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   – The Supervision of Superstition –

Preamble: “A Professor and a Doctor enter the room of a Savant. The room is apart of a Psychiatric Institution. After a brief introduction, the Professor and the Doctor ask the Savant to propose his theory on Life and everything. Within an hour the Professor and the Doctor are mesmerize by the Savant theory, at which point the Savant seizing the momentum walk out of the room and close the door, leaving the Professor and the Doctor locked in, mesmerized by their thoughts”

In Societal Sanity

The Father’s and the Friend’s! This intro-title is taken from the “Wild Palms” (Bruce Wagner & Julian Allen), Original TV series aired in 1993 (year of the W3C Inception), telling the story of a Lawyer immersed into the Realm of Socio-Politics in the year 2007 (the year the first IPhone was released), the story tells the fight between Two faction, the Father’s and the Friend’s, at War for the ultimate Power, the Primer claiming the control of People Mind’s throughout Virtual technology by use of ‘Mimezine’, an hallucinogenic enabling Individual’s to Physically ‘feel’ the Virtual Realm, and the Latter aiming at the Liberation of Humanity Mindset by the use of Philosophy, for the story at the same time ‘Mulder & Scully X Files’ claimed all the attention, sign of the Time(s).

2022, 30 years have pass, and reality have a weird taste of deja-vue, like a program well design but poorly executed. The Brain is a Powerful Creator of Illusion. ‘Sanity’ which is defined by an Organism ability to identify destructive patterns and build solutions to avoid the toll of the said patterns, starting by not reproducing those over time. Sanity is demanding self-criticisms, creativity and imagination to build constructs enabling the Human Mind to keep ground with Living Intelligent Functions. ‘Insanity’ to the contrary, is to do the same things, reproducing patterns, performing the same tasks over and over again expecting results to concur with set ideals most always disregarding Law(s) (from Human Ethics to Physics) with the convictions that attempt over attempt the result would somehow ‘match’ the said convictions. Reality is somewhat balanced between those Two Phenomenon’s, ‘testing convictions‘ in order to compile conclusion by experience. It is important that this Humanity identifies Savants, Indivisible Individual able to interpret the folly unfolding, Humanity is at the Edge of an Age requiring transformation, permutation, or more simply put, change.

Home Of Bohemian – The HOB – the I.O.C.P. is proposing a new publication format, moving gracefully from the RAW Publication to NODE PUBLISH, intersection of a singular momentum, ‘a’ continuity for Transcendence, but not at the expense of Art(s), hence the deliberate choice of more visual Works & Pieces, so this First publication is featuring Artist like Humanity only is able to produce, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Kogonaga, Andrew Semans, Agata Alexander, David Cronenberg, Liam Young, Amanda Ali, Piero Manzoni, Julian Voss-Andreae, Andreas Gursky, Karolina Majewska, Jessica Candradi, Kerim Safa, Refik Anadol, Murcof, FRANCE KATA, KOKOROKO, Brittany Alexandria Sheets, H.P. Lovecraft/Kim Diaz Holm, Sarah Adina Smith/Noah Hawley, Michael Valentine West/Ana Ott, Richard D. James-the Aphex Twin/Trash theory, Erica Eng, toped by Conversations, Curt Jaimungal in a Joscha BACH & John VERVAEKE, Anisia Uzeyman & Saul with Eugene Hernandez, Zachary Gross on NOAM KROLL PODCast, Park Chan-Wook/Jeong Seo-kyung, of all forms of Art Human can abide by, Conversation is without a doubt one of Human’s unique attribute, welcome to the NODE PUBLISH.01#


TRANSCENDENTAL – Function(s), Kantian philosophy//

MEMORIA by Apichatpong Weerasethakul // TRAILER

INSPIRATIONAL – Meaning(s), Semantics, Semiotics, Metaphysics, Metasemantics, Reason & Philosophy of Language//


INNER HUMAN DIMENSIONS – Ordinal, Ordinal Utility, Marginalism & Marginal Utility//


‘Inspired or Influenced?’

