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-what ‘the internet’ does best, propagating knowledge about “the subject of choice” worldwide-

-the Fall- This ‘list’ is a compilation of key links to provide the readers with an organized and easy to access info-list related to the ongoing events, Earth, System Planet’s, The Sun Our Star, Our Galaxy, near Verse and observable Cosmos. The Fall is here, here is ‘the List’.

Preamble: // Conscious Neutrality; /ˈkänSHəs/ CONSCRIRE Latin roots—the prefix com- (“with,” “together,” “jointly”) and the verb scire (“to know”), combined – conscire means “to be aware of” —and both relate to a state of awareness, the first of a moral awareness and the second of a physical or mental wakefulness. // – /no͞oˈtralədē/ Neutrality late 15c., neutralite, “neutral attitude or position” – “the neutral party in any dispute,” Medieval Latin neutralitatem (nominative neutralitas), from Latin neutralis see adj\\ -ei; is a State of Consciousness enabling One to understand and acknowledge that One does not hold the necessary information or data or Intuitivelly conclude that the said information’s and data’s are eroded or inaccurate and not withholding the ability to verify and certified such data’s and information’s to take a position or willingly engage in an activity. Conscious Neutrality.


Conscious Neutrality! The correct ‘Stand’ to abide by, a State of conscious understanding opening One ability to foresee Life and accept not to be involved unless full transparency and complete sharing of knowledge is validated by the Common. !attention Seekers, Attention seekers. The quote is as simple it read, and it can be understood in any languages, “pay attention Seekers of the Living”, those who need Your attention knows how to get it.

‘Enternet’, we borrow the creative’s from Fletcher’s ‘Entergalactic’, the NODE PUBLISH first publication. attention Seekers! Attention seekers are here to take it away from You! ONLY BY HOW EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES CHANGES US is enough to account for what can only be tagged ‘a multi consciousness’, the simple state of thoughts is a good example, at least it was until the WWW became what it is today, added to Books, various form of Arts and Human to Human living experiences, by now any Human’s at any given Time(s) can access the first ‘altered physical reality’ aka; this Humanity communication system. That is what the WWW the ‘backbone’, and the Internet ‘the access point’ is, a Planetary Civilization comm system, and it has been disruptive, so much so that none of the existing infrastructures of what makes the Human Safe Livable Zone, so the ‘existential risk’ to acknowledge is that of this Humanity Planetary Civilization in the making, the process of transition to transformation have already began, but a common vision is lacking, inspired from an external influence this ‘article of change’ is at Our doorstep and it came from Our own Galaxy distributing the Will of the Cosmos. By conscious Will Human Beings are presented with a Time(s) to transcend. Into what?, this Transcendental Epoch will show.

‘the’ Lucid Dream if you like it better, but emanating from a ‘screen’.

NODE PUBLISH AUT23 | Celebration, this Autumn closing takes Us to the Platform celebration of 30 years of WWW. So, to leave space in Mind for the subject of choice, only Music as we like it to support research, listening & reading, call it Down tempo, Low Fi, Trip Hop, Electro-Ska, Dubb, AM or chill out, from Classical Music to the far extend of Tribal Ritual Music this flow of Sounds emancipates Us All, this Year the HOB Artist is celebrated with Seven Beats Music aka; Haris Bajramovic.

On another hand, this publication aim at proposing a list of relevant publication, interview, podcast for matter of search, research, and directions about the coming of Age of a Transformation, by Will, this Cosmos is morphing in front of Our Eyes and this Humanity is conscious, it is Biologically experienced that this Humanity will take advantage from and Transcend, NODE PUBLISH AUT23 propose a list of studies and lecture about the ongoing subject of choice, fastening Cosmos, Galactic Wave & Earth Magnetic Excursion. Omission may have been made, we are asking Readers to add any link from ‘the Internet’ for others to access, just email us: Good read, good listening and good search.

‘in the case our planet offers quazyunic dimensional, geomagnetic, geometrical, chemical and physical properties, than the answer is yes, technologically evolved organisms could be looking at it as an opportunity, but again, what technologically evolved mean!?!’///

‘The Subject of Choice, Human in Time(s) of Magnetic Excursion.’

AUT23 NODE PUBISH – introduction to the Galactic Superwave .

