PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This Publication is a mess, sign of a transitional Human Society our compass is at full spin, All from the Web and outsourcing from 5.8 Billion users. “In Time(s) of Excursion”, few words describing the Epoch this humanity has entered, we mention it closing Autumn 2023, the Platform will gear-up in 2024 and following 29 years of WWW presence the Platform goes DAO June 2024. Your Lifestyle will change and as a continuity we propose a Civilization gateway with ‘the Phazing’ closing Spring 2024, so, why do we publish in English is becoming a resilient question, the answer is simple, nothing even remotely cultural, it is just easier to reach You in over 93 countries. As Per why we publish, we leave it for you to answer. this NODE PUBLISH is only about Us, You, this Humanity and this Planetary Civilization in the making.


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Salience of a Kind – NODE PUBLISH CLOSING WINTER 2023/2024 |

In Time of Excursion, the Self, the Social, and the Metaphysical, what makes us unique.

NP’s recap: Human’s in Time(s) of Excursion.

‘the Supervision of Superstition’

‘Improvisational Consciousness, in Human Terms’

‘Love, “It”’

‘TransHumanist, in one word’

‘what the “Internet” does best, propagating knowledge about “the subject of choice” worldwide’

‘Salience of a Kind’ (this Publication)


‘the Phazing .1’: closing Spring 2024

Salience of a Kind – NODE PUBLISH WIN23/24 | the Self, the Social, and the Metaphysical, what makes us unique.

It is our 3rd year, in 2020 Home Of Bohemian – The HOB – the I.O.C.P. proposed a new publication format, moving gracefully from the RAW Publication to NODE PUBLISH, and the celebration of a year (4 Seasons) which was nothing but dull Anxiety oblige, in this intersection of a singular momentum, ‘a’ continuity for Transcendence. Welcome to the NODE PUBLISH.06#

Preamble: We live the page to Jemaine Clement aka Oliver Bird.

Salience of a Kind.

The Self

Humanus Rha, Children’s of the Star. Do We Want to Be One?

We, Human Being of Planet Earth as an existence point of reference, display an particular attribute, Consciousness, which is also experienced in a way or another by what We name ‘the Biome of Earth’ understand here anything living, with an Heart beat or not. Consciousness give Us many abilities, the process lead to Imaginary thoughts and the ability to make those thoughts take shapes in the Physical reality. Some of these thoughts will never come to reality and the one who does will be either discarded as ‘a bad idea’ or acknowledge as a necessity and included in Human Societies as a valuable. This is true for things, but nowadays it is absolutely true for anything written on social media, a form os selection is taking place, and it discard all thoughts which would widen more the Human Societal Platform, encouraging for a better understanding between Human Beings and facilitating the dissemination of Who endure what!

Endogenous is the word, as everything and anything is ruled by Magnetic forces and phenomenon on this Planet as in the Cosmos (as above in Our own terms), but on a more Human practical living, Our very communication systems use this very immaterial Element, and this force/phenomenon is changing the way it influences anything living. This Epoch will be marked by events all related to the closest Agent of the change, what makes Life possible on Planet Earth, Our Star the Sun. The nearest source is Our Galaxy, the Milky Way, and it extend throughout the entire Cosmos, this Universe is changing, and We will change along with it, as We are, Endogenous to this Universe, Human beings of Planet Earth.



How do We change? Of course this question could be misinterpretated for similar co-joined questions. ?What changes Us would come to Mind, for which experiences is likely and usually used as an answer, but again what is an experience. Why do We change ‘Entropy’ , not a co-joined question of the Primer and nowadays this Humanity Consciousness apply what is known from Biology however the basic answer here would be Time(s) or the adaptation to a Present ever morphing always linked to Our Living Environment (Human living space if You like it better) as in Where do We change, for Us, Human’s, it is Earth, Carbon base Planet, ultimately taking Us to the When, as in When do We have to change, existential Consciousness enters Our Lives ‘when’ an external Agent either invites Us to or forces Us to change. So How do We change is the Salient question!

Human, this Indivisible Individual, can’t be divided, from itself or from its Humanity, and we shall begin by the ‘Word’ which define so well the question, Incarnation. A word fill with questions, to start with do We Incarnate willingly, of course a problematic question as it would imply that we do so from an Higher Self opening wide the gate of subjective thinking and in Nature the appropriation of Thoughts to better assert others unto One or 1 Group ideology of what the Living is. Nonetheless,,. as within like without.

