the conviction that it will reveal Our Future, which make you think, what feeling is it like to know that You are observe by an ‘Entity’ unrevealed to You, less to say unknown, what if ‘We’ are this ‘Entity’, Model Entity, in the ignorance of Our True existence?

DNA. That is what is the definition of a Human today, and that is what We are All made of. So when we address the case of Species, Speciation, Phenotypes or whatever, We only address the tiny inner-circle of the Human Kind, and anything else is seen as ‘Alien’ to Humanity. Yes of course We are now well aware of Our surrounding Nature and its living species, but it is accounted for what makes Human environment, in no way as part of Humanity.

Qt// This assessment is to assess the threat that invasive alien species pose to biodiversity, ecosystem services and livelihoods and the global status of and trends in impacts of invasive alien species by region and sub-region, taking into account various knowledge and value systems./ ,… here

in the Time of Cymatic.


Can You see yourself as a Particle Accelerator? Can You feel the trillion’s of Cells smallest elements vibrate? Can you feel the electrical frictions of your synapsis? Neuron’s play?


Et/Inspired by periodic and symmetrical patterns at the air-liquid interface created by sound vibration, P. Chen and coworkers developed a method to engineer diverse structures from microscale materials using liquid-based templates. This liquid-based template can be dynamically reconfigured by tuning vibration frequency and acceleration./ ,… here


This is taking Us to the “Why”, and there we have an answer, a simple one, ‘Evolution’, of course a multitude of definition and well set lexicon can be use for the understanding of the “Why”, but we only refer too what apply to Human Being, and ‘evolve’ means only one thing, remain! Remain present, build a continuity, provide for a Future, as if this experience, Being Human, is a necessary tool for all to Be!

In the name of Our Senses.

Qt// Sometimes, people don’t even perceive senses the same way. People with synesthesia can see sounds as colors or associate certain sights with smells, for example./ ,… here

Grand subject such as ‘Consciousness’, ‘Awareness’, ‘Cosmic Coherence’, words only used by a few a decade ago is becoming the common language of the Soul, Humanity’s Soul that is, and Time as a ‘constant dimension’ of this 3D reality cannot be escaped! So we deal with it, human way prevails, and very little, if comparing the amount of data the world wide web create daily, is actually transform into usable knowledge, and this Time, the now, is requiring knowledge. Of course We, HumanS have come to great advancements in many ways, literally lifting from the ground a Humanity in the Planetary making, but to be true, very little is known by the whole, knowledge is more than ever segmented, compartmented and often, when it comes to strategic or sensible knowledge, secretive…, which make you think, is it forbidden to learn, to accumulate knowledge and apply this knowledge into practice to create an experience, an Individual experience which will enhance both perception and consciousness! the ‘Why’ of why are we here?.

Qt// Two time scales that have no relative secular acceleration are called equivalent. That is, a clock displaying the time according to one of these scales would not—over an extended interval—show a change in its rate relative to that of a clock displaying time according to the other scale. It is not certain whether the dynamical and atomic scales are equivalent, but present definitions treat them as being so./ here,…

Perception is accounted for in Physics by how Our Senses inform Our Brain of the surrounding environment we find ourselves in, in no way it inform about ‘what’ is having this perception, and to address this subject is to volontarely explore the vast worlds of “what is not Physics” and be lucky enough not to give in the now very commercial ‘spiritual’ reality of this Planetary Civilization.

In Our Own Scientific Terms!

Qt/An object at some distance from an observer will reflect light in all directions, some of which will fall upon the corneae of the eyes, where it will be focussed upon each retina, forming an image. The disparity between the electrical output of these two slightly different images is resolved either at the level of the lateral geniculate nucleus or in a part of the visual cortex called ‘V1′. The resolved data is further processed in the visual cortex where some areas have specialised functions, for instance area V5 is involved in the modelling of motion and V4 in adding colour. The resulting single image that subjects report as their experience is called a ‘percept’. / here,…

From there on, use Your knowledge of this Reality to willingly and consciously wonder! what is to becomes of Us? are we on the brink of an evolution step? By the time this paper will be published, we will All stand in face of Natural event, the Winter Solstice just ahead of Us, and a new Solar Time, stop-watched the 26th of December by an Annular Solar Eclipse;!.

The “Where” is Here, Earth, as for the “When” it can be well described as Gregorian year 2019 ending, 21 Century After Death or by any other secular calendar for that matter, leaving a Humanity “Who” wonder of Itself, and soon to awaken to a new ‘standard’ of Being, or not!

It is just as well, and disregarding all of it, finally coming to Our Self sense of Being, Intuitive, Sensorial Cosmic Biologic machine, Sapient and Scientient, the Time is now!

Reflection, AUT19 – the Jiffy part of Life!


WIN 19/20 – the Edge of the Age, the HOB I.O.C.P. – “Solutions”, of a changing World.Posted February 23, 2020


Opening the 13th Gate – the Edge of the Age,

the HOB Winter 19/20


‘Solutions’, of a changing world.


What will be addressed in this paper is the possible ‘”Solutions” providing with basic and fundamental knowledge require for solving the ongoing ‘Problem’, the ‘Problem’ being, what is happening? Not to the Cosmos, Our Milky Way Galaxy, Our Sun and Planet’s, Fish or Birds, or extra-dimensional being if their is any.

what is happening to Us, Human of Earth!

Curiosity is a natural occurrence in human behavior, and it took Us as far as where We all stand today, disregarding which wave of Consciousness you find yourself into, if you are here, now, it is best to accept that you are part of transforming time, not to say transcendent, and this, disregarding which ‘Social Cast or level’ you think you belong too! Herein what the WEB offers best in solution to the problem of what is currently happening!


To begin, a left aside subject, aka ‘the Circadian Clock’, and the very plausible solution that All, as in All that is Biological, is now seen its Time(s) being reset, Universally. continue here,…



Solution 1/ everything happen for a Reason(s)!

Cause of what is happening is predetermined, and well or not so well experienced momentums are only the byproduct of a Reason(s), what the ‘reason s’ can be and what or who may it serve and for what? is an ongoing question which humanity should not be concern with, there is no good or bad reason with regards to unfolding events, Life included. Here Aristotle to explain;…

Solution 2/ a perfectly timed momentum.

What is happening has happen before, and following a multitudes of rehearsal, Life in its Human form will get it right and on time one day. For now, each and every single things are in their place and perfectly functioning to come to a conclusion we do not have any plausible facts to understand or know, awaiting for the next ‘crunch, or froze, or who knows…’, who will live will see. for now, search here,…

Solution 3/ the real Anthropic Lives of Human’s;

To Be born to Die. All this orchestrated in an absolute decay of the flesh, for the Spirit and the Soul We do not know, human anthropic reality is unique to Us, and this human crafted definition only apply to human life time on Earth. All is well, you are on a journey, just make the best of it. all here,…

Solution 4/ the Hermetic experiments, games of Influences!

Difficult not to make a stop by any possible ‘Esotheric’ ‘Solutions’, the Hermetic experiment is better explain using a pond, all and everything is recycled in an hermetic space (understand close space defined by physical boundaries), in which nothing from outside exist and everything inside is recycled, this Solution is unique in the sense that it exist only within itself, demanding an accidental event to be, and this event could have happen at the time of the first Atom bomb testing, and open a thin space within time for a neo Human dimension to roam. Also true if using the vastness of Space, in which case We find Ourselves ‘floating’ in between dimension and We are stuck there, so You will be recycled for ever and ever, with memory or not, it is up to you to answer this one. For the time being, nature is investigated through observation (Consciousness), experiments (the Human Experience) and illumination (awaited Transcendance); … follow Hermes,…

Solution 5/ Being human is the Cause. A Revelation.

Nowadays, Life for Human is the same as it was hundred of thousands of years ago, the daily ‘hunting & gathering’ (at the supermarket) rules the Life of each and every Human, and however the ‘goods to be hunted or gathered’ has change, the methods did not, to the contrary, Humanity have reach the highest stage of ‘Hunting & Gathering’, technics have evolve and Senses perfected. What did deteriorate is the ‘Ethical’ or ‘Empathic’ ways to acquire the ‘goods’, We rule this reality, We made it so, and we simply don’t perceive the true state of all and have simply inherited what we deserve. See ‘Apocalypse’ and other title from the ‘vast Religion’s records’ (all of them) see library collections. and ask LCFMS for an answer,…

Solution 6/ Uthopia, Disthopia, Schitzofrenia!

All this is an hallucination, humanity is in Multiversal quarantine which will end as soon as our common hallucination will stop by will or occurring natural events, and Human’s are ready to accept a common existence and take their rightful place in this Universe. Chill, take a pill! the S word, follow here,…

Solution 7/ Time shifter experiment.

In a very long time from now, humanity interest to study the time line of humanity from the beginning is made possible by something, and we are only following the story path, it all unfold accordingly and we are the observer of our own existence. Will we use this experiment to alter or change the course of events is unknown. Only to hope that whom ever is at the command of this experiment don’t know what they are doing, if yes We could very well be the subject of a total Time and Action dictatorship. with regards to Time(s),…

Solution 8/ Obsolescent Purpose

Long ago, we where ‘made’ for a purpose, and our makers left, leaving humanity to wonder in the Earth wilderness. This assumption is seriously studied and researched by many individuals and groups, and fall under the Mesopotamian Anunnaki Archeology, what Wiki P say about it here,…

Solution 9/ the exception confirming the rule

Our observable Universe is vast, infinite some say, and today we are living in the dimension of time revealing the existence of other Verses. But so far, in this Universe, we stand alone, none on sight. In this case, the living exception puts us in the forefront of the exception, in order for rules to be, an exception must be to allow order, in other way, everything that is foreign to the universal rules, is put in a specific space, Earth, by necessity in order for everything else to run according to the established rules. On Earth we have our own sets of rules that only apply to life, if these rules are transgressed, it may result in total annihilation. Does it mean that the overall universal rules would fall at this specific moment is a question address in science, does existence need to be observed to be, Human rules, see Anthropocentrism,…

Solution 10/ Quantum Self Simulator

Forget Body, Spirit and Soul, only ‘Informative Matter’ remain. We are, each and every Human, in a mental self-simulation, who? ‘simulate’ and why? is an ongoing question, but will it lead to an ‘original’ experience we do not know. This theory is also tag ‘Holographic Principle’. here NASA to explain,…

Solution 11/ ‘the Hallucinarium of Dr Parnasus’.

Sometime not long ago, Humanity decided to experience a common journey to neighboring dimensions. Conclusion, we will all walk out safe and sound with a universe of experience, or, we got lost and the journey start to turn bad trip. This assumption is also valid from the pure biocentric view point, a naturally occurring release in Earth Atmosphere of large amount of hallucinogens substance and took us to an inner self journey, giving Humanity consciousness on the way, or the recent Ancestors have accidentally ingest a Mushroom (stop laughing its serious) and We are gathering more and more proof that it could be the foundation of Human consciousness. follow the White rabbit,…

Solution 12/ a Big Bang

It all started from something, this is from far the most prevalent Human conviction. That something actually causes the ‘bang’ not so interesting, and that it maybe something entirely different even less. That’s ok, all is in expansion, at least from Earth viewpoint, and we are observing the Past unfolding. Big Bang Theory,…

Solution 13/ Reality, a crystal clear reflected & perfectly superposed momentum.

We exist in a crystalline organized pattern. Have you ever eared of Planck Constant?, or Emergence Theory?, Informative Matter maybe? How about Intelligent Energy? We are the unconscious creator of our reality by projection at the speed of light (many different speed), people are born, people die and Time passes, we are all influencing each other past and future until we possibly develop a common consciousness intelligent enough to let us deal with ‘Human issues’ in the best manner, thus promoting an Intelligent Present for ourselves. Thing is, we can very well be the reflection of a reflection, of a reflection. Meaning of this reality, make up your Mind about it, here to help you,…

Solution 14/ theories of conspirations!

Someone know what this ‘existence’ is and sharing is a bias they do not have, so, using all the above and everything else a Human Mind can construct in theories, base on ‘ideas’ or ‘constant’, by secret plots or join effort, toward a particular end or aim comes to Be, which is what, Time(s) will tell: from the Latin “Conspiratio”

Solution 15/ a Pattern of Infinite Bios.

This one belong to Cosmology. Everywhere we look, with more and more advance technological instruments, the more we realize how Similarities of the observable universe are constant. This is revealing but scary. Revealing because we can observe, record and archive visual phenomena which concur this Infinite Bios assumption, and scary because being part of a gigantic organism would make us conscious that we are actually way much smaller that we anticipated. Does the momentum of consciousness of such reality could happen ‘Multiversally’ and ‘Simultaneously? learn more here,…

Solution 16/ Deceptive Reality! a scheduled awakening.

We are exceptionally creative Being, but We lack of Ethic, Universal Ethic, and not to fall into complete cosmic depression, we made up stories for Eon’s to pass by each day, the reality is imprinted in our very molecules and its boring so we have openly lied to ourselves. The main issue with this proposition is what will happen if a universal conscious momentum is to take place, not giving us the possibility anymore to imagine Life and this Reality as We like it to be, but as it is. We are on a schedule, it happen before, last recorded and archive event, 99Y2K and the new Millennia Digital, very real, Reality is now showing signs of Mental and Physical Metamorphosis, positive or negative one for a possible awakening is not yet define as this is an ongoing process. Here, an oldy but a goody, read it here…

Much to wonder about and many possibilities. The HOB only scratch varnish with the here mentioned possibilities. Conclusion is to be made daily, as much as We would commonly like to predict Our Future, nothing is in fact less certain, and Humanity convictions act like a blinder, providing little to none indication or proof that all this happen for a Reason(s) if not for the Human experience to be lived for what it is. A Wild, Universal and Trans-Dimensional experiment, made by ‘Nature’ or ‘anyone or thing’ else, here We stand, Human of Earth, in search of a solution to solve a long lasting problem.

What should be known, and Who knows the remaining questions to be ask.

the HOB I.O.C.P. WIN19/20 –

– the Edge of the Age, Solution of a changing World.


the HOB I.O.C.P. SPRING 2020 – Reflection, the acknowledgment of ignorance!Posted April 20, 2020


the HOB I.O.C.P. SPRING 2020 – 

Reflection, the acknowledgment of ignorance!


humbled in gratitude, lost in ignorance!

This Humanity is drawing the first ‘line’ in a plane not yet define by Our Cognitive Qualities, We could name it ‘X’ and it would imply a ‘Y’ and a ‘Z’, and it would takes Us further away from what We search, a new realm and a cognitive ability to understand it, resent it, experience it, some say a new ‘Vision’ of existence, others ‘a transcending momentum’, Our Consciousness is slowly (light speed) emerging to new Law(s), evolving once more to a new paradigm.

The changes that are ongoing are demanding Our sub-consciousness to take command, to fast for the Mind, from the Eye to the Atom, nothing from the outside can or will come to disturb a permutation of a now Universal scale, and for the eyes nothing, these most minute mechanism involving ‘photon’ and ‘phonon’ render in equal form and imperfect reflection this reality, in existence and full consciousness Humanity await. This is the HOB Reflection Spring 2020

As Space is exponentially being ‘stretch’, Time(s) seams to be static, meaning not augmenting the quality of its pace, permanent, in Time(s) in an impermanent reality, one Self!

To understand it, We must deep in the dimensional world of Anthropology qt/We [anthropologists] have been the first to insist on a number of things: that the world does not divide into the pious and the superstitious; that there are sculptures in jungles and paintings in deserts; that political order is possible without centralized power and principled justice without codified rules; that the norms of reason were not fixed in Greece, the evolution of morality not consummated in England. Most important, we were the first to insist that we see the lives of others through lenses of our own grinding and that they look back on ours through ones of their own. —Clifford Geertz // here

Reflection Spring 2020 – the acknowledgement of ignorance!

MAPS, a fundamental

Maps in its common use, enable Us to locate ourselves with remarkable precisions, on this Planet, Earth, and more so in Our Galaxy, the Cosmos is an ongoing event. If We look at it this way, Time(s) can be seen as a Map, it allow Us to locate Ourselves in time, but with reference to what?, with reference to this reality!, on Earth Our time is the Time(s) of the real it is so why We use a Photon as a reference, but looking at it from a Celestial point of view, Our reference change and becomes tools to appreciate better the where in Space and when in Time(s), Cosmic Time(s) that is and it propose Us to accept further the Entropy of this Verse and the immutability of Time(s), and facing Our consistent effort to ignore Our Celestial existence would be like asking to be removed from this reality, as the title state, fundamental, so can We approach the consequential effect and affect of Our Emotional vibrations as a Map, enabling Us to locate Ourselves in Space, Time(s) and Being.


Kronos Logic.

Ext//‘We’ are Homo sapiens and our species’ intellectual abilities distinguish us from all other animals. Our technological sophistication, capacity for introspection, and ability to create and manipulate symbols is unrivalled. We engage in behaviors that are profoundly unique, such as the production of personal ornamentation, language, art and music, and the performance of religious rituals. This behavioral discontinuity has prompted many to regard modern humans as standing apart from the rest of nature. Yet, despite our distinctiveness, ‘we’ are also one among several species of great ape, displaying more than 99% nonsynonymous DNA sequence similarity with chimpanzees (Wildman et al. 2003), having diverged from each other approximately 4–8 Ma (Bradley, 2008). Consequently, modern humans share many phenotypic traits with these close relatives through common descent. The tension between striking behavioral divergence in the face of phylogenetic continuity presents a puzzle. Although many authors have discussed the possible selective advantages and evolutionary processes underlying the emergence of modern human cognition (e.g. Holloway, 1967Calvin, 1994Dunbar, 1996Tomasello, 1999Tooby & Cosmides, 2005), it still remains a serious challenge to understand how the unique features of modern human behavior are mapped onto evolutionary changes in neural structure.

Considering the dramatic behavioral differences between modern humans and other animals, it is reasonable to expect similarly remarkable alterations in brain organization. As Darwin noted in The Descent of Man (1871), there appears to be a link between our intelligence and our expanded brain, which increased in size by roughly threefold since the last common ancestor (LCA) shared by hominins (the lineage including modern humans and our fossil close relatives and ancestors) and panins (the lineage including common chimpanzees, bonobos, and their fossil close relatives and ancestors). Because a large brain size so clearly distinguishes modern humans, many theories of human cognitive evolution consider only this single anatomical variable to account for the myriad specialized behaviors we exhibit (e.g. Jerison, 1973Dunbar, 1996).// here,…


Knowledge, its definition, source and method in which it is acquired has been discussed (at least) since the time of the philosophical debates by Aristotle and Plato. We would, therefore, propose that the initial emergence of the terms comes from these discussions and that the suggestions on how to deal with efficient and effective knowledge transfer and sharing has been ongoing to a varying degree of intensity since then.

The reemergence of the terms can be traced to two different streams of research. The first can be found in product innovation and technology transfer literature in which the relationship and communication between units have been studied (e.g. Allen, 1977; Clark and Fujimoto, 1991).

The second stream is based on the writings of Michael Polanyi and the terms tacit and explicit knowledge. In an influential Harvard Business Review article, Ikujiro Nonaka touches on the issues of KT and KS, even though he does not mention them explicitly. He writes “Explicit knowledge is formal and systematic. For this reason, it can be easily communicated and shared…” (Nonaka, 1991: 98).

Later in the same article, he says “This helps create a “common cognitive ground” among employees and thus facilitates the transfer of tacit knowledge.” (Nonaka, 1991: 102). These two streams have, to some extent, merged after Nonaka‟s original article. Since that article and later articles and books by him (such as Nonaka and Takeuchi, 1995), in which they say that KS is a critical stage in KT) have had a strong impact on the research community, we regard this as the starting point for the reemergence of KT and KS as we know them today.

Since then, the terms have developed gradually and extensively. Initially, the terms were used interchangeably (e.g. Badaracco, 1991; Hansen, 1999) but lately there has been an ongoing separation between them, which we will demonstrate in the following sections.// read here//

Despite Our best efforts to ignore Our own state of ignorance, something twisted with a Human phenomenon, ‘convictions’, which may as well be the very Reason(s) of this existence, a ‘Powerfull Will’ keeping the very Atom’s of this reality together.


As far has Human can see, Atom and so on!

– While it can be observed instantaneously, it cannot be determined both where it is and its velocity. The speed of an electron can be observed, but not with knowing its position. The position of an electron can be observed, but not with knowing its velocity…./ learn more here//

//…. we live in a very biological reality,……

what would it take for all to change,…

… at this rate of entropy, anything would do!/

//In fact, photons are the only things that humans can directly see. A photon is a bit of light. Human eyes are specifically designed to detect light. This happens when a photon enters the eye and is absorbed by one of the rod or cone cells that cover the retina on the inner back surface of the eye. When you look at a chair, you are not actually seeing a chair. You are seeing a bunch of photons that have reflected off of the chair. In the process of reflecting off of the chair, these photons have been arranged in a pattern that resembles the chair. When the photons strike your retina, your cone and rod cells detect this pattern and send it to your brain. In this way, your brain thinks it’s looking at a chair when it’s really looking at a bunch of photons arranged in a chair pattern.

Your eyes can see bunches of photons, but can they see a single, isolated photon? Each rod cell in your eye is indeed capable of detecting a single, isolated photon. However, the neural circuitry in your eye only passes a signal along to the brain if several photons are detected at about the same time//here….

As physics evolves, the image of the proton that quantum chromodynamics has given us may come to seem reassuringly concrete and solid—although solid is just what a proton is not. Flying into one—if you can imagine doing that, riding the strong force in a kind of subnuclear glider—would be like falling through Earth’s atmosphere. The upper atmosphere of the proton is a thin cirrus of virtual quark-antiquark pairs; they form a shield for what lies below. As you fall past them, the atmosphere gets denser and denser, the clouds thicker and thicker. Your plane is struck with increasing frequency and force by flashes of color lightning—the gluons. And then, perhaps four fifths of the way through your descent, you emerge from the cloud cover. The ride is calmer now. The lightning bolts have not disappeared; they have fused to a continuous sheet, and somehow you feel at once featherlight and immune from all forces. You’re near the center of the proton now, utterly trapped as you fall toward the asymptote of utter freedom, and you are finding . . . not much.// continue reading/


The practical benefits are easy to grasp: Sound waves propagate at a speed that is about five orders of magnitude less than the speed of light, and the wavelength of sound is thus correspondingly shorter than that of light of the same frequency. This feature can enable highly precise, nondestructive measurements and imaging, as well as achieve a high concentration of energy with focused sound waves. The present work

opens new perspectives for the relationship between noise and non-Hermitian physics, with potential applications in related fields such as signal processing technologies. The system can be used as an on-chip phononic device analogous to fully integrated photonic devices for information processing. More interestingly, the studied platform can broaden insights in non-Hermitian physics by enabling the detection and control of EPs in two-level or multi-level systems. // continue reading here//


the glue of the everything … learn more here


Observable interference, the very Action(s) of observing, creating existence, unknowingly in control of the Atom and ignoring Our Celestial Bound, Human are in quest for a language, a new source of understanding, in face of existence, what else would it be!



Patience. Easy thought for an uneasy Time(s), the thrive or win, promises. Water is a good indicator, the more strength you apply the stronger it get, and in Time(s) of Emergent Complexity an experience is revealed, that Our most Powerful state, in Trust of Ourselves, demands Us to join a process already at works for Eon’s and concluding the experiencing of this 4th Dimension with Time(s), and in order to continue Our journey, We must become Student of Ourselves, an Individual quest demanding Us to create a ‘cocoon’ of Trust, only answer to Fear. Most knowledge, occulted or not, have come to an end, a conclusion of service. Vestige of a Dimension from which most knowledge was unconsciously aggregated, slowly superposed and entirely assimilated.


//Humans had been speaking for a couple hundred thousand years before they got the inspiration or nerve to mark their ideas down for posterity. But when a Mesopotamian people called the Sumerians finally did scratch out a few bookkeeping symbols on clay tablets 5,000 years ago, they unknowingly started a whole new era in history we call, well … history. The presence of written sources denotes the technical dividing line between what scholars classify as prehistory versus what they call history, which starts at different times depending on what part of the world you’re studying./read here

…., for a Planetary Civilization and an Ethical Humanity, 

the HOB Reflection Srping 2020 – the acknowledgement of ignorance.


The Edge of the Age, the HOB SPR 2020, Civilization & the ‘weight’ of Time.Posted June 13, 2020


The Edge of the Age, the HOB SPR 2020,

Civilization & the ‘weight’ of Time.




Civilization and Evolution look very much like they goes hand in hand, nothing is less true of course and it is not long before Human of Earth realize that the only things shaped to give birth to Human Civilization are stones and rock. Human Civilization throughout times, left no apparent traces, only fragment of culture and echoes of ideology, and yet, Humanity 2020 is at an edge of another kind, a Planetary Civilization in the making. difficult not to appreciate the perfect timing this paper come out, and with the understanding that this publication subject to close Spring 2020 was chosen a year ago, it all take time, but when the clock adjust sometime you get it just right, and apparently the time call for the Action(s). here is what the HOB have for you from an alternative view point at the down of a Planetary Civilization.

.any complex society characterized by urban developmentsocial stratification, a form of government and symbolic systems of communication.

If we look at Earth story, what We collectively know of it, at least from Academia and the Alternative, it provide with evidence that the Human Social Tool kit, as much as the ‘mechanical tools’ or the Biologic one for that matter, was in functions over half a billion of year ago. What is left of it is Us, Human in existence year book 2020.

Remain of Civilization long gone and only reminded to Us in the Stone & Scriptures managed by Archeological activities are scattered all over this Planet lay vestige of what is tag Civilization. Disregarding Time(s), and only considering People, every Phenotypes of this Planet was the ruler of something, organized over vast land mass and keeper of the ‘science’ of the moment, what in truth is use as ‘reference’ or ‘empirical data’s’ falls short to explain the Consciousness and never seen before (at least from the empirical records) Scientient Creative Mind as Human’s stand’s now, but are we the continuity of one? One type of Human (not in the Gene but in the Mind), One type of Civilization, one type of Life. so we came up with 2 simple and reccurent questions.

Could we have attain our current and common state of modernity without so many casualties, by Will or accidental causes?


Is there any protection from the truth?

but we ended up with one other question. a legitimate Human question. Is there anyone who withhold enough Organic Intelligence to understand what is ongoing and will it be anyone with enough Intellect Quotient to propose a suitable and understandable explanation?

The ongoing events being orchestrated by anyone in existence today, with only Emotional Intelligence and some form of Universal Intuition as survival tools, to make way and accept that this reality, this Dimension have been overused, too much energy trapped in matter, and that this Humanity look for an escape velocity momentum to realize its future potential and move along gracefully.

This is the HOB closing Spring 2020,

the Edge of the Age, Civilization & the ‘weight’ of Time.


We all see Human Future ‘enhance’ in a way, the search for comfort is and remain the absolute, in a SlideShare from 2017 by Amal Sha in the form of a listing of what could await for Humanity future, as in Human on a Planet or Planetary Civilization. What make these assumption realistic, is the number of Human Champion ready to take on the challenge and with it all of Humanity. Logical? Democratic? Humanity have its way to go along, and like scoot, Individuals are in charge of testing the boundaries of this reality, for instance when Jeff Bezos says he acquire the Washington Post newspaper to give a longer runway, ¥€$, what ‘this Champion’ really mean is that You will take of a way or another this Summer the World will awake to a Blue Horizon, toward what remain unknown, but these Champion surely are taking Humanity for a ride, to the Future.

#Amal Sha extract //

  1. Humanities The Future?


  1. Future of Humanity Future of Religion Future of Government Future of Money Future of Art Future of Architecture Future of Science and Technology Future of Society Future of Humans.


  1. The most instructive way I know to express this cosmic chronology is to imagine the fifteen-billion-year lifetime of the universe (or at least its present incarnation since the Big Bang) compressed into the span of a single year. Then every billion years of Earth history would correspond to about twenty-four days of our cosmic year, and one second of that year to 475 real revolutions of the Earth about the sun. On this scale, the events of our history books-even books that make significant efforts to deprovincialize the present-are so compressed that it is necessary to give a second-by- second recounting of the last seconds of the cosmic year. Even then, we find events listed as contemporary that we have been taught to consider as widely separated in time. In the history of life, an equally rich tapestry must have been woven in other periods-for example, between 10:02 and 10:03 on the morning of April 6th or September 16th. But we have detailed records only for the very end of the cosmic year. -Gardens of Eden by Carl Sagan.


  1. PRE-DECEMBER DATES • Big Bang ~January 1 • Origin of the Milky Way Galaxy ~ May 1 • Origin of the solar system ~ September 9 • Formation of the Earth ~ September 14 • Origin of life on Earth ~ September 25 • Formation of the oldest rocks known on Earth ~ October 2 • Date of oldest fossils (bacteria and blue-green algae) ~ October 9 • Invention of sex (by microorganisms) ~ November 1 • Oldest fossil photosynthetic plants ~November 12 • Eukaryotes (first cells with nuclei) flourish ~ November 15.


  1. DECEMBER 31st • Origin of Proconsul and Ramapithecus, probable ancestors of apes and men ~ 1:30 P.M. • First humans ~ 10:30 P.M. • Widespread use of stone tools ~11:00 P.M. • Domestication of fire by Peking man ~11:46 P.M. • Beginning of most recent glacial period ~11:56 P.M. • Seafarers settle Australia ~11:58P.M. • Extensive cave painting in Europe ~11:59 P.M. • Invention of agriculture ~11:59:20 P.M. • Neolithic civilization; first cities ~11:59:35 P.M. • First dynasties in Sumer, Ebla and Egypt; development of astronomy ~11:59:50 P.M. • Invention of the alphabet; Akkadian Empire ~11:59:51P.M. • Hammurabic legal codes in Babylon; Middle Kingdom in Egypt ~11:59:52 P.M. • Bronze metallurgy; Mycenaean culture; Trojan War; Olmec culture: invention of the compass ~11:59:53 P.M.