Paul Laviolette – on Joan Cerio |

Galactic Seismology: Giant Waves Crossing the Milky Way | Joss Bland-Hawthorn

Planetary Civil.

Awaiting for answers to unknown questions. How to answer the Living, how to answer Life. Lifestyle, the broad aspect of this Platform, have been a very revealing experience for those who have participated directly or not to Our developments, as the adage goes observation is good science, so we did just that, 30 years of WWW, 30 years for a digital web to deploy over a Planet, a Planetary Multimedia communication system, infrastructure and protocol, Asimov would be thoughtful. And in order to move on gracefully toward a Transcended Humanity, what We name Home, Planet Earth Human Life, must be morph, metamorphose should we write, and what is better known as ‘Spirituality’ put to use, consciousness is the path to transcendence, and in order to do so, the question of how to involve (and counting) Salient, Sapient and Sentient Beings to Live. In Time(s) of Magnetic Excursion is the subject of choice, a changing reality in front of our eyes. NODE PUBLISH AUT23.

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Tasks & Bonuses

Surviving. We re not here. This address Permanence and valuably its counter part, Impermanence. What we mean by that is that We are not able to foresee Our own Living (as a reminder it took 80 Human Birth for every 10000 Human to sustain the Human Species) pass a defined point involving a transcendence of a kind, Time(s), more Life=more Time(s). Tasks & Bonuses, for the last 3 years and unless you live above K10$/Year, You have at least heard of the ‘Internet’ revolving earning schematic demanding you to participate into ‘tasks’ usually a succession of click aim at resuming fault and deficiency in a System, Bonuses of course, come as a bargain, 30 cents a click and the gathering of Penny’s and Dimes provides just enough for a steady income of buying power. Food, Rental, Transportation, Care health and housing, Bills of all sorts starting by Your “internet” bill and nearly 5 Billion Human Beings inclusive of Elders, Adults, Teenager and Children find themselves under an understanding, one not define by needs and necessities, cultural obligation or religious contents, political inclination and military values, but an understanding that Their Live hangs on by an Optic Fiber cable! ‘what could go wrong’, and to make sure that You are aware of ‘the subject of choice’, In Time of Magnetic Excursion, (and counting worldometer ) Human Beings in a state of conscious neutrality awaiting patiently the dawn of a vision, an imagery for All to contemplate and experience.

In Time(s) of Excursion – NODE PUBLISH-AUT23

-in time of excursion | Earth


//Question de la semaine. Faut-il s’inquiéter de l’inversion magnétique des pôles ? scienceetavenir/

Japan/Publish-PDF/ 身のまわりの電磁界につい//

-in time of excursion | Solar System

Solar System’s Protective Shield is Weakening; Solar Wind Velocity at Record Low//

Consequences of a Change in the Galactic Environment of the Sun//Zank & Frisch

百科全书、科学新闻和研究评论 // Heliosphere//

-in time of excursion | the Milky Way Galaxy

SOC – Science Of Cycles // Founded in 1995: Mitch Battros PARTVI

GCR – Galactic Cosmic Rays // SOC 2021

Cosmic-ray volleys from the Galactic Center and their recent impact on the earth environment// Laviolette, P. A.…37..241L

-in time of excursion | Cosmos

Our Magnetic Universe Prof. Susan Clark (Stanford University),which%20new%20stars%20are%20born.

Ars Electronica// Die Suche nach kosmischer Wahrheit///

I buchi neri supermassicci alterano la chimica delle galassie Inserito da Fulvia Croci 2023 |

KNOWS & Q’s | Human Knowledge & Electrifying Consequences | NP’s AUT23 |

| Science

Wal Thornhill: Electric Comets & Asteroids | EU Workshop 2014

| Social

Nick Bostrom: How AI will lead to tyranny| Flo Read – UnHerd

| Spiritual

Manly P. Hall: Magnetic Fields of the Human Body

-‘easy water?’