Definition; Salience (neuroscience)/Salience (also called saliency) is that property by which some thing stands out. Salient events are an attentional mechanism by which organisms learn and survive; those organisms can focus their limited perceptualcognitive resources on the pertinent (that is, salient) subset of the sensory data available to them.


The Cell, say Human Cell or Living Systems, in clarification Pre-Kariot, is the talk of the decade, and the ‘agent of the change’ is to work from within to ‘build’ a without, not without a Cell transformation and permutation needs a support in order to exist, but without what is commonly known to make that System as it is today, a Body to vehiculate a Spirit (name it the Mind), and a Soul (obviously responsible for Our Individual and Common Consciousness), very difficult to be wrong, every Human Beings on this Planet abide by the same structure, some more elaborated than others but the basis is exactly the same, ask a Bushmen from the Serengity to draw an scycraper after seeing one likely You will recognize what it is, as per You experiencing the Fear of being pass by a Lion would you find Yourself in the Serengety would be exactly described the same way as a Bushman experience it, the Fear of being eaten by a predator more able than You at killing a prey, so no, difficult to be wrong on the introduction, We experience the Living through Our Spirit, but live Our live as a Body, the Soul acting as a biorecording and Vision emulating ‘something’ system and what it emulate is an interaction with ‘a world’ made visible in Human spectrum by Our Star, the Sun, Our Brain, the Organ responsible and located on the top of every Human bodies, and have a Htz resonance about 5 Hz few decades ago, however, in recent years, an indirect method has been prosed which appears to increase the resonant frequency to approximately 10 Hz, an average Temperature of 37.5 C is mainly made of Water and is equiped with a strong Magnetic shield, the Brain, enabling a low level of sensitivity from Earth Magnetic field! So how Our Star can change Us All?


WHAT IS ALL THAT? | all from Quantum Gravity Research |

Hacking Reality [Official Film]

What Is Reality? [Official Film]

 Emergence Theory: A Layperson’s Guide

Movement Perfection. A Perception!

It takes Us back to Water studies, Hydrogen and Oxygen, 2 very potent Agent and deadly totally balance each others when associated, if We could observe it the movement would be perfection, shaping in any container and known under 3 main states, Liquid, Gas and Solid. However, the perception of what Water can do stop here, with no real time or observable methods, Water of Earth may awaken at any time, hence the quote; Human in time of Excursion, Chaos or Movement Perfection, the ‘adaptable human’ hold the key, and the best example would be a Swimmer, professionally trained to excel in Fluid Mechanics, but in the Flesh, not as a Theoratical or Engineering study way, the Experience must be transmitable to deliver the full Agency and Cognitive relevance, following years of training what is achieve is a total mastery to an environment, Water, and the Ability to evolve as effectively as possible in it, Swimming. Adaptation is the Word, a movement in a movement, We must train Ourseleves to Adapt as it is unforeseen what Planet Earth Living Environment will be like, anyone know Water, this Element quality is a Living Being in its own world, and it covers more than 80% of Our Planet Surface!

Matter of time(s) | The Brain Is The Master Of Time

The Change

Everything star with You and flow from You. The frame of reference is Yours to build and decision must be made by You. Not easy task in a World of Influences and regourus Habits carefully crafted by You over the course of Your Life amalgamated inwhat You name Your Life. Lucky enough, Human’s, You me and Humanity as it is tagged is well equipped by a Cognitive mechanism enabling Us to foresee and resent events way before they happen, so, the ‘word’ herein is Attention, and it cannot function without Your Will to achieve so, paying attention of the living is what make this reality as it is, attention to a subjective realm leading to an Agency (Life) enable from Birth and to date it affect about a quarter of this Humanity, say “the lucky one”, and experienced in ‘inner-silent’ ways by 3 quarter of Human’s, read here enable to either understand or express or both the Societal mechanism of this Planetary Civilization in the making, which Societal mechanism can be adapted to “if” the Social environment and Personal Comfort Zone allow it, and this is where ‘the Change’ will take a toll on Us all disregarding social strata or what ‘group’ You belong to, as the saying goes ‘it rain on the just and unjust alike’, what You ‘think’ You deserve no matter how ‘hard’ You have worked to get it may as well be the cause of Your demises.