  1. DECEMBER 31st • Iron metallurgy; First Assyrian Empire; Kingdom of Israel; • founding of Carthage by Phoenicia ~11:59:54 P.M. • Ahsokan India; Ch’in Dynasty China; Periclean Athens; birth of Buddha ~11:59:55 P.M. • Euclidean geometry; Archimedean physics; Ptolemaic astronomy; Roman Empire; birth of Christ ~11:59:56 P.M. • Zero and decimals invented in Indian arithmetic; Rome falls; Moslem conquests- ~11:59:57 P.M. • Mayan civilization; Sung Dynasty China; Byzantine empire; Mongol invasion; Crusades ~11:59:58 P.M. • Renaissance in Europe; voyages of discovery from Europe and from Ming Dynasty China; emergence of the experimental method in science ~11:59:59 P.M. • Widespread development of science and technology; emergence of a global culture; acquisition of the means for self-destruction of the human species; The first steps in spacecraft planetary exploration and of the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. ~ Now: first second of New Year’s Day.


  1. Understanding Time The construction of such tables and calendars is inevitably humbling. It is disturbing to find that in such a cosmic year the Earth does not condense out of interstellar matter until early September; dinosaurs emerge on Christmas Eve; flowers arise on December 28th; and men and women originate at 10:30 P.M. on New Year’s Eve. All of recorded history occupies the last ten seconds of December 31; and the time from the waning of the Middle Ages to the present occupies little more than one second. But because I have arranged it that way, the first cosmic year has just ended. And despite the insignificance of the instant we have so far occupied in cosmic time, it is clear that what happens on and near Earth at the beginning of the second cosmic year will depend very much on the scientific wisdom and the distinctly human sensitivity of mankind.


  1. Future Shock – Culture Shock The parallel term “culture shock” has already begun to creep into the popular vocabulary. Culture shock is the effect that immersion in a strange culture has on the unprepared visitor. The culture shock phenomenon accounts for much of the bewilderment, frustration, and disorientation that plagues people in their dealings with other societies. It causes a breakdown in communication, a misreading of reality, an inability to cope. Yet culture shock is relatively mild in comparison with the much more serious malady, future shock. Future shock is the dizzying disorientation brought on by the premature arrival of the future. It may well be the most important disease of tomorrow.


  1. Future Shock – Culture Shock Future shock is a time phenomenon, a product of the greatly accelerated rate of change in society. It arises from the superimposition of a new culture on an old one. It is culture shock in one’s own society. Take an individual out of his own culture and set him down suddenly in an environment sharply different from his own, with a different set of cues to react to different conceptions of time, space, work, love, religion, sex, and everything else then cut him off from any hope of retreat to a more familiar social landscape, and the dislocation he suffers is doubly severe. Moreover, if this new culture is itself in constant turmoil, and if—worse yet—its values are incessantly changing, the sense of disorientation will be still further intensified. Given few clues as to what kind of behaviour is rational under the radically new circumstances, the victim may well become a hazard to himself and others.


  1. Future Shock Time frame Painting with the broadest of brush strokes, biologist Julian Huxley informs us that “The tempo of human evolution during recorded history is at least 100,000 times as rapid as that of pre-human evolution.” Inventions or improvements of a magnitude that took perhaps 50,000 years to accomplish during the early Palaeolithic era were, he says, “run through in a mere millennium toward its close; and with the advent of settled civilization, the unit of change soon became reduced to the century.” The rate of change, accelerating throughout the past 5000 years, has become, in his words, “particularly noticeable during the past 300 years.”.


  1. Future Shock “Technology” To most people, the term technology conjures up images of smoky steel mills or clanking machines. Perhaps the classic symbol of technology is still the assembly line created by Henry Ford half a century ago and made into a potent social icon by Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times. This symbol, however, has always been inadequate, indeed, misleading, for technology has always been more than factories and machines. The invention of the horse collar in the middle ages led to major changes in agricultural methods and was as much a technological advance as the invention of the Bessemer furnace centuries later. Moreover, technology includes techniques, as well as the machines that may or may not be necessary to apply them. It includes ways to make chemical reactions occur, ways to breed fish, plant forests, light theatres, count votes or teach history.


  1. Future Shock “Acceleration” The old symbols of technology are even more misleading today, when the most advanced technological processes are carried out far from assembly lines or open hearths. Indeed, in electronics, in space technology, in most of the new industries, relative silence and clean surroundings are characteristic—even sometimes essential. And the assembly line—the organization of armies of men to carry out simple repetitive functions—is an anachronism. It is time for our symbols of technology to change—to catch up with the quickening changes in technology, itself. This acceleration is frequently dramatized by a thumbnail account of the progress in transportation. It has been pointed out, for example, that in 6000 B.C. the fastest transportation available to man over long distances was the camel caravan, averaging eight miles per hour. It was not until about 1600 B.C. when the chariot was invented that the maximum speed was raised to roughly twenty miles per hour. So impressive was this invention, so difficult was it to exceed this speed limit, that nearly 3,500 years later, when the first mail coach began operating in England in 1784, it averaged a mere ten mph. The first steam locomotive, introduced in 1825, could muster a top speed of only thirteen mph, and the great sailing ships of the time laboured along at less than half that speed. It was probably not until the 1880’s that man, with the help of a more advanced steam locomotive, managed to reach a speed of one hundred mph. It took the human race millions of years to attain that record. It took only fifty-eight years, however, to quadruple the limit, so that by 1938 airborne man was cracking the 400-mph line. It took a mere twenty-year flick of time to double the limit again. And by the 1960’s rocket planes approached speeds of 4000 mph, and men in space capsules were circling the earth at 18,000 mph. Plotted on a graph, the line representing progress in the past generation would leap vertically off the page.


  1. Future Shock “Are we blind to change?” • “You would make a ship sail against the winds and currents by lighting a bonfire under her decks? I have no time for such nonsense.” – Napoléon Bonaparte Within a few years ships with sails got replaced by steam ships. • In 1865 a newspaper editor told his readers that “Well-informed people know that it is impossible to transmit the voice over wires and that, were it possible to do so, the thing would be of no practical value.“ Less than 10 years later Telephone was invented. • Famous American astronomer, Simon Newcomb, had not long before assured the world that “No possible combination of known substances, known forms of machinery and known forms of force, can be united in a practical machine by which man shall fly long distances.“ Just a few years later Wright brother made the first flight. • “nothing less than feeblemindedness to expect anything to come of the horseless carriage movement.“ 6 Years later 1 Million Ford Model T cars were made in Detroit. • Rutherford, himself, the discoverer of the atom, who said in 1933 that the energy in the atom’s nucleus would never be released. In 1942 First controlled Chain reaction took place. Again and again the human brain—including the first class scientific brain—has blinded itself to the novel possibilities of the future, has narrowed its field of concern to gain momentary reassurance, only to be rudely shaken by the accelerative thrust. -Future Shock by Alvin Toffler// E Extract/here

In all, an amount of possible so vast, that each may be apply either to Human groups (with ongoing conclusions), or, Individually, and this is where the action is, away from simulations, opening the gate of human consciousness by experiences remain and is the only last and untapped stepstone humanity have yet to walk on, today the decision will be made individually, but we can already see the changes in group behavior, as soon as each and every components of these groups will feel confident enough, Individual actions will become the daily life of billion’s of human, not as a gig economy, more like an ecosystem of its own. Now that say decision imply a total change of how human’s ‘manage’ themselves, but the trends are in day to day time set for knowledge, reflection and of course social activities. What is amazing, is to see how what is taking place is compatible with what we actually leave behind from culture to habits, it is a form of continuity, but there is a difference between a continuing story, and the forever surprising evolution of our existence.



Cosmosapient, Cosmosentient, Comoscientient, or just Universal?

Disregarding the geographical location you find yourself at while reading this paper, every individual around you is well aware of the existence of what we call ‘Space’, in Human terms, the dark canopy lightened up by billion’s of Stars at night. During the Day, Our Star the Sun rule the sky, so much so that the Human community had to wait 2020 for relevant exposures of what Our Star really is and do and how it affect Human’s of Earth and its short term effects, but this is an entire different subject, the HOB Outer World will release a Summer paper on the subject. To continue with the stated subtitle, Our Universality is not in doubt, anywhere you find yourself into, Human’s of Earth are conscious of there Universality, so why is it so difficult to come to reason with Ourselves as a Sapient, Sentient and Scientient community of Beings. Here is a return ticket to a subject the HOB regarded about 15 years ago, and it ask if We have accumulated enough in all form of Life experiences, as Individuals and as a Human Community, to ask if We have reach a creative state allowing Us a Universal Consciousness, or in other words, do we imagine the Universe as it is, or is it that what is in existence is out of reach of Our perception.

/Ext//Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality, and OurDestiny Beyond Earth by Michio Kaku. The Future of Humanity: Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality, and Our Destiny Beyond Earth book is not really ordinary book, you have it then the world is in your hands. The benefit you get by reading this book is actually information inside this reserve incredible fresh, you will get information which is getting deeper an individual read a lot of information you will get. This kind of PDF The Future of Humanity: Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality, and Our Destiny Beyond Earth without we recognize teach the one who looking at it become critical in imagining and analyzing. Don’t be worry PDF The Future of Humanity: Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality, and Our Destiny Beyond Earth can bring any time you are and not make your tote space or bookshelves’ grow to be full because you can have it inside your lovely laptop even cell phone. This PDF The Future of Humanity: Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality, and Our Destiny Beyond Earth having great arrangement in word and layout, so you will not really feel uninterested in reading// here///

Very likely, consciousness will take over, how soon? Soon enough! To propulse this Humanity into its own Future is an 8 billion Souls job, and no compromise or unanimous decision will do, We move forward Individually, and nothing else will until We have resume with Our Universality, and the acceptance that Our aim on Earth is absolute. The best way to imagine this, is to picture 8 billion Human’s strong in skills and engineering, emancipated in what Our Brain allow Us too, all forms of Intelligence, enhanced by knowledge and trained in all ways possible, only than this Humanity will be able to move onto the physical Universe, for now, it is only in Our collective imagination that this future takes place.


About the quest for Genomic Transcendence. 

Time is such that this Human experience is limited. Much can be achieve of course, and more by some than other Human but the conflict of what was made and by whom over the end of the 20th Century and entering the 21st Century is now in question, the advance in Genomic research, disclosed or not, will only start to be revealed now, outstanding when you know that double helix are carved in stones erected well over 10 000 years ago.

From ‘printed clay tablet’ to nowadays movie industry, the use of Our imagination for ‘what Our Genes could do’, have been the center of interests it seams for all Civilizations. but We create the tools of Our needs, likely a ‘Silicon base Life form’ would have very different needs that the ones of Human, however, we aim at Human Civilization so we will stay within the Human realm.

– A Life form beyond what is perceivable in this Physical Realm is, well, unimaginable, so we only aim at the element of Life ‘as per Our own standard’- 

The ‘monster within’ resonate more like a B series film title than a reasonable prospect for a science study, what we aim at here is what the Gene carry, or contain, the Human Gene that is, and the absolute devotion of the many in what Our Genes will becomes, what will becomes of Us matter less, nowadays, hey, say for over 2 decades, the Gene is the interest, and to Transcend it the ultimate goal. And this is where the issue is, not just in complexity, but in ‘what Genes’ (as in other than Human) the Human Gene is made of. Castle cards falls as most of what the theory of evolution teach Us and what a selective ideology can do to a Planetary Civilization in the making fail to deliver a Human Society who no longer sustain a system and slowly walk out of delusion.

Ext//These studies have led to the perception that HGT occurs very infrequently in most animals, especially in vertebrates [5,6]. Furthermore, there are concerns over the validity of the examples of HGT reported in humans [1922]. The original report on the human genome sequence [19] described prokaryote-to-vertebrate HGT discovered by aligning human sequences to those of a small number of species (not many genomes were available at the time), including only two metazoans, D. melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans. Any proteins aligning to bacteria but not to these two metazoans, or to the other two eukaryotic proteomes used (Arabidopsis thaliana and Saccharomyces cerevisiae), were considered to be a result of prokaryote-to-vertebrate HGT. However, these four eukaryotic species do not contain orthologs of all ‘native’ human genes (that is, those not horizontally acquired), leading to incorrect identification of HGT (false positives) and the subsequent rejection of many cases by phylogenetic analyses [2022]. The problem (the availability of a limited number of eukaryotic genomes for comparison in studies of HGT) has lessened in the intervening decade; thousands of proteomes (including several primates) are now available in UniProt, allowing prediction of HGT using alignment to hundreds of species and subsequent phylogenetic validation, as shown in recent work in invertebrates (for example, [12,23,24]). In the human, however, there have been no follow-up studies since the original genome paper, and the true scale of HGT in humans, and metazoans generally, remains unclear./// here,…


History books are fill with creatures long reported to have vanished from Earth, and relative truth or simply a source for imagination, Human of Earth always had an interest for ‘created creatures’, but when authorize to overlook its Own ‘creature’ potential, ‘the’ Human collectively deny its ‘Earth collective parenthood, so we use reference, Human made one to promote theories that are on their way to reshape Humanity from the Gene inside out. no politic added we will move on using an allegory, say the Scylla a multy headed Water snake like creature (to keep away from Human like one), to remind Us that nothing new is happening here, Humanity has contemplated such idea’s of ‘beings’, elaborated or not, for Eon’s, to enter the subject further, what is it that makes Us idealizing strange and always destructive creatures. back to the realm of Human, it becomes uneasy to vision an enhance Biology, without changing the shell, the conclusion of this is Humanity present test, and what better defines it that the current states Humanity finds it self in, to conclude we will just say that this is the perfect reflection of the ‘creatures’ We so dearly elect and worship, un-Human and out of imagination.

Forgotten Science or Occulted knowledge? it is long now since a Scylla was reported walking the streets of major Earth Metropolis, made or arrived in Existence by other means, Human creativity and imagination have difficulties ‘thinking’ away from existing concepts. Eccentric Time(s) call for eccentric behavior, say Eso-Centric, nothing Pagan, what we refer too as here is that ‘these creatures may have existed or not in the flesh, can the current ‘container’, “Human’’ carry on the Spirit? everyday reality proves Us so, the ‘monster within’ is by default, a void Nature can’t fill, a Human Creation let to lead in a state of fear, out of consciousness, how unfortunate that these ‘chosen’ Individual’s  come to shape this Humanity, is that the reflection of Our collective wish, or is it that Our collective Will is compromised.

Now you come to grasp where we re going with this, Civilization’s recorded on Earth have always had to deal with a ‘form like creature or another’, real or not, it appear that Humanity have made a jump of the reservation once too many when it come to the creativity of extraordinary beings. The other possibility is that these creatures existed once and this assumption change everything. The very simple thoughts that ‘the Horlogeur Astra’ have come to close with meanings, so precise in the definition of existence of all things that Human consciousness have finally reach the boundaries of this Dimension within which all have been divided, splitted, separated, organized ranked, named and classified, some say an Organic Memory for the Universe to remember its own existence, only Time remain.

Not Concluded & Ongoing!

From Earth, the Divine Astra’s co-ruling this Star system from this time on enter a retrograde position, it is now that “Uranus, the Father with His Grandson Mars will disseminate Our Star Wills once again, and once again for Humanity to adapt, in this form or another, consciousness of this Human experience is in existence for that good reason alone, a conscious observer is needed for a reality to be. what this has to do with Civilization and the weight of time? so far all Civilization have used the same references, and it is with the support of the Stars that Humanity was able to disseminate knowledge, as the World of Human is today, it maybe so that We will soon find relevant once more to raise Our Eyes at night and wonder, how this great celestial mechanism affects Us all.

Qt// – Free of boundaries does not mean free of obligation, human life is rule by obligations natural one and counter intuitive one, survival mechanism don’t work anymore, at the second you loose your pace of mind, you loose contact with existence adding more tension, more stress and gaining less and less understanding of your own present condition, what it mean is that we have to make a choice, push it until it brakes or not. in both ways we will have to respect our natural survival obligations, and that mean change of pace so yes bumpy. how fascinating, humanity will have to transcend, this state doesn’t satisfy anyone anymore, and it is a feeling shared all over the planet. – //EQ/

If Time is un-measurable in quantitative weight, it is very different in what Human experience every decade when an extra decimal is added, the weight of time is a Human creation, ‘a creature of Our collective imagination’ for Human to endure and shape a reality that is if anything made of pain and suffering, existential causes are and will remain the ultimate target, to be vaillant won’t do, abandonment to the Self either, and in all convictions acceptance of Our infinite existence remain an achievement, it is yet to become a State of Being.

Earth 2020, equipped with convictions looking like destinies spears Humanity is in disbelieve, the limitation of what was once the pillar of Civilization are call to decay, Entropy at Work, consciousness of Death won’t do it anymore, Humanity Consciousness as shifted, now more Sentient than ever, the ability to perceive the reality of Senses as Human Beings does today is un-precedented, but this Humanity will have to understand the value of its Universal reality, and this reality base on what is commonly perceivable by Human Being is something indescribable, an invisible force which allows us not to arm our own when all of Our Owns are at risk. This exist in its opposite form, when forces are in use as a “blackmail for ‘safety’” and ‘social order’, so, how long do you see this continuing?

For a Planetary Civilization and an Ethical Consciousness.

The Edge of the Age, the HOB SPR 2020,

Civilization & the ‘weight’ of Time.

//for archives purposes/ this paper was redacted between June 2019 and December 2019, edited and re edited numerous times, the title was change to “Civilization, Future?” and change back to the original, re edited during sars2 and corrected for publication. in conclusion we have made a common decision to publish the original draft//


the HOB Opening the 13th Gate – SUMMER2020 Reflection, Abandonment!Posted July 30, 2020


the HOB Opening the 13th Gate – SUMMER2020 Reflection, Abandonment!


The Individual, and the Person. Experience or Accomplishment, Acceptance or Convictions. Facilitation or Retribution. Alone or Lonely. Abandonment is the HOB Reflection subject, Summer 2020, Time(s) very unique nature, to pass no matter what, remind Us that this journey demands Us to make choices on what is to let behind, most of what We have, and most of what We know will go, a remote fear not yet realized as We sustain this illusion of a system, a vague remembering of trades and trocs, only replace by scarce resources, emotional or material, a conviction of property on consort Human’s and Social tools, and a relentless and daily search for a space, a ‘bubble’ to safely assess the situation.

Our Lives, this Life, is hanging on a feeling, demanding the Human very Biological survival mechanic to evolve once more, Our Emotions tool kit help Us create an understanding of the momentum, beyond what is observe, beyond the physical, a Sensorial and Sensoreal experience, nothing intellectual, and as We willingly put the ‘best’ of this Humanity in the Past, making certain that the Reason(s), the ‘chosen factors of influences’ are inaccessible, We gladly abandon Ourselves to a promising Future.

If anything, this Humanity is at an edge, edge of Reason(s), edge of Power(s), the edge of the Nation(s) is gently morphing into a Planetary social entity, one jump away from a planetary exploration, and under the witnessing of the Stars, Kardashev (here the HOB 5D’s) proposed a scaled but rapid change when the first stage of a Planetary Civilization will be reached, He did not say what it will take to get there. So We predict, analyze, organize, decide, plan, condition, restrict, augment, build evermore calculating machines, dream of Biological enhancement, constitute social new social agreement rendered in form of documents only to ignore them better, and the realization that this Humanity if morphing is in-existence, or how Humanity abandonment to it’s true evolutive Nature comes as a revelation, an Apokalypsis.

The HOB Opening the 13th Gate –

Reflection SUMMER 2020 – Abandonment!

I, Psyche Veritas

We could ask you the question; where do you come from, You will likely answer by a place. Consciousness. The case is original, unique in all ways. Human, ‘a Human’, let’s say You! Are embodied within a spectrum (a Biological one) which falls under the term, Human, Sapiens with that, a well developed Intellect allowing Us to survive (attributes found in all panel of the Human society today from Slum’s to Castles)), an advance Emotional system allowing Us the enjoyment of Senses ( so We can consume to feel better, Educate ourselves to better exist) and as this paper is redacted, this Humanity have totally and irreversibly fuse with its Science ( like this there is no excuse to remember what the first 2 stand for and it remove entirely the Human responsibilities in any act), which we may add, is all well under control by an imaginary “Spirit” (that which animate the Body) and believed with strong convictions to be under the management of “the Mind”, (or vis versa it depends how you are wired) so We don’t go crazy asking ‘Who is that voice always asking questions’. Save Our Souls.

Here We stand, Sapient, Sentient and Scientient Being, Human Being, HomoUniversalis, beautiful and pride, and totally not conscious of what is happening. Enduring it, yes, the so call survival of the fitess, understanding it, maybe, few bits and pieces, aknowledging it, absolutely not it’s a matter of Ego.

In a paper publish on ‘Lifehack’, Dr Magdalena Battles tagged “Signs of fear of abandonment”, propose a strong base for a self reflective status;

EXT// People with fear of abandonment can exhibit a variety of behaviors. Many of these behaviors are destructive to relationships, so the fear of abandonment should be recognized and dealt with appropriately for the sake of the relationship and both individuals involved in the relationship.

Below are some signs that someone has the fear of abandonment:

  • Feel jealous often.
  • Perceive others of the opposite sex as a threat to their relationship.
  • Give too much or go overboard in the relationship.
  • Have thoughts about their partner or spouse leaving them.
  • Demand unrealistic amounts of time with their significant other.
  • Have difficulty in completely trusting their partner or spouse.
  • Look more at the faults in their spouse or partner than positive attributes (again this is about pushing away the person or failing to trust them completely).
  • Have a hard time being alone if a relationship ends. Always look out for the next relationship or significant other to replace the one most recently lost.
  • Have feelings of resentment if their significant other does an activity without them such as going out with friends.
  • Feel unworthy, less than or unworthy of love.
  • Have lower self-esteem/ self-confidence.
  • End relationships before the other person can so that they have control over the potential abandonment.
  • Move too quickly in relationships because they are fearful the person will leave the relationship if things don’t move to the next level fast enough.
  • Stay in unhealthy or abusive relationships because of the fear of being abandoned or alone.
  • Feel jealous of platonic relationships that their spouse or partner has, such as with work colleagues.
  • Are controlling of their significant other, especially when it comes to their time and interaction with others.
  • Overanalyze the relationship on a regular basis, often nit picking on the negatives or problems rather than focusing on the positive qualities within their partner and relationship.
  • Will pursue relationships with people who are emotionally unavailable.
  • Cheat on their spouse or partner.

An individual does not need to have all of these behaviors to have fear of abandonment issues. Some people with fear of abandonment issues possess only a few of these behaviors. However, having even a few of these behaviors is unhealthy and detrimental to their life and relationships…/ continue here,…

Most of Our lives, today, comes with meaningless task, maybe great to show as a personal achievement, but pressuring ever more a Society of Human Being at a crash point. The deficiency of “Imaginatorial” substance, say provided by the cultural elite of most civilization, is now endured by all, inclusive of this elite, and the reluctance of living behind a way of Life that no longer serve this Humanity, can be compare to the condition of an abandoned Individual. Acknowledgment remain the primal key, the very first step toward a universal society. The fears of the unknown is more than ever the fear of loosing track, or what We often perceive as foundation, or social references, than the fear of what lays ahead. Are We able to co-create Our existence?


–“ to say formally or publicly,

that you no longer agree with a belief or way of behaving:” –


The limitation of Our consciousness is obsessing, relentlessly consuming, in a book tagged “the Origins of Individuals; jean Jacque Kupiec #2009”, provide with reflection subjects from a New Theory of Biological Individuation, the Contradiction in Genetic Determinism to Biology’s blind spot and promote that Self-Organization Does Not Resolve the Contradiction in Genetic Determinism. One book of many addressing the subject of ‘the Individual’, the indivisible duality of the Self and the Being, the Being Yourself, ‘Activist’ or ‘mainstreamist’, Rebel or Model. But this state is new, meaning that Human’s did not always ‘think’ ‘behave’ or ‘feel’ the way this Humanity does today, ‘the change’ did occurred in the 80’s augmented by a period with a need to confirm and validate the ‘Persona’, the social, public and very egocentric development of the personality, the development of virtual virtues, down to the digital perception. The matter of Flesh and Bones is reminded to Us All as this paper is redacted.


//In the 17th century, Descartes put forth the metaphor of the machine to explain the functioning of living beings. In the 18th century, La Mettrie extended the metaphor to man. The clock was then used as the paradigm of the machine. In the 20th century, this metaphor still held but the clock was replaced by a computer. Nowadays, the organism is viewed as a robot obeying signals emanating from a computer program controlled by genetic information./ read more here,…



//We imagine ourselves in control, ask yourself, what was the state of consciousness at the time of decision making? How convince are you that you have all the necessary information to make this decision? What is your understanding of control?//

Life causality is unresolved; for example the prevention of accident is accessible at any given time, easy to imagine for any Individual a day to day routine stripped of risks and potential armful events, but these becomes a needed function for any action of a single Individual down to this Humanity, if only we accept that things like hate or violence are not natural human function but part of a reactive mechanism which nowadays is influenced by external system of organisms, it make it simple to address the real issue here, how well do you know yourself, and how able are you to temper a condition that you are conscious of to fail to provide basic safety. Your Emotional Intelligence is not a ‘new’ gift, or another ‘trend’ to follow because ‘they do so’, it is what animate you when you fall and hurt, it is what makes you aware of emotional predators, it is the function that give you the ability to understand your flows and not abuse the flows of others.

Formal Distinctions Between Models of Consciousness; Models of consciousness are hypotheses about how consciousness relates to the physical domain. Various different and competing models exist, for example Integrated Information Theory, Global Neuronal Workspace Theory, Predictive Processing Theory, Higher Order Theories or Orchestrated Objective Reduction Theory. Among other things, this research topic is intended to discuss mathematical structures as well as philosophical and empirical underpinnings of these models with the objective of highlighting similarities or differences between them. An important question is whether these various models are really adversarial or is there an underlying common framework behind them? How can theoretical and empirical tools be brought together to discern the scope of these models? ,… continue here


In an overwhelming effort to protect ourselves, we are now operating a state of voluntary neutrality within which Humanity can no longer sustain the concepts of “post industrial revolution comfort concept”, once worshiped Education & Instruction are now found to restrain cognitive functions, and the very foundation of what 8 billion Human’s referred too when addressing the subject of ‘survival’ is the absence of ‘tools’ or ‘materials’ to address it, almost never it is associated with the reflection of what alternative of Life an Individual have, nor what knowledge is available to achieve a living state, inextricably and relentlessly abandoned to the state of survival, willingly promoting an interference in the ‘flow’ of Time(s).

In ‘evolutionary principles’, blindness rules, but We, Human, are not disseminators of evolution or even participant to its process.

The evolutionary idea was set and build from an observation view point, it gave birth to what at the time was considered an ‘alternative’ to the well distributed doctrine(s), and the lack of complex consciousness from every Nation cultural ruling elite at the time, took Us where we are at today, which does not just contradict the original idea, it also strongly emphasize the use for power oriented groups of people to reach to their aim, question is; are you innocent to these principles (2 third of the world population don’t have a conscious reference to the world and societies they live in), or are you ‘the Ignorant’, willingly ignoring a reality washed clean why apparatus and things providing a reality ground deprived of acknowledgment and trapped in convictions.

The Finding!

Adapt to a new realm of consciousness is in ‘evolutionary principles’ the new Law(s). what will be left behind is not much but ‘bad habits’, the leftover of a Dimension over consumed, and in quest of ‘normality’, we adjust, avoiding the perception of this World, engaging in voluntary discontent, a Planetary Civilization is in the making, and an elaborate use of Human Senses as an operation mode.

Is it Living or Surviving. Living is by fear the most anticipated of events, to live well is automatically related to over use of resources and depletion of stocks. So what is Surviving? Is that measured by the time laps of an Individual, is it a system, or is it an obligation, a state to endure only revealing Our limitation.

Here are 7 Critical Survival Skills To Keep You Alive In An Emergency/1 – Finding and Purifying Water/2 – Building A Wilderness Survival Shelter From Scratch/3 – Starting A Fire Without A Lighter/ 4 – Navigating Your Way Back To Safety/5 – Survival Signaling To Help Rescuers Find You/6 – Learn Your Basic Survival Medical Skills/7 – Food Acquisition To Stay Off Starvation. A clear limitation, this Human, HomoUniversalis, have elevated itself not to have to abide to these ‘survival apparatus’ to Be, and this ‘new world’ from the city to the factory, is unable to provide. None of these ‘skills’ provide with any useful and fundamental information on what to know to survive in the over populated Urban centers, there is no survival guides to serve the 2 third of the Planet population living in these Megapolis, only the Society of Man, rules, and laws, and a total disregard of what make a Human, Human, its ability to emotionally connect to its environment and adapt to a better Human condition.

ecological models of predator-prey encounters// While behavior and outcomes in predator-prey interactions are likely to be more complex and prone to species-specific differences, Lima and Dill (1990) have proposed that the predation risk or probability of being killed over a certain time interval can be captured by the following equation:

P(getting killed) = 1 − exp (−αd T).

… here

Got it? Of course not. These principles, other than never being put to use on a Planetary scale, belong to the realm of Theories and Research, how to know what is to be, and how to value the experience of some more than the one of others.

Patiently waiting. Overactive and subordinated to the remain of a an invention, a system of world, now existing within a single Cell, patiently waiting but not silent. Like a pulse, augmenting its pace and soon bounding Us to it’s Power(s), this consciousness comes to a conclusion, that whatever is to come next, We will abandon Ourselves to the finding, We will not revolve around this dimension again, wondering what memory will remain.

the HOB Opening the 13th Gate – SUMMER2020 Reflection, Abandonment!

the HOB Summer 2020, the Edge of the Age – “Psychotericology”Posted September 4, 2020


the HOB SUM 2020,

the Edge of the Age – “Psychotericology”




The Boltzmann brain argument suggests that it is more likely for a single brain to spontaneously and briefly form in a void (complete with a false memory of having existed in our universe) than it is for our universe to have come about in the way modern science thinks it actually did. It was first proposed as a reductio ad absurdum response to Ludwig Boltzmann‘s early explanation for the low-entropy state of our universe,… more here. 