Classical World of Physic – Reality as We experience it: EZ or exclusion zone, Is an ongoing discussion in the field of Sciences. Easy Water on another hand doesn’t mean anything, as human of Earth see Water as an ‘existing’ Element of Our day to day Life. Of All forms of what is tagged ‘Racism’, Intellectual Racism is emerging as the most relevant and lethal form of Mind using in Our becoming Planetary Civilization. At All strata of this Globalize World, the conviction that Intelligence is a 1 Dimensional realm aiming at reconstructing what it fail to achieve appears to be tainted with Tribal Pride & Clan Idealism, One could think of another term, ‘Fascism’ or again some would see here ‘Communism’ in all Political intent, and unless anything would be different on Religious ground (Religious Secularism are at work as these words are written) One could foresee a possible from what is in use by Human today on this Planet. But there is none, there is not and there is meant, existing construct Vs existing construct. We are at the Image of Ourselves, and We can’t accept it any longer.

LIST-ON – or OFF the record// awaiting for the veil to fall// NODE PUBLISH AUT23



NEO – Near Earth Objects-




Solar Storm/

Solar Phenomena/

Solar Flares/

Solar Proton Events/

Solar and Lunar Eclypse/

NOAA (the list has changed)/

NOAA Sol & GEO events/

Sun glossary/


ESO Astronomical events/

Astronomical dairy PAGASA DOST/

MHA events/

Astronomy Terms/

NED.NASA.CALTECH.IPAC Extragalactic database/

JPL whats observable/



Future Astronomical events/

BBC SKY@NIGHT Mag History KEY Events/

Listverse rare Cosmic events (2015)/

Most Anticipated events/

Possible? Isn’t it!/

Observable Universe WIKI/

IOP Energy CR (catalog)/

Pierre Auger open data/

Suspicious Observers MOND /

‘Changes, transforming changes, are carves in the rocks of this Planet, as it is carved in Our DNA unto Species and Speciation Human’s have yet to understand. Transformations so abrupt and intense that the All and Everything is just incapable to remember. So this Platform interest is in preparing the Self to a phenomena call Transcendence. And ultimately, find a way throughout the Stars.’


Catastrophe for Sale | Planet Finance


John Lennox | Lanier Theological Library


What the Upcoming Geomagnetic Reversal Will Do to Earth

-city weather-

Of All things experienced by this Humanity, what is now known as ‘City Weather’ is been experienced by over 6 Billion Human Beings. So what is it that make this ‘Weather’ so Planetary? Maybe we should start on another dimension of thoughts, well timed if looking at this Planet of Human Workers, for some readers ‘those who don’t mind the weather and rarely see the skies’ representing 87% of the actual Population mass not involved on the ‘traditional’ Economy however gravitating around it for obvious survival reasons for the very basic necessities of living, Shelter, Food and Healthcare most of which inhabit Urban & near Urban areas. ‘City Weather’, a ‘Blade Runner like’ image, Pollution is the cause but blame it on ‘the weather’, climate echoes in everyone, from a possible to ‘the impossible’s’ soon to be known by All, in time Our Star, the Sun will have it It’s way, in our time the ongoing Magnetic Excursion of Earth hence the racing to automate and mechanize everything that isn’t, Human’s as well. Will the last necessary and by necessity Workers vanish without a fight? Away from all influenced ‘84’ and ‘brave new world’, these relics have inspired numerous of Individuals in search of attention, and a science has been developed to take away yours. Very much like City’s Weather, walled in and little to no light to see.

House of Down Tempo HODT’s | NP23 – Haris Bajramovic/Seven Beats | Y23 Artist

Seven Beats Music// HODT’s Winter selection///


Seven Beats Music// SOUNDSEARCH Winter selection///

Tycho • The Herbaliser • Groove Corporation • Poldoore/ 


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Deep Chill Mix • Late Night Focus & Productivity Music


Space Engineer – & Human Complexity in face of Transcendence/// NODE PUBLISH AUT23

The Space Junk Problem – EXTRACT//

-Big messes call for big cleaning tools. When it comes to tidying up low Earth orbit, this isn’t a job for just anyone–or anything. Space debris come in all shapes and sizes, so they can be hard to pinpoint and even harder to capture. Leaving them to orbit around aimlessly, however, poses a huge threat.Let’s start at the very beginning. In 1978 NASA scientist Donald J. Kessler theorized that an increasing amount of space pollution would lead to more collisions between objects in orbit, and thus more debris. This became known as the Kessler Syndrome. This domino effect describes a cosmic crisis that is both massive and urgent. Luckily, multiple teams of researchers at USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI), a unit of the Viterbi School of Engineering, are working on solutions. //continue reading here//

‘altered state of perception or altered state of consciousness. It is one or the other. What you should ask is how conscious or aware I am, which is which!’