The Social


What is now commonly name the Internet, an interface to access a network ever growing in its simulation was made available following the 1988/89 video game arcade business crash, and it happened workdwide, the replacement more ‘personalized’ came from the Military Intelligence, legally registred ( 1994 Tim Berners-Lee founded the World Wide Web Consortium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with support from CERN, DARPA (as ARPA had been renamed to) and the European Commission) aka: the W3C celebrate 30 Year in the Act(s),this Platform has, is and will continue to advocate for a Planetary Civilization and this Communication system, the World Wide Web, emancipate by Individual Will or Cultural Forces the daily Life of 8.3 Billion Human Beings. If your attention is on surviving, it cannot be on procreating, at the exception of the interference of a foreign element. Time(s) comes to an end, not the ‘end of time’ but rather how Life is experienced, hence this Platform always reminder that ‘a job’ is but a diversion, you shall ask “but what would we do if we don’t work”, exactly we shall answer!, celf sacrifice turn into the sacrifice of self, In trust we believe.

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Salience = missconseption//

/ˈseɪlɪəns/ most common recorded human habits[]



STAGE: HUMAN SOCIETY, Rural, Urban, Suburban, Remote


What differentiates these 2 users?

Universal example – daily alcohol drinker//M. M & M. N (any Human Community)

M. M & M. N have the same consumption habit, half a bottle a day or 37.25cl a day

Chosen good is liquor, Scotch 63.5% ABV

Quality is very low for M. M and very high for M. N

Consumption rate is very high for both. Mister M M save half he can only afford 2 bottle every days = type of discipline? –  M. N have access to large quantity of high quality and save himself from drinking more and more b drinking only 2 bottles a day = type of discipline? YES/=/ both regulated their addiction[]

The same pattern is recorded in 960++ human habits concluding that social status is not a determinant data point, addiction is present in every social groups in a form or another.

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Extraordinary Lives | Eva Oh\Ben Powell-Jones PODCast

Porn VS Reality | Erik Everhard\Taylor Clark Johnson

 LCT15. Human Sexual Behavior | Sapolsky\Stanford


Time(s), Expansion, Contraction, & management. Rational concerns & Cultural Forces.

HyperRomantics is the term, under the spell of Adorexia and after a brief standby Alexithymia, awaiting for Synesthesia, this Humanity is in a state of contemplation, a ‘High’ caused by the emergence of a Planetary Communication system, the World Wide Web and render accessible via a gateway system ‘the Internet’, everything is made available, but Human to Human experience remain the prime usage of over 6 Billion Huma Beings connecting indirectly over 2 Billion Individuals unable or unwilling to ‘be online’. The Web is complete, and its capacity is in Zettabytes range, fuel by any types of Energy available so this Humanity can communicate at Will. HyperRomantic in all ways, in Love with Our Own experiences.

Performances. Big word. This state of enlightenment produce a magma of issues, We ‘feel’ Able to perform in All tasks “if We see another Human attending to it, so can I!” and the Lucid Dream takes over, Cultural Forces at work, the realization of Social boundaries and ‘very’ Human prejudicial ways of dealing with exaltation is yet forcing itself upon Us All, ‘rational concerns’ in an irrational society only makes Us aware of how outdated Our Society is and with very little Time(s), This Societal Humanity is contracting while its Consciousness is expanding, uneasy Time(s) inviting Us to React(s), and with an inexsitant Cultural Elite, what better place to select One but the World Wide Web, and share Our Vision of what We want to Be, Human before All!

ASOC, Altered States Of Consciousness, in all ways!