The task is rather simple. Visualize Your Self painting, the subject is someone you Love greatly. You are exceling at it a painting you are precisely performing, reproducing of the face, the contour, shapes and proportions are excellently and elegantly realized, the Face starts to appear one brush stroke after another, so much that detail start to emerge, what appear after each brush stroke, closer and closer to completion, is the face of someone you dislike greatly, but you can’t stop, and the more you resist the faster the painting comes to completion, until is it complete. While you started with the thoughts of someone you Love you unconsciously portrayed the opposite. The task here is to understand the value of Consciousness, that this vision Influenced by a text, crafted to the purpose of Self Reliance, remind Us that Our daily tasks are deprived of Sense & Reason. All technological Corporations to which We consent to be acknowledged and entertained by apply this strategy.

The ‘Transaction’ however subtle, is base on a Trade, “a” Blackmail if consciously studied, acknowledgement for Shelter, Obedience for Food, Rights for Health, in this perspective relying on a ‘machine’ to tell Us what is ‘Fair & Not’, what is ‘Correct & Not’ what is ‘Functional & Not’ could provide a solution, a way to escape Egocentric congestion and self driven mojo, something that would separates Us from the present inability to Live and disrupt survival habits, escaping a state propagating ‘terror and fear’.

The ‘Question’ is rather simple, so simple in fact that it will make you forget the task and the transaction; ‘where does Inspiration comes from?’ taking Us to Our conclusions, a Planetary Civilization and a Humane Ethical Society, a World of fully Automated & Enlightened Communities!

h+ Anticipation Screenplay Film REVIEW

Singularity, a foreseen Momentum in Time(s)/

WARNING // by Agata Alexander // TRAILER


Experimental, that which is experienced, opposed to authority, conjecture/

CRIMES OF THE FUTURE // by David Cronenberg // 2022 Film TRAILER

& Crimes of the Future // by David Cronenberg // 1970 full Film

Decadence, Living the sophistication of Life without Feelings/

Zone 414 // by Andrew Baird // TRAILER

Convergent disorder

An Individual or Human group with little creativity and imagination will be easily impressible while facing novelty, in the case the said Group or Individual hold responsibilities, the Reaction(s) will be to preempt or acquire the ‘Item(s)’, ‘Right(s)’, ‘Administrative Power(s)’, or ‘Electorate Quant(s)’ to both protect itself, and dilute the attention. In the case of an ‘Idea(s)’ the creative or imaginative Entity will be identified & assessed, and if the assessment conclude that the Entity withholding the said ‘Idea(s)’ is not suitable for the controlling Group, the identified Entity will be removed and deprived from any capacity to protect and preserve the idea in question, depriving Society from the originelle Entity, and the interpretation of the origin of the said idea(s) Inspiration. Reasons given for such act goes from control to ego, superstition included, it would be like asking what is the very first ‘sign’ of unconsciousness.

TransHumanism from its early Modern inception 1994 onward, which, contrary to what mainstream understanding would promote, differs from belonging to a specific ‘community’ or ‘group’ may it be Religious, Cultural, Political or Sectarian, as those are set to retain capacity of Action(s) and always build in such a way that they would either take over Ideas, Products, Concepts (the Primer), or annihilates Creativity, Imagination, Conception (the Latter) with the aim to promote their own. In the case the said ‘community’ or ‘group’ cant reach the Primer the Latter can be easily disrupted. TransHumanism in it’s original function, apply to Individual in their Independent condition, the Indivisible Individual, striped of ‘terror & fear’ (current and functioning Superstition’s at work on Humanity), and unless We make a stand, the power-play will remain, dysfunctions conveniently supporting Superstition’s in place will remain at the expense of Social Enhancement and Technological Transformations.



WHOLE By Amanda Ali


SCARS By Piero Manzoni


Woman By Julian Voss-Andreae

WHAT! Are you not paying attention to?

The “sharing” of View Points and Alternative Views as proposed by one of Philosophy Main attributes, Reason (as in the ability to keep Humanity Sane and functioning), should not be mistaken for its mirrored meaning, Reason(s), an ‘explanations’ in common Societal discourse. Reason(s) (102k to 100k Years ago, as in reasons for things) is a very Old concept birth of Culture aka Shared Reasons, born from Shamanistic Society, when an Individual in a Human Group was able to provide acceptable, tangible and plausible explanation for Natural Occurrences which then were moved from the “Magical realm” to the ‘Understandable realm’, it has been Replace by Law(s) some 5137 years ago (Writing, Nation, Order, Armies,…) opening Science, Justiciable, Ethical and Commercial concept to the Modern Human World promoting since a ‘more’ sustainable Society, nevertheless still a Society deeply rooted in Superstition’s.