SIGNS – In Time of Magnetic Excursion || NODE PUBLISH AUT23

EXTRACT// Many of the Earth’s biomes are under rapid assault or non-repairable changes that could lead to their destruction.

Explanation: As a result of the release of huge amounts of carbon gases being released into the atmosphere, the temperature of the earth is rising at a dangerous rate. This has the effect of raising land, air, and water temperatures and melting the polar ice caps.

This self-escalating trend is resulting in noticeable changes to every biome on earth. Warmer water is changing the habitats of marine animals, corals, jellyfish and fish causing unpleasant effects on species that can survive and those who cannot.// continue reading here//

The ‘cost’ of Human Ego, Human Pride and incapability for a Future Vision | NP’S AUT23

The Forever Chemical Scandal | Bloomberg


Endocrine Disruptors – Common Chemicals That Severely Alter Your Hormones – Dr. Shanna Swan – AFTER SKOOL

There are 8 billion people on Earth, but soon we’ll hit a decline we might never reverse | ABC News




In summary, the human life cycle has six main stages: foetus, baby, child, adolescent, adult and elderly. Concluding with the state of Death, or the end of functions of all organs including the Brain.

Life cycle of a Galaxy.

In time, any given galaxy begins to run out of recyclable gas. Without gas, it can’t form new stars; the old stars live out their lives and die, and eventually the galaxy dies too. Galaxies sit in a bath of gas, the medium from which they were born and which fuels them.

Cosmic cycle life span.

Alternatively, according to theories of so-called cyclic cosmologies, the universe is immortal and is going through endless bounces. Although a bouncing universe may experience one or more cycles, a truly cyclic universe has no beginning and no end.

 | 2023 Selection || House Of Down Tempo, the HODT’s Artist | Haris Bajramovic 

AUTUMN 2023 Perfect TRIP-HOP Mix •

SUMMER 2023 Chill Mix • Lounge & Downtempo •


SPRING 2023 Aydio • Jon Kennedy • Auditive Escape • Soma Sonic



‘the List’ – Observable Magnetic events-COSMIC.GALACTIC.SOLAR EVENTS// – NPAUT23



WIKI Magnetar/

WIKI List of Effects/

Physics Observable Changes/

GSFC Observables (NASA)/

Springer; Cool Star Magnetic Field/

scienceDirect; E&M Field in functioning materials/

WHO Radiation/

Britanica Magnetospheric Substorm/

HARVARD Spiral Galaxy and Galactic Magnetic Fields (1989)/…214…47S

Effects of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections on Ground Level Neutron Monitor /

“To Transcend into what we already are, that is the conundrum. The difficulty is in accepting what we are, Transcend of Human Transcend. The reason of it is our Cosmic environment. A Cellestial influence.”


PODCast | Autumn 2023 selection | All from Lex Fridman | NODE PUBLISH

| John Mearsheimer


| Lisa Randall


| Jeff Bezos


The Imitation! Of being Intelligent?

To begin, we should write that Intelligence is in the All and Everything, even functions, sometime ignored, but let it as it is today, say the everyday living of the everyone, aka: Human Beings of Planet Earth, and lets us pursue the thoughts of what is Our everyday living, repetition of tasks, set up of habits, development of guaranty???, all linked more to Our Salience & Sapience than Our Intelligence. So here is our question, ?are We imitating intelligence?, are We consciously say willingly creating an image of intelligence, amalgaming successions of seen and eared informations extending further Human Beings ability to survive under the act(s) of ‘working’. Entangled ways. This Humanity has no solution to extract value from ‘Love’, ‘in all human bourgeoisie’, Consciousnes or the search for the necessary tools to overcome Emotional discoveries, is taking grip, non participation organized under a social act demands attention, ‘eclectic’ is the Word. A Day to a Day, slowly making its path on anything Living, ‘the foreign element’ undiscribable in Human terms is fast becoming apparent.



“We don’t change, we become ourselves. Nature dictates our behavior, What we collectively view as Nature is upon us, and we will transcend, with and in our own will. Human’s.”