We are witnessing silently the dissapearence of entire Human Bloodlines, accidental or inflicted, vast amounts of Human Transcends descending from million of Years of presence on this Planet are vanishing for ever, DNA Strains lost in the line of Time(s), willful ignorant We are. Can we say that Humanity is Branching!, should We question it? The unprobability of Preocreation is increasing, a majority of ‘willing candidate’ seam unable to, and a minority uninterested by, We may reach Global Population Drop tipping point sooner than expected,

These information’s takes Us closer and closer to a MataConsciouness state, as it spread and is now acknowledged by a percentil of the Human Familly, the Human Familly, what ever You think, as a Kind, We somehow care for each others, when the Earth Biome is morphing Our 11th Sense in existence far ahead of time transmit the information and those who are ‘triggered’ first will pass on the Consciousness to others, nothing easier nowadays, ‘the Internet’, this Planetary Civilization COM System help disseminate the everything Human for Us to experience it via a form of Telepathy as We are immersed in the Digital experience. This Humanity Consciousness is altered in many ways. The everyday life provide with a constant of sorts, habits repeated over time separates Us from the Living, added to which, Human Societal exist in a space tagged ‘the Digital Space’ what ever this means, and abundantly experiment with Life, the Experiences and in full Consciousness of its effects and affects, and conclusively, H+21C (#Humanity+21stCentury) interest for altering substances is total, the tagg is #ASOC, Altered States Of Consciousness.

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Recap in Time(s) of Magnetic Excursion.

1/Social panic

2/from Your cave view point

3/delusion of a Kind

4/Nocebo deffect

Pre-Clusion – Conspiracy of a Kind

Until these points are Individually addressed, We won’t Transcend as a Kind… as We are! Human.

First of a Kind! But not that you just got here first!

Gauge Symmetry Transformation! What?, yes it’s a mouthful, it describe how Particle can transform from one state to another read here from something to something else, Our capacity to observe anything is a human constant, more consciousness, and this goes well for how we look at each other. We are all very conscious of what We look like, lacking of example or anything to compare Ourselves to, We do it between Ourselves, Human Society as long recorded what Beauty is, or how a Body should appear like, unless to write that these come short in Time(s0 of social media, and for those who are conscious that they are miles away from what Societal Media quote #Beautifull, the path is that of contemplation of what ‘the human kind’ have best, Aesthetic aside, what Beauty is like is now globally set, and this extend to anything Human, from climbing Mountains to jumping from an Airplane or living in the most remote places on Earth, examples of what Human’s can do or look like has elected a standard, only to make the ‘regular person’ more aware of what Human can and cannot do.

The recognition of the Individual is a norm, read here the acknowledgement that You are Human part of the Human Family, but what every human being is looking after is a form of Attention very specific to Our Time(s), that of Individual Attention, for what You look like or can do, and the one of a kind ‘Internet’ delivers. Thousands of platform and online services to promote Yourself, as an existing Being in demand of attention form its Family, naturally all lures at use, this will leave Emotional scares, and it will also promote a new form of Consciousness, one exempt from obligation for an experience advertising exactly what it offer, from there impossible to say “I did not knew’ post experience, ‘the Internet’ delivers, Are You ready Player 1?!? Or something like that, this Humanity near Future is made of Self Conscious Momentum repeating over Time(s) until it is completely assimilated by this Humanity.

Can the fulfillment of Experiences be achieved without pain, enduring stress or felt suffering? The only question which remained, as here, on this Planet at this Time(s), Your only Reason(s) of Living is to avoid bad Sentience experiences, at all cost. Pleasure of course comes as the rescue MoA or Modus Operandis of this Civilization in the making, ‘online’ is the tool, ‘the Internet’ has provided what You requested, visual pleasures for Your frontal cortex to absorb and gratify Your Self, all emanating from a screen in the palm of Your hand.

View Point on Free Will | Phd Robert Sapolsky |

No Freewill, No Purpose | Robert Sapolsky on Tom Bilyeu PODCast

Do We Have Free Will? with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Robert Sapolsky

Do We Have Freewill? / Daniel Dennett VS Robert Sapolsky//How to Academy Mindset

WORK Work workWorked!!!

What would Human’s do with Time(s)? Consciousness first, We say, use Time(s) to explore the MetaSelf, train yourself instead of ‘working’, talk to your community about the onging Magnetic Excursion, People will listnen, learn about Escape Velocity Civilization, such a line of words, escape velocity is borrowed from the Aerospace R&I, it describe a tipping time when an object reach a velocity equal to the Gravity pull, the said object is under constrain and aim to attain speed to escape it, from there, the Cosmos, a very loud subject on any Social Media publisher, all Human interests. But what ‘the Internet’ is doing as its own stage of evolution is providing a new Work Platform, where the experiences can be prepared, recorded, published, broadcasted and watched to be experienced, a perfect motion providing access to anything Human, from the day to day things, a million dish to prepare, Haute Couture & Pornography, Sports and games anything can be found online, and experience at Will, the HOB Platform emulated this Lifestyle and over 50 million Individual are working along their life, Digital Nomad, a no strings attach Lifestyle! Unplugged, for an active 5.3 Billion Web users (66% of the total Population) work indirectly via ‘the Internet’, Work Live Experience read better.