The restrains of the thoughts are lifting. No more than a ‘fear’ to assimilate and make Ours. Is Life history? Life as in Human Life. Is Life a story? Or is it a story experienced as Life? Is Life ‘scientifically invented’ or is it made from a plan, great or not? In the sincerity of Our own privacy what is this ‘fear’ made of? Projected events, the creation of this existence and the restriction of Time(s), rapidly, We come to the conclusion that this is all made up. Like this paper and its title, lost in Human Psychology, occulted Esoteric roots the very needed knowledge of the Time(s), a new Age of Cosmic wandering is upon Us, and as this Humanity is loosing its Universal innocence, the language of the Senses, physical and extra-sensorial, emancipate a consciousness in the waiting.

“Like a puppy not patiently waiting in front of a stove on which sit a smelly pan, our most valued basic instincts and senses informs us of what is to come, and as the puppy is still waiting, the cat comes and eat it all! Stop your running Mind on this moment, (forget if the cat is dead or not dead in the box) and only consider the observed momentum, does the cat know it steal from whom ever prepare the content of the said pan, likely not, is the cat aware of the emotional affliction of the action on the puppy, likely yes, which one prevail over your Aetherial Soul? What of the ‘I’ or the ‘Am’ foresee? Which is which? The Edge of the Age is inviting you to a journey between two world, for some the Esoteric Psychology, for others, the Psychology of the Esoteric, for most, unknowingly, and at the Edge of both, it is “Psychotericology”.

The Edge of the Age,

closing Summer 2020, “Psychotericology”.

“How many of Us have made their Nights the realm of their Life, living dream or unconscious reality is define by a thin line beside the fragments of Dream’s unclassified but physically archived in the circuitry of the Human Brain yet not accessible, the thin line, consciousness, according to the studies of Psychology, is subject to debate.”

/What is existence and if it is ‘made’ what makes it,/


And obvious to start with, books, not any books, it actually come in the form of a mini-encyclopedia, 5 books related most subtly to a study more than a class, the subject of the study to be You, Esoteric Psychology here (not that we work for Jeff but it’s the best source of access). here.

Reason’s? not to go beyond the original reason you are doing what you are doing is not asking yourself what you are actually doing. We are the subjects of Action(s) which seams to construct a continuity, but over fifty percent of it is fabricated, an illusion of continuity, it is up to us to endure it, or find out what is beyond.

Ext/ Psychology is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “the science of mind”, at one time considered a branch of metaphysics. Today we are more inclined to include all the conditioning subjective factors as psychological in nature–mental and emotional impulses and soul contact, to whatever degree it exists. These subjective influences constitute the whole psychological background to a man’s attitudes and behavior, and create the faculty of spiritual response.

The “psyche” is, after all, the human soul, the centre of consciousness. Esoteric psychology begins with a consideration of the human being as a soul, manifesting in the form of a personality, consisting of mental, emotional and etheric/physical substance, and more or less in contact and control, depending on the stage of evolution in the personality consciousness.//


Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior, according to the American Psychological Association. Psychology is a multifaceted discipline and includes many sub-fields of study such areas as human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior and cognitive processes. here.

The Scalar Wave case or the practical application of physical phenomena over consciousness, have been in use on the common human population since someone found out about the control you can yield with it, in modern Psychology, the Dialectic is as such/ ie; There is wide confusion about what “scalar waves” are both in serious and less serious literature on electrical engineering. This chapter explains that this type of wave is a longitudinal wave of potentials. It has been shown that a longitudinal wave is a combination of a vector potential with a scalar potential. There is a full analogue to acoustic waves. Transmitters and receivers for longitudinal electromagnetic waves are discussed. Scalar waves were found and used at first by Nikola Tesla in his wireless energy transmission experiments more here.

During the last three to four decades, especially, psychology has expanded worldwide and assumed a global presence. Stevens and Gielen (2007) and some others have estimated that there are over one million psychologistshere.

Esoteric //Esoteric means “understood by only a chosen few”. An esoteric person would have select interests shared by few others and would speak in big or rarely used words, that would typically go over the heads of the people she/he converses with. In modern societies, say since pre Sumerian era, it is use to control a given direction by occulting relevant knowledge, the very fabric of assertive power. //

speaking with papers and reading sounds

the aim of the Disciple is to reach Mastery. Today it ends in Slavery, voluntary and of course the continuity of the use of Mental & Physical force peppered in this Age by ‘global interest’ promoting to keep the robotic slave mechanisms in function, Dues are dues at all strata’s of the Human Society, We are now the product of Our own entanglement, not necessary to say that this ‘Logical’ continuity is the perfect reflection of this Humanity, You know, feel and observe all about it, daily.

In a paper published in PsychologyToday Phd Noam Shpancer enter the subject of ‘false believe’ as such; Prevention is hard for us to do, and even harder to appreciate. This is because it requires long-term thinking, which is not our species’ specialty. It is also because paradoxically, successful prevention efforts tend to look like overreactions. Prevention isn’t exciting, and doesn’t produce easy heroes. When something is broken, the problem is self-evident, and the person who fixes it is the clear hero. When a problem is prevented, nothing bad happens, and we often can’t know for certain whether it would have happened had we not intervened. Perhaps the calamity we claim to have averted would not have materialized in the first place… continue here.


Useless to say that the Age of controversies is ending, the Coincidentia Oppositorum will no longer serve the Innocent, the Ignorant or the Savant, Humanity is ask to state its stand in the awakening of a Consciousness in the waiting, a ‘consecration’ of an evolutionary process in Humanity’s own words. But is this the realization of a continuity, or is this the emancipation of the Human ability incarnate this reality. the dilemma is address and stand in frustration, an understated terms these days, but the only terminology applicable to this reality, ‘the un-realized human experience’ in the knowledge of what is available but not accessible, the weight of Civilization is not making it easy, and in view of ongoing events, the sanity of Our Elite is now in the hands of “the Balance”, just accept that they lack of the needed consciousness and very little if nothing will remain from this judgment, this Age belong to the Individual, the Indivisible You.

//In 1909 five men converged on Clark University in Massachusetts to conquer the New World with an idea. At the head of this little troupe was psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Ten years earlier Freud had introduced a new treatment for what was called “hysteria” in his book The Interpretation of Dreams. This work also introduced a scandalous view of the human psyche: underneath the surface of consciousness roils a largely inaccessible cauldron of deeply rooted drives, especially of sexual energy (the libido). These drives, held in check by socially inculcated morality, vent themselves in slips of the tongue, dreams and neuroses. The slips in turn provide evidence of the unconscious mind.// continue here.



It is hard to deny that the power of language has been substantial. One might argue too substantial, or perhaps more to the point, too substantializing. Neither an exaggerated faith in the power of language nor the expressed concern that language is being granted too much power is a novel apprehension specifically attached to the early twenty-first century. For example, during the nineteenth century Nietzsche warned against the mistaken tendency to take grammar too seriously: allowing linguistic structure to shape or determine our understanding of the world, believing that the subject and predicate structure of language reflects a prior ontological reality of substance and attribute. The belief that grammatical categories reflect the underlying structure of the world is a continuing seductive habit of mind worth questioning. Indeed, the representationalist belief in the power of words to mirror preexisting phenomena is the metaphysical substrate that supports social constructivist, as well as traditional realist, beliefs.// all here.

the Work, and the Great! 

More often than not people think they are in a relationship, however they find themselves identifying with being in something that feels more like and entanglement. According to The Edge an entanglement “is a bond that forms between two particles/people… continue here

To know how the human being became conscious of its psyche, is to answer how consciousness came to existence, from an Aquatic Ape ‘electrochocked’ in its subacquatic environment Water as the medium of the spark of consciousness, to empirical data’s in a way, help understand when this have happened, but observation show it’s a process in motion, we name it ‘evolution’, meaning us and everything around us change over time, a system we name Life, we understand the impermanence of ‘it’, in science it is call entropy, but what we really aim for is a moment, a spark, something we could use a the ultimate reference; This is when it all begin. The limitation of our psyche may be the obstructor, so we have developed science to explore and find an answer for the when, but more questions engage, was there existence before consciousness, is consciousness the ‘starting point of existence’, and if it was not enough, everyday we discover ruins and proof of long gone ‘Civiliation’, gone so long ago actually that none of the empirical data’s make sense if we are not able to puzzle it together to enable us to understand our own history on this Planet.

He takes psychology to be the branch of science which investigates the soul and its properties, but he thinks of the soul as a general principle of life, with the result that Aristotle’s psychology studies all living beings, and not merely those he regards as having minds, human beings… more here.

– there is nothing more frightening that the idea of having

the means and tools to assumes one responsibility –




ie; The action by which an object, under the influence of a force, is augmenting it’s nominal velocity. Applied to Consciousness, the term used is usually ‘shift’.

– Along with the right to life, the right to liberty is one of the most fundamental human rights. The right to liberty is the right of all persons to freedom of their person – freedom of movement and freedom from arbitrary detention by others. … No-one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention.-

Words. Words trapped in an energetic formula, writing, enabling the use, at will, of a phenomenon ‘communication’, and the ability to transfer knowledge in a specific form to specific people.

This Humanity is enduring the action of acceleration, from a conscious state, nothing, the immutable routine of Humanity as proof, for anyone willing to observe, understand and acknowledge it. The consequential anomaly reported by Our common Senses, the very phenomenon of Cognitive Consciousness, is immaterial, deprive of form and asking for a new state of consciousness to be deciphered.

And this is how this Humanity is put to the test, in a total lack of Imagination, unable to foresee its own Future, an organize manifestation of million of years of what We perceive as Evolution, has carve Human Consciousness in this reality, and yet, nothing. The Reason(s) is to be found in Us, Individually and as a Human Society, a Planetary one (accept it or not, your Phenotype, Cult or Ideology which you so like to use to ‘define’ yourself doesn’t make you stand outside the Human condition, nor above or aside, You are a Human living among other Human’s) have reached and overpass it’s own limitation’s, a good argument for the ongoing chaos, and slowly, with an irreversible Action(s), this Humanity is awakening to its Emotional Intelligence (cable news already use it as a slogan, don’t bite it, is just another form of Dialectic, Your Enlightenment belong to You alone) and this Humanity is doing so under no observable influences. In Esoteric terminology, a Materialization.

William James framed the question of emotion–brain correspondence when he wrote, “…of two things concerning the emotions, one must be true. Either separate and special centres, affected to them alone, are their brain-seat, or else they correspond to processes occurring in the motor and sensory centres already assigned…” (1890, p. 473). In this article, we statistically summarize the last 15 years of neuroimaging research on emotion in an attempt to determine which of these alternatives is correct. We examine the utility of two different models of emotion that have each existed since the beginning of psychology…. continue here.


– Liberty is defined as freedom from captivity or control. An example of liberty is the ability to go where you want, do what you want and say what you want. “Liberty.”-

Affects & Effects!

According to Prof. Joseph B. Martin, Caroline Shields Walker Professor of Neurobiology and Clinical Neuroscience, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Harvard School, Boston, USA (2003): “….Diseases of the brain in an aging population will increasingly limit the use of our lives – whether of Alzheimer’s disease, whether it is stroke, whether it is the other complication or chronic disease, the incidence of depression, schizophrenia, which occurs in the 1% of population worldwide, bipolar manic – depressive disease – these are major contributes to the morbidity of our society and further more the study of mind, brain and behavior is similar to understanding who we as human beings are and why we behave the way we do both for good and unfortunately sometimes for bad. So I would submit that this area, over the next decades, will be of crucial importance in understanding of ourselves and of the character that we bring to the world”… MORE HERE.


Alexithymia is a personal trait characterized by the subclinical inability to identify and describe emotions experienced by one’s self or others. … Alexithymia occurs in approximately 10% of the population and can occur with a number of psychiatric conditions as well as any neurodevelopmental disorder.

The Wolf, the Lamb and ‘the human’. 

From a Human Being view point, observing its Natural environment, some concept (which has, are, and likely will continue to influence how You come to your convictions) have been well identified by a wide amount of the Earth people population, as define; Predator   which comes in contradiction with the standing of Human Beings in these days and Age. A necessary reminder, Life, in Our own existence, this Time(s), this Place, the respect of Human Life and the Liberty bound to this Human Experience, promote the illusion that an immaterial dimension is at reach, the confusion of course comes from the illusion of a material world, filled in and up by Human, thus the reflective effect. Human Liberty made up by Human’s for Human’s is a tangible proof of Our limitations, to create the idea of Liberty in the first place instead of experiencing it, and ultimately disseminating a predatorial ideology as a mean to attain this aim. Destructive. Destructive is the word that comes to Mind and connect Us with the inevitable fact of a question; could We have reach such a level of Consciousness from a different History than Ours? This being the best example of how easy it is to go over the Mind, strait to the Biological functions of Emotions, the answer is, NA, not applicable, We are here, now, and We are the result of this reality, and for Us to decide, do We, as a Human Society, feel able to make a conscious decision, or is it that this reality is the realization of a Dream!

We do not know Our limits, has a Kind, Human Being,

how could We Individually or Collectively reach beyond it.

/Abstract: The prominence of biomedical criteria relying on brain death reduces the impact of metaphysical, anthropological, psychosocial, cultural, religious, and legal aspects disclosing the real value and essence of human life. The aim of this literature review is to discuss metaphysical and biomedical approaches toward death and their complimentary relationship in the determination of death. A critical appraisal of theoretical and scientific evidence and legal documents supported analytical discourse. In the metaphysical discourse of death, two main questions about what human death is and how to determine the fact of death clearly separate the ontological and epistemological aspects of death. // continue here.




From the language You speak, the custom You are surrounded by, the way you eat or what ‘ideology’ is displayed on the opposite side of Earth defines the way you think, but it is You who define what you are. What you are is the reflection of what you let your Self Be. A constant reminder that Our attention can be hacked, Our interest corrupt and Our choices hijacked.

The Psychology of Earth Human’s, early 21 Century, will undoubtably be tagged ‘Esoteric’ a state better described as an ‘in between states of Being’. Rarefied awaken individual’s, occulted knowledge and if anything, an opaque diversity of entangled Human experiences.

Predetermination is a very basic concept, but when we look at how this concept influence this Humanity We wonder for Our Liberty, so We morph sublimation into reality, loosing Our Universal innocence, and fear-trapped in ignorance, the “Fear/Greed dichotomy (Ref)” remnant of a now long past last Century of a Millennia dedicated to power and its uses, took Us to this reality, overpopulated Megapolis on a deserted Planet, a world of consciousness away from this existence, a reflection Life and a common projection, awaiting for a decision, by Will.

 the HOB SUM 2020 – 

the Edge of the Age – “Psychotericology”

– Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all –



The HOB 5D’S ARCHIVES 2015/2022


5D’s reboot @the HOB – batch 2018 – beyond Awareness!Posted January 29, 2018



 Nowadays, cognitive sciences, associated to psychology, psychiatry, anthropology, neuropsychology, neuroscience, field research (Academic or Alternative), Sociometry and Geo Economic to name a few, seems to have taken over all attentions regarding Consciousness and States related to the Conscious Experience.

It is a fact. Earth 2018. Consciousness has entered the mainstream realm and it provides us with a fresh window to Transcend what we think, what we know and what we do as Human Being.

This attention have helped push limits of dogmas and justifications, as far as studying the experience of Being Human, including the astronomical amount of other Emotions and Sensations related to the Conscious State of Being. 21C is the Time of accession to Consciousness.

However, these Matters takes their source from some hundred thousands of years on Earth and likely Infinity from the Cosmos itself.

Crafted on Earth into Arts, Philosophies, Magic’s and Rituals, Consciousness without a doubt belong to the Real of Multi Dimensional teaching, what we call at the HOB 5D’s.

So what is it to Be the Human Conscious Experience, to Live the biologically and psychologically Conscious Experience of the all and the nothing, and experience them through a well design Biological mechanic, …

… the Human Body, Spirit and Soul!


reboot – the HOB 5D’s Experimental House reopen #2018


Coming up – the HOB 5D’s House batch #2018


Origins and History of Consciousness –

The Kardashev Scale. Human Civilization Future Stage –

a Planetary Consciousness for a Planetary Civilization –

Conscious Dimensions and Human Dimensions –


Opening the 12th Gate –

Inner Dimensions Consciousness, accessing Human potential –

The HOB 5d’s – on origin and history of consciousness.Posted February 18, 2018


Ethical Consciousness is the subject of Human endeavor these days. And a measurable event tells Us that States or Qualities of Awareness won’t do, neither Bicameralism or other Orch-OR hypothesis. We can only guess Conscious Origin, nothing is certain. To be true, we should simply said that consciousness, as a construct, do not allow to be deformed, misunderstood or misremembered, like Emotions constructs often are. Instead consciousnesses(i) shape Our reality, both in the visual and non visual experience.

Origin – Consciousness

Consciousness works many ways. And can either satisfy the Self or the Unknown, both with unequal consequences on One reality, as it is consciously lived it is consciously made. And this is where the Work matter, Work as in Conscious Influences, within the Self as well as with the Unknown. Human fractal ability to alter reality must be consciously used to define this reality, and learning to do so is becoming a serious matter. Human Future depends on it.

Without compromise all research and formulation of the known Universe (inclusive of its Laws and Physic Mechanics), do not explain what is happening here, on Earth.  To the opposite, the more consciousness We gain on Our Universal and Earth like environments the more conscious We are of their hostility. Nothing of the Universe Nature’s seam livable for Us, in that Biological physical state.

Matter of Senses.

All that define Our reality goes through Our Senses. Yogic Philosophy is known to practically render Our Senses, augment their quality, Nutrition provide Us with an advance consciousness of what We need to Biologically live. Many Consciousnesses.

 Dr Roger Penrose//qt/ the one manifestation of consciousness

I shall concentrate on is, Understanding/eqt here

And understanding drives Our reality, unfolding Space and Time before Our eyes, accumulating truth functions validating ‘this’ everyday reality. Like Perfect Symmetry belongs to Geometry, Conscious Creation belongs to reality, it is made, and latest finding shows Us that it is made by Us.

Choices of Intentions

The multitudes of Human Choices of Intentions project and divide the fiber of reality, the consciousness of Our magnetic weight alone account for it. No need to perform in scientific research to consciously experience the outcome of Our Choices of Intentions.

Should We base Our common Consciousness on Reason or Believe? A Human .0 Civilization question in rapid search for an answer, it’s very Future awaits for an intention of direction.

Knowing. Consciousness can change and alter Our Emotions, which in return affect Our reality, “interlinked?”. The most relevant question to ask a Particle Physicist: what is Nature? If the prediction of Higgs and others come true, they are doing so coming from predictions. The fact that We will find more sooner or later can be a conscious proof that We are making Our reality, slowly, at the speed of light and one Planck length at a time.

History – To the Spirit … and Beyond,

Qt//In the Spirit Verse, the more you have to hide the more it shine!…/eqt

Russel Tag … more here…

Conscious observation of Prime Elements, Air, Water, Earth and Fire, or should we say, the many Air’s, Water’s, Earth’s and Fire’s from a Scientific point of view, only let us know the Element, not knowing what it is made of. Unless We study the phenomena, We lack the knowing of the what and the how. Less is True for Consciousness. If guided by Quantum(s) Theories, observation itself morphs the field of reality, Consciousness speed!

The HOB 5D’s is on a quest, revealing what We do perceive as Consciousness. Task is, between risks and chances, to look for absolute, extremes, and find center. Difficult to properly assess what consciousness tells Us, and for most of what we have found and for the majority of Researcher and Searcher, Academia, mainstream or alternative assert one common fact. Human Consciousness is shifting, consciousness speed, predicting its own Future, one Universal Element at a Time.



Deceptive Consciousness or the limitation of ‘Beings’ unconscious of the unknown, ultimately diverge Us, the “Beings”, toward Emotions and the ability to store them in forms of practical knowledge or Etherial experiences in this reality. But what an experience without living conscious memory.

//Rupert Sheldrake’s assertion that living things engage in a kind of telepathy, with varying degrees of information transmission, is further confirmed by the work of Dr. Michael Persinger.// continue here …

If ‘Nature’ is a Conscious projection, what project Us in this reality. If We are a projection of ‘Nature’ what project ‘Nature’.

Nothing new.



Time for Conscious Co-Creation?

The HOB5D’s #FEB2018 –

for a Universal and Ethical Consciousness and a Planetary Civilization.

… Stay tuned,

the HOB5D’s consciousness explorations continues with the Kardashev Scale

– Human Civilization Future Stage.


The HOB5D’s MAR 2018 – Kardashev scale and the Consciousness shift.Posted March 3, 2018


Consciousness apparently have no goals, or predetermined functions. It just is, or is it?

Earth 2018 Human L0oSE civilization have yet to transcend its own paradigm. Words of Singularity of Galactic proportion or Technological Transcendence roam the world. The push should be sufficient to accelerate and propel Humanity to reach the stage of escape velocity and pass the ‘elbow of time’ to access a much needed consciously elevated society.


/Whatever is believed today, everything in this Universe have been inspired. Call it luck, Human have a direct source of inspiration,…

… a free and infinite access to the Universe./

The HOB5D’s MAR 2018 –

the Kardashev scale


Nikolai Kardashev, introduction


Kardashev graduated from Moscow State University in 1955, following up at Sternberg Astronomical Institute. He studied under Shklovskii and finished his PhD in 1962.

In 1963 Kardashev examined quasar CTA-102, the first Soviet effort in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). In this work he came up with the idea that some galactic civilizations would be perhaps millions or billions of years ahead of us, and created the Kardashev classification scheme to rank such civilizations. Kardashev defined three levels of civilizations, based on energy consumption: Type I with “technological level close to the level presently attained on earth, with energy consumption at ≈4×1019 erg/sec (4 × 1012 watts)”. Type II, “a civilization capable of harnessing the energy radiated by its own star”, and Type III, “a civilization in possession of energy on the scale of its own galaxy“.


Serious Russian efforts in SETI predate similar programs in the US by some years. Other notable experts in the USSR were Vsevolod Troitskii and Iosif Samuilovich Shklovskii (Kardashev’s former professor).

Kardashev became a corresponding (associate) member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Division of General Physics and Astronomy on December 12, 1976. He became a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences on March 21, 1994 and was awarded the Demidov Prize in 2014. continue here …

Kardashev scale, introduction


The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization‘s level of technological advancement, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to use for communication, proposed by Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev. The scale has three designated categories:

  • Type I civilization—also called a planetary civilization—can use and store all of the energy which reaches its planetfrom its parent star.
  • Type II civilization—also called a stellar civilization—can harness the total energy of its planet’s parent star (the most popular hypothetical concept being the Dyson sphere—a device which would encompass the entire star and transfer its energy to the planet(s)).
  • Type III civilization—also called a galactic civilization—can control energy on the scale of its entire host galaxy.

The scale is hypothetical, and regards energy consumption on a cosmic scale. It was proposed in 1964 by the Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev. Various extensions of the scale have since been proposed, including a wider range of power levels (types 0, IV and V) and the use of metrics other than pure power.

How to rely on it?

The Kardashev scale like any other scales, nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio or other Likert, must be precise and well use, but differ much from any of the hereupon mention examples. Why? We are implementing this scale each day, for good or worth. In other words, We have been given a Universe for Us to Live and Explore, how much longer are We going to pretend otherwise?


“What defines Us as Human today is questions, and unanswered ones. Tomorrow and beyond one day at a time, easy to plan for the Future, unlikely however that it will unfold as We plan. One exception, for Us to became Conscious of Human existence and its untapped potential and Transcend our stage.”



PhD Christine M. Comstock research provides Us with the possibility to create a “Nurture” scale. But is the Human kind even interested in a nurture scale, what would it tells Us about the actual state of Our Wellbeing. Surely not something we don’t already know.

No conclusion should be made. Human endeavors Future should remain open and accessible. Only inner Universal knowledge is to consider, the knowledge that Human’s, to transcend, will have to embrace Humanity Universal belonging.



The HOB 5D’s MAR 2018 – Stay Tuned

Human Stage 1.

a Universal and Ethical Consciousness for a Planetary Civilization.


The HOB 5D’s – late Spring 2018 –Posted May 28, 2018



Awareness of being aware is Consciousness. We got this from late Ian Xel Lungold (circa 2004 Yukon territory/White Horse here …), and from a Social point of view G.Yr 2018, worldwide, Consciousness is anything from what You see, ear, think, do, read or watch and You are definitely part of an environment which influence Your point of view. Your inner Self beat on Your exterior awareness and resonate with Your inner awareness, the result is a subjective reality providing You both, memories and experience of a subjective reality.

– a Planetary Consciousness for a Planetary Civilization –


The cause of a Planetary Civilization is made before it is even argued. Human of Earth all agree, We all live on Earth, a Planet orbiting a nearby Star, Our Sun, hosting countless Life forms including Human Beings, and Human Society have never been more complex, We are more urban than ever, we have writing of so many forms, “cultural” elite ruling groups, and we have manage somehow for better or worth to overcome environmental conditions …

… or so We think, from here it’s only getting more complicated, welcome to Earth Human L0ose Society .18  Planetary Civilization.

Technologies of Consciousness

21 C. The world wide web have become a Conscious commodity on its own. Our case is base on the user’s, app the 4 billion + Human connected as per 2017, in a way or another to the World Wide Web forming the largest interacting Social group on Earth.

Ext //Decline of trust due to misinformation and the rise of peer influence. The media culture has shifted considerably in 2017. While the term “fake news” has been trending all year as a popular search term on Google, a more accurate description is misinformation, defined as “false or inaccurate information, especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive”. This is happening more than ever online and subsequently trust in media, institutions, and brands have seen a tremendous decline. Increasingly peer influence is on the rise, however, it comes with its own set of challenges such as the dangerous echo chambers (filter bubbles) that it can create.// continue here …

this alone define the capability of responsiveness the WWW have reached. Consequently, the Natural use of Human Sense’s and some Brain computing is delivering a wider Intelligence able to address it via a ‘Response/Individual Response’ model never witnessed before. Sign of a “commune commute”? what is revealing is that this versatility resemble very much the pattern of any Intelligent Biology, even primitive, is providing sign of external Consciousness, and if We consider Our Planetary Civilization as a Primitive one, We may as well consider the relative interaction of ‘the Web’ and Consciousness … digital consciousness…

Ext /Well, if you look at the historical record of philosophers, it’s pretty disastrous. This is little acknowledged. Lots of people from 150 years ago said the same thing about life: “You shall never understand what life is. It requires a special force, élan vital.” It didn’t turn out to be true. The laws of physics describe life. Roughly 200 years ago, famous philosophers said we’ll never know what stars are made of. That was 20 years before they discovered spectroscopy, and of course they realized you can analyze the elements out of which stars are made. So I’m profoundly skeptical when philosophers tell us, once again, what we’ll never know. Science has a spectacular record of understanding the universe. Yes, right now it’s a hard problem. For its size, the brain is by far the most complex system in the known universe. There’s no guarantee that we’ll understand it. Our cognitive apparatus just might not be up to it, but in principle I don’t see any reason why we should be unable to understand it. Just because some philosopher doesn’t get it doesn’t mean we shall never know this. It’s ridiculous. But a lot of people are very happy about that message because, for various reasons, they don’t really want to understand things in the way science does./ here …

The Human Biometric to Earth, consciousness of a Civilization

Earth 2018, Population is gently reaching 8 billion. It’s about more Birth than Death yearly, steady 2.5% growth a year (ii; in any consideration this is the best Physic example of what Time is). To assess a Civilization Consciousness what should be use as data? How to explain the Human Biological endeavor? The positive rising changes in Human Consciousness equal the Human population growth but major aspects of Humanity are simply unattended! lack of a collective intelligence? Yes, general IQ test show that We are all getting an intellect positive growth, but is it due to more or better education, or to an exponential communicative experience momentum? Human’s of Earth today have a lot in common to talk about, only mentioning finance, conflict or consumption browse aspect of Life of a compounded 80% of the World Population today and this 80% (about 6 billion Human) interact with each other every day of all their Life.

Talking about meaning, – WIKI Extract // A civilization or civilization, is any complex society characterized by urban developmentsocial stratification imposed by a cultural elitesymbolic systems of communication (for example, writing systems), and a perceived separation from and domination over the natural environment./ none of these “terms” are existing in a single form in a single location worldwide today. But all these “terms” become fact when observing the Human Society on a planetary level. From the complexity of the Human world today to the elite, cultural or not, and of course ever growing environmental incident provide with the Kinetic energy to shift billions of Individuals from what their Life should have been. Words of a Shift? Which is? Which one? This is where to be Conscious. All is shifting. And by ‘All’ we mean everything that make Human life on Planet Earth today. This alone measure not to the challenge ahead, but to the first step achieve.

Cognitive Consciousness? Emotional Consciousness? Intelligent Consciousness?… or What!


As per today, the Human Society is organize in such a way that any event anywhere resonate through the World. The WWW play its part of course, but information in Human macro or micro Society travel from discussions to storytelling, yet never affecting the direction of the truth itself, Human mode of communicating information have a ‘bias’ way to change the real into individually imagine and illustrated understanding of the reported story, and that is a Human bias affecting all of Us. From there how to make sense of Our reality?

Like a pop up gift box, reviews and papers on Consciousness come to readable material daily. Quantity is here, quality demands reading, research and confirmation, experience or experiment results. At stake, the making of a Human collective Consciousness.

Ext//… how many variant of reality can be? For example a given imaginary action with a define Time and Place: EX –  Summer in a market – and the action is witnessed by a crowd of many resulting later in variant reported reality in the details. The location; the market, and the Time; Summer, will forever remain in the collective consciousness as the common real denominator to all the observers, however, their individual point of view will influence on the action details.

What about the point of view of the individual directly involved in the action, cj; say a stole broke and vegetables rolled all over the market ground!; From the point of view of the stole owner experience, reality can involve loss, more work, but above all, He is the only one experiencing the collective attention on His demise, as He alone concentrate the attention of the present audience, all Emotionally focus on a fact, the stole broke resulting on fresh vegetable rolling down the market place. // a stole broke in a market during Summer, that is 99% of the story// everything else, which represent 1% of the story, will be depicted later by witness to an audience that did not directly witnessed the action, 1% of amplified details and story versions.