From ‘the Tube’ | NODE PUBLISH AUT23

Anton Petrov – Solar Cycle History For the Past 1000 Years Reveals a Few Surprises |

Dr Becky – The giant wave of gas discovered near the Sun in the Milky Way | The Radcliffe Wave

Valentina Zharkova – Heartbeat of the Sun – Terrestrial Volcanic Eruptions Links With Solar Activity


“a Human Being on Europa or Mars or yhayhayha will be name a Human Being, we have to stop with this ‘colonize’ other Planet ideology, Inhabit is the term to use, there is now conquest for Human in the Cosmos, but that of Themselves.”


We are as We are, Parentless Cosmic Childs (the what and where from conundrum)  no reference to measure Ourselves to, and We behave as such. What does this tells Us?, the Past(s) or what is commonly use ‘the Biological Time’ pass, or how the visible Universe goes from a less uniform state to a more uniform state overall and how ‘the Living’ is deteriorating on Earth are the two ends of what Human’s know. None of the above can be address in what is described as a ‘normal state of consciousness’, somehow, consciousness is to be altered to penetrate these existential and evident Mind thoughts.


The Game of Life and How to Play it by Florence Scovel Shinn – read by Sarah Partridge

Awakened Imagination by Neville Goddard – read by Adam Hanin

Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend – read by Sarah Partridge

Tired to Fear!

The ‘limits’ of the exchange can be described as follow; Hours of hard labor say physical labor, 10 hours a day every day, providing with most needed attention to the mechanical functions We All rely on but on which this Civilization in the making can’t accept, is poorly rewarded and has been for Eon’s (hello Roger, Sir) although this is not the focus of this paper it needed to be acknowledge, and Workers, women and Men, at it for these Eon’s claim the solid reality You are living in. This intensity of Labor build Human in a certain way, mental and Physical, down to it leaving very little ‘Hope’ for improvement, even over the long term, consistency become the ‘Immortal’ key, a Day to another Day. In the presence of a living example we are now emancipating and foreseen possible. Our choice, that of an RBE, propose that the Quant ‘start at the needed physical labor and what it demands in Human terms to achieve it, and demanding to identify first the Human Being’s willing to participate. It would demand concurrently that their Mental, Physical and Spiritual state of beings is attended, and finally the inclusion of ‘continuous learning’ would have to be made accessible meaning that learning programs will have to be adapted to the Dimensional functions of each student, learning the same things in different ways. The requirement of Shelter and Food along with Health attention would complete the exchange. Nothing un-eared of, all component exist at the exception of Will, difficult to find a realm to pour Will in, some say that the confusion is such that Humanity interest for itself is fading, Adorexia is becoming Human normality, not that anyone care, or that there is no interest in the living, everyone is just Tired to Fear.

“Transmition of knowledge, to transmition of knowledge, to application, if the knowledge is not applicable it will receive very little attention, to be appealing, the users must be able to apply what is known in real time.”

‘the List’ – Earth Geomagnetic Excursion | NODE PUBLISH AUT23

Geomagnetic Excursions C. Laj, Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environment, Unite´ Mixte CEA-CNRS-UVSQ, Gif-sur-Yvette, France J. E. T. Channell, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA ª 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

World Wide Science

Sample records for short-lived geomagnetic excursions

Research Gate

Geomagnetic Excursion Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism (pp.311-313)

“Magnetism /ˈmaɡnɪtɪz(ə)m/ – Presence: Universal. Agency: Quantum Mechanical. Cause: Motion of Electric charges. Biological Effects & Affects: Total. Human impact: NONE/UNKNOWN. Impacts on Human Beings: allowing Life. Possible Collaterals: severe to Deadly. Fields of Sciences related: Medical, Cosmology, Geophysics, Geology…etc\tbc. Known by the Common: Resonance Imaging. Planetary Interface: the Schumann Cavity Resonance. Source: Cosmos. Interaction: Cosmological.”


the Effects and Affects of Human beings. On their I.E.!

Can Human consciously experience their Emotional Intelligence. It does not take any particular form of intelligence, the sight of a Polluted Beach or that of an open Air garbage field or a River to understand the very thin line on which Human Beings are standing on. A Polluted Internal Environment at risk. Naturally we should acknowledge the impact on the Natural Environment however Human Beings suffer first from their own Act(s) of polluting a living space (for lack of better words) which enable Human’s to exist.