All is open to interpretation, and with enough convictions it can spread from Human to Human Groups, Prejudicial, Judgemental and always ‘right’, Work on the Social Media very Human Dimension appear to be uncollaborative and poorly distributed, sign of the Time(s). The Human Project, or should it mean, if Civilization is to be achieved in ‘comfort’, than We are failing, hence the concentration of Human Power, to keep at all cost “the System’s” functioning, thing is, We, Human’s of Planet Earth, just don’t know how to live differently. So all over the Human Societal spectrum and at all Social layer, ‘Work’ is what takes human Time(s) away, in exchange of what? A shelter disregarding the size or cost, a mean to Feed oneself farmed or Michelin prepared, a form of Public safety, and a diversion from the Self (experiencing). These singular points contain every Human Living habits,



The Sapir–Whorf effect.

 Lecture 2: Morphology, Part 1 MIT

Steven Pinker: Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain|

The Sociological Imagination – Part 1 | NYU 2011

In simple terms

If it’s not Me, does it has to be Someone else? Emotions, or what makes us Conscious of the Living, is gently shaping this Planetary Civilization in the making, ‘a wakening’ is in process, what it will lead to is unknown, but this can be changed, like finding solution where there is none, the Human Atomic insanity (understand Physic not Politic) aka; Entropy is forcing Us to change, and at the edge of an Emotional Bankrupcy, the mass illusion may as well lead us to Transcendence, and what next? Beyond transcendence as yet to be Dreamed, Imagined and it would be better that it is by a Conscious Co-creative Humanity, if only it would be enough, genuine Love is the tool! Challenging indeed, Tribal Agencies, nowadays Self Identification and Social Acknowledgement has replace the recognition of the Individual, manufactured deficiencies and the outgoing ideology about ‘what is living’ as far as ;a life well lived’ as proven to be the self destructive of the One and the All, as We are fragile.
In Mortal functions, large and quatititive memory ability often mistaken for Intelligence, is striped of the ability to fully understand others states of Self, so We use Our own memory of experiences to access others Emotional state, question of Consciousness or question for Consciousness. The motivation to survive certain Death is also what is universally tagged ‘Nature’ demands Our participation. Form the digital world all of it look like an ‘emotional scam’, how Your Attention is taken is one thing, and there is the Attention You give away, genuine and needed Human curiosity, by Will or voluntary deed, nowadays “Emotional Hacker’s” has it!, it use to be sports cars and fancy lingerie less than a decade ago, ‘the screen’ emancipates Us All.
Sex of course is part of the equation, or should we say the allusion of Self confidence disguise in Love, power over the Self and others, All Emotional consents away what We name ‘Feeling’ is firing up Neuron’s connections, “the Reaction(s)” colonizing the Brain, are Your thoughts corrupted? Most of this ‘normality’ is endured on a Day to Day basis, and in order to enter full consciousness of this Transcendental momentum You will have to show Yourself in absolute Human Innocence, Conscious Neutrality prevail. The issue here is with Our incapacity to ‘transfer’ Our own Emotions precisely how We experience them, and this is what a part of this Transcendence is about, Game of Soul, abiding by Millenia old systems takes Us further away from ‘the nature of our time’, and with no Modern natural Science to enlighted Us All We are awaiting for escape velocity to be reached, or when Human Attention will be given to what this reality is, the adaptation of a Kind. The Phazing is near.

Ongoing Effects | game theory | REVIEW VIEW POINT






From the Archivist: HOB Archives.

the Edge of the Age at the HOB, AUT 2019…, alone!

Esoterikos – Do You Feel it….?

The HOB 5D’s – Autumn 2020, opening the 13th Gate – the Dusk of Life.


The MetaPhysical

An Organic Living Testimony, a Biolocigal Memory awaiting for The Phazing.