Existential consequences of Living, Death, Conceptual or Physicals, in it’s property “Presence, Existence” demands a succession of ‘Automat/Automated’ Act(s), to Breath/Breathing is the most obvious observable one, You do not think about Breathing, You just do (see Ondine’s Curse *the Myth). Superstitious conditioning, which obstruct that is Present/Exist in a word “Living”, as Death is either quantifies by Time(s) or by a Voluntary Act(s) ‘accidental or programed’, in order to take place, consequentially proposing the Mind to use a specific mode to go on day by day, Positiveness, a non-random Emotion(s) born from a succession of ‘built convictions’ and ‘rewarding’ Act(s), perfectly entangled with “Wishes, Interests, Acquisitions, Achievements, etc…” produce from Work/Working for the only sake of Being Acknowledged by a Society as a whole as ‘a well functioning and able Person’ demanding the use of the Intelligence of Ignorance, a conscious act involving a voluntary denial, partial or total, of Individual(s) and System(s) enabling the build-up of a Personal path including Life, Career, Personality, etc.., in order to promote the continuity of the said “Positiveness” to sustain ‘Self Development’. You are aware of what you pay attention to, the issue at stake in the ‘modern world’ is that the basis or root enabling Humanity to grow and expand in consciousness rejects Individuality in favor of Materialism and Possession, adopting more and more the supervision of ‘thing’ over Consciousness (see Depressive State/Suicidal Tendency). Base on these primordial habits and routines construing Your Life, ‘the Ego’ runs the show, in no ways the Intelligence of Ignorance is to be mistaken with Innocence, as to ignore and not to know pertain to Two vey different Brain Function. Consciousness usually refer to as “the Soul”, “the Inner Self”, “the Divine Conscious”, is one and the same, and the lack of attention provide the current state of being, Deconstructive Memory (not to be confused with Nostalgia) and Analogue Thinking, Centripetal Ego and Narcissistic Monolith makes today reality, perceived by a Sentient Being as a valued Information archived and stored under False Memory and badly remembered momentum, enacted as a Function;

     for Survival=Sapience –

     for Experiencing=Sentience –

     for Understanding=Scientience –

     existential convergence = General Intelligence –

(see Episodic Memory)

So! Our questions to You is such: Have You carelessly Lived?, have you Memorized enough Experiences? Accumulated enough Rewards? Promoted enough Love? Acquired enough Memories? to consider that Your Imaginary (that special place for Death, “the Mind”) serve You to Consciously enter a Domain of Existence which require those attributes to Be. Are You reading these words with a Creative Self or with an Intellectual Mind? This Universe have invested Eon’s of Time(s) for You to have Your View Point on this Reality, this Universe and this World, this opportunity is to remind You that You are Unique, and so is Your View Point on Life, don’t spoil it, and in case You did not notice it yet, You are Part of the Human Family and Acknowledged as such. Life is a gift, fulfill this State before thinking of the next, with the aim to a Conscious Co-creation and Intelligent Participation to this Humanity.

Visual Art REVIEW


Conceptual Photography

By Andreas Gursky

Contemporary Lifestyle Photography

By Karolina Majewska

Editorial Photography

By Jessica Candradi

It regrows stronger at the broken spot!