In time of excursion. An event maybe known by some, but most unknown among Human Society, is unfolding as these words are written. Our Star, ‘the Sun’, the regional space in Our Galaxy Our Solar system travel through ‘the Magellanic cloud’ itself a part of what is name ‘the Milky Way’ or Akash Ganga for Indu, Darb Al-Tabbāna in Arabic, Млечный Путь for Russian or 銀河 ‘Silver River’ in China which Galaxy is cruising at 1.3mMl/Hr or 2.1mKm/Hr in ‘a’ Cosmos which borders Human Beings can’t assert or see. This event is part of what Human describes as ‘Cycles’, not always with the idea that events unfold the same again and again, mroeso that at rather precise Epoch events of Galactic proportion unfold and happen to change greatly anything occupying its space.  If there is a Will behind it one may say that little is known about it at the exception of what Human Religions have gather over Time(s), and Human observation or Science enabling to foresee both what was and what could be.

It is important to remind the Reader of the timely opportunity this offer encompassing all and every similarities and differences making Human Society today as the concern is on the transformation of Human Beings from an external Agent, in Our case the nearest Agent being the Sun, Our Star, and in order to Transcend Human’s own Humanity is to be put at Work, opening to a Spiritual Transcendence.


“CHBUF!?! It read ‘could have been used for’, and it juxtaposes the momentum this Humanity is in, this Platform has, have and will support the potential of a resources base Planetary economy, code tag @RBPE, it was difficult to avoid the talk when emphasizing the Transcendental potential of the moment, in Time(s) of Magnetic Excursion, would the interest for a few supersedes the potential of All?”

In Societal Sanity | Zeit and Humanity | NODE PUBLISH AUT23 MOCONOMY | (Ft Jacque.)

Moving Forward | World Society | Documentary | Socioeconomics


Addendum | Social Corruption | Materialism | Currencies


Moving Forward | Human Survival | Economics | Peter Joseph


‘understanding? This isn’t about understanding, it is about Cell’s, Atom’s Particles awaiting a Will-full decision, nowadays every so call strategy from studies specially in augmented machines field ignore the BioChemical relationship, from a Host to a Host, for Human the very vibration of how we talk, what we talk and how we use language sequences to think form our reality. A vibrational reality’

Global Warming? Global Shift. Global Oscillation! & the Transcendence of a Kind

The quest of a Planetary Civilization for another Star is an exalting Dream. To understand that, we should ask ‘what is a nightmare’, not so much in the Common term, everyone knows All Human’s have experienced it, for some too many times, \ nightmare is when 2 Dreams fuse resulting in a uncompromising effect, Chaos (yes Chaos and Anarchy are 2 of a kind), and to willingly ignore that Nightmare can enter the Living is to willingly ignore Human Nature, as We are not Projectors only one possibility remain, that We are Creators of Our Reality, by thoughts. In the case of the subject of choice, this HOB Publication would be missing a lot if the Work of Milankovitch to be ignored. Hey! Politic’s, Religion’s and Army’s aside, this Platform isn’t bound by none and nothing, so once again, ‘the List’ in order to be as complete as possible is to include the most willingly ignored a Human Being who have found out the ‘why,what.who & where’, aka: The Milankovitch cycles which includes The shape of Earth’s orbit, known as eccentricity; The angle Earth’s axis is tilted with respect to Earth’s orbital plane, known as obliquity; and. The direction Earth’s axis of rotation is pointed, known as precession. Who’s who:?: Galactic knowledge, a line extending from Earth’s North Pole slowly traces a large circle around the sky. It takes about 26,000 years to complete one Precessional cycle “in 1000 B.C., ancient mariners such as the Phoenicians had no convenient pole star to use for navigation.” Among other things, Milankovitch studied changes in these movements of the Earth, which alter the amount and location of solar radiation reaching the Earth. This is known as solar forcing (an example of radiative forcing). Milankovitch emphasized the changes experienced at 65° north due to the great amount of land at that latitude. Much to read and research on the subject of choice, but here the main key point to be aware of; Today, the Earth’s axis is tilted 23.5 degrees from the plane of its orbit around the sun. But this tilt changes. During a cycle that averages about 40,000 years, the tilt of the axis varies between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees. Because this tilt changes, the seasons as we know them can become exaggerated.