Enter ‘the Dematerialization of Matter’. We’ve been at it with HOB Platform for Decades, so what would it takes? Nothing is the answer! Via a Phenomenon We, Human of Planet Earth have tag ‘Entropy’ lay its weight on everything and anything in all the spectrum Human can observe, from One State to One State, “Unlinking” is the Word, You are what You See (the Flicker frequency), You are what you Sound (the S&W hypothesis), and You are what You Think (Ruled by Yourself only) and You are given the choice to change at any Time(s),

The great Transformer.Transform! And if You can’t do it by yourself, “innovate” a machinery which will do it for You. An adage replace another, ‘if you want it done, do it yourself’ is now an adage of the Past(s), We are changing and so focus on Our day to day concerns, We cannot ignore Our Future, and by so choosing, create the emergence of a cocreated Future, Transcendence is a Human experience, only remain the choice of ‘What’ e shall become.

Human, In Your Own Consciousness| A Cosmic Consciousness |

What is Your Intent? We don’t ask about Your Life it would start by Why am I here and the Platform stay as far away from that question as possible, we are not asking either what was Your intent when you perform an Action(s) the answer would be to attend to something whatever that is. What we ask is what is Your Intent as a Human Being? What is this grounded Energy that fuel You? What is ‘the feeling’ You like to transmit to Others? Are You even Conscious of it? Or are You only animated by what You make Yourself “feel”! this Humanity enters a Cosmic Consciousness with little Time(s) and no support to deal with an expending Consciousness, and as Curious as We are, if the subject of interest cannot be experienced, We will attend to another formulating Our Own Consciousness and describe the Act(s) as Being Human.

To be Conscious of ‘the Societal Humanity’ as never been made easier. But the Intent is missing, the Common Vision is hard to reach and we can identify the ‘Why’, it stand in the inequality of what can be experienced and of course the ‘How’, the Human Societal Strata work as such, while some Human’s would experience in the desired comfort, the majority of this Humanity replicate in a somewhat clumsy ways what could be observe online from Cooking to Sex, enhancing further ‘the Who can do What’! there stand the cause of all suffering. It takes Us to the subject of choice, We are undergoing a Magnetic Excursion, Earth Polarity is changing and We shall change along it, a great opportunity emerge, the possibility to explore what Human’s can in all ways and free the last bounding liberating any Fear of experiencing, the Societal Forejugement acknowledge as the first Fear of all, and in Your Own Consciousness immerse Yourself in the miriades of Experience Life offers. This is the Path for this Planetary Civilization in the making to reach a Cosmic Consciousness.

You Are a Ghost Driving a Meat Covered Skeleton Made Out of Stardust.

The Psychology of The Magician

Everything and Nothing: Part 1, “Everything”

The Legend // Metropolis Girl

The Myth // ExMachina Girl

The Reality // Viktoria Modesta


Book review (from Easter) // Le Guin Books

The situation is less clear with the world of the Earth’s sea. There are wizards and dragons, two classic elements of fantasy. However, not everything can happen at any moment, rather magic is subject to rules that can be learned – provided you have the appropriate talent – in the school of magicians on the island of Rok . Central to their study is the knowledge of the true names of things that come from the true, original and only language. This magical language is also the native language of dragons, which makes them magical creatures par excellence. The island kingdom of the Earth Sea is inhabited by different peoples, with different customs … :

Ursula K. Le Guin:




In Time(s) of Magnetic Excursion | The Present | Signs of the change.

Dr. Monika Korte | A global paleomagnetic view on excursions and reversals

Geomagnetic Reversals and excursions: The origin of Earth’s magnetic field – Bruce Buffett

New Evidence We Are Entering An Ice Age Termination Event



More than you know, and less than you believe.