In the real world, this small percentage has taken over everything in less than a decade, absorbing completely the basic reality. That Human of Earth inhabits One Planet all enduring patterns of a Civilization behavior. As for the Time and Place possible variant, in reality, it would result in the most abstract and unpredictable moment of the Human collective, both consciousness and Response, Individual and collective.

A Planetary Civilization manifest when specific aspect are present, and consciousness is a major one. So how would You define Human’s of Earth today? knowing that when a Human Being, part of a collective consciousness a.k.a. Humanity, with individual variants in point of views and the ability to propagate Individual points of views over a technology use by a collective consciousness of 4 billion individuals in less than 48h?…”//

Awareness of co-dependence, the Time of Individual Consciousness

Social diagnosis today mainly apply to consumerism and mass thinking movements, habits data’s and other “patterns”. Sociometry added to it only point out Human bias. Something vaguely resembling a fear/greed dichotomy resonating in the real. Some how We feel this World. Do We have a natural collective consciousness of “Human on Earth Homeostasis”? like fingers on a pulse, detecting ups and downs of Our consciously shared reality.

Extr//”… Avoidance Patterns: I act in ways that invite others to reject, shame, or express anger toward me. I judge harshly what others think, say, or do. I avoid emotional, physical, or sexual intimacy as a means of maintaining distance. I allow my addictions to people, places, and things to distract me from achieving intimacy in relationships. I use indirect and evasive communication to avoid conflict or confrontation. I diminish my capacity to have healthy relationships by declining to use all the tools of recovery. I suppress my feelings or needs to avoid feeling vulnerable. I pull people toward me, but when they get close, I push them away… here …

Very little is to be discover of the coming events, it can only be experienced. One at a time and all together. A “twistin in words” but what can be accomplished if not the realization of Our current states, collectively or individually?

open to Conclusion …

Carl Johan Calleman and His point of view that Consciousness have its roots in the Universe, however intriguing it may sound, may be so, this is asking of Us to observe Our wider environment and take consciousness of what We are part of as individuals and how Human Society is shaping to actively take Consciousness of the existence of a Planetary Civilization, showing a rise in Collective Intelligence, more than ever aware of Life and Death and their causes and an exponential knowledge of the Universe and the Nature of Love.

For a planetary Civilization and a Universal Ethical Consciousness.


the HOB 5D’s – a Planetary Consciousness for a Planetary Civilization –


Conscious Dimensions and Human Dimensions – the HOB 5D’s Experimental House AUT 2018#Posted December 1, 2018


Conscious Dimensions and Human Dimensions

the HOB 5D’s Experimental House AUT 2018#

EXT// Human consciousness has been defined as awareness, sentience, a person’s ability to experience and feel, but despite the important role it plays in our lives and making us who we are, we actually know very little about how consciousness works./ here …

Unpredictable Memories

So much for an introduction. In the last publication the HOB 5D’s search point out that when we get conscious of something, it is forever. Human subconscious at work. All memories are imprinted in the flesh, recorded in all cells and programed in the RNA production from what we endure,  Love and false illusions. Human experience.

ext// For thousands of years, the study of human consciousness was largely done by philosophers. French philosopher Rene Descartes introduced the concept of mind-body dualism or the idea that while the mind and body are separate, they do interact.

Once psychology was established as a discipline separate from philosopher and biology, the study of the conscious experience was one of the first topics studied by early psychologists./ continue here …

Is consciousness define as a living part of Human existence, does consciousness have limits, is consciousness manageable, Andrei Linde remarque “-to explain the initial Singularity, the when and the how everything started, is the most unexplainable problem of modern Cosmology- ” point out the existence of the question, we can only be conscious of what we are aware of! Infinity with it.

Over-reaching for the conscious, the obvious trap. Unpredictable Memories as a reference for consciousness. Undefined yet resolved, a reconciliation with the None and the Absolute appear to be unstoppable. this Dimension is our to explore, the Human Conscious Dimension invite us to reveal its Nature, by Science or Faith, resonating with the Cosmos a Human vibration carrying answers is transcending humanity.

the Cosmos, a supermarket for consciousness!

For Eon’s Human’s have wonder on the Stars, tales of the Universe, Human with it. On Earth, Human have yet to Transcend, as one, to the Powers of the Cosmos and Human abilities to harvest those Powers, at will and for Life purpose only.

ext//While science news is filled with stories about the placebo effect, and a mountain of general data has accumulated over the course of many science experiments into this phenomenon, Grosso points out how the phenomenon manifests in reality even through science news itself. He cites a case in which a cancer patient, Mr. Wright, was taking an experimental cancer drug he had seen in the news, and the results were tragic, but in no way related to the drug Wright was taking, nor standard science models./ continue here …


When the Astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that the light from far away Galaxy shift toward the Red of spectrum color, it concluded that the Universe is expending, and it must expand from somewhere…!

Entanglement Realities, the Believe of a Multi Dimensional existence 

Measurements of physical properties such as positionmomentumspin, and polarization, performed on entangled particles are found to be correlated. For example, if a pair of particles is generated in such a way that their total spin is known to be zero, and one particle is found to have clockwise spin on a certain axis, the spin of the other particle, measured on the same axis, will be found to be counterclockwise, as is to be expected due to their entanglement. However, this behavior gives rise to seemingly paradoxical effects: any measurement of a property of a particle performs an irreversible collapse on that particle and will change the original quantum state. In the case of entangled particles, such a measurement will be on the entangled system as a whole. Given that the statistics of these measurements cannot be replicated by models in which each particle has its own state independent of the other, it appears that one particle of an entangled pair “knows” what measurement has been performed on the other, and with what outcome, even though there is no known means for such information to be communicated between the particles, which at the time of measurement may be separated by arbitrarily large distances… here …

Human Dimensions, a Cosmic vector of creation


WORK/ext// Conscious awareness allows us to exert voluntary control and to communicate our mental state to others. … Our conscious processing is serial and relatively slow, but this focused state of awareness enables us to perform voluntary tasks, solve novel problems, and communicate with others./ continue here …//

Human Dimensions extend further and further as Universal Time pass by. Conclusions are pilling up, and Human’s become aware of a change, a shift as it is referred to, a Singularity to come. Does this mean that nothing else is but this dimensional consciousness. Can we dream a beyond to this Dimension…

Impossible to substantiate on this matter. Only the Human Experience remain, and the exponential race of Time. Intention prevails, shall we consider a Human Consciousness or in the dislike of such a though refuse to anticipate and choose for an Individual experience. Major writings emphasize that their is no Life outside the realm of this Universe, without direct evidences and proofs, Human Dimensions overcome difficulties and propagate throughout the Universe.

ext// We have not mastered the engineering of intelligence yet, so we don’t yet understand the details of consciousness, but we are making progress towards that direction. We do at this point know consciousness in the Human Mind is very complex and intricately tired to intelligence as one cannot exist without the other./continue here …

– The nature and location of consciousness in humans remain a mystery. The presence or absence of conscious awareness throughout the remainder of the animal world is still disputed. Sitting by a pond with rod and reel, anglers may wonder what is going on in the heads of the fishes, frogs, dragonflies, turtles, and other critters that have inhabited the planet virtually unchanged many millions of years before the appearance of Homo sapiens. In Izaak Walton’s classic The Compleat Angler, first published in 1653, the pike, for example, is described as “the tyrant of the rivers, or the fresh-water wolf, by reason of his bold, greedy, devouring disposition; which is so keen” (2). An apt description, but is the pike aware of any of these attributes? As John Donne noted in a 1628 sermon, “The beast does but know, but the man knows that he knows” (3). Consciousness is indeed strange, straddling the objective and the subjective with no dimension to call its own. The shape of our thoughts does not quite resemble the configuration of the neurons responsible for them, so where are they? continue here …

The way in which knowledge progresses, and especially our scientific knowledge, is by unjustified (and unjustifiable) anticipations, by guesses, by tentative solutions to our problems, by conjectures. These conjectures are controlled by criticism; that is, by attempted refutations, which include severely critical tests. —Karl Popper (1)

ext//By testing the response of the human body on a vibrating platform, many researchers found the human whole-body fundamental resonant frequency to be around 5 Hz. However, in recent years, an indirect method has been prosed which appears to increase the resonant frequency to approximately 10 Hz./ here … //

The Universe as a Guide, A Conscious rise in all, knowledge, vibrational frequency and consciousness, this is true for all of what Human’s are conscious of today, as we reach an Edge of Consciousness, a new one is revealed.

In the conclusions to come we invite you to board the ship to the 12th Gate. An journey starting 21 December 2018 and concluding 21 December 2021. A conscious journey through Time and Space, a living memory of the Human experience….

… a Multi-Dimensional Human Experience,

the HOB 5D’s AUT 2018 – 

Conscious Dimensions and Human Dimensions


the Edge of the Age the HOB WIN 2019 – Dimensional InheritancePosted February 13, 2019


a Dimensional Inheritance – The Edge of the Age the HOB WIN 2019 –


Does honest mean innocent! Consciousness show otherwise, to be honest demands us to know, by experiencing or witnessing, socially or legally accepted alternative events occurring from the Human Society which enable us in return to set boundaries, “Laws”, in order to have a common ground for what is honest and not. Innocence, in this case consideration, emphasize either a lack in knowledge or the implication of a form of Ethic, in no means we address Innocence as a Nature!

Innocence takes its root in Dimensions, Human and Universal one, from the Tribe to the Race, a common denomination of Socially organized rites and habits dating from as long as the open records shows (before that very little is commonly known, open records are dated), results of the consciously occulted science of Dimensions. Occulted by whom you ask! By Us is the answer, in the Universal Alchemical Dimension no one is Innocent.

In this Time too much Light trapped in this dimensional physical form have been absorb and stored, we have fill-up this dimension and saying that we have lost our innocence to it fall short in the consideration of Our awakening Universal Consciousness. Humanity universal nature is starting to grasp the resonating events ahead, we have endured Time and Humanity mutation tolerance have pass the test of this Organic Matrix Dimension, today no Death is Natural among Human’s, it is either voluntary or accidental, Consciousness have now conquer fully this 3 dimensional space.

… a multi dimensional experience

Time as a reference, storytelling can be made understandable, and Dimensional storytelling is no different, Earth as a First Dimension (… here and now! Accounting for 16.4 billion years of Universal Memorized Experience), Earth Dimension functional “Laws” that nor Social or Scientific mechanisms do not abide by has been establish for that long to take Us to now. The “Inner Self” as described in Utopian’s Philosophy, Science practice or for instance any conscious practice(s) and knowledge(s) of pseudo-divine arts accounting from the first individual recognition (Inner Self, start according to Gregorian counts 41 million years ago…) and with it the opening of the Second Dimension validate the ‘Human Family’ supported by Human abilities to differentiates and assimilate patterns, smaller Universe at that Time allowed for imperfections and experiences for which assuming One responsibilities or not would in no case interact with others Experiences, Wills and Decisions, yet this common participation of creation resulted in a common consciousness and the realization of the Third Dimension, supported by its own kinds of realities, a universal consciousness induce by Free Will in this Universe and in known Dimensions.

Qt/ … in this Dimension We have totally exhausted energy, too much Light trapped in Matter, and as we have long now being using ‘deathwaste’ as a premium material, we have concluded that the living will not adjust to our demands, a Life for a Life appears to become the well fitted “modus opperandis” of Our Time/EQt//

 Arriving at Destination, HomoUniversal an un-announced Guest.

Opening a Dimension with knowledge and consciousness acquired from the previously ‘conquered’ dimensional realm is the Key, the door passed consciousness will be realize, from there anything and everything is conceivable, imprinted in its ‘Flesh’ HomoUniversal contain the Biological Memory of a Universe an Infinite of adaptability variants, in and of however all elemental and other ‘Particles’, HomoUniversal stand as a marvel of transcendental cosmic biology.

Our arrival must be announced in order to validate this assumption, from now on preparing our arrival will overpass Humanity habit to prepare only for departure, the journey only accounting for a fraction of its Time, Present only stand within a moment, Conscious Future and its Dimensional Realities.

What to say about the realities of Dimensions but that they are all interconnected in a way or another, what is the point to announce Our arrival if so? Cognitive Realism main attributes; “acknowledgement”, Dimensions have a consciousness on there own and their structures must be at the “Will” of another “Element”. Can it be that this “Element” is the container, not in religious terms but in its literal understanding, a Biological Conscious Memory of this universal dimension. Can Humanity be define as such? What reference Humanity can look upon to set its Universal position? The reality that we belong to this Universe cannot be denied.




Human Universal Cycles and the dimension collective

Not being afraid in a place where you are in danger is not unconsciousness, it is either Innocence or that you are the center of attention of someone or something for whom you might cause a threat and veiling intentions is voluntary leading you to extinction, true from Cell’s to mechanic, Action/Reaction as an operating mode that until today remain in full force.

Ignorance is no Reason, at this Time Consciousness is Universal and consciousness have build realm by realm providing Human Consciousness tools of experience, it took very little “moral” and as Ethic(s) could not be experience without Power(s) humanity realities are the Reaction of an Action. Today more is happening, ‘Creation’ has in Human Co-Creation is speeding up.

Qt//‘People’ in Power stand in the deepest states on Unconsciousness on the scale of Dimensional Consciousness, now (Time) and here (Dimensional Consciousness), … in the coming Dimension experience prevails over the all, Universal Innocence is absolute, following this principle the new ‘tools’ always prevails, mastering of Power(s) dated on Earth by the industrial first ‘revolution’ did as well provide Humanity with a Planetary Consciousness, … from thereon Ethic(s) and Human affairs must be resolved …/EQt//



Human Perception of the known Universe


DIMENSIONAL REALITY AND CONSEQUENCES                                                                             UNIVERSAL INHERITANCE
Action – Reaction
Known Universe come to existence// 16.4 billion years ago according to Gregorian count
Stimulus – Response
Cellular Consciousness, Elemental Earth Life// 1.6 billion years ago according to Gregorian count
Stimulus – Individual Response
Universal Consciousness of ‘Life Types’// 820 million years ago according to Gregorian count
Similarities – Differences
Natural Consciousness, Human Recognition of the Family and Individuality// 41 million years ago according to Gregorian count
Consciousness Attribution, control of sound as a communication mode, Human Mind concept//2 million years ago according to Gregorian count
Human Conscious separation of Nature dependence, birth of the Planetary Human Civilization//3115BC according to Gregorian count
Mechanical Consciousness, Control at Will of Matter // 1755AD according to Gregorian count
Electrical Consciousness ‘Atom’ , Control of the Electron // 1850 according to Gregorian count
Conscious Co-Creation
Planetary, Galactic and Universal Consciousness, realization of multi dimensional existence// Today onward
Universal Conscious Realization


 a Universal Inheritance

Can we say that Imagination and Creation are the emulators of a process known as Consciousness resulting in Life experience? if so were Imagination comes from? Creation we do have an idea of it, we made things with our hands and ‘think them through’ in our heads, are we the victim of our Universal Innocence? Are We, Human of Earth (this Time and Dimension) conscious of our death? of course not death isn’t made it is experienced, such experience is not reported from this dimension to Ours, Human are only aware of it, the experience like any others demands to be lived in order to be memorized, base of this paper! 16.4 billion years of ‘Universal Memory’ must account for something.

Observation is attention, and Creation is emanating from a common experience, a Universal experience bound by Time in which more is happening. Human Consciousness is aware of it, Human ‘Mind’ is yet to adapt with the realities of a Dimension never experienced before, with Emotional Intelligence as only ‘tool’ to experience it.

Truth can be compromised, Reality doesn’t, ‘consciousness over mind’ last tools earn from Conscious Experience prevails, Human beings only Reason to be granted a Universal Consciousness and access to ‘more’ Dimension  is its Biological abilities to store experience to Create its own Reality! Time of Co Creation.

The Human ‘Mind’ as it is can not encompass what is currently unfolding, and in the possible case that Humanity is being fooled in an other Reality that the one experienced, from Earth or Above, Universal Nature will remind of its Law(s), and that any Action create a Reaction.


This paper was made possible with the participation of The HOB REFLECTION, The HOB Esoterikos, The HOB 5D’s, The HOB Outer World & Astro Enthusiasts/

/ WIN19 The Edge of the Age –


MultiDimensional Perception opening the 13th Gate, the HOB 5D’s SPRING 2019Posted March 20, 2019


MultiDimensional Perception opening the 13th Gate, the HOB 5D’s SPR 19

What is the 13th Gate, and what Multidimensional Perception has to do with it? This is an introduction, opening a series of publication base on Lived experiences. Overtime things become more acceptable, acceptance is a major part of consciousness which unfortunately endure the pain and difficulties of Human Beings survival states, understand here Humanity, and we have come to acknowledge that ‘We’ are caught in the grand scheme of things with the only reference that ‘We’ are part of a Universe overwhelming Our understanding and demanding imagination to keep up. The HOB is made of Individuals from all social dimensions you can think of and share interests in Human and Humanity Future. This paper is about Consciousness, the aim of this simple and layman journey initiated at the HOB about 9 years ago have developed in an ever more complex vision, more knowledge have been made available the last 10 years than over the past 100 years, exponential entropy, and it’s all about ‘points of views’, and the more independent the point is, the more precise the view will be, Perception Law(s) rules all Dimensions, nothing to do with hierarchy or levels, Dimensions like anything deserve acknowledgement, and what better way to do so but to set Law(s) to better promote its Individuality.

Humanity is entering a new realm, REM Sleep recess effect like, a form of dimension We do not know or experienced ever before yet so real, ie; Academia// a new ‘level’ of consciousness, fresh memories, if so, this Universal Memory is in Us and we will be reminded of it in good Time, in the case of a new experience Human’s face the unknown. From Earth point of view Universe and Dimension seams way over our reach, Physically and Intellectually and instead of querying for Our own, we aim at inquiring about Other(s).

MultiDimensional Perception of the 13th Gate,

the HOB IOCP 5D’s SPR 19

This is not an experiment, this is an experience! What can deny it? Our Thoughts are fast becoming real, the Air become palpable, charge in a flowing current of electrical energy finding its roots all throughout the Verse, so what to make of a MultiVerses organized assembly, a reunion of the living sort of speak, because as far as Human Mind can experience it appear that it is from One dimension consciousness to another, leaving only present reality as a proof of its existence, the ‘Process’ of these changes, however immutable, is unseen and unrecorded, only remain the Biological Memory of this Verse in the form of Human and the Earth Human Experience, and since we don’t have a common understanding of how someone else think, to imagine how a non Terrestrial Being think is so, imagination, let aside MultiDimensional Beings, the “Coincidencia Oppositorium”, ‘coincidence of opposite’ with its Similarities and Differences propose that All should be perceived as what it is and what it is not! Hence the ongoing confusion regarding the emancipation of “the Female” energies, ‘Female’ & ‘Male’ energies, (+ & – if you prefer it this way), can ‘Be’ one or the other or both at any given Time, Universal Laws (Mechanical, Physical or Aetherial) introduce a new plain in the form of Universal Consciousness, a Dimension were one and the same can also be opposite and equal, Universal Equilibrium, in which the language of the ‘Senses” Intuition, Empathy, extra sensorial momentum, and all that is metamorphing Human Emotional Intelligence demand to be realize, a Human transformation, and to resolve this paradox Transcendence is require, by Nature or Will.

Creators of Entropy

All Atom’s we are made of should disintegrate in the matter of biliseconds according to known Physic, however, and emitting no light what so ever as a proof of a reaction (electron moving around the nucleus of an Atom) Atom in a form of Life, maintain “Photon” in place /true in Space Studies/Fraunhofer lines; an emission spectra occurs when the atoms and molecules in a hot gas emit extra light at certain wavelengths, causing bright lines to appear in a spectra. As with absorption spectra, the pattern of these lines are unique for each element. We can see emission spectra from comets, nebula and certain types of stars/, it is also true in Human terms, but how to explain it in human Biology terms, can we say dormant Atom’s? what to make of “Junk DNA”? … a dormant part of Human Biology awaiting the next ‘jump’ in Universal growth?…

We cannot know what we can’t see, and to date we have yet to see an electron with our own eyes, but how far are we to maintain this equilibrium and coordinate this schematic at will? How to explain the connection to one another widely observed nowadays, can we talk of Telepathy or should we consider the extrasensorial Nature of the Human Being?

‘Atum’, Creator of All Things according to Egyptian’s believe, eclipsed by “Ra” Ruler of All Things, at the dawn of modern Human civilization can be taken for account of the “Work” of the Sun Our Star, and the realization of Man and the freedom of its Atom, all arguments on Entropy or misanthropic theories ends with their inability to explain what we see, and for all Soul searcher’s, if a Creator created Us at its image, then the first Truth to be recognize is the one of a Creator, are We Creators in Our own image?

/In the borders of Reality a Mage and a Witch meet, gratitude’s are exchange and the Witch ask the Mage, how do you do what you do?,… simple, answer the Mage, I Love my Creations! And you Witch?,… Me say the Witch, I know from what Tree to make my Broom… //

Love and Knowledge

In Time of great preparations induced by Universal Nature, Humanity is a “klick” away from destination, and to introduce “Opening the 13th Gate a perception of new Dimensions” what better way but to lay interests on the points of views of the Women and Men at work to ‘unlock’ the coming of Age of a new Human Dimension.

“There could be more to the universe than the three dimensions we are familiar with. They are hidden from us in some way, perhaps because they’re tiny or warped. But even if they’re invisible, they could affect what we actually observe in the universe. There are lots of things we cannot see with the naked eye that turn out to be based in reality…”

“… Extra dimensions could be relevant to one of the questions we’re trying to answer at the LHC: how particles get their mass, and why they have the masses that they do, which are far smaller than physicists would expect them to be. So our idea is there’s an extra dimension that’s so warped, the masses would be big in one place and small in another. In other words, gravity could be weaker in one place and stronger in another. If so, it could be a natural explanation both for why particles masses are what they are, and why gravity is so much weaker than the other elementary forces we observe”…here …


Location, location, location,…

We have many reminders around us that generates daily dose of data helping us to ‘localize’ ourselves among Human Society, that is social individual geopositioning in which Up and Down are well represented from mood to social ladder, one dimension above is Earth and its known Continents, North and South from Earth ground perspective only are identified, Geographic and Magnetic.

Where would a compass needle point if you were standing on the true North Pole?

If you were standing on the geographic north pole holding your compass, it would point towards northern Canada at Ellesmere Island. This is a difference of about 500 kilometers between the Geographic North and Magnetic North poles!

This difference is called the magnetic inclination. Magnetic deviation is the error of a compass needle including nearby metallic objects.

Magnetic inclination varies according to where you are located on the globe. In order to point you in the right directions, users can compensate for magnetic inclination by using charts of declination or local calibration.

The difference today is about 500 kilometers. But the Magnetic North Pole is actually moving kilometers every year. This phenomenon is known as the Polar Shift Theorymore here …

Vision in Dimension, Consciousness of the Center

Wider dimension, say Heliospheric, Earth is the 3rd Planet from the Sun or 7th according to your interests, and this localize Earth in what is known as ‘the Solar System’. Now that we are a little more centered with respect to Our Universal location, we enter Galactic dimensions and what we know and describe as Our Galactic location with our own words “on the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy”…!!!??!!!… paint brush on a Cosmic scale??…

But if we want to go to the next level, then an axis of rotation won’t work. Our entire galaxy is a tiny little dot in a river of galaxies called the Laniakea Supercluster. This great river of dark matter is carrying more than a hundred thousand galaxies to a destination hundreds of millions of light years away. What a journey!…… all here

… this gives us an approximation of the where, in Galactic dimension, and North and South remain as pin-pointers (the Milky Way Galaxy does have a North and a South) for what is Up and Down on Universal scale, welcome to Universal Dimensions, Our own Milky Way Galaxy is one in billions, … yes you are standing on this Planet, Earth, experiencing Verticality and consciously understanding Your Place and Time in this dimensional Universe. This ability to vision Our Universal location open new dimensions of consciousness and asking a question, are we lost in Real Time?!

We are accustomed to looking at maps in which north is up and south is down (although the North Pole of maps does not quite coincide with the North Magnetic Pole, which complicates things a bit). Maps point north perhaps because they were invented by people in the Northern Hemisphere, who may have found it convenient because they used the North Star for navigation. If you look at the North Star while holding up a map in front of you, it helps to be able to read the labels on the map without having to tilt your head. According to some, the tradition of putting north up and south down dates back to Ptolemy… continue here ..

//”questioning what we see or questioning reality?.., Expanding Earth and Solar Induce Dark Age“//

with these perception in Mind… the unconsciousness of our physicality (each of your physical movements) happens to take place in a conscious reality, the Cerebellum provide with an ‘order’ executed by muscles and tendons and bones, but provide no visual understanding of how the chain of events occur, this is due to the omnipresence of Our unconscious Self.

Ext//Born from Universal Water’s throughout Fire and filtered by the muck of Earth for millennia, Human morph will enter a gaseous form entering the dimension through the 4th Element, Air/…. here …/

A lot of questions on Life take Us back to where we come from. First we would need to define which Us are we inquiring about, and this would ignore the potential of “Spontaneous Evolution” (Solar triggered ‘why not!’), and what appears to be of Natural causality, after all Gold and Arsenic are found sides by sides, Church’s of Progress(Qt)..//

The Mind

Violence, and the containment of violence is the issue. Not only physical, all Human’s are well equipped with violent behavior detections, Our Senses, we feel it coming from miles around, it is the other violence’s that we are addressing here, Time unfolding its true dimensional reality only consciousness realize, the Mind is too slow and the intellectualization of Our reality does not help. Mental illnesses in disguise, an appropriate vocabulary is needed, a ‘Mind’ language removed of all sense of violence and violent intention. Thoughts matter, and their intention as well, for over 200 years now the vocabulary of Science was believed to be the answer, secluded with few it did not pass the test of Time and however revealing Science is today, it is too late for Science, the Magic of Life is taking over.

Parallel Universe, a Human thing!…

Ext//Human mental states can be divided into two parts: the conscious and the unconscious. Many psychologists recognized the existence of the unconsciousness in the 20th century. Sidis (1915) used the concept of consciousness and subconsciousness. Freud (1940) divided the human mind into the conscious and the unconscious, and he subdivided the unconscious mind into the preconscious and the unconscious. Jung (1981) divided human mental states into the conscious and unconscious states, and he subdivided the unconscious into personal unconsciousness and collective unconsciousness. Following Freud and Jung, much research was devoted to analyzing human psychology using various models. A mathematical approach to psychology has emerged since the 1950s (Bush and Mosteller 1951; Estes 1950). Most of the approaches are based on statistical methods and have been applied in many branches of psychology, including models for sensation and perception, learning, memory and thinking, decision making, neural modeling and networks, psychophysics and signal detection, psycholinguistics, motivational dynamics, and psychometric theory (Ashby 1992; Kahneman and Tversky 1979; Krantz 1969; Luce 1997; Regenwetter and Marley 2001; Stevens 1951; Suppes et al. 1989; Townsend and Wenger 2004; Neumann and Morgenstern 1953). However, formulating human mental states using mathematics has been considered impossible due to the inconsistencies, extreme complexities, and irrationalities of the human mind. In this study, we attempt to show that human mental states are unresolvable by suggesting a simple model in terms of a mathematical function with a parallel universe theory. The function uses the advection equation that formulates human mental states for an extremely simple case. We will focus on an ultimately simple case of the human mind in terms of this function.// …… all here


If we adjust to Universal and Dimensional reality, Human known as “Humanity” dimensional reality demands to accept the possible, what actually realize in this Dimension, and that we may just be about to experience a Multi Dimensional experience of reality, by superposition of multidimension (Time included), inner or transdimensional experience, fact is, and aside of few groups claiming to have already reach the stars or some to be in full knowledge of the Ether, the majority of Humanity is inquiring for the unknown, and for a good Reason, changes become visible.

Assessment tells us that in a case of “Spontaneous Evolution”, something radical and sudden, only consciousness would notice; the ‘Mind’ won’t see it coming.

A Conscious case

Everyone of Earth Human have already accepted that We live on a Planet, that orbit a Star, Our Sun, in a Galaxy “the Milky Way” which Galaxy is one among an infinity of other Galaxies part of what is known as the Universe, all Human of Earth knows that, and this alone provide with a clue of how far we have reach in conscious realization and the case is consciously Human, the idea to empower Humanity, an Ethical question! and for good reason, how to use Your ‘Gifts’ or ‘Talents’ when you are a young Human running the desert of East Africa with nothing but hunger in mind and Fear in your Heart, an Elder suffering from a total lack of attention in any of the modern “Earth Megapolis” and so many other cases reminding Us that the Human Experience extend in all Dimension of this reality, and that for long now we have work to make the realm of ‘the 3 Dimensional reality’ more accessible, with the believes that by doing so we would take of Stress Life mode. The result is 8 billion Souls, a gathering of the Living at a Time of new paradigms and unanswered questions; Humanity is a shift away from a new dimension.

This introduction opens a 13 publications covering all aspect of this Human Experience.

The HOB 5D’s – SPR 2019 –

MultiDimensional Perception, opening the 13th Gate.


The HOB 5D’s – SUM 19, Opening the 13th Gate – the Consciousness of the Quest, a Change of Pulse.Posted September 8, 2019


The HOB 5D’s in association with the HOB Esoterikos House –


The HOB 5D’s – SUM 19, Opening the 13th Gate –

the Consciousness of the Quest, a Change of Pulse.


Human’s and their necessity to control what they Create,…

…, is unique to this Universal Multi-Dimension Consciousness

the Time.

In Our World, predictions if becoming real, could be very useful, and issue is that We are not able to predict as much as Our Weather and the consequences on Human Life. Time. It is unfortunate, but Time is to be endured, so why not to make the best from Time(s) and experiences the best of time. Our ability to adapt and consciously form a comfort zone deprived of a destructive resilient systematic is now consuming what is left from a World who once was. If You have question about Reality here … , and as it happen to be, Our Common Reality is changing. Very little to stimulate the Human condition, nowadays disgusts and rejections of what is described as ‘consuming goods and the Human condition’, fast-forward a necessary period which demands endurance, the period of Time(s) We found Ourselves in is commanding, and as short this period maybe, it dictate how strong the period is.

A long coming at the HOB 5D’s, the first step of an already long search,

the consciousness of the quest, a change of pulse, the HOB 5D’s SUM19.