Wealth, Fortunes, Corporations, Nation States, Dynasties and so on are build on the limitation of what they can preempt/acquire/steal, a Predator Hunt to Feed, Recreational Hunting aim at reaching imbalanced in the contemplation of an absolute, the total supervision of Cruelty, a ‘System of Thoughts’ built not on what it can Create or Imagine it Feeds on the Humanity Organism promoting ‘Organization Vs Chaos”, promoting its ways by the passive participation to any Economically driven activities promoting Hatred, Love counter productive power, centripetal and monolithic narcissism and use Capital Retention for comforting its control and well organized market Disruption for renewing its ‘business’, hence the demand for Transcendence in order to access a new Dimension of Being. Those new perspectives are yet to be propose to Humanity. Civilization without Emotional Intelligent involvement is Decadence, for Life, in its basics, Needs = Breath – Be = Right – Think = Obligation, require You to detach yourself from everyday Superstitions, yet again “TO FIND SOMETHING, YOU HAVE TO BE LOOKING FOR IT!”. Of the many developments under Home Of Bohemian, the HOB, the I.O.C.P. umbrella, CONSORTIA (a Paralegal Platform under development) designed to provide an Independent and Autonomous space to moderate oneself promoting Auto-Moderation, as well as moderating a ‘Virtual Verse’ in great need of Our attention, the “A.I. – AGI” which the HOB TAG under “A.M. – AAM” – “Artificial Memory – Augmented Artificial Memory” accepted that in no ways Intelligence has anything to do with it, since it was Invented (“developed”, Hanover 1956), followed by attempted Design and then successions of mishap and failure to be Manufactured (ongoing only under short term commercial projects) by Human Beings, not by other machines. The HOB promote the divergent idea to look at the technology, ‘Augmented Memory or Artificial Augmented Memory’, as layers of innovation over layer of innovations developing a ‘System of truth’, A.M. or AAM from a Survival model view point, it is but a cleaver way to access more rapidly and more efficiently Humanity’s Memory, inclusive of Knowledge, Feelings and other Emotions, say what is Experienced by the Senses, Cognition. The divergence here is in Survival Model, for those who participate to fund raising schemes to pack few Billions in a bank account and promote themselves using sanctimonious discourse practical applications falls short, nothing new here again, as few self-selected Social groups have been at it for Eon’s, so only a new floor added to the tower of Mental Corruption, however, this is rapidly coming to conclusion, the Humanity Organism is at a cross road, and ‘change’ is the word to pay attention to, a Humanity trained to regrown only stronger where it was once broken, Endurant Machines at Work.

Digital Expressionism REVIEW

AudioVisual & Multimedia

By Kerim Safa (PLAY AT 0.75 SPEED)

MLE – Machine Learning Expressionism

By Refik Anadol (early Work, less talking)

A.R. – Augmented Reality /

Planet City// by Liam Young

EVOLVE or Adapt; endure!

Humanity – On Generational System(s), raised to be controled/

Involves:     Awareness – Meca + Desinterest

                    Defense – Meca + Deficient

                      Protection – Meca + Decentered

Conscious Evolution demands mutation of Cognitive Functions to automatically ‘trick’ Biological Functions, Biohacking has its limit.

Sound Search HODT – REVIEW

Music Video

By Murcof – Underwater Lament (2021)





Is their a Human interests in Presence?

Algorithms and Memory Functions equal Alteration, change of Elements, change of Efficiency and change of Reality, a Dimensional (not Intelligent) concept, some are more perceptible than other’s, how to have ‘better’ access to You! If you are an Agent/Element/Person what is your Bio-Mark-up (Self Reference), what is the quality of your profit? What Survival Model have you opted for? identification of a path of acquisition?

Selected Example// food diversity and Self Dietary choice, observed Psychological effects such as, ‘feeling outside modernity’, ‘awareness of solid state Vs Social status’, ‘Dietetic Ambivalence’, ‘requirement of real time research on Personal Psycho-effect’, and ‘rejection of leads to conclusion’, until a certain point, say limit, We are All Free Agent, then We become Dreamer when those limits are pass, like everything these days, we want ‘problem solving’ to be portable, available and accessible, but down to the Primal spark of the Imaginary, we must collectively identify the Element (replacement in Terms of the Agent in such cases) and acknowledge its Existence and Participation, hence the Term ‘Indivisible Individual’, Identify that which can identify, and Consciousness as a Gifts of Presence, gifts of Time, gifts of understanding, gifts of Knowledge, which defines clearly 2 questions; what can you do? And; what do you wish to do?