From a Human Being perspective, Life can be approach with a “Goal”, a symbolic sets of action(s) leading to an Imaginary conclusion and decided to become your Future, as such the Indivisible Individual would set such “Goals” and focus all Attentions on reaching these “Goals”. For One to understand, and whichever the “Goals” in focus is related to, starting by Fame or the unconditional recognition of a group or groups of Human Beings to a Societally identified Person, may it be for Grace & Beauty, Physical achievement, Intellectual and/or Philosophical display, and of course the accumulation of ‘wealth’ Spiritual or Material, so our question to You; is it because it is unrealistic to You and the fact that few (very few if we consider the Moral aspect of it) can achieve it that it is so important to be witnessed?!? What ‘the Internet’ does best, disseminate what this World of Human’s is about, in Text, Photography, Videos and countless Emogies, a ‘space’ or as we like it “a Virtual Dimension” by which this Planetary Civilization in the making is self-selecting and Digitally recording the whereabouts of Human Beings, how long before a Humanity Cultural Elite emerge.

Slowly and definitely Enter Galactic (J;-)) read here ‘Galactic Consciousness’, as there is no doubt at this time(s) that this Humanity is under Galactic Influences, and it is changing Us, Light Speed, or when Time(s) will cease to be at it was and Our abilities to foresee Tomorrow is shorted-out, is indicating that our Common perception of Reality is expanding, a secular momentum to ralize what the span of Human Consciousness as become, in such a short timing, Emerging Consciousness first! So we say to You, Our Future cannot be base on Present systems themselves base on Past foundations

To SEARCH FOR! | Psychology Research |

Solomon Eliot Asch was a Polish-American Gestalt psychologist and pioneer in social psychology. He created seminal pieces of work in impression formation, prestige suggestion, conformity, and many other topics

Elizabeth F. Loftus is an American psychologist who is best known in relation to the misinformation effect, false memory and criticism of recovered memory therapies.

Muzafer Sherif was a Turkish-American social psychologist. He helped develop social judgment theory and realistic conflict theory. Sherif was a founder of modern social psychology who developed several unique and powerful techniques for understanding social processes, particularly social norms and social conflict.

FILM// the Lucid Dream



Abre los Ojos

Vanilla skies

Made or Replicate!? Regional Geomagnetism, Local Existence & Viable Adaptation!

Verification of knowledge or validation of what is known? The momentum is in Mental preparation, forget the Physical and very little of the material will make sense, at anytime now, the MetaPhysical will take over the Social, work its way up to the Self, the processus is endured each and every day, this Civilization in the making is under the effect of Earth Magnetic Excursion #EME, and it has happen many time before, in a way we say All Human descent from Transcent, and it is in no doubt what have changed Us over Millenia, an influx of Magnetic Forces/Phenomenon transforming the Biome of Earth, and the Mental preparation in question is that of a Conscious Memory.

Something that is made, say everyday life, demand for the maker to understand each and every elements use for the making, blind making have limits and most always can’t be made again by the simple lack of understanding of both, the process and the knowledge of all elements use in the process. Replicate on the other hand demand the exact understanding of processes and elements used in the first place and find copies or similar enough to replace the original. Our point here is that the ongoing Magnetic Excursion will have an effect and affect which We don’t know the result, it wont be a replication of Past Excursion, and We are conscious of that, lets use it to prepare each others for it. The effects are already showing, the Mental is taking a hit.

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 the internet of Love.

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Preclusion. By anticipation!

In the early 1900, writers devoted their lives to subject such as ‘what is humanity’s future’ or ‘will we become one’, it was a way to anticipate what this Humanity could become, everything needed to be invented thanks to ‘the Industrial revolution’ and the most eccentric ideas was usually taking over the most Sapient one, sign of the Time(s) and over 8 Billion of Visionaries later, the Human social is an inheritance of what those thinkers/writers envisioned. Those writers had for goal, to ‘foresee’ the Future, and with nothing but a Medieval Mindset, an entire Planet is now bathing in a virtual Present. What is now coined A.I. is soon to be everywhere online, and the transformation is one of a kind for a Kind by a Kind! So, can We anticipate Our near Future for Our kind to thrive.

Can We commonly foresee a Future in which every Human would be given the Space and Time(s) to evolve throughout experiences of the World. This is possible by anticipation, equipped with an adaptation mindset, We hold the very tool to attempt so in Our hands, over 5 Billion phones and smartphones at work interconnected in a Web with ‘the Internet’ as an OS. Should We co-create Our Future? That is Our question to You, and if Your answer is Yes! We will be here with You. In Time (s) of Magnetic Excursion and in the face of Immortality We will Transcend, Galaxy is here!

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– Salience of a Kind | Closing Winter 2023/2024



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