Modernity!,… Apart of the Emotional Intelligence,…

…, everything is but the Consciousness of the moment!


The Days of the Synesthetes.

What is SynsthesiaMore than often, the thoughts of Transcendence, Mutation, Permutation, say Evolution, is view as a painful, obstructfull series of events, usually involving Era’s of Time or a ritualistic realization with a predetermined conclusion, this, however expected, simply won’t be, the Universe recycle and reproduce energies and particles for the sake of an experience and the Universe recycle and reproduce to ‘augment’ this experience, at least from Earth. But Life example shows other way, and as it takes a Human for a Human experience, what makes Our Reality a Common one and what makes Your Reality, Yours, is in question. Differences and Similarities bound by Law(s), Universal one, allow for personal not to say intimate construct emanating from Our perception, not so much from Our Consciousness, it reveal the extends of Our possibilities, and limitations as well. In Our case, Earth 2019 (Gregorian), nothing can be less True. In fact, We know today that an infinitesimally small event as well as Cosmic Causality can be resented by all Living Being, but not possibly observed. So Consciousness aside, We wonder of a possible end, a catastrophic one with that, from the simple cause that We seam unable to create a continuity, it look indeed like a case for an extinction event, but what will be the result, or conclusion of this event?

Consciousness within, this feel familiar, very familiar. Our Bios as much as the Earth Bios have coexisted for Eon’s, and the Earth host a Universal Consciousness Sapient & Scient Being among others, Human Beings. We have no records of experiencing the consciousness of Others Earth Life being (outside of Animism beliefs), and to say that only Us carry this most differentiable attribute, consciousness, it makes us unique to Our own eyes. These words alone should ponder ‘Our wish to Be done with It’, and instead, this most Evolutionary moment should be lived plainly and openly, the Human Civilization (lead by Intelligence of the now) and Its progress can be put in standby for a decade, say a Solar cycle (11 years) not much will ‘change’ among the Human Social and Societal world, the Common prevail.

the Common,

Our endeavor is a common one. Survival, and this ‘States’ of Emotion (uncertainty), endure by the Common of Humanity (this mean every Human of Earth), is to be concluded and Thriving to become the Human Standard, for a Night or Eternity, as all that is experienced is Biologically recorded and delivered ‘Nightly’ to the Cosmos. The Science or Art of survival, has been practice for millennia on this Planet, result is, a Human Civilization. This consciousness we all have, every strata’s of the Human Civilization today rely on ancestral Modus Operandi to overcome Our daily survival dues, Physical, Mental or Etherial, adaptation is at Work in a Time where every Human Cultural and Social “tool kit (Qt TMK)” is renew each year. We now open Our Common Consciousness to Our current state of being, reviewing and accounting what was ‘taken’ for an ‘incarnation’ (Our making) and a product of an ‘incantation’ Universal incantation that is, to lead Us at this point and place, so much for the Body, Spirit and Soul. But what we experience is but the result of what We commonly create, defining the borders of a ‘Reality’ only subject to Our Common acceptance, of what is and is not, the Coincidencia Oppositorium rules this Age, the Emergence Complexity makes it, and the limit of the Physical is bound by the limit of Our perception, to Transcend may be understood literally, the Universal to the Soul, the Soul to the Spirit, and the Spirit to the Body. What is next in the experiencing of this state of consciousness?

if this is all an ‘apparition’, what make the pulse change…

Only by accident and with a limited case outspread throughout the World, the interests and ability to attain other existing Dimension Is being reported and is fast becoming a trend, which will soon be a ‘norm’ if there is such a thing. The HOB year focus on the case of Spontaneous Mutation is revealing. Nothing secretive or exclusive, but inclusive, it reveal the universe spontaneity to morph or permute All things, from Energy to Intelligent Biology, Nature does not differentiate between ‘Kinds’ or “Species”, and a sense of Universality come to touch with the versatility of this experience, the Human Experience.

//… if regarded as a condition, /Synesthesia is a condition in which one sense (for example, hearing) is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses such as sight. Another form of synesthesia joins objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people’s names with a sensory perception such as smell, color or flavor…

… in its definition, /Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. People who report a lifelong history of such experiences are known as Synesthetes. Awareness of Synesthetic perceptions varies from person to person//


//Less collateral’s and byproducts from an original projection if the ‘plain’ the action is observed is not a smooth plain (see Einstein/Heisenberg here … ), – in opposition, the un-smoother the plain the more receptive the plain is, – a linear plain would create a large amount of collaterals (disturbances) and byproducts (‘splashes’) creating a new state of existence for this particular plane (from one state to another), at the opposite, an un-smooth plain would absorb locally with more potential therefore reducing collateral and byproduct of the action thus a limited reaction, and this makes you think, are we the collateral or byproduct of an original action?//


The Synesthetic Momentum …,

More than one becomes a pattern, case of ‘accidental Synesthesia” exit, … all here for categorization here … the sub ‘synesthetic momentum’ emphasize the common reality factor, if all change for everyone, no one will wonder about the past state. What change can you ask, the change in the use of Human Senses or to be more precise, the augmentation in Human Biology to use all Senses at once disregarding the Action(s) You would be involved in, all Your Senses emotionally and in multi-dimensional forms providing to the experience. Accordingly the future state must be a less ‘painful’ and ‘limited’ one for Being able to experience such a thing, augmentation allow to prevent and/or solution better Our current Life state.

The common come to the rescue, Human Society is made in the Courtyard not in the Classroom, the Sense that We all share a Common perception of this experience is very reassuring to Us Human, as if to ‘stabilize’ the mass of Matter that makes this extraordinary Human Biological Body function, it needed to be supported by a Power(s) to keep this Biological State in place, say Will Power? (guided by or emanating from??), allowing for Human (the Body) Consciousness (the Spirit) Experience (the Soul) to be. An observable environment provides with potential observable signs, for example in the ‘idea’ of the ‘biological trail period’, an advance Model Entity ways to perceive the world outside of the bonded obligation of this human physical dimension, would provide with a ‘mentor being’ and give Humanity a second dimension of scaling or locating Our existence in this Universe, and by that we mean the capacity to consciously perceive this reality with all Senses of Human attributes, thus projecting a new dimension reality, one ‘filtered’ by a Model Entity(ies), a spontaneous reaction to a state of being, by Observance!

Today’s Synesthetes (Anna Akana, Leonard Bernstein, Mary J. Blidge here …) lives and evolve in the Human Society with perceptions of the vast complexity of this Reality, but unlike Vision or Psychonautic experience it takes place in a reality All can share, only the perception differ, more Information is perceived and the Synesthetes Bios adapt this Information to a usable Physical state, and this takes us to the idea of a Synesthetic Momentum and interlinked with this idea, factual data and Archaeological evidence that this momentum took place on Earth before, meaning in other Time(s), and just considering the evolutive journey of Human Physical world, from Stone to Bronze, to Silica, however tiny in the Universal scale of thing, account for today Human states of Consciousness  and their ability to create abstract construct into a physical reality.

In the blink of an Eye. This may read over used, but it is never the less True, if a ‘shift’ is to be, it will be instantaneous and irreversible, from one state to another, but it will be conscious, in Human terms, and the individual Adaptative skills will surrender to Universal continuity. As above so below. To see the Universe with a Common Consciousness.

… how so, change in the Bios.

A simple change in the Light Spectrum could change Our Reality, but if only what We see is Real (naked Eye or with the support of Technology), what We don’t see would be? unreal? We can’t observe an Electron but We know of its existence, We ‘see’ Photon but somehow perceive the veil of other ‘realities’ yet invisible to Us. Considering that Unreality is not base on the Perception principle : disturbance by observation ; what cannot be observe cannot be studied (there is just no existing structure to study the unreal), and uncontrollably but somewhat voluntarily affecting this Universe, We may be in Universal Quarantine say Dimensional Quarantine until the Time(s) We become conscious of how Our ‘projected’ reality affect Space and Time(s), a new Age always come with a new Time, Future Human State.

//Don’t you know another way to express your love but

by the physical mean of flesh, voluntary projections or thoughts?//

Perception propose itself as the ‘key; and the state of Synesthesia is the best we found to address the ‘how’ of Spontaneous Mutation, and the use of extra Sensorial perception is a good start point, if We shall consider Spontaneous Mutation in a Universal view point, easy task, Human Life and the overall of Humanity is if anything the representation of an Emotional Intelligence, sad that We all know and recent this fact, this in many ways explain the voluntarily change in behavior, Individuals and Societal, and Emotions are rendered as ‘frequencies’ into the physical world, in Universal scale, frequencies convey Information’s through Plasma, with the purpose to contain this Atom Reality and provide with a non linear and multi dimensional experience.



Change of pulse,

To use the Power(s) of Emotions, in this case Fear as a controlling tool, provides with effects aside that of the attribute to have been for-thought (if you give a creation like an idea enough energy, it will assuringly start to consume its own environment to grow), develop side effects very often widely more serious that the initial Action(s) intended to create. Until a Theory comes to the Common reality, it is a Theory, but when this Theory comes to be, it then become reality, or Life in Human terminology. For decades now, the ‘sounds in the sky’ have been reported all around the world, interestingly enough, the rise in intensity and frequency match Magnetic interaction, so what can happen if the ‘Pulse’ hit blow lowest or above highest? or by simply reminding You that when someone ask you if “its supposed to look like this” they are merely attempting to level with knowledge and acceptance of the commonly contemplated ‘things’ of attention, in layman terms unless observed and consciously recognized by ‘ A Model Entity” nothing is, it as already inspire demands now that the more conscious the Model Entity(ies) is, the closer We will all be to Conscious Realization, bu this is part of Science and Quantum theorists to predict if their calculations and projections will come true, speaking of intentional influences, when we want a reality to be we Work for it, unless eternity proves We, Human, are ‘fundamentally insane’ We could very much be experiencing the same reality in different time over and over again, the experienced reality will be accepted and so a dimension of Human Nature itself.


To move on we must reflect on the antediluvian tales, old texts and religious books and the correlation of the signs, before, the infamous ‘trumpets/bells’ sound preceding Earth global catastrophes, and level it in our modern context and with the required humble state of Mind that this demands to accept that the distortion of Earth Magnetic shield very much sounds like trumpets or bells, and if we know better, this constitute enough evidence in itself to be studied and meticulously researched in the best timing possible manner, one can speak of Noah’s ARK as well, but since we know better for this case (as well), needless to say that we are very unlikely to experience the same Earth global natural catastrophe twice, something else is in the making, and to understand the “What” we must accept the “Who” so we will know the “When” (that is the best way we found to say it,) and this is “Where” it all takes shape, Our Solar System of course is where, and lately from Earth we have observed much more than ever before, and these “light speeds” observed events can be very handy to uncover what already happen in the far-beyond of Galactic and Cosmic history.

However the question is about Our Present and nearest Future and that it is clear by now that We are adjusting Our Pulse to ‘what’ ever is coming, can We see it as a preparation or should We see it as a warning.

/Auroral crackling sounds are related to

the Electromagnetic resonances of the Earth/

….in 2014 the average amount of sunspot was 2 to 300% lower than what has been observed over Century of Sun observation…

…it’s an overall of 25 years of observable changes in our star behavior,…. The bottom line question is, what is the source of this change,…



Hydrogen to Helium!

To continue the main subject of the Time should be mention, starting with one of the most compromising evidence that Time is not equal in events, at all, building over the years a discord so strong among the Science community that no one talk about it anymore, to specify we should say between Geologist and Astrophysicist, the ‘faint Sun paradox’, and what doesn’t help is that this was a validation made by Sagan and Friends about 60 years ago….

Biological Evolution (reproduction, variation, selection) was the game changer, not just in Theory, soon, in ‘Biological surviving conditions’ the human Bios will applied a different strategy to ‘evolve’, Chemical Evolution (here …) is the source of all things when it come to conscious Life, the truth of it is recorded in Our very biology.

Issues known, H, He, Li, Universal Balance Mechanic

In the basic Hydrogen fusion cycle, four Hydrogen nuclei (protons) come together to make a Helium nucleus. This is the simple version of the story. There are actually electrons, neutrinos and photons involved that make the fusion of Hydrogen into Helium possible.


A Change of Pulse, in the Flesh…

Please lock your seat belt, put on your oxygen mask and take the brace position, the Human Pre-Conscious Ship is crashing. Mutation is little known by Us at the exception that they happen, Human Characters and Physical composition, less to say Human appearances hasn’t changed in millions of years, and Our ‘Mind’ dictatorship prevent Us from what Our Consciousness has already foresee not to say foreresented, but we have one live example known around the world to demonstrate, or when a Caterpillar shell in a chrysalis transform into a Butterfly, and this will be our Biology input for this paper, the Pupa period,  and if you ask when does this will be resolve, only one answer preside, when the Science community will learn to deal with their Emotions like the rests of Us and accept that the possible even improbable is nevertheless part of the existing truth, this Reality We Create so lets make Our Future a Transcendent one, and that by mere Will Power(s) of change, Human Beings are, have been and will promote Their Future, the Body Shape will Morph into whatever is needed for the Soul to Be and the Spirit to Incarnate. Awaiting for a Universal Planetary alignment of the Bios with Spontaneous Evolution consequences, the Time(s) of the Emergence Complexity is now.


Qt/The Schumann resonances refer to the low-frequency electromagnetic resonances occurring around the Earth,

the strongest of them being below 50 Hz./EQt//here …


the use of Auroral crackling is not a convincing sign that something is in the making, forget what they say about Antique Civilization and your demand is in ‘proofs’ for such a thing as Spontaneous Mutation! If we answer it strait including change of the vector of frequency for this Earth and all Physic Law(s) as we know it, the answer hereagain is not much, not much at all. Our Atom’s are literally holding on a vibrating string that if slightly out of range the Biological consequences will demonstrate to be of outstanding proportion for what We perceive as Reality, the ‘observable one’ see Frank Wilczek ‘Model Entity’/



Awaiting for a Universal Synesthesia,… in the Flesh

If we want to be true, We as a Human Planetary Civilization must accept that We, live in a tank of Air like a red fish in a glass tank, outside the boundaries of Our Atmosphere, We cannot survive. Interestingly enough, this is also providing a necessary protection from what We regards as the Cosmos, or Universal Space, Earth Bios and Electromagnetic existence provide for Our Life Form to be. The point of this presentation being the validation of a Spontaneous Evolution in the making, and for as much as possible, to consciously live through the experience which would propels the Human Beings to another Dimension of Being leaving behind the ‘cult bearing’ state of Mind for a other States of Being.

Chemical Evolution produce new characteristics and abilities independently from reproduction (biological inheritance) enhancement (generations), in the Human process, managing reproduction first, chemical ‘sustainability’ after.

,… Vibration and Frequencies;

“that means, that the sound is the vibration of matter (Air)”


Abstract//This article reviews space flight studies involving isolated viruses, bacteria, yeasts, filamentous fungi, protozoans, and cells in small groups (such as tissue cultures and early embryos). With some important exceptions, both static and actively growing cell systems carried aboard USA and USSR space flights have failed to reveal space-related anomalies.//continue here …

The Heart resonance frequency is ~ 1 hz.

The Brain has a resonance frequency of ~ 10 hz,

Blood circulation about 0.05 to 0.3 hz.

Scientists from the National Research Nuclear University and collaborators have used a highly sensitive laser device to register infrasonic vibrations in human body…here …




432 Hz

To begin, a reminder;/ Every piece of matter has a resonance frequency or series of frequencies because all matter is made up of atoms. Atoms are formed by electromagnetic waves that have a specific frequency. When these atoms form a larger piece of matter, the frequency of the electromagnetic waves is the frequency of that matter/ and if We consider the Universe as a single entity (inclusive of multiple dimensions contain within this universe) the number is 432, stable & recurring,  that is in Hertz.

Accordingly, depending on Your geolocation, what surround You will have different effects, EX: if you find yourself in between the reactors of Fukushima or in the plains of Central Asia your biology would react very differently; however this is not true if only observed from afar, for as much that intuition would not go around the majority of what the scientific community aim to answer, an experience can only be lived by physical presence.

Now that we have set frequency as an known and measurable phenomena, the continuity is to state the subject of biomedicaly recorded mutation illness modern Human condition is offering. A vast number of examples, but they all obey the same patterns, and human science just don’t cut it to solve the astronomical amount of mutation leading to illnesses Humanity endure. This open the chapter of ‘ULTRA’ and ‘INTRA’ sound, Transhumanism communities rejoice worldwide as intrasound provide with a totaly new paradigm in the use of prostetics and soon robotic, ultrasound researcher exalt in face of new discovery and possible application of ‘the unheared sound’ science. what this mean, is that human beings are opening their reality to unexplored existing phenomenon, a first step that the HOB will review during Winter 2019/20 5D’s.

// Whole-genome-sequencing (WGS) of human tumors has revealed distinct mutation patterns that hint at the causative origins of cancer. We examined mutational signatures in 324 WGS human-induced pluripotent stem cells exposed to 79 known or suspected environmental carcinogenshere …

Stealth Human,

this reality is made of contradiction, thus We feel unique base on the absence of what we perceive as Life forms in the Universe. nowadays a plausible explanation has come to light, that human in their current state of physical beings can’t be observed out of their existing dimension, a non ‘Reflector’ state of Being. The Human Body act and interact with its environment constantly, Universe included, as a Receptor and Emitter of waves (Brain, Thoughts, Heat,…), and as a Receptor. But Human actual form of reception is limited, not to say constrain, to a states of Being which resonate with its surrounding at 10Hz but expose to All surrounding resonance, Cosmic Influences included.

For the continuity of this paper we add that in the business of ‘Sound Therapy’ publicize Hertzian Frequencies (528 “the DNA” frequency”), and conclude by saying that One should consider all energies the Universal Force(s) demand to cyclically realign to morph in a Reality Continuity that We can observe and realize, hence experience.

It start with a question; did we discover that the Human Body frequency is 10Hz (… here) because a spark of intelligence made Us build new machine to measure it? Or is it this rise of frequency that initiated the ingenuity to make a new machine to measure it? what comes first, the chicken or the egg. If we are to be specific on this subject, we say that it is not because we cannot see that their is nothing (the quest for dark matter what ever the matter is is a good example), and observation have its limit, not in tools or machine capable to see what we can’t, we mean that the actual human intellectual, cognitive and emotional abilities just don’t match the questions that needs answer. this is a real time proof that something else is ‘talking’ to Us, and no we don’t mean like a voice in your head, but more likely in terms of what types of frequency humanity is reach and affected by, a phenomena that only the human brain higher level of dimension can perceive.


under Purple Skies,…

Everything undergoing at this Time(s) is and will be the subject of Light, and in particular Ultra Violet. and we present here a scenario involving a change of pulse by shift in the Light spectrum, a visual and physical change, in the sense of more and ‘supercharge’ Light rays. Today it is understood that Earth Magnetosphere and entire Atmospherics account for a facilitation, the cause is somewhere else and the science of color resume the aim.

Each Colors ‘travel’ slower or faster in Our current states of Being, Perception of this reality is such, and the interlinked Universe Law(s), in this Dimension Reality, were Created like so, therefore this Dimension Reality appear ‘frozen’ in Time(s). To escape it, the only state known to Human is Death (no longer part of the Present), but reported by Ancient Human Civilization over the Time(s), they talk about a permutation of Elements, in that sense the frescos left by these Ancient Human Civilization could be interpreted as the depiction of a departure toward a near future state, with a known point of arrival in Space, Time and Flesh. The proposition is base on the fact that We are projecting this Reality. Everything that is experience in this States of Being, Human Being, is bond by this Reality, it may be other Dimension of this Reality or an inner-experience emanating from Your Brain, the experience will be guided, as a Receptor and as an Emitter, by Universal Law(s), good example is Our limitation to Imagine hence Our limitation to fall in total contemplation for this Reality, Our Universe and ‘Our Reality’, the state of Universal Un-Consciousness Human Beings have experienced in the current state is coming to an end, and with a simple change in the light spectrum, new worlds will appear while ancient ones become part of the history of another Human Time(s).

There’s no real colors out there. There’s just vibrational energy. If it’s vibrating a little faster or a little slower, our eyes can detect that change and the respective frequencies are drawn in our mind as different shades and hues of color. Color is how our bodies translate specific ranges of …



to another state of being,… and beyond.

example/ If you are an Atom (pick one form the 100+ observed and recorded), and able of Consciousness, Space and Time would be experienced in a very different way that it is by Human (thanksfully consciousness emanate from a whole and Our Mind can only assert so much), but the General Universal Frequency would still be the same for all in this Universe to be, ‘vibration’ define, in shape, things as they are, and a change in the General Universal Frequency would ‘change or transform’ all that is, What if?

If all We see is only a Common perception of a projected Reality, if We are the projector of this Reality, the cause as in ‘what cause’ an Action is primordial to understand and compose with the Reaction any human Action trigger (from thoughts to act).

Of all elements, Water is presenting with all characteristic to medium physical changes, and propose a question; are We being ‘microwaved?’. A brief or extract of a conversation is often even better than a drawing to provide with the accurate Emotion needed to be triggered to instantly understand a ‘theory’. Water in the Human Body represent 60 to 65% of its Mass here … and 45 to 55% of its Volume here …

Ext// Khan\Belliveau circa 2016

Khan/At 8:32 dave said that waves with higher frequencies contain more energy but microwaves are use to heat food. Heat is a type of energy, so that must mean they contain a lot of energy although they have low frequencies. Don’t waves with higher frequencies contain more energy?!

Belliveau/Molecules, like water, contain bonds. Bonds are made u of electron, which are constantly moving. So at temperatures above absolute 0. These bonds are regularly moving, twisting, rotating. Polar molecules, again, like water, contain electric dipoles. This mean that the water is partially negatively charged, and the hydrogens are partially positively charged (this happen because oxygen is more electromagnetive – a bigger electron hog – than hydrogen).

You are correct in saying microwaves are low energy waves. But when the microwaves field passes through, the polar molecules (like water) try t orient themselves in the electric field by moving, twisting and rotating. As they do, they bump into one another, generating friction, and ultimately, heat.

So the heat energy is not derived directly from the microwaves, but rather from the vibrational movement of polar molecules in the water./… here

“/If Fibonacci is the Universal pattern of choice,

other dimensional structure may reflect on one another/”

Human Consciousness, Physic and a stand alone attitude…

To be conscious of one state can lead to disturbance in the Emotional balance. More Fear. For the ‘Catastrophist Scenario supporters’ a simple change in the Mass of Our Star could be it, The Mass of all Stars is at Work in the Universal All. So how long before Our Star the Sun delivering Solar Wind to Earth and Earth Life, come to a tipping point with enough loss of Mass to act upon Earth Heliospheric course? Physic reality indeed. For everyone else, pre-scenting that Human Being are in course for a shift, in Time(s) and in the Flesh, let’s conclude this introduction.

 When we say change of pulse, image of the Sun comes up, its ‘pulse’ or emitting frequency have swirled the Earth for Eon’s (Solar winds also accounting for the Sun loss of Mass). It is a mnemonic effect, a prerecorded attribute delivered by the Mind from rigged educational methods, the Sun is but a Medium. The 5D’s search aim at another possible, the change of pulse we address here is in the Light, and the change in vibrational condition from its source, the Space, and Time (linear and not), the Light is the Universal spaces and times binder, hence the importance of the Sun in Human Beings history on Earth, from the Universe All, to Our Star to Our Planet to all Human, independently receiving Universal construct, in this consideration the speed of Light may look slow.

So what it is We are Individually and Collectively searching for? What is the Quest of the Human experience?, is it an Individual Quest? A Collective one? And is ‘this quest’ about Our Individual and Common use of Consciousness? Is it about Consciousness at all?

This is our best way to conclude, to arise the question of present Human state of being, what the HOB can’t do is take Your Attention(s) as it can only be given. Can this ‘reality projection’ be on the path to a Conscious state, the acceptance of its Nature, a unique projection? The questions would be! From what this Consciousness emanated from? and if it is a Spontaneous Emanation, what is the reach of its existence?, is Life a representation of itself and everything else? is it deterministic and claim its Universal independence?, is it conscious in this Dimension reality?, Self Scient?, does Action(s) only affect the Subject(s) in its time its reality? You only have the ‘free will’ of Your knowledge, what You have assimilated in forms of Information’s supported by a ‘Mind’ to Biologically made sense of it. It doesn’t have to make sense, it only has to be factual, emotionally experienced and, observed. Human Life is the only conscious state We know throughout the Universe, but this is from a Human view point, and unless another dimensional Sapient or Sentient Being traveling in this Universe, Time(s) and Reality come to be known to Humanity, We stand alone, the path to Transcendence require endurance, more Time(s), unless a new biological time and a change in the Light comes to be, a spontaneous momentum, happening in the blink of an eye, in which case the non-deterministic  of Science Observation is observed to be the cause that Human Beings are ‘stuck’ in a Space(s) and a Time(s) loop, battling Universal Evolution..

Our quest is not collective, or theological, nor economic or social, it is a personal one, individual and private, nevertheless a collective one as We appear to all look for something, and like human Human like, We are all looking for an experience We can share. the HOB 5D’s quest is directed by the influence and counter-influence research demand, Individual point of view prevail, yet happening as a common experience and in a necessarily non-deterministic conclusion.

It appear to be true, the Universe only permute, nothing is ever lost, or forgotten, All is diligently recorded and each vabrational energy born from the experience is use, and will be used as far has the actual facts presented by the Science community is considering it, for eternity. It does not say in what form, and if the observer(s) is conscious of its options and can spontaneously project its imagination unto the physical reality, it appear that this event is requiring a change in some of the basic of Physic, and a change of the light pulse is the best candidate we have. Human, a Model Entity, consciously experiencing a state of common Synesthesia, in a Universal momentum set in a unique Dimension of Time(s), entering another dimension of Light.

The HOB 5D’s – SUM 19, Opening the 13th Gate –

the Consciousness of the Quest, a Change of Pulse.

the concept of gates and time pattern, opening the 13th gate Autumn 2019


the HOB 5D’s, WINTER Closing 2019 – 2020, at cross Pathing!Posted March 16, 2020


WINTER Closing 2019/2020 the HOB I.O.C.P., OPENING THE 13th GATE – 

the HOB 5D’s – at cross Pathing!



Existence, however it maybe a Creation, an Invention or a Spontaneous Manifestation, Existence is commonly describe as a Path to walk while alive, this is of course from an Individual point of view, You and the Universe. Nothing from the before or after, as it is, whom ever we where (Humans) previously to this consciousness and however we have become what Being we are today, the vastness of indicators says that Time(s) (unknown Dimension) can very well be closing on an event that was recorded and studied over millennia, Human Life on Earth! with its truth and mistruth, History, or the little memory of Our Common Path and a strong dose of convictions, demands Us to make a decision, what Path Humanity ‘like’ to engage in? in the absence of an answer, We aim at an unknown Future.

What this is, and why this is can be left aside, the ongoing alignment of all Time(s) either mechanical, Biological, Siderial or invented, is resented by all living organism, the Bios is whispering, and Life listen. This is the HOB 5D’s, closing the Seasonal publication of Winter, 2019 – 2020, and something tells us here at the HOB, that this Winter will be remembered! for a short time.

The HOB I.O.C.P. WIN 2019/2020 –

5D’s, at cross Pathing!


/Despite the fact that we have gobs of prokaryotic cells living inside and on us, humans are still categorically eukaryotic organisms. This means that all human cells—including those found in the brain, the heart, the muscles, and so on—are also eukaryotic.//


More or so, Our ability to understand Our very Biological Nature remain restricted to few spatial Dimensions, well maybe more than so, and Our convictions that this physical state will remain appears to be compromised, by ‘Will’ or Natural Phenomenon is the change awaited, but total absence of both simply let Us to ignore ‘the’ dialogue. Humanity is anchored in convictions, stubborness, obligations disguised in Life, in the absence of Light, Darkness prevails, (and no, the ‘darkside promotors’ ‘thrill merchants’ wont have a nutch), Attention Seaker,… attention seakers. But this is not an end, nor a beginning, Humanity ‘fabricate’ each and every seconds (see the Jiffy part of Life here…) of this reality, and an enhancement is due if Universal balance Law(s) are to be accepted. Of all things, humbleness is a Truth all Angels shares, so don’t expect for a show of! The enhancement that is demanded of Us will not come from external influences, foreign, alien or others, the ‘change’ is demanded from us, for Us, so this reality may pursue its Path, and it is not in the physical, from the material or the Aetherial that the source of this ‘permutation’ is taken from, this “Energy” is within You, an Individual Path for a Common Future.



  • overwatch: (Noun); The supervision of one unit or vehicle by another while the supervised unit is firing or moving. –
  • overwatch: (Verb); To watch over. –

From a multispatial point of view, “if” as in ‘what if’ consciousness is to be observed to be, the unfolding events corroborate perfectly the Theory, One Act(s) must be observed to be recorded, Biologically and “Aetherally” archived, for this Universe to Be! In need for ‘convictions’ or ‘an ever more enlighten learning’, You are not reading the right material, nothing from this paper will corroborate any of Your convictions or teach You anything.

In the Common, ‘overwatch’ is a term use by cinephiles, it describe an after state of perfect resonance with the watched subject, from a media, true from painting, film or smart phones, the state is maintain by the predeterministic association to an emotional circumstances triggered by the subject the ‘watcher’ focus on, the social appreciation largely enhancing the experience. It does not imply attention or concentration, as it is the position of a spectator upon its own Act(s), immerge in a scenario which is memorized, image by image, script lines after script lines, the result or conclusion of the film is well known and a once beloved visual attraction becomes antagonistic to the spectator interests, it is then that the experience find its final stage, the release of ‘this energy’ to the Aetherial , all energies is use and permutated in this Universe, rejection of a subject once cherished appear to be a Natural thing for Life to Be, what is use, consume, acquire in this Life for means of Existence follow its Path under permuted forms. This is true for all experiences in Existence.

the Mind Seer.