What ‘the Scientists’ says | NODE PUBLISH AUT23

Eric Weinstein – on Chris Williamson | Modern Wisdom 676


STAR TALK – hosted by Chuck Nice – Neil deGrasse Tyson on Magnetic Pole Reversal and Extinction |


Douglas Vogt | About the Real Causes of Climate Change

ASOC – Altered State Of Consciousness

‘nothing new in the world of man but what is unknown’, good quote, everybody laugh, such a disconcern, this Humanity ‘bourgeoisie’ is weighting the course of Time(s), choices over choices, deliberated decision after argued and agreed ‘discussions’ intellectually and willingly ignoring the affects and consequences inviting a ‘World of Human’ to participate without understanding or knowing what they participate to. Entanglement is the word. Year 2023 CE, Common Era, today, this moment in Your Life, how palpable and realistic it may seams, is demanding Living without the burden of the ‘survival process’, very much like the subject of choice WIN/SPR22/23 “It – Love”, ‘in Time(s) of Excursion’ aim to provide the Reader with hints and basics that a ‘World of Human’ experiencing the Living on a Planet name Earth are soon to realize that ‘reality’ just ain’t so. We live Our Lives in an altered state of consciousness, 99% of the time! Not so easy to accept for most, endured by few, and this sentiment is eperienced by All, is there an answer to Consciousness outside of Awareness?

2077 10 Seconds to the Future – from Free Documentary | NP’s AUT23 selection

| Mutation|

| Global Estrangement |

| New Nomads |

In an understanding with the Bios.

You may have noticed it, or not, Our connection to the Bios (anything Earth) is expanding Consciousness included or Awareness incubated, and Our Senses fell that it happen exponentially from a day to a day. Many are ‘sheilding’ a very natural Biological reaction and do so without knowing they do, Our Biome works in such a way that a lot of ‘protection’ capacity just work on auto pilot, its built in Human’s. Transformation is the Word, a process by which ‘something becomes something else’, how. Why, where or who is than easy to grasp. Earth of Human’s and a Time(s) to Transcend, this publication aim at disseminating information’s of the subject of choice, in an understanding with the BIOS.

“if the best reference we use to define what is a human being is solely on aesthetic, uni-dimensional intellect and ability to gather under ideologically elected groups, then we may be missing a lot. For now we stand between impossibilities and exaggeration, with no imagination of where we can go or what we can be.”


From the Palomar Observatory | NODE PUBLISH AUT23 –

Swinging Around the Sun | the Parker Solar Probe | Nour E. Raouafi


Stellar Evolution and the Origin of the Elements | Timothy Thompson


‘piaece of Mind’.

We enter Winter once again, in the Southern Emisphere Summer start, This Planet is Our Home because of how We have transcended by ways of adaptation Millenia’s over, to write that it will always be so depends on Transcendental structure more than any other or how this Humanity can foresee its near Future, Transcendental structure that this Humanity is to Imagine. Nature demands it. What will becomes of Us maybe already known by some, ignore by others and a quest for most. The ‘phenomena of existence’ is experienced everyday, independently and collectively, lame in its content the ‘quote’ will make more and more sense as We collectively goes further into the observable Galactic Wave as its effects and affects are already at play on Earth. All the tools are available only the will to Be seams lacking, positively so Minds are transforming, the permutation is visible a Day to a Day, this Humanity is about to transcend, into what is unknown even by those instructed on the ongoing events, and this Humanity will look at the Sky once more and transform under the influence of a Cosmos which every Human have consciousness of, it is palpable, an invisible form of presence known as Magnetism is gently carrying in a Wind of transformation, and Human’s will Transcend from it, a Universal Consciousness for a Planetary Civilization.

Autumn, the Fall 2023// Closing 2023/ HOB – the HOB – the I.O.C.P. || NODE PUBLISH AUT23 | -what “the internet” does best, propagating knowledge about the subject of choice, worldwide-.


The NODE PUBLISH closing Winter 23/24 will be publish March 2024.



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