Misleading words can be deceiving. Vision, or the lack of it, both in absolute and immediate provides Us with a full blend of the “Coincidentia Oppositorum“, and since Human don’t have a mechanistic technology to “read” other Living Being ‘thoughts resonance (thinking, dreaming, contemplating,..)’, We regard it as a Human attribute, the ability to project Ourselves in an act or situation. Best example (can be use anywhere on Earth by anyone) is the projection model;

/you want to think, chill or flash, you know that special public place perfect to do so (all and every vision need an audience to become reality, by Spiritual means or natural Spontaneity, if not witnessed it can not be recorded), so you ‘project’ yourself in fashion, purpose, a vision of You at that place the way you like to see yourself there and then, and the vision deliver, you arrive at that place, position yourself as you envision it and act as so! The moment you are about to live, You already have, in vision, hence the statutory state of Mind You will apply to this specific moment, not Emotionally connected to your surrounding, unaware of what ‘image’ You project of yourself, locked in the complex ‘Yoke’ position (understand here within yourself) disable You from Time(s) and Space(s), an illusion of Life, the roots of what is known as ‘deja vue’, a Powerful projection of a vision, in a chosen Place and Time reveal its very mechanistic nature, an act already rehearsed, imagined and Biochemically “Virtualized”, from the visualized to the realized, during that time lapse, You are simply not in Existence!//

 – The four layers of consciousness are mind consciousness, sense consciousness, store consciousness, and manas. research here. – 

Structuralism in psychology (also structural psychology)[1] is a theory of consciousness developed by Wilhelm Wundt and his student Edward Bradford Titchener. This theory was challenged in the 20th century. It is debated who deserves the credit for finding this field of psychology, but it is widely accepted that Wundt created the foundation on which Titchener expanded. Structuralism as a school of psychology seeks to analyze the adult mind (the total sum of experience from birth to the present) in terms of the simplest definable components and then to find how these components fit together to form more complex experiences as well as how they correlate to physical events. To do this, psychologists employ introspection, self-reports of sensations, views, feelings, emotions, etc.


Researchers are still working to offer objective experimental approaches to measuring conscious experience, in particular within the field of cognitive psychology and is in some ways carrying on the torch of Titchener’s ideas. It is working on the same type of issues such as sensations and perceptions.[17] Today, any introspective methodologies are done under highly controlled situations and are understood to be subjective and retrospective. Proponents argue that psychology can still gain useful information from using introspection in this case…. … all here!

the Commodity of Time(s).

Universal states are upon Us, for now, Spatial restriction, see it as a waiting room, from where you come from to be here and now, to what You will be not knowing what it is, lack of ‘Creativity’? ‘Imagination’? not so much, a ‘new vision’ is demanded from Humanity, from Us for Us, as per the next “Place(s)” it may just not be another room, what lay next is undecided, unpredictable but vastly ‘overwatch’, and “the Human” acceptance of Its State is a prerequisite, a momentum so fast that it will be unperceivable to Humanity, leaving no sign, trace or memory , yet recorded by the Bios, from here on, the Human Mind Seer rules, ready and steady to dissolve or Be, Soul, Spirit and Body with it….Lera Boroditsky, Dean Buonomono and Brian Greene to help You with Time(s)… here.


In math, time can be defined as the ongoing and continuous sequence of events that occur in succession, from the past through the present to the future.

Time is used to quantify, measure or compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and even, sequence events.


/Qt//Regardless, the fact that humanity has now experienced all nine levels of evolution means that people everywhere have gained a sense of what is possible and this by itself means an enormous change. My own view is however that we have no reason to expect that any shift in consciousness will take place automatically on a global scale just because there is a special date. If there is a shift in consciousness to be generated, we will have to rise up to the task ourselves. I also think we should keep in mind that a shift in consciousness by definition is not something that is generated out of the already existing frame of consciousness. Thus, a shift cannot be about having more of what we already have like “raising our consciousness” and even less so “raising the vibrations of mother earth.” A shift in consciousness is a shift and not just more of the same or a temporary fluctuation. I think these things are important to keep in mind as we are approaching dates that are possibly to be marked by large events all over the world.//EQt/

– Carl Johan Calleman is a scientist with a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Stockholm. A former senior researcher of environmental health at the University of Washington in Seattle and expert on chemical carcinogens for the World Health Organization, he is the author of 7 books, including The Nine Waves of Creation. He lives outside Santa Fe, New Mexico…HERE .

Neutral, Divergent!

Divergent is not a Movie, a movie was made from a ‘Word’, a complex one with that (not the movie the ‘Word’) but to summarize it, it can be translated as ‘different’, and in this particular case, different mean “something else entirely”. About Life being the subject. The coming of a new Celestial Year, and the closing of a Season, a Winter 2019/2020 made of Human issues and exponential unresolved problems. Life lead the “Cause”, in all uncertainty. Our Innocence dissolve but Our Self Discipline Power(s) are intact, Humanity is at a cross path, any direction will do, but ‘one direction must but decided’. The rise of Humanity and a Planetary Civilization to inexorably drives Us to the Stars, Our Star first, and any other then. Or will We find an elaborate way to ‘harvest Our Power(s)’ here on Earth? These are not opposite, nor neutral, but it demands Us a Divergent state of Mind, the Seer State of Mind, this Mind, the Fourth of 4 necessary Elements, forged by Self Evolution, is now ready for a Permutation, the Aether, Cosmos, Universe, or God will provide for the Work. At 5D’s we aim to the deepest states of mind to attend basic Life subjects, nothing can be left aside or out, and the ‘unknown All’ can not be consider We just lack the Brain or Gear or ‘harddrive’ to get it. But the Seer Mind is such, slow, BioOrganic and, Sentient. A ‘build-in’ mechanism enabling us, Humans, to Sense, Cognetivelly Memorize and Feel, and by Nature, intuitive, We Commonly pre-Sense what is achieve Meta-Physically and achievable Humanly, a powerful Cosmic gift.

Human. And one statutory position, in good common language “in Cosmos” (well ordered whole or thought system), the Consciousness of a well defined Place and perfectly timed event demands You, and You aim to retract from the environment of the living. Retract to what? Human Experience at full consciousness potential is the quest, do not mislead yourself, it is by Your Will only that the needed space for retraction can be made available, a dimension of You demanding You a Universal understanding. At the Time Our Path cross the All and everything, the choice of direction (understand here decisions, first Time(s), like Children, Action(s)/Reaction(s)), will be the subject of immediate consequences, and interestingly enough, the consequences are not to be shared, endured or concluded by anyone but You, the Individual You, Evolve from the Muck of Earth to His fellow Human Family, to a Sentient, Sapient and Scientient Being, a Light Being.

, to Humans.

for a Planetary Civilization and an Ethical Consciousness.

The HOB 5D’s 2019 – 2020 Winter, at cross Pathing.




























UL – Ultra Light – ULUV – ULAV – ULRAV the HOB Design Desk


introducing the UL GenerationPosted February 22, 2017


I2ID matter in Modern Design,

Modern Design is nothing without the immediate application of Idea to Design and Engineering. Why? may you ask, the Future don’t have a sense of Time is the answer. the HOB is introducing a safe and affordable vehicle  for remote living and farming base on security issue, energy efficiency and capability to operate form or to remote areas. the UL Generation, for Ultra Light range from ground vehicle to aeronef using the newly developed NGF Tech, all on electrical power.

as an example the Ultra Light Aeroported Cargo or ULAC model uses Neutral Gravity Force technology or NGF Tech (TM pending), a design resource and engineering design created from scratch by the HOB. The technology aim to neutralize the weight of the machine and structure allowing the use of highly energy efficient electric turbine. the use of Helium as a lifting force and hot Air as a pulling force in the overall structure is literally canceling the Gravity pull, leaving the rotors their full capacity for lifting.

the ULAC is allowing You to reach remote location via aeroported transport in a safe and efficient way.

a long way to go!

the UL Generation or Ultra Light Generation, is a project design started with private funding in 2013 which have concluded with its idea to design and engineering realization with a focus on Security and Efficiency and it is exactly what this design offer.

the standard design is evolutive and address the main questions of transportation, safety and cost. the structural technology is base on the use of 3D printed Hemp fiber and resin, its design remind of a Turtle, at the exception of the transparent shell which is design inspired from aeronautical design of cockpit using a transparent semi synthetic compound to provide with full security while allowing for the pilot and passenger a 360* view. Efficiency is reach due to the use of electrical rotors (one per wheel or propeller) and uses the solar cell included in the original structural design to secure for battery reloading. Plugin to power, the battery network charges is less than 7 hours and offer miles of range.

stay tuned…


Ultra Light Urban Vehicle – U.L.U.V. .1Posted December 31, 2017


– Generation .1 – the HOB design office  late 2017# update//



Etc// I believe that when embarking on any project, especially one as complex as multirotor construction and piloting, it is useful to have an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings involved. So, when building and flying multirotors, I think it is valuable to have at least a basic understanding of the physics of quadcopter flight. While it is certainly possible to simply follow a set of directions, like the ones on this site, for building and flying a multirotor, it will be much clearer, and more meaningful, if you can explain to yourself the rationale behind each step. // more here …


Unlike a balloon, a helicopter is heavier than air and uses an engine to fly. A helicopter’s rotating blades, or a rotor, allow it to do things an airplane cannot. In order to fly, an object must have “lift,” a force moving it upward. Lift is usually made by wings.


Noise pollution


@ the HOB We work hard to build a Future “from the shelves” meaning that the more we will use existing component the easier our task will be. Lots of Work on the drawing table.

One of the issue that we address in everything We develop is noise pollution (propagation, source reduction,….) and when We started developing the U.L.U.V. capping noise pollution became a priority. Yes blades make noise and this is due to the force engines and rotors have to exerce to lift weight, hence the Ultra Light concept, less weight less noise.

But We did not stop there, and the development of the “Wheel/Blade”, only mechanical parts of the U.L.U.V., noise reduction from source needed to be answer.


Etc// In recent years, small multi-rotor UAVs have been adapted from their recreational status to be utilized more in various civil applications, from film making1 to remote photography for scientific studies2,3. The interest of global companies, like Google and Amazon, in advancing a point-to-point delivery service has also prompted huge interests in multi-rotor UAV development. Compared to fixed-wing unmanned air vehicles, the multi-rotor UAVs, commonly referred to as drones, have many advantages due to their vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) abilities, ease of deployment without launching platforms and hovering function at low altitude to enhance surveillance resolution. Nevertheless, those who operate such craft will attest to the fact that they are not quiet hindering their usage in applications where noise is restricted. Ditmer et al.4 found that the use of drones to follow free-roaming black bears can cause additional stress to the animals as demonstrated by their increased heartrates. The heartrate also spikes up proportionally to the drones proximity and wind speed, two factors controlling the perceived noise levels. With non-military unmanned air vehicle business being on a global rise of 15-20% annually5 , community noise will become of prime concern as many of these drones would fly closer to residential areas// read it all here …

Qt//It’s true. I sometimes get obsessed with helicopter lift. Perhaps it all started with the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Or maybe it was the human-powered helicopter. I can’t remember (but by looking at the dates on the blog posts, it seems the human-powered helicopter came first). // more here …

the Force be with the rotor …

WIRED Etc// IF YOU’RE THE type of person who throws rocks at drones, or if you’ve ever shot one out of the sky with a shotgun because it invaded your airspace, I have some bad news for you—other than your pending civil lawsuit. Drones will be everywhere soon. Just imagine all that infuriating bvrrr and wrrr and weeeeer…But theoretically, drones don’t have to be so loud. As designers improve their understanding of drone aerodynamics, they have the potential to quiet the machines down and make them more efficient by reducing turbulence. And to that end, NASA scientists have generated an incredible visualization of the air currents and pressures of a quadcopter in flight. // all here

more update coming up with the U.L.U.V. first prototype – in #2018





Ultra Light Aeroported Vehicle – ULAVPosted April 19, 2017


UL Generation





Amaranthiane LifeHouse – Pre-Studies conclusion, first scaled model building start.Posted April 5, 2017


Amaranthiane LifeHouse Program  is entering scale model building.







The HOB H,W&WB ARCHIVES // 2015-2022



Intelligence Valued Economy – I.V.E.Posted March 27, 2017


the HOB 2017

APPLICATION development presentation



Intelligence Valued Economy or I.V.E. is a system science using a multi-Intelligence construct for the measurement of Individual interaction with the Planetary Organic Intelligence you are part of and assisted by high computing tool or A.I. to create a measurable Value ei; Organic Intelligence Planetary Footprint Value or O.I. footprint Value, providing in real time your footprint impact (negative, neutral or positive) on the Earth organic intelligence economics and its development.



Your I.V.E. Value is unfolding from a Participatory Economic Model solely base on Individual decisions recorded patterns taking in consideration the Emotional effect and affect individual choices made on a day to day basis have on you, other Human and as a result on the Planetary Organic Intelligence.

When obtain, this Value will change over time according to decisions you make as much as decisions made by others (individuals or events affecting the O.I.), your O.I. footprint is private and personal and only to be shared at will as it  provide with your Organic Intelligence footprint Value. The model construct structure is based on your decision making pattern and is able to vary its state or action in response to varying situations and varying requirements by measuring your Personal Decision/Planetary Effects Value, in real time. The Value is established following the decisions pattern you made base on what you Value, or decide to support (Lifestyle, Consuming goods, Social choice, Environmental effects…), the I.V.E. is to provide for its user a real time Value which will create an intelligent emotional responds promoting Intelligently made decisions on a Planetary level.



Participatory elements to provide with your O.I. footprint or O.I. Value;

Human participation 7 to 13 minute per day every day, smart phone or laptop,

data mining on S.I. CI and E.I. based decision computed in a Value,

decision effect on the O.I. based on decision making patterns in relation to Antrospheric, Ecosystem(s) and Environmental data,

Planetary Land & Natural Resources quality assessment,

Labor & Robotic assisted Labor effects on existing Economics model,

Planetary Economic model (cross reference of existing models),

Capital assessment

the use of A.I. for real time data management,

image credit // Buster Benson 



Organic Intelligence or O.I. is a construct driven and mainly base on intuition/emotion/decision patterns using a cross reference of E.I., both model Trait & Ability Emotional Intelligence, the C.I. group you are part of, and A.I. for data analysis, the Value will be a result of your personal past experience and current knowledge, IQ and General Intelligence use to support your decisions.

The decisions that you value and that you consider to be important and beneficial to yourself and to others, provide with a foundation for your day to day O.I. footprint as your decisions, the one you Value, must be acknowledged. Base on this organic consciousness intelligent decision structure, the I.V.E. provide a real time Value of your Organic Intelligence footprint, using A.I. computing (C.I. consumer intelligence, cloud computing,…) for data analysis and dealing in real time with the size, development, and management of productive resources you affect or you are being affected by, altering your E.I. and ultimately the O.I. Economy that we are all part of.

The result is a Value which is to reflect what you value most in terms of self satisfactory decisions and ultimately consequences.



When your I.Q. and General Intelligence are consciously valued information’s that you decide to apply to your day to day decision making, it creates a pattern, and the final decisions always bow in favor of your EQ and affect your Emotional Intelligence in a positive or negative way having direct effect on the Organic intelligence you are a part of and by extension back to yourself.

From your food choice, color choice or your choice in useful industrial designed consumer goods, your surrounding O.I. (that you have chosen to live in or not) remind you the way you are affected by the Planetary O.I. as it is emotionally resented on a day to day basis.

The way you live you’re Life or how knowledgeable you are to make a decision create a Value (our O.I. footprint) acknowledging that your decisions are the exhale of the point of view you had at that time and place. Your decision, which is a “side effect” of the environment your EQ (emotional quotient) were resonating with at the time of decision making and it is build on a personal assessment, need or no need, can do or cannot do, interests or disinterests structure and likely to have involve emotions such as satisfaction, pride, desire, un-satisfaction, envy, fear triggered by obligation or necessity, altering your E.Q. and corrupting your point of view, an unconscious behavior due to the speed of action and events of your world. Would the same decision made in a different state of emotion would have affected you and your surrounding in the same way. Impossible so say as you don’t own the skill of traveling back in time and make another decision base on another range of choices, hence what remain is a subjective reality on how your next choice will affect the O.I..

In that consideration the Participatory factor is a necessity for the I.V.E. to provide with its full Value capacity. Social media and Consumers database provide with vast resources which can be easily filtered via a Smartphone application and demanding for the I.V.E. users to spend 15 minutes a day to answer one question. The questions repeat themselves through time in random order providing a cross reference pattern usable for Personal O.I. pattern recognition.

 credit image// Lux Research Inc



The O.I. effect on you can be managed individually and by extension Planetary. As much as your Consciousness can process with your Intuition your decisions can manage your Emotional Intelligence E.I. status and its direct effects on you and the O.I..

This application will demand you first and foremost to live your Life to the best of your intentions and to record a minimum of information’s everyday (estimated to be 7 to 13 minutes per day), to be conscious of the decisions you make as much as their effects at the time and place you made them.

The assistance of A.I. in the matter of resourceful data collection  is necessary, as it will provide with accurate information or Value, collected from a multiple source of Intelligence ei;

Intelligent Organic system data’s (the Antrosphere, Fauna & Flora,..)

Consumer Intelligence sources,

Human & Environmental data’s,

Planetary Living Quality level data’s,

credit image // the HOB

The I.V.E., how it work!

The I.V.E. suggests that you acknowledge yourself as an independent and autonomous organic and intelligent individual part of an Organic Intelligence forming an organic Planetary economy coexisting by mean of Intelligent decision making patterns .

In this Time and Place the consciousness of your Mind is a powerful tool, obviously because it’s yours and there is only one like it providing you with your own point of view, but also because it provide you with Pattern Recognition’s, and when it comes to dealing with the physical reality that surrounds you, Pattern Recognition is a powerful Live tool. However the Mind function at a rather slow pace, the Mind function at a 24 FPS (frames per second), take as a reference the speed of light captured at 100 billion FPS. None less to say that in our modern world, which is mainly made of images, iconographic and cognitive resonance, we may be missing some important parts of the reality diagnostic when it comes to real time decision making, unintently leading to irreversible and unmanageable reaction which directly affect you, your Health your Wellbeing and the O.I. you are part of.

But you own an even more powerful tool, Consciousness and by extension Conscious Intuition, which enable us to be conscious to what we pay attention to and apply an Ethical Consciousness in your day to day decision. You can accept it and be conscious of it or not, your reality is defined by how much un-intuitively or intuitively you resonate with the surrounding Planetary Organic Intelligence. This tool is what centers you. Following your decisions patterns, a negative O.I. Value[1] will show little or no effect on yourself but great effects on the O.I., a neutral O.I. Value[2] involving direct effects on yourself and on the O.I. or a positive O.I. Value[3] when your decision have very little effect on the O.I. but greatly affects you.

Being mind centered with Self consciousness can allow you peace of mind creating a more intelligent patterns decision, it demands a surrounding O.I. with no constant danger or stress and is likely to create a positive Value. Negative Value, it’s opposite, involve patterns decisions made under social or moral pressure, while a neutral Value will show that you are left with choices to be made and therefore you are in a neutral Value which await decisions. For each and every thoughts you make a decision that you take into action and the consequences unfolding from them, you create a Value patterns and these patterns are data mining available. Your choice (what you Value) is what define the Organic Intelligence or O.I. that you are part of directly affecting you, other Human, Natural and Environmental Organism and Elements forming the O.I..

the I.V.E. provide with a real time reading of that Value.


image credit // the HOB 



Economy – accepted definition for the I.V.E. application – Greek – ‘Oikonomia’. ‘household management’ and by extension Economics as a science of ‘household management’, in the case of the I.V.E. the ability of a conscious organic intelligence to maintain the Geostasis of Earth by intelligent or O.I. made decisions.

Organic Intelligence – O.I. or Planetary Organic Intelligence is primarily involving the organic intelligence construct and order of Earth, Human, Fauna, Flora, Elements (Air, Fire, Water & Earth), the Astrosphere, and their ability to form one Planetary Organic Intelligence which Human have conscious of and use to sustain Geostasis (the general good state of Earth), promoting the theory of a Planetary Organic Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence – E.I. emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. Emotional intelligence also reflects abilities to join intelligence, empathy and emotions to enhance thought and understanding of interpersonal dynamics. However, substantial disagreement exists regarding the definition of EI, with respect to both terminology and operationalizations. Currently, there are three main models of EI.

Emotional Quotient – EQ the level of a person’s emotional intelligence, often as represented by a score on a standardized test.

Social intelligence – S.I. affective computing in S.I. is the study and development of systems and devices that can recognize, interpret, process, and simulate human affects.

Artificial Intelligence – A.I. is the intelligence manifested and exhibited by Human designed and made machines, robots and software.

Intelligence Quotient – IQ is a number or score representing a person’s reasoning ability (measured using problem-solving tests) as compared to the statistical norm or average for their age, taken as 100. Multiple Models in operation worldwide.

Consumer Intelligence – C.I. the process of gathering and analyzing information regarding customers; their details and their activities, in order to build deeper and more effective Consumption/Value relationships and improve intelligent & strategic decision making.

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Your Health and Well-being maybe Off-Grid ….Posted June 5, 2017


In view of the developments and accentuation of a now possible coming disruption, the HOB has gathered a list of available resources in support for the transitory momentum ahead and already available post transition support …,

… and remember, the Stone Age did not end because of a lack of stones but due to an unprecedented consciousness shift, so we have included all there is to know about psychological support and fast adaptation procedure as well.


Course of Events – preparing 2020

Global & social

Future Agenda explores the key issues facing society over the next decade. 120 workshops held in 45 locations around the world have generated these insights. We hope they will stimulate ideas and inspire change.

global & ERRAM

horizon 2020 Work Program, Seen as a means to drive economic growth and create jobs, Horizon 2020 has the political backing of Europe’s leaders and the Members of the European Parliament. They agreed that research is an investment in our future …

FOR REFERENCE ONLY // sub local (local MODEL) & Educational

Contains report and supp. notes, glossary, demographis, grad by inst, data, research and planning, retention by instructor, student success index technical notes, credential production, employment and presentation

The disruption and Off-Grid living



“Policy, not finance,

biggest obstacle to scaling decentralized renewable energy”

William Brent

|| oFF-gRID – Community


“To create a green oasis from the stress of the modern life offering therapeutic, learning and play opportunities to community, fellow Travelers and those in need of a helping hand.”

off Grid Festival


Utilities update – exocentric market (2.6 billion /-+$700PC)

“Developing a successful business model that could deliver off-grid power to this market will require addressing challenges unique to the population, an Oregon State U researcher concluded in a study published recently in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.

Surviving and growing in this market

is very different than in a typical commercial enterprise,…””





Our ancestors used to say that “work is health,” but we now realize that this way of thinking is not so true anymore. These days, society and the workplace put an unparalleled level of pressure on people. The signs of stress are omnipresent, and its consequences are numerous. The stress that we experience every day is essentially caused by several phenomena that are inherent to today’s society, including, among others:

  • intensified workload to increase productivity gains;
  • constant search for perfection;
  • obsession with competition;
  • difficulty balancing work, personal life and family life;
  • major changes in values and social standards.

useful link – agenda



Following Madrid Summit organized by Jose Cordeiro, Life as it was known is flowing by the hour, like a sand clock the Age is upon us and the very little Time that is left demands us to perform in Longevity scenario. A Conundrum, however, the emergence of bioscience based studies are concluding faster and faster with potential breakthrough at reach. The Age or Epoch is already cruising at exponential pace, and Life extension will demand a multidisciplinary platform to solve Age related trauma and prepare to service a wide range of solution form biomechanical to neuroscient Life supporting if a Planetary civilization is to be reach, our very Life,…

,… and Earth Agrere BioSphere is at stake.

more on Jose Cordeiro and related Work.


Aging in the Time of disruption.

“What will your life look like when you live to be over 100? Will you be healthy? Will your marriage need a sunset clause? How long will you have to work? Will you finish one career at 65 only to go back to school to learn a new one? And then, will you be happily working for another sixty years? Maybe you’ll be a parent to a newborn and a grandparent at the same time. Will the world become overpopulated? And how will living longer affect your finances, your family life, and your views on religion and the afterlife?”Sonia Arrison REF –




useful link // Agenda




from the HOB Esoterikos House #2017





… Logistic, transport & Accommodation in the Time of disruption

Total is the new “Possible” – DISRUPTION

“There will be a massive transformation of the status quo, however, and the outcome is in our collective hands.”


“We are eight years into a Crisis period which won’t end until the mid-2020s. As this bitterly vicious presidential campaign accelerates towards a finale which will leave the country divided and irate, the hostile opposing forces will be seeking revenge, retribution, and retaliation no matter the outcome. There is no doubt the Regeneracy is well under way.”




SAM is the Off Grid solution to consider

Solution Assisted Mobility –

SAM – Exo Suits and Exo Skeleton

The HOB research, WeTreat Ex-Mechanica Physiological Department ExoSuits program only focus on non mechanized suits, using muscle knitted fabrics. However the Exo market offers a wide range of available products, we have compile the companies that matter in the industry.

Adaptative physiology – non mechanized suits

“The technology opens new opportunities to design “textile muscles” that could, for example, be incorporated into clothes, making it easier for people with disabilities to move.”


Adaptative physiology – mechanized suits

“We are developing next generation soft wearable robots that use innovative textiles to provide a more conformal, unobtrusive and compliant means to interface to the Human body.”


Adaptative physiology – non mechanized skeleton

Human bodies evolved to walk. Each step is basically a pole vaulting maneuver—mostly your muscles just keep you from tipping over. It’s a very efficient system when it works right.

“After a person has something like Parkinson’s,

stroke, or cerebral palsy, they can develop a pathologic gait, where

the body tries to adapt to walk in a different way,”


Adaptative physiology – mechanized skeleton

-RISE robotics-

“As we work towards evermore powerful, agile, and Human-like robots, we will also enable and challenge creative people everywhere to bring their ideas to Life.”


Accommodations in the Time of disruption

The HOB have been involve in off grid and remote living for over a decade. The outcome of recent initiatives, development and a true commercial breakthrough supported by strong technical and technological progress have sparked a planetary evolution in disposable and durable living solutions.

Herein the how to, at the time of a planetary disruption.

Cost of shelter, $110 to $1700 per meter square ($180 to $2100 per Sq F) standard villa, 5 + 2, total autarcie stand for $780 per meter square, you only have to chose the Architecture which defines You best, and next season You will enjoy the comfort and security of Your Of –grid pad.


-Vivre- Comment faire?



Of-Grid Planetary Connectivity

Did you say IoT…? From universal Blue Tooth to integrated WiFi networks Earth Planetary connectivity is becoming a reality.


“New homeowners are looking for unique, greener, and smarter homes that are durable and energy-efficient at the same time. In which case, prefabricated homes remain to be one of the top answers.

Prefabricated homes have been around for a while. From starting as container homes, to expanding to modular, precut, and panelized housing, modern prefab homes have come a long way. In fact, the demand for prefabricated housing is predicted to expand by 15% annually through 2017—reaching 1.1 million units by 2020.”

when distress provide durable solution in farming & Water tech, the Off-Grid nutrition diets –

Least of worries is a supply of fresh food and drinkable Water. Today Off Grid living have durable and reliable solution to overcome long lasting remote living. Herein the bullet points;

“AERO’s pod design is much more versatile than other hydroponic and Aeroponic set ups. It allows you to have several plant, pH, and design options. The pods have been an incredible space saving addition to our farm, with minimal maintenance.

We love our pods and can’t imagine life without them now!”


“Process based crop models are often used in these assessments because they consider relevant crop growth processes and the complex interactions among these in response to climate change. As opposed to empirical or statistical analyses, process based models can be used to explain the reasons behind observed or simulated changes”


the science behind the Water issue

“Water purification is an essential part of survival, whether its for backpacking, camping or an emergency scenario. During situations such as a hurricane or flood, often the first thing to be knocked out is the electrical grid and/or water supply. Being able to purify or filter your own water can change a dire situation into a manageable one.”


Portable water filters allow users to drink water that would potentially be unsafe to drink while outdoors. In many cases these systems are even used indoors for unpleasant tasting tap water. Keys to the best portable water filter are ease of use, few moving parts and low cost.


sustain power, affordable and accessible solution

“A strategic mobile Solar Power Energy Trailer that can be located anywhere and has a total array power of 600w and 300Ah of battery power back up. This takes portable solar power kits to a new level.

Everything you need is supplied (except the vehicle to tow it !)

The trailer is a complete stand alone kit that you simply just connect your equipment to via the trailer power outputs.

This unit is ideal for disaster relief operations, camping & caravanning, off grid remote surveying projects, construction sites and emergency back-up/contingency planning.”

remote trailer store here …


online store

stay tuned … the HOB is providing You with more data//



H&WB the HOB AUT#18 – Dietetic ConsciousnessPosted October 2, 2018



Autumn is entering the north and Summer the south hemisphere. Interestingly enough, 90% of the Earth Human lives 24 degrees from the equator, with a larger part of Humanity living north, but for both ends of the hemisphere’s food habits will change with the Season shift, at the exception of the Tropical belt (Cancer 23.5° N//Capricorn 23.5° S) north and south hemisphere run on 4 Seasons, and this seasonal adaptation is ‘Biorecorded’ in Our Genes. Say that over centuries of developments the infrastructure hosting anything from People to mega computer centers do the job, we can almost conclude that  the Human L0OSE Society is on a good path for sustaining a Planetary Civilization, and hopefully a conscious one, and focus is on Alimentation and Macro Organic production, with 8 billion Human to feed, it is time for a Dietetic Consciousness.

The HOB H&WB – Dietetic Consciousness

This paper involve two opposite Human concept. Dietetic and Consciousness. The first call on a specific and quantified nutrition plan, do not confuse with ‘Food Habits’ relevant to Human groups, environments, etc, Dietetic is an individual quest and all Human of Earth have their own. And Consciousness, by extension all conscious concepts. One may be rigid, the second demands constant variations, being conscious is to be aware and alert at all time of the effects and affects of Our environments (Human, Natural or Technological) and flexibility driving adaptation is a must be to Be.

//Qt/ The mysteries of our “second brain” are a profound new frontier in 21st century medical science. While research is rapidly discovering amazing connections between our gut and our brain, little is known about how these two distinct parts of the body communicate with each other. A remarkable new study has upturned existing ideas surrounding gut-brain communication, revealing a fast-acting neural circuit allowing gut cells to communicate with the brain in just seconds. /Eq// all here



Jumping to conclusion would tell Us that sooner than later each of Earth Human will have its own specific Diet, this will have two benefits, longevity, the better You eat the better You live, and resources management which just in consideration of food waste is already needed. The issue here is easy to grasp. The fact that a Planetary Dietetic Consciousness is possible doesn’t make it happen so, Human Dietetic is often base on the offer for the dime, and consciousness in the case of Alimentation is usually limited by hunger, when you get really hungry, deeper question such as “what this food is really made of?” fall short. Luckily Our Global Consciousness about Human food is improving, You may say that quality of farming up to product making is improving or that Human empathy toward ‘Who’ as in the ‘consumable animal who’ We eat is changing, not so the HOB answer, Our intro-Biology (the physical biological You) is just about to reveal its Nature.


//”Qt/Nearly half of the human genome is composed of genetic parasites—transposons, plasmids, viruses, and other genetic elements that have one thing in common: they don’t make any beneficial contributions to their hosts, and can sometimes have harmful effects. Genetic parasites—sometimes called “selfish genes”—originated early in the history of life and today are present in nearly all living organisms. /Eq”// continue here …

The quote above alone answer it all. Human of Earth have carried all along a multitudes of living elements whom We do not always understand nature or function, have developed within Us, can we say corrupt evolution? For instance, the Biology base Epigenetic test made on Cell’s with the purpose to understand what is the effect/affect of Our environments on Our Biology concluded that adaptation down to the Cell level is positively happening, but can we say evolution?

//Qt/ Huge questions vex the future of food—how to feed 9 billion mouths, how to farm in an era of unprecedented climate uncertainty, how to create more resilient and nutritious foods for a public wary of the new technology. Plant scientists are already using Crispr and related technologies to reshape food crops in dramatic ways—editing wheat to reduce gluten, editing soybeans to produce a healthier oil, editing corn to produce higher yields, editing potatoes to store better (and not throw off a carcinogen when cooked). In both industrial and academic labs, new editing tools are being developed that will have a profound impact on the foods all of us eat. Yet this newfound power to transform food traits coincides with a moment when the agriculture business has consolidated into essentially three mega-conglomerates. Those companies have the money to put this new technology to use. The question is: What use will they put it toward?/Eq// all here

Enter the era of Genotyping and CRISPR individual association. It is only a matter of a few years before a major chunk of the Human of Earth population voluntarily genotype itself and following a short visit to a Nutritionist decide to literally change Diet by appropriating a CRISPR Vegan Diet, base on Life activities and Biological Resonance. That can prevail as an answer for Dietetic, Consciousness and a Conscious Diet. The will to live run strong in Human’s and since the basis of instinctive survival is vanishing with Time, time it is to replace it by a more consciously advance method, can we say rise of Emotional Intelligence?

The conclusion is yours to make and the action too. All elements are here, from affordable Genotyping test, to online Dieteticians or self Google learning interest on the Philosophical condition of Your Body.

This World is yours to live in.


For an Ethical Consciousness and a Planetary Civilization,

The HOB H&WB Autumn 2018 – Dietetic Consciousness.



Health, as defined by the WHO’s? the Edge of the Age – the HOB SPR2019Posted June 13, 2019



Health, as defined by the WHO’s?

the Edge of the Age – the HOB SPR2019


… is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This definition has been subject to controversy, as it may have limited value for implementation. Health may be defined as the ability to adapt and manage physical, mental and social challenges throughout Life…

Naturally the HOB do not take responsibility for other statement and we aim to look into the new and multidimensional Reality of Human Health, solutions, products, business or social endeavors to maintain or enhance One Health state,

Welcome to the Edge of the Age batch Spring 2019,

Health as defined by the WHO’s?

One, Only by One.

Ignorance confuses even the wise, and the dichotomy is in our convictions. The case maybe that indeed there are other Dimensions and other Worlds, in Time, below, above, before and after, but that these places are not accessible to Us, and that at this moment of lucid reality we contemplate ‘Truth’, We have been given this World for Humanity to care for its own existence but it always feel like We are the ‘Guess’ of an Organism from which We sustain our Lives. One Time, One Dimension and One Consciousness for All? WHO care?

Qt/ The WHO Global Health Estimates provide a comprehensive and comparable assessment of mortality and loss of health due to diseases and injuries for all regions of the world.

The latest WHO assessment of deaths by cause are available below. Due to changes in data and some methods, latest estimates are not comparable to previously-released WHO estimates.// Uqt / here …

HEALTH… is it?

So, the endeavor is Health, and what better one that Our own. The ‘One by One’ concept actually comes from the IOCP Incubated WeTreat (yet to be functioning) after the conclusion that if the idea is to optimize One Health, the focus must be on One ‘Integral Being’, or ‘I B’ in order to provide with the legitimate tools and ability to really care for Oneself. Easier say that done, it appears that We all carry the enigmatic but rather weighty “Self” as in “Egocentric Self” if not to say that We suffer it. In this regards the eligible attention is on Longevity, not just the goal of passing through Time, but the goal of sustaining an optimum “Health Biostatic” understand here the ability to find the ultimate Biological balance and keep it that way. Are We meant to stay in this state infinitely?

Qt/ World health statistics 2019 summarizes recent trends and levels in life expectancy and causes of death, and reports on the health and health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and associated targets. Where possible, the 2019 report disaggregates data by WHO region, World Bank income group, and sex; it also discusses differences in health status and access to preventive and curative services, particularly in relation to differences between men and women.//E Qt/ continue here …

what is not the end of you, only makes you stronger!

To introduce this idea, the HOB provides with an introduction in the form of a question; what is Life if the only purpose is to Die from it? Yes, that’s right, and to better analogizing this, we take the example of a Fruit Tree, multiple branches like the multiple facets of Our Health and for the sake of the argument let’s say the ‘Junk DNA’ is the Roots. The Fruit, the ultimate product of the Tree is to be only consumable in Season and is the result extreme of a growing process that demanded years in the making. Now that you get the picture anthropomorphize and replace the Fruit by Your DNA, and we mean literally (if you haven’t made a GENOType yet just worry of it and make one, there are now dozens of service providers worldwide) and come to the conclusion that the Fruit, Your Ultimate Health, can only be consumed at specific time, the Season, and that in order to keep it optimum at least a part of Your entire Life, much attention and concession must be made so the Roots and Branches can deliver the appropriate product for the Fruit to be. Now that You get it lets move forward.

Qt//The world is facing multiple health challenges. These range from outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and diphtheria, increasing reports of drug-resistant pathogens, growing rates of obesity and physical inactivity to the health impacts of environmental pollution and climate change and multiple humanitarian crises.

To address these and other threats, 2019 sees the start of the World Health Organization’s new 5-year strategic plan – the 13th General Programme of Work. This plan focuses on a triple billion target:  ensuring 1 billion more people benefit from access to universal health coverage, 1 billion more people are protected from health emergencies and 1 billion more people enjoy better health and well-being. Reaching this goal will require addressing the threats to health from a variety of angles.

Here are 10 of the many issues that will demand attention from WHO and health partners in 2019.//Uqt / more here …


What Life is sustained by?

That question itself provide with genuine and resonating multidimensional questions as the answer is intrinsic, to make it short, a lot. So much in fact that it is simply not conceivable at Our stage of Intellect, to identify each and every component of the ‘What’ of Life, and we will concur here that some protagonists have broken the boundaries of the “How” of Life before we are able to reach the “What”. This doesn’t help, and we must take it a step further to initiate an answer. Epidemiology provides with a good ground to do so, and a metaphor is needed.

Qt/Of the 40 leading causes of death, 33 causes contribute more to reduced life expectancy in men than in women. In 2016, the probability of a 30-year-old dying from a noncommunicable disease before 70 years of age was 44% higher in men than women.//Uqt/ more here …

‘the Case’….

The metaphoric case unfold as such; a zone is declared no man land due to an epidemic, it doesn’t matter which kind just choose something strong and devastating, and emphasize the ‘Before’, ‘During’ and ‘After’ of the event. ‘Before’ involve a number of causes from the dissemination of a Bacteria or Virus to trigger the epidemic and place it among the random low hygiene geolocation, its easy look on a map among the 2 thirds of the Planet developing countries. The ‘During’ is when some Dies, and some Lives according to the Biology system able to transcend or not, from one state to another by applying the ‘White Cell and other works’ on the system (yes one system against another) and result in the Not Die conclusion added to which a third system that only prevail since half a century and come under the code name of “vaccination” enabling a second group to go through the epidemic alive. Then come the ‘After’, for the Living only or afterlife stating the experience, and the claim that nothing is what it should be if we apply the “Evolution Theory” as known today, aka ‘the Survival of the Fittest’, the Human Life pool have been entirely rewritten if we use this theory as a fact of Life, instead lets go on with our metaphor and look at the ‘After’ from a coincidental view point and conclude with a possibility that We have generated new types of Lives, Human Lives, by protecting Our Health. This metaphor can be apply to One Health from the infinite scale of the Atom up to the full organism, or Being, and the daily job of Your circulary functions is to adapt or provide if necessary the proper response in order to maintain Health, the whispering of Epigenetic roams every corridors of Medicine Faculties worldwide. Are We the descendent of Our Elder’s, or are We something else?


Who’s the WHO’s?

Qt/ WHO works worldwide to promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable.

Our goal is to ensure that a billion more people have universal health coverage, to protect a billion more people from health emergencies, and provide a further billion people with better health and well-being.// Uqt/ here …

“Love has Dimensions that even Beauty cannot ignore”


Love Yourself!… the Future of Health care!

Greeks used seven words to define the different states of Love Human’s experience:

  • Storage: natural affection
  • Philia: friendship
  • Eros: sexual and erotica
  • Agape: unconditional, divine love
  • Ludus: flirting
  • Pragma: committed, married love
  • Philautia: self love

So what Love has to do with Health? The answer is known by all and clicks-in as a Biological Inheritance, and the reality of our lives, however “unreal” they may be, is build on one foundation, our ability to maintain Homeostasis , in layman terms, to maintain a good Health, and for One to be able to do so, Self Esteem, Self Protection, Self Love and Love for Others is a requisite, but these are as traitorous as they are needed and comes to term with disproved experiences of Love and that if One Self indulge too much or too little, too many or not enough, the opposite is as true as the preposition, and unfortunately One may just Die in good Health as One in poor Health may outlive and slowly and painfully reach the certainty of the end. Thus the consideration of Love as a primordial Element of Health, funny? You say! the cause of poor Health today is led by a total Lack of Love we answer. Is poor Health the highest short term cause of mortality?

Qt/ Global suicide mortality rates were 75% higher in men than in women in 2016. Death rates from road injury are more than twice as high in men than in women from age 15, and mortality rates due to homicide are 4 times higher in men than in women.//Uqt/


Your Health is Your responsibility, and asking One to build a house with bricks and mortar but not providing the tools to do so increase the vulnerability of Our Self, Our being and by erosion Our Health. Nowadays Health has become a trade, and this is not a quantitative or accountable statement, the norm is measure in currency and soon the point will be reach that very few will be able to use the “vaccination” to be able to go along. as You would not ask for permission to breath,  no permission is needed to care for Yourself and explore what You are made of and reconstruct if needed the ‘I B’, with Your strongest  Power at hand ,Your Choice, to confront the “thrill merchants” to provide with the necessary tools to take Your Own responsibility, and for this the Who is You!

the Edge of the Age – the HOB SPR2019


SLEEP, in Human… sleeping human, the HOB H, W&W SPR 19Posted June 13, 2019



SLEEP, in Human… sleeping human,

the HOB H, W&W SPR 19


SLEEP MOTION and Emotion(s) or the conscious case of being Human

Nothing like it, Human Emotion(s) and Consciousness goes hand in hand, but when it comes to Sleep, the other Human Life, the Dimension of Human Emotion(s) comes to terms with Reality, thanks to the Sleep Research Community emerging Science start to make sense the relation between Human Emotion(s) and Sleep, in a study reported in the CRNL provide with a read-start on the subject// inform yourself here …

Qt/ The average emotional intensity of the reported dreams (scale from 1, low to 10, high) was 5.65 ± 1.55. In average, for each subject 30.1% ± 27.2 of the dreams were of low emotional intensity (score inferior to 5), 13.5 ± 16.6 were neutral (score equal to 5) and 56.4 ± 29.6 were of high emotional intensity (score superior to 5). The average emotional valence of the reported dreams (scale from 1, highly negative to 10, highly positive) was 4.79 ± 0.91. In average, for each subject 42.7 ± 27.2 of the dreams were negative (score inferior to 5), 30.4 ± 24.7 were neutral (score equal to 5) and 26.9 ± 20.2 were positive (score superior to 5). The mean number of emotions per dream was 1.82 ± 0.69. The most frequent emotion reported by participants was surprise (present in 29.96% of the dream reports), followed by fear (26.72%), joy (25.10%), anger (20.65%) and sadness (16.59%)//Uqt/ continue here …




//Sleep helps us re-evaluate information and thus arrive at new insights//

Qt/But that is by no means all that sleep does: “We learn in our sleep, save energy, recharge our batteries, fight diseases, slow the ageing process, strengthen our immune system and clean the brain – and do so in a state in which we are active, just like when we are awake, but on a different level”//Uqt/ more here …

In 2001 The quest for sleep BY ROB GILHOOL


the Quest for Sleep – Japan Times…


… what then…

Yet what to say about Sleep, that it is necessary for Human to maintain Homeostasis, that Conscious state emanates after Sleep in form of Wakefulness and that it promote Life. The reference on Earth among Human Society is how little can you Sleep! A living proof of how strong you are, not of how long you will live, luckily, Universal states of “Power” being overpass by Conscious Reality is by right calling Nature’s back, fact with it.

…Sleepless, the Human Pathology at work,

no defense for it or anything useful, when Awake again,

Life is a Mind driven state for Human to take over the World of the ‘living’…


Qt/Dissociation was measured by the revised Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES-II; Carlson and Putnam, 1993). The DES is a widely used self-report scale requiring respondents to estimate the percentage of the time they experience 28 dissociative phenomena on an 11-point scale (0, 10, and 20%, etc.). Three sub-factors are depersonalization-derealization, dissociative amnesia, and “absorption and imaginative involvement.” The DES measures both non-clinical and clinical dissociation, and the Hebrew version has been shown to have good psychometric properties (Somer et al., 2001). Cronbach’s alpha for the 28 items of the DES was α = 0.95 at Time 1 and α = 0.90 at Time 2. We also assessed symptoms of schizotypy, with the Magical Ideation Scale (MIS; Eckblad and Chapman, 1983). The MIS is of common use for the assessment of a person’s proneness to schizophrenia-like experiences and thoughts (i.e., schizotypy)//Uqt… here …

How are We to accept that the best indication of Our ‘BIAS’ and Pathology are best reveal from the Sleep state! How are We to accept Our ‘BIAS’ and Pathology in the first place. Fortunately, Sleep is a “State” of Life, a conscious action leaving Human’s with the inequated task of reconciliating with the Unconscious, the state of Sleep is not a condition or illness, and the solutions are abundant and powerful. here is Matthew Walker Interviewed by the periodic FoundMyFitness,… here … Dr. Matt Walker here …

“Sleep facilitates the brain’s self-cleaning mechanism: the glymphatic system”

Qt/ One of the reasons slow wave sleep, in particular, seems to be so important is because it facilitates the proper functioning of the glymphatic system, a system crucial for clearing the brain of metabolites and other waste. The glymphatic system comprises a vast arrangement of interstitial fluid-filled cavities surrounding the small blood vessels that serve the brain. These perivascular structures are formed by astroglial cells and expedite the removal of proteins and metabolites from the central nervous system. During sleep, these interstitial spaces increase by more than 60 percent. This allows a “flushing” operation in which waste products can be more efficiently eliminated. The glymphatic system also facilitates the distribution of essential nutrients such as glucose, lipids, and amino acids, as well as other substances, such as growth factors and neuromodulators.//Uqt

Sleep Deprived, a Human story of Modernity

“So, that’s what we do, and one other thing that I’ll say is that the thesis that we’re working off of is that a lot of modern illness is a result of what we call a broken lifestyle, and that is a lifestyle that is in discordance with our biology and because this is facilitated by a lot of modern luxuries.  So instead of having a lot of our health behaviors be predicated on survival behaviors, we now have an option to really not engage with things that keep us healthy.  And so, therefore, if you want to be healthy, you have to cultivate and maintain a personal health practice because right now we actually have the option not to, and so we try to look at what are the things that make that health practice effective to keep you free of disease, maintaining full physical function, and have the highest quantity of health within your lifespan.  So that’s a little bit about me and what I do.” … … all here

You can always Dream,

Are We “Sleep Born Equal”? What we cannot say about Sleep! Where are we going when we Sleep? Sleep cannot be ‘made’ it occur Naturally! Sleep can ‘Heal’ all conditions! This of course would demand that Human environments are devoted to Human quality of living, thus taking Us to that question// how does Human Social Environments affects Our Lives, does it also happen to affect us according to which Natural environments we live in, Urban, Rural, Oceanic, Desertic or Mountainous. Yet, Human Life Comfort Zones are well known, the problems that comes with it as well, Urban overall pollutions of various types comes to creates negative resonance, or from all construction materials gradually affecting us, what to say about corrupt dietetic by will or obligation. For non Urban resident the Environmental catastrophes loop out and pounder the confrontation to Nature at its extreme on the Human Comfort Zone scale, good Sleep ahead?…. You can always dream.

On Dream(s)

Qt/Experiments in modern physics have repeatedly shown that consciousness plays a fundamental role in the universe, even to the extent that some physicists have even concluded that the universe seems primarily mental, not physical. And with respect to the body, research has repeatedly confirmed that our minds can, and do, have profound effects on our bodies, that go far beyond the predictions of the prevailing medical model.  In some cases, the often belittled placebo effect has cured cancer, while in others, the nocebo (negative placebo) effect has lead to illness, and even death. With the advent of psychophysiology and biofeedback, scientific research solidly supports the idea not only that mind-body healing can take place, but that individuals can take a proactive role.  Rather than passively receiving “outside-in” therapies from external sources, voluntary control methodologies have shown that people can take an active role in promoting their own healing processes  – from the “inside-out”. This workshop will explore methods that participants can experiment with in both lucid and non-lucid dreams to promote mind-body healing.//Uqt/ continue here …

… the lack of Dream(s), the memory of the Sleep state… 

… on the Human cause and the pollution of the Bios

Qt/Industrial pollution is a relatively new component of the environment of humans and may constitute biological challenges to human adaptation. Extensive laboratory research shows that many pollutants are capable of modifying physiological systems in mammals. Studies of human populations provide substantial evidence that some pollutants can affect biological outcomes of traditional interest to human biologists (e.g. mortality, morbidity, growth, reproduction). Air pollution has been linked to increases in mortality and morbidity, and specific pollutants such as lead and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) have been associated with decreases in measures of sperm quality, changes in the character of menses, increased obesity and diabetes, and altered rates of sexual maturation, as well as other effects. However, the evidence is far from homogeneous. Nevertheless, to achieve the comprehensive and holistic approach characteristic of human biological research, investigators should include measures of pollutant exposure in their multicausal models./Uqt// continue here …


Until these are resolved, very little chance that Humanity will be sleeping on their two ears soon, or is it too much to ask for a balanced Sleep in today’s World…

The HOB – H, W&W Spring 19


The HOB H, W&W SUM 19 – Accessibility & Availability… or Health!Posted August 19, 2019



The HOB Health, Wellness & Well Being SUM 19

– Accessibility & Availability… or Health!

If we shall be informed, shouldn’t We be able to accept what is Accessible and Available for the understanding and caring of Our Health, Individual and Collective? The concept of ‘Accessibility’ emerged about 2 decades ago and is now a Planetary endeavor, whisper of Globalization? not so much, searching for a ‘better living’ is the quest disregarding what it cost in Health and ultimately in Life Time(s), not so much for a better ‘Life’, tagged Wellbeing (,… comfort in basic terms of necessity), but with a rise in Ethical Empathy uncovering a Planetary interests for more Wellness among the Human Civilization, People want to know! But when it comes to Health, and most specifically our Individual Health, Wellness and Wellbeing may require a ‘form of Attention’ and energy that we like to protect and if possible rarely use with Our best Intentions, Self destruction correlate and is ultimately and directly related to the Collectif, the Human Collectif.

The guideline of the HOB in all endeavors is the presence of Love. Yes big word, but together with Beauty, Love defines Us and sculpt Our Societies, the lack of Love included, and at the HOB we love when the times unfold as pre scented, and Bernhard Guenther here … seminarial writing of the “Organic Portal” in 2011 came like a prediction at the HOB, ( as well as questions starting by which, what side of the Portal am I and Am I part of the Empty or Fill One?) a prediction that a Conscious step forward was in the making, coincidental we know, Mayan long count began to end October 2011. But interlined with the gigantic rise of the “virtual media”, Earth Organic Intelligence (the Portals), was in its last stage of preparation for the Organic Jump, to say busy, the last Time(s) that such a shift happen is well over 2 millions Gregorian years ago, and all that can be observed propose that the last stage of both, this dimension reality and this Organic envelop, is known ready for a shift, or a Universal update if you like.

Qt/In practice, the doctrine of “simplicity” – if regarded as an axiom – turns the student aside from the strait gate and the narrow way that leads to Life.  Impelled by this counter-truth, he believes he stands before this door, when he is in reality – although undoubtedly in perfectly good faith – walking the wide path that leads to perdition, ad majorem Diaboli gloriam, of course.//UQt/



The definition of EpiGenetic takes all its sense here, Phd Bruce Lipton clarified that years ago, stating that a Human Body (Soul and Spirit) cannot sustain itself in the state of protection indefinitely, as it consume what is most precious, Life Organic Energy, nowadays self preservation overpowering the Self is taking us to a state that We prefer to ignore. Why? For a very simple reason, it become easier to deal with one another, the Virtual World have at least this as a positive impact, 2 Biologic Organism exchanging ideas away from each other simply erase the Biological confrontation, or “instinctive sensoriality” that enable Us to ‘Feel’ more or so someone else states of Emotion, therefore creating a much wider comfort zone for Our Emotions Reactions, but yet again We have enabled a very subtle mechanism to look away from Our Individual Health. Only problem is, that this physical simulation is deprived of the Ethical necessity, and for Your Health most specially: Availability? Not so much, Accessibility? Compromised.

Availability and Accessibility,… or Health!, the HOB H,W&W SUM19

Fr Mario Attard report in the Times of Malta here … One of our everyday faith challenges is how to walk with God or rather let God walk with us. God always keeps his pace going, even though for us humans it is sometimes difficult to detect that… nothing is more True when it comes to Our Individual Health, unlike ‘standard’ vastly use in treatment medicine, Constant provides Us with a reality sense of fractal and fractional changes, for Our Health, this must become ‘the standard’ in order to support This Biology during a most awaited Transcendence,



Constant, ..

Constant is a word most beloved by the Scientific Community, including the Medical branch, it is use as a reference or a ‘base’ from which to observe and collect data’s to understand what we are Consciously observing, it then provide ground for things like average or simulation protocols, and always obey specific ‘Law(s)’ and rules predetermined by Constant, in short, what make this Reality Ours and, Real, without Constant the All and Everything will be morphing and per-mutating well, constantly, now You see the dilemma, and for Your Health the foundation of this Organic Human Experience (… no Body no Honey) demand attention, and at a Time of great demand, Our Biology remind Us that when it comes to Your Health, it is You who have the Power(s) and Will to look out for Yourself and by mean of simple Self study, and basic understanding of Your Bios that a Balance Homeostasis can be achieved, thus Consciously creating Your Space for Transcendence, the downturn of this reality demands attention, reality is / as we speak, the right to healthcare still isn’t a reality for millions of children around the globe, and more particularly in developing countries. Every year, over 13 million children under the age of 5 years die from illnesses which could have been avoided or treated … all here

and Reality check,…

In this reality however, the Bios runs it all, and the Human EndoBiology is unveiling its science, revealing an Enhancable Nature, with at its center the ECS, the “Symbiosis Maker” Raquel Peyraube here … quote In any medical discussion of treatments, the more these treatments impact the process of disease production, the greater the anticipated effectiveness. These are what we call physio-pathological treatments and would be the case of cannabinoids. As more and more pathologies are confirmed involving a deficiency of the ECS and are added to the list of conditions that can be improved with such treatment, we can answer the sceptics who question the use of cannabinoids as a universal panacea by saying that they simply treat the existing failure. We must again insist on the need, as well as scientific consensus, for randomised placebo-controlled clinical trials and also analytical and genetic studies … all here



Sub Constant,… Alteration of the ‘Kind’

How do different health conditions contribute towards the burden of disease?

The following visualization – produced by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) – presents a breakdown of burden-of-disease estimates for selected countries. A dedicated website provides a fascinating interactive tool to explore all available data on burden of disease worldwide.

As the chart below shows, different conditions contribute differently to health outcomes depending on the specific country and gender. While in Angola there are clear challenges relating to HIV/AIDS, diarrhoea and malaria, in countries such as the US or Germany, the biggest challenges relate to cardiovascular and respiratory disease and cancer (the main cause of ‘neoplasms’).here …

Human Comfort Zone,… The Sphere.

In a Universe of Perceptions, Human Life hangs on a string, Human Health is directly characterized by Human Living Environments, Earth for starter, offering a disseminated Life Zones only able to provide with a Comfort Zone for Human to be able to Live, Water, Air, Food and Shelter as a basic, is not provided by this Planet, it only provide with semantic proof of Our endogenous belonging, for  Habitable zone (Matt O’Dowd to explain here …of 8 billion Souls, by now All Consciously knowing that we move as part of a Galaxy at a velocity of 2Mn/h, Habitable Zone looks like a very unique and restricted Space, but do We experience it in the physical sense or in Senses and Emotional Organic experiences, all that the Universe We are a part of is? of course not, and it leave a bitter taste, that these matters simply do not interests Us, the protection of this Planet that We call Earth, is the inheritance of the Soul for the Spirit, its reality the burden for the Body, and now that we enter in full our subject, if Your Health has no price, this would be like asking what is Earth Worth (Michael from VSauce … all here), it is only a real subject made by mean of talk, in the physic, it is entirely something else in its Science lay the cause and Health, Human Health, demands a lots of Science, and this is an ongoing and developing reality, only offering an inaccessible science and unavailable support, therefore the discomfort. Human Beings as defined, a culture-bearing primate classified in the genus Homo, especially the species H. sapiens.Human beings are anatomically similar and related to the great apes but are distinguished by a more highly developed brain and a resultant capacity for articulate speech and abstract reasoning./ emphasize ‘Abstract Reasoning’? Reason is a ‘thing’ of the Mind, the Science of Consciousness as well as the Science of Reality have still way to go, but the velocity is such, that the journey is short, and this is now that the Physical Effects begin to be experienced, at the speed of Light and with immense Force, the Human Being will transform, by way of Transcendence, unto its chosen Form.


can we trust ‘the results’?

I June this year, prnewswired (here …) published an information regarding the ‘widest’ and wildest to say the least, Intentional poll titled How much does the world trust medical experts and vaccines?, if the matter of answers interest you follow the link, if not stay tuned, over the last 2 decades the World Population have jointly started to dramatically change their daily routine, 20 years later, the result only show how we are not prepare, like Human-Human like, the perception of the possible is still overtaking the Resented, diminishing predictions, and never point on what events lay ahead, as per today, Humanity is made of a Human group alive due to the strong involvement of modern medical science to push through and force a rise in Human Population, accounting in Billion’s, over the last 20 years a vast redistribution of Human Population on Earth did create a tension or stress on what once was sustainable infrastructures, Agricultural and Life space are now widely set and intensify its Scientific predictions,, 8 billion strong from above, 8 billion wondering to questions from below, Life and the State of Life, Health, is weighting Us down to this reality, the results from analysis, blood, DNA, scans, trust the practitioner, are physically real, in this dimension at least. The need to care for this Universal Biologic Organism or Being, as well, and this reality check is timing its course base on Our everyday decisions, starting by willingly access the Available, Information, only regarding classified dimensions of life, Human Life, ask a Kid, 7 Major Levels of Classification //There are seven major levels of classification: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species. The two main kingdoms we think about are plants and animals. Scientists also list four other kingdoms including bacteria, archaebacteria, fungi, and protozoa. Sometimes an eighth level above the Kingdom called the Domain is used/, and ask yourself, do you know what Your Body needs and wants? How scientifically do you know yourself? And how strong Your Will is to enter into Symbiosis with Your Self, Your Body, Soul and Spirit. The cause of mistrust in Medical Science is real, and only the Common can change this, and disprove decades of questioning advancement.

If you know what the Common’s do, ‘we are not safe… should raise questions!

Of course accessibility is the major issue, in order of emergencies, safety, in all measures, it’s a no brainer, building Your own Self Knowledge Health data base is a must, added to it that a daily attention to ‘Inner Self’ is required. And there is a vast difference between Defense and Protection, and Our aim being the second option, accessibility of information about what is going to happen or how it happen demand resources and a common intelligence to articulate priority information’s and operate changes.

Availability is a noun with many definition if taken to the Human Social context, in its main attribute “the quality of being able to be used or obtained” fall short in providing the most available form of Intention, Self Care, but of course You have understood by now, that the issues is not on the lack of Self Interest or Self Care, the Un-Availability of a Common Health Care science, a multi dimensional one, simply prove the Incapability We face  as a Kind.

The ‘Culture Bearing of Sapiens” is fast becoming a threat, in substance, the alienation of the unknown, how can We not know ourselves, in the Bios and details, what is Available is Our Individual and Collective Emotional Intelligence, what is Accessible is Our Will to Live the rest is Universal Information combusted into energy in an ever reborn reality, Self Care is Life, and all of what Earth has to offer is to be considered and applied to the Self Care possibilities, Accessible and Available is at your reach, educate yourself about yourself, and take Your Life to achieve it.

Available and Accessible,.. or Health, SUM19


HW&WB, the HOB WIN19/20, Salt.Posted February 27, 2020


the HOB health Wellness and Wellbeing, Winter 2019-2020.



… For this purpose, it was sought after since before the Antiquity – the first evidence of extracting salt (by boiling spring water) comes from Romania, and there is evidence of a saltworks in China in about the same period. It was highly valued by the Chinese and Arabs, as well as the Romans and Greeks. Roman soldiers were actually sometimes paid in salt – this is where the word ‘salary’ comes from. For the coastal countries, the resource was accessible by boiling the oceanic water – open ocean has about 35 grams (1.2 oz) of solids per litre, a salinity of 3.5%. But for continental countries, it was a highly disputed resource; wars were fought over salt, as strange as that may sound now; it was a rare and highly valued resource… continue here,…

Salt, a ‘Prime’ Biochemistry necessity.

Severely dehydrated persons, such as people rescued from ocean or desert survival situations, usually have very high blood sodium concentrations. These must be very carefully and slowly returned to normal, since too-rapid correction of hypernatremia may result in brain damage from cellular swelling, as water moves suddenly into cells with high osmolar content.

In humans, a high-salt intake was demonstrated to attenuate nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide (NO) contributes to vessel homeostasis by inhibiting vascular smooth muscle contraction and growth, platelet aggregation, and leukocyte adhesion to the endothelium…, all here

Sodium in the Human Body.

Sodium is an essential nutrient but is something that the body cannot produce itself. It plays a vital role in the regulation of many bodily functions and is contained in body fluids that transport oxygen and nutrients. It is also essential in maintaining the body’s overall fluid balance.

To survive everyone needs to consume Sodium regularly. It is a principal component of a person’s internal environment – the extracelluar fluid. Nutrients reach your body’s cells through these fluids. Sodium facilitates many bodily functions including fluid volume and acid-base balance.

An adult human body contains about 250g of salt and any excess is naturally excreted by the body.

Sodium enables the transmission of nerve impulses around the body. It is an electrolyte, like PotassiumCalcium and Magnesium; it regulates the electrical charges moving in and out of the cells in the body. It controls your taste, smell and tactile processes. The presence of Sodium ions is essential for the contraction of muscles, including that largest and most important muscle, the heart. It is fundamental to the operation of signals to and from the brain. Without sufficient sodium your senses would be dulled and your nerves would not function…. more here





mineral consisting primarily of sodium chloride (NaCl), a chemical compound belonging to the larger class of salts; salt in its natural form as a crystalline mineral is known as rock salt or halite. Salt is present in vast quantities in seawater, where it is the main mineral constituent. The open ocean has about 35 grams (1.2 oz) of solids per liter of sea water, a salinity of 3.5%.

Salt is essential for life in general, and saltiness is one of the basic human tastes. Salt is one of the oldest and most ubiquitous food seasonings, and salting is an important method of food preservation.

Some of the earliest evidence of salt processing dates to around 6,000 BC, when people living in the area of present-day Romania boiled spring water to extract salts; a salt-works in China dates to approximately the same period. Salt was also prized by the ancient Hebrews, the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the HittitesEgyptians, and the Indians. Salt became an important article of trade and was transported by boat across the Mediterranean Sea, along specially built salt roads, and across the Sahara on camel caravans. The scarcity and universal need for salt have led nations to go to war over it and use it to raise tax revenues. Salt is used in religious ceremonies and has other cultural and traditional significance.

Comestible Salts.

Salt, also referred to as table salt or by its chemical formula NaCl, is an ionic compound made of sodium and chloride ions. All life has evolved to depend on its chemical properties to survive. It has been used by humans for thousands of years, from food preservation to seasoning. Salt’s ability to preserve food was a founding contributor to the development of civilization. It helped to eliminate dependence on seasonal availability of food, and made it possible to transport food over large distances. However, salt was often difficult to obtain, so it was a highly valued trade item, and was considered a form of currency by certain peoples. Many salt roads, such as the via Salaria in Italy, had been established by the Bronze ageall about Salt here

Quality costs.

Much of the differences between the salts lies in how they’re processed, the intensity of the saltiness with each pinch, and the trace minerals they contain (or don’t contain). For example, table salt is often fortified with iodine, which helps keep thyroid function healthy, while kosher salt is free of iodine. Most recipes call for kosher salt, but because of its larger crystals, you need more kosher salt to get the same flavor intensity as table salt (about 50% more than table salt per tablespoon)… here

from Who makes Salt (Salt making Castes, here…) to what Salt actually is and its Biological values for the Human Body (search here,…), Salt is a most seek after product, and a true science. This Winter has seen many new issues for Human to face, and for these reasons, the HOB HW&WB wanted to share a simple and effective way to prevent from simple flues to nuclear radiations. see you in Spring.

the HOB HW&WB Winter 2019 – 2020


The HOB I.O.C.P. – opening the 13th Gate – HW&WB SPR 2020 – E.I.Posted April 19, 2020




The HOB I.O.C.P. – opening the 13th Gate –

HW&WB SPR 2020 – E.I.



The HOB Spring season 2020 is engaged, at least from a Celestial point of view, and Health, Wellness and Wellbeing has fast become first and most acknowledge interests over Winter 2019/2020. It will remind Us that Individual hygiene (over Life time and daily) should remain a prime interest in all that Humanity do. Hence, the subject chosen was O.I. (for Organic Intelligence), but we have shifted Work toward, lets say, a more effective publication fast-forwarding the Time(s) being, for the time being. So in order to ‘gain’ in time, we shall start here, Earth, 1st Plane, the necessary BioMechanical environment for Life to be, heavy, unforgiving and of all things most “Entropical” environment, the 3rd Dimensional realm and Time(s) a element in itself of a perfect symmetrical pattern from which emanate information than reflected to ‘finite’ and ‘infinite’ creation, by reflection or superposition.

But this ‘dense’ state is in existence for a Universal Reason(s), ultimate receptor of Cosmic ‘substance’ (put all in it), Humanity is entering full speed (Universal expansion speed) into a new dimensional realm, most Biological, Mathematically Entropic, and Humanity do so accepting the journey from first Act to Multiversal Consciousness, by the understanding and use of Human celestial gift, Emotions. Simple word, BIG QUESTIONS, and so by will and equipped with a ‘demurgic rage’ Humanity is being transform, permutated, transcended.

Emotional Intelligence is Spring subject at the HOB H,W&WB, and in convention with the HOB Community, it is most appropriate as the overall intervention of the HOB endeavor ‘the Opening of the 13th Gate’ falls right into place. So from an Organic subject to the True systematic argument, this is the HOB Health, Wellness and Wellbeing Spring 2020.



If anything given, ‘aim’ is from far the most relevant “word” of Our time, not because it is associated with the historique ‘holly grail’, but because ‘aim’ as in YOUR AIM is Your to set, interprete and realize, it flow directly from Your View point, which is unique; because its yours but also because it has a direct effect and affect on Existence (or Reality),

//Subject//the aim of Philosophy was used to make sense out of the world in a non-religious way. It dealt with a wide variety of subjects, including astronomy, mathematics, political philosophy, ethics, metaphysics, ontology, logic, biology, rhetoric and aesthetics.//



– The Global Cognitive Theory dedicates a chapter to this subject in the book on willpower. In particular, emotions are not feelings, which are on a more spiritual level to avoid complicating an already tricky issue.

The concept of emotions is close to the body’s automatic reactions, both cognitive or physiological. In this sense, they are like programs of immediate action that have been created throughout the whole life and form part of a person’s character. Each person optimizes these automated response programs as much as possible.

Emotions exist because it would not be possible to examine complex situations that require quick response or it would not be efficient for repetitive circumstances; therefore, they are automated in both cases. Expecting to control emotions would mean giving up the brain’s and body’s elegant design, which is impossible as the majority of these actions are inherent. –

– /Their is nothing virtual or theoretical in Your Life, but Your Life maybe made of Philosophy, Esoteric, this is all real, physical, able and Sentient//... here –


Sex, has in the quest for Individual development ( yes ‘Your’ “sexuality have its own dimension) provide us with a start. If regarded as an Energy, sexual energy is available and abundant, proficient in immediate effect and affect. But in Human modern society it convey only 2 meaning, reproduction and physiological habits (virtual power, buying power, conviction power). Nothing for the Soul, and the Mind have taken over the Spirit, Your body has become a tool to propagate Life, the ‘commerciality of “spiritual” studies’. In Theological terms, to enter Heaven We had to leave Eden (repost here), and so We did in the very Human case of “so called spiritual studies”, first because it only refer too others studies, and overall because We have replaced the Individual quest for Spiritual development (the understanding and Mastering of the ‘Spirit’ that inhabits You) by a commercially well organize ’planetary spirituality management organizations’ from what ever ‘religious’ to anything ‘underground’. The cost is not in currency, but in Soul Presence, Cosmic Consciousness. So can We distinctly differentiate Our Individual Emotions and everything else? If the bases of Human existence continuity tool, “Sexuality and all Biological attributes”, is used in commercial manner to sell or trade goods or services, how Our Mind can continue to operate truthfully, and how Your consciousness can drive this most powerful, most accessible and most available Energy, and avoid a new state of frustration.


Like anything, and beyond Our knowledge, it appear indeed that all ‘mechanism’ Electricals or Chemicals, follow Law(s), a Universal fundamental. The Brain, center of so many things, is not escaping the set Universal standard.

/Deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the subthalamic nucleus (STN) and globus pallidus pars interna (GPi) is currently indicated for the treatment of motor symptoms of advanced Parkinson’s disease (PD). Stimulation of the ventral intermediate nucleus of the thalamus is aimed at alleviation of essential tremor while DBS of the GPi is considered beneficial for the treatment of medically refractory dystonia. Although there are reports of successful DBS surgery performed completely under general anesthesia (Vayssiere et al., 2000), DBS is typically performed under conscious sedation or local anesthesia, in order to provide awake physiologic confirmation of the target//… here


How it work emotion electrical brain

/abstract//This paper discusses the issues and challenges of research project that was designed to assess the different human emotions through Electroencephalogram (EEG). This work led to the development of real time system for human emotion detection through EEG, and has been the benchmark for continuing international study. EEG measurement is noninvasive and inexpensive, have a very high sensitivity to receive information about the internal (endogenous) changes of brain state, and offer a very high time resolution in the millisecond range. Because of the latter property, these data are particularly suited for studies on brain mechanisms of cognitive-emotional information processing which occurs in the millisecond range. It has been well known that specific cortical and sub-cortical brain system is utilized and have been differentiated by regional electrical activities according to the associated emotional states. There are important challenges have to be faced for developing efficient EEG signals emotion recognition such as (i) designing a protocol to stimulate unique emotion than multiple emotions (ii) develop a efficient algorithm for removing noises and artifacts from the EEG signal (iii) utilize the suitable and efficient artificial intelligence technique to classify the emotions. In addition, emotional activities of the brain causes difference EEG characteristics waves, it has been attempted to investigate the brain activity related to emotion through analyzing

… about Human Mind, attribution and usage, … a Human tool…

Universal Bound

/Cognitive theory has decomposed human mental abilities into cognitive (sub) systems, and cognitive neuroscience succeeded in disclosing a host of relationships between cognitive systems and specific structures of the human brain. However, an explanation of why specific functions are located in specific brain loci had still been missing, along with a neurobiological model that makes concrete the neuronal circuits that carry thoughts and meaning. Brain theory, in particular the Hebb-inspired neurocybernetic proposals by Braitenberg, now offers an avenue toward explaining brain–mind relationships and to spell out cognition in terms of neuron circuits in a neuromechanistic sense. Central to this endeavor is the theoretical construct of an elementary functional neuronal unit above the level of individual neurons and below that of whole brain areas and systems: the distributed neuronal assembly (DNA) or thought circuit (TC). It is shown that DNA/TC theory of cognition offers an integrated explanatory perspective on brain mechanisms of perception, action, language, attention, memory, decision and conceptual thought. We argue that DNAs carry all of these functions and that their inner structure (e.g., core and halo subcomponents), and their functional activation dynamics (e.g., ignition and reverberation processes) answer crucial localist questions, such as why memory and decisions draw on prefrontal areas although memory formation is normally driven by information in the senses and in the motor system. We suggest that the ability of building DNAs/TCs spread out over different cortical areas is the key mechanism for a range of specifically human sensorimotor, linguistic and conceptual capacities and that the cell assembly mechanism of overlap reduction is crucial for differentiating a vocabulary of actions, symbols and concepts./ more here


PROGRAMABLE Obsolescence

/Creativity Isn’t Easy to Automate – Frey and Osborne’s paper is quite interesting and worth a read if you’d like to learn more about the methodology they use to come up with these risk assessments, but the simplified version is that lower computerization scores went to jobs that require key skills that remain the most difficult for computer-based machines. These difficult-to-automate skill categories include:

  • Creativity
  • Complex perception and manipulation
  • Social intelligence

It’s worth noting that Frey and Osborne don’t express the belief that these skills are in principle inaccessible to machines. Instead, they claim that they will take longer to attain because of “engineering bottlenecks,” meaning we simply don’t yet have the knowledge or technology that would allow us to program them, so these skills probably won’t be substituted by computer capital in the next decade or two.//here



/Concepts are like labels or categories that your brain has created to make sense of the world around you. When you see something new, your brain doesn’t ask “What is this?”; it asks “What is this like?”. In other words, your brain is constantly trying to put everything you perceive into an existing category. This is much easier than trying to figure out what it is from scratch.

The idea that we use concepts to make sense of our experience isn’t new. But Dr. Barrett’s work makes the leap to applying this idea to the messy, subjective world of emotions. Emotions like “fear,” “sadness,” and “disappointment” are concepts just like any other. Just as your brain interprets a pattern of light as a “window,” it might interpret a pattern of bodily sensations as “fear” or “disappointment.” These emotions don’t feel like concepts because we experience them so intensely. But they are.

As an example of how this works, Dr. Barrett tells the story of watching the news about a recent school shooting. It felt in the moment like she was reacting directly to the news. She felt terrible grief and sadness, and tears seemed to come spontaneously to her eyes//… continue here


 the HOB I.O.C.P. Sring 2020 – E.I.

the Wealth of Earth to grow the Cosmic Earth ling.


the H,W&W HOB SUM20 – acknowledging the presence of ‘ a foreign’ materials.Posted July 30, 2020



the H,W&W HOB SUM20 –

acknowledging the presence of ‘a foreign’ materials.


The Human Mind is reactive, uncompromising with the realm of Emotions, not to say fragile, so when We are told what is best for Us, by a basic but immutable Action(s) mechanism the Individual in Us react, a reaction usually express in reject or negation in the value of the said ‘better for yourself’ offering. A decade ago the HOB search and published a raw on Human ‘Obsolescence’, literally, for how long are We “engineered” for! And in a Biological effort to compensate from Our environment, others Biology, and most certainly the now pressuring Celestial forcing (anything from Rays to,.. a Comet), We have anticipated and set up numerous strategies and theories. None of which is reactive to the ongoing events, and Our ‘systems’ are now proven obsolete.

Which ever way you live your Life today, your Health, Wellness and Well being as much as the state of your Social surrounding and Living environment is dictated by harsh Biological Law(s) Intelligently memorized over Eon’s of presence on this Planet and with Consciousness as a safety guard, but consciousness is not shared or made available, it is You and Your State of Consciousness that we are acknowledging here, and as simple as it maybe, Humanity may find itself to Be “the” foreign materials as part of the Future of this Planet.

Not so easy indeed, the ramping lack of Human Experience shows its consequences in form of Human disconnectivity, ie; demands for access to ‘privilege’ status (from the experience of a “stable” Family to the extend of a stable “economy”), Human disparity in the ability to understand the present World, Human Society consumptions and Universal Environment degradation altering Human development, the incapability of the actual Human Society strata (All Human’s) to provide or support for a Universal solution proving to be a limitation, absence of Emotional Intelligence management enticing Human societies to value de-reason and counter-temperance,…:/ overall a conscious realization that if ‘taboos’ and ‘convictions’ are not dealt with in this Present, none can account for a Future, as for the one who have accumulated vast knowledge resulting from numbered Human Experiences (in which ever ‘field’ of existence) deception soar and the ability of the few will not rescue the many, and or the few, the current situation demands Us to understand what part of Humanity so ‘foreign’ to Humanity is at work, and if we result it in a Biology conclusion, We will know than that We are collectively facing a shift that can run down to the Atom up to accomplished its work. Will Humanity be part of the journey?

the HOB Health Wellness & Wellbeing

Summer 2020 – acknowledging the presence of ‘a foreign’ materials.


The idea of a ‘Big Bang’ if anything, support the other idea that we are all coming from the ‘same begining’ as in We are all connected even if this did happen Eon’s ago. Keep this in Mind. If we had to make a list of what components of modern life influx negatively on a healthy, well set and well lived Human life, we would have better chance to list the component that actually favor it, few to be accurate, the notion is, that so many components enter in consideration, that it would be better to jump from one system to another, the unpredictability of humanity future have its limit, “the Human Being is geared in for survival” but of course it is the other extend of the spectrum we are shooting at, quality, comfort, and the access of the Human experience in all needed safety and some form of guaranty of security, in a way, it is hard to make it worth from hereon.

So we enter Summer 2020 in contemplation of a conscious act, what is needed, and what is not, including in behavior, actions, decisions and of course consumption. Humanity is awakening to new form of Living, Resource Base Economy, Universal Basic Income, Online Education, Genetic Medical Diagnostics, all this in respect of ‘rights’ well anchored and a physically immutable environment.

On the Health side we can say that access to care at time of need (involving loss of Life) are a scarcity but Human make with it, Wellbeing, well, not so in quality and even so in quantity, to sustain the ‘ness’ health is use as a bargain ship “I’ll take some energy now and will put it back after the goal is reach,…” needless to conclude We all know that this choice of lifestyle is a Marathon, to Death, and of course the ‘being’ of all things, Wellbeing, as in where Life takes place, and there we see the ripple of a change, Human society is in great need of Love, Affection, Shared Emotions on the Human Condition, and Wellness environments are created each day, the “reason” maybe Politic or Ideologic, the cause is Biologic, an order of Natural Law(s) calling for a rapprochement of the living, ‘kind by kind’, Taxonomy is foreign to Social values, cultural race considerations or ethnic

You could address this part this way; would you be better looking bad and healthy or good looking and in a poor state of Health/ counter intuitive question we know, and in simple terms, what is demanded of Us today is to ‘adapt’ to trends and provoked events with no time to adjust.



Efficiency & Obsolescence.

Is the quotient usually in % of a system to function at the optimum capacity, meaning as close as possible to its blue printed and mathematically calculated design (yes we re still at it, its all in the original design, augmentation or innovation is only the continuity of the story of an idea), and this is as valid for Human as it maybe to any ‘things’ or ‘tools’ ever made, if the necessity of it is not founded, the efficiency will promote the opposite of what was the original reason of creation.


The study looked at people’s network of neurons, or brain activity. They found that people whose brain activity was more similar while at rest to their activity while engaged in cognitive skills had brains that performed more efficiently overall. These people performed the cognitive tasks better,… here.



The 10 percent of the brain myth is a widely perpetuated myth that most or all humans only use 10 percent (or some other small percentage) of their brains. It has been misattributed to many celebrated people, notably Albert Einstein.[1] By extrapolation, it is suggested that a person may harness this unused potential and increase intelligence.

Changes in grey and white matter following new experiences and learning have been shown, but it has not yet been proven what the changes are.[2] The popular notion that large parts of the brain remain unused, and could subsequently be “activated”, rests in folklore and not science. Though specific mechanisms regarding brain function remain to be fully described—e.g. memory, consciousness—the physiology of brain mapping suggests that all areas of the brain have a function and that they are used nearly all the time… read more here,…


the Becoming 

in a series of publication, Jim Tomlinson & Nick Tratsoo (linked hereunder) propose a reflection base on archives to better understand the what and for of efficiency in the ongoing industrial era of Humanity, and which ever way you aim to look at it, this is the result of a neo-consciousness form with the support of the enlightenment period which preceed the act, consciousness first.

The Conservatives and Industrial Efficiency, 1951-1964 responds to the need for a full assessment of the Conservatives performance in this crucial period. Drawing upon a wide range of archival sources, Nick Tiratsoo and Jim Tomlinson explore the different aspects of the efficiency question. Beginning with the major issue of attempts in the 1950s to americanize British industry, the authors also discuss the Conservatives policy on ompetition, education and training, investment and research and development. This new survey reveals that the Conservatives were informed about each of these issues, yet shrank from effective reform. They were, rather, reduced to inertia by ideological dilemmas, internal party antagonisms and conflicting strategic objectives. Tiratsoo and Tomlinson conclude that 1951 – 1964 were indeed ‘thirteen wasted years’. This book will be of interest to all those concerned with the post-1945 economic and political history of Britain// here

In layman terms, nobody exceed its potential. Well said, but imcomplete. One maybe able to exceed its potential with the support of unseen forces or simply by the use and abuse of others to achieve so. Look around you, this world is filled with “personality” who lives and exceed everything we favors them too. Does this in anyway providing efficiency to this Humanity? Think again.



Definition. Eco-efficiency generates more value through technology and process changes whilst reducing resource use and environmental impact throughout the product or service’s life. Eco-efficiency applies to all business aspects, from purchasing and production to marketing and distribution.

Eco-efficeincy nowadays is the talk of talks. This Humanity has become very proficient in sustaining in evermore efficient ways a system that no longer deliver its promises. Word is, if you cannot crawl, you will fly. A Metamorphosis is needed, down to the fundamental Atoms that makes Us, a profond Biological change that can only be acknowledge as a ‘foreign material’ at first, demanding attention. If We are at the doorstep of a deep and irreversible change, are We fully aware of it, and can We assume that past Civilizations were conscious of occurring changes? Is there any memories of this awareness, Biological one or Etherial one?


archivist/- a change, of the form or nature of a thing or person, into a completely different one or entity, characterized by the acknowledgment of the subject surrounding and environment retribution in form of re-classification, in contemporary human society, it is classified as ‘foreign materials’ that is not categorize or classified.//


A new language. A form of communication enabling the amplitude of Human Individual meaning is the quest, this in a time of total dichotomy, where some have mastered the word and the writing and most can barely read and understand the energy trapped in these words and writings, the Era of the Coincidencia Oppositorum is coming to a close, with a universal language, the doctrine becomes obsolete, a built in and programed obsolescence dissipating with its time.

Re-evolve is the absolute demand, a ‘modus’ for Human existence, a system for the memory to be, Senses oblige, and the demand is answered by functions, Biological and now Mechanical functions, offering the possibility to re-live the moment, the action, the look or human environment, to the very opposite of the Celestial elements, only unveiling the Past. This re-evolve absolute demand Us to Be more than believes and convictions, it is ask of Us to know, and Humanity is walking this path already, this irreversible shift in consciousness, this new language stand now resolute.

Pollutant and its derivative, pollution, was present in the world of Human since the beginning of its existence, Natural pollutant most invasive and mortal to human Biology, can be found all over this planet, it is produce via the natural biochemical reaction keeping this Planet alive (yes as in living, try to live on a dead planet you bozo,…), and Human have learn to live along these natural phenomenon before their Alchemists found ways to make these substance Ours. Earth 2020, the Human Being has become an expetional Chemist, only base on Human achievement as We lack an equal or superior entity to compare it (futile to insist on the pseudo competition between Nations, States or Corporation Chemistry is what we know of it period), and it comes clear now, that We became very good at polluting ourselves when once We were able to anticipate the danger of pollutants, so to be reminded of Our lack of attention, we endure and re-assess our qualities and the quality of Our world.


There are many types of primary pollutants, including carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, particulates, lead, and volatile organic compounds. Secondary pollutants form from chemical reactions that occur when pollution is exposed to sunlight. Ozone is a secondary pollutant that is also a greenhouse gas… continue here,…



Purity, the new Social contract.

Hygiene, in its original Greek definition; the Human conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness. Understand here a Healthy Being in an Healthy Environment, is asking a monumental work, millennium of evolution has leave a dimension of bad habits and contradictive actions. Coming to the point, this consciousness was achieve through Time(s) and experiences, and more than ever, the intellect must be put to use, and Humanity Emotional Intelligence elected tool to achieve so, and in Our new terms, a state of purity must be attained.

What happen when we become conscious of a change, a change We know will be irreversible, an unavoidable happening. What happen when We can see in real time the metamorphosis of the Being. Our Individual and collective Emotional Intelligence has proven fragile if not unbecoming confronting Us to the ultimate “Fear”, the fear of the unknown a primal and Celestial fear not to keep any memory of this experience, this memory that has enabling Us to survive ourselves for Eon’s of Time(s), a memory of this Planet and a memory of Our survival story, carve in Human DNA, will once more this memory help Us acknowledging the presence of a foreign material to adapt too and make ‘it’ Ours?

the HOB Health Wellness & Wellbeing

Summer 2020 – acknowledging the presence of ‘foreign’ materials.













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All You need to know about ExST & ExSK research and available product – the HOB Off Grid #2018Posted January 8, 2018


System Assisted Mobility /S.A.M. & All about Exosuits and Exoskeleton developments and trend.


Off Grid Living – @the HOB 2018


“As machines go, the human body is an extraordinarily efficient one. The way we move—our arm swing, cadence, step length—is all calibrated to minimize energy consumption, allowing the body to get the maximum mileage out of calories it consumes. But in the burgeoning field of soft robotics, scientists have struggled to replicate this. Scientists imagine that one day, robotic exoskeletons could help sick kids walk and make the elderly stronger, supplying weak bodies with supplemental strength. If only those robotic exteriors could move as efficiently as a healthy human body.”

All here/


“A new prototype designed by researchers from Hiroshima University in Japan claims to be able to enhance sensory and motor function in the upper body of the wearer. Referred to as the Sensorimotor Enhancing Suit (SEnS), it uses intricate understanding of the muscular and nervous system in our upper bodies to create an intelligently layered system of fabric.”

More here/




Ready for whatever the physical challenge

It’s only been a few short years since rigid exoskeletons first appeared. Very quickly after that it seemed as though they were making appearances on every news program everywhere,
demonstrating their ability to raise people up from a lifetime of being trapped in a wheelchair to one of walking upright once again.

With over 50 million Americans struggling with restricted mobility as a result of stroke, aging, injury and other conditions; and with a worldwide number that the World Bank claims approaches12 percent of the globe’s 7.2 billion people, it’s easy to see why rigid, wearable exoskeletons, and their ability to greatly enhance the lives of the handicapped, have been so well received.

link here/





 more here/


Today, Ekso Bionics® (EKSO) is a worldwide pioneer in the field of robotic exoskeletons. For over 10 years we have been committed to developing the latest technology and engineering to help people rethink current physical limitations and achieve the remarkable. Our productsunlock human strength, endurance, and mobility potential, with broad applications across medical and industrial markets.

link here/




Stay tuned for more S.A.M. development #2018



The Edge of the Age – the HOB ARCHIVES 2015-2022


the Edge of the Age 2018# – What does h+ stand for!Posted January 19, 2018



what does it stand for …

All Works in measures and quantities. it is true for all that need to be made and that was made. but at equal measures and quantities, quality a third element added, can provide a comfortable difference to all. and that is what h+ stand for. at all measures and quantities equal, quality will provide to bridge the gap restraining Human.


we have compiled for You an extract of what the World of TransHumanism think thank best about Human Future, Future Challenges and applicable Sciences and Technologies, Biologic or Synthetic h+ ‘s have to offer. good search/



humanity +/

don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits …

“Shouldn’t we concentrate on current problems?…
such as improving the situation of the poor, rather than putting our efforts into planning for the “far” future?

We should do both. Focusing solely on current problems would leave us unprepared for the new challenges that we will encounter.

Many of the technologies and trends that transhumanists discuss are already reality. Biotechnology and information technology have transformed large sectors of our economies. The relevance of transhumanist ethics is manifest in such contemporary issues as stem cell research, genetically modified crops, human genetic therapy, embryo screening, end of life decisions, enhancement medicine, information markets, and research funding priorities. The importance of transhumanist ideas is likely to increase as the opportunities for human enhancement proliferate”… all here

Transhumanism And The Future Of Humanity:

7 Ways The World Will Change By 2030

The coming years will usher in a number of body augmentation capabilities that will enable humans to be smarter, stronger, and more capable than we are today. Wearables will be one form of body augmentation, but they will far surpass the fitness trackers of today. In the future, we can expect the arrival of contact lenses that can take pictures or video, universal language translator earbuds that allow us to communicate anywhere in the world, and exosuits that increase physical strength.  We will also see increased use of implants ranging from brain microchips and neural lace to mind-controlled prosthesis and subdermal RFID chips that allow users to unlock doors or computer passwords with the wave of a hand. However, the most powerful body augmentation will come from biological augmentation as a result of increased insight into our genomes, advances in IVF technology that may allow us to select the most intelligent embryos, and powerful CRISPR gene-editing technology which may one day give us the ability to eliminate all heritable diseases… read it here

What could go wrong?

Plenty of criticisms have been lobbed at transhumanists over the years, with their extreme views of the technological future of humanity causing many to question whether this is a direct pathway to losing touch with what makes us essentially human. The fear that we will merge into some kind of inhuman, god-like, robot civilization quite fairly frightens and disturbs those with more traditional perspectives on humanity.

Science fiction classically reflects many fears of transhumanist futures, from Skynet taking over the world to a Gattaca-like future where genetic modification creates dystopian class separation. But prominent transhumanist critic Francis Fukuyama has soberly outlined the dangers of this modern movement in his book, Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution… all here

When Will We Be Transhuman?

Seven Conditions for Attaining Transhumanism


  1. Persons, not People:Rights discourse will shift to personhoodinstead of common humanity. I have argued we’re already beginning to see a social shift towards this mentality. Using a scaled system based on traits like sentience, empathy, self-awareness, tool use, problem solving, social behaviors, language use, and abstract reasoning, animals (including humans) will be granted rights based on varying degrees of personhood. Personhood based rights will protect against Gattaca scenarios while ensuring the rights of new forms of intelligence, be they alien, artificial, or animal, are protected. When African grey parrots, gorillas, and dolphins have the same rights as a human toddler, a transhuman friendly rights system will be in place… read here

the Edge of the Age Jan 2018# –