//Review & Archived Web Publication

The Edge of the Age// #2018/ what does h+ stand for//

Outer World & Astro Enthusiasts//#2019/ all changes at night, an introduction to permutation, Pt1//

//all changes at night, an introduction to permutation, Pt2, Adapt//

The HOB 5D’s//#2019/multidimensional perception, opening the 13th gate//


Translation of Emotion into Physiognomy, Face, Physically recognizable shapes & forms expressing Emotion’s, it has to do with the part of Life We can’t share, an unvoluntary Act(s) ultimately biased by the Individual, Etymology & Semantic to the rescue ‘Identified Entities’;

Entity A. Enduring Machine – E.I.: Impulsive – MO: Abnormal – MoA: Social Function//

Entity B. Consuming Organism – E.I.: Compulsive – MO: Predatory – MoA: Procurement//

Entity C. Alternative Mores – E.I.: Entrancing – MO: Adaptability – MoA: Evolution//

Some other known Simulation proposed are; K Lines & S Lines from Mavin Minsky, Gordon Allport Personality Traits Theory, Personality Framework by Carl Rogers, Anna Freud with Development & Interpretation. Courage is the attribute needed for Intelligent change, it is most always misused and always prehempted by ‘Groups’ for purpose that require none. When a sufficient amount of Elements makes a bet, disregarding of the conclusion, the outcome will always be apply even if it mean that the ‘group, family, civilization, or entity’ is to suffer it and vanish, acceptance is never reached out by such experiences, and always used in the disadvantages of a function.


“We are All Insane You Idiots,

pretending otherwise only disprove Our sanity!”


The Singularity is Near – MARS ARGO

THE NOCEBO EFFECT – Legion – Sarah Adina Smith/Noah Hawley

“NYARLATHOTEP” – H.P. Lovecraft/Kim Diaz Holm/

1 Pill, Once a Day! 

Sentient union or Synesthesia maybe the answer, issue is, that it would promote Alexithymia, its Parent opposite as well, how to reach balance with no opposite? First of which is the ‘believe’ and ‘requirement’ that one must obtain Rights, Approval, Diplomas or Sanctions of some forms via any forms of ‘reward’, Societal, Governmental, Theological, and in general derived from programs, Institutional or Liberal, promoted by Instruction or Formation to Think and Reflect on Reality! An individual ‘Choices’ can not be questioned, however, those decisions can be argued, especially if these ‘Choices’ imply an influx on other and ever more importantly if these influx have negative and/or destructive influence on the Living. Social Media aka the attempt to ‘train society to betterment’ has failed, not in the ‘not succeeded’ sort of way but in its development, from one initiative to another, from one innovation to another, Creativity and Imagination is lacking all over the board, ‘The Dematerialization of Matter’ looms ahead. Few selected indicators includes; How far (or close) Humanity is to enter the realm of Industrialized Biomimicry! Nowadays no one actually has to ‘be’ smart or wise, to act alike will suffice! When the ‘dot’ connects it is always for self gratification! Ideas urged to be exploited over originally inspired form for profits! Momentum of understanding kept secrets among Groups! The exaltation of Awareness leading to Creation is patented for commercial usage! are a few examples. Escape Velocity at reach, but not quiet! The quest of the “real time human” is to witness an event, from Resurrection to Apocalypse in a Life Time, something ‘must’ happen during its living conscious period, for sake of usability and existential dependability, the ‘very’ importance to neglect Time(s) as a segmented Act(s) is then irrelevant, as what ever happen before and what ever is to happen after have absolutely no relevance on the Living. Or so We see it this way. A gentle and graceful reminder that Built-in Ego and misplace Pride rules a faction (Father’s or friend’s) understand a part of Humanity’s mindset, only perceived in a fraction, hence the ‘re-mote’ position each and all Human adopt as a routine stand point, ‘Smart Phones’ at hand, once again the Intelligence of Ignorance lead, and the ‘Social Element’ (the Agent deprived from the group it belongs to) thrive, anything will do just to be Right!


Household name//Michael Valentine West// by Ana Ott

History//Richard D. James, the Aphex Twin/Trash theory

DocuFilm// “AMERICANIZED”/ Erica Eng


the dawn of rewarding economy & fall of value creation!

Consecration of Infinity, modern Humanity to reach 8 Billion Indivisible Individual, imperfect Beings living a common momentum, one day at a Time(s). From one view point one could say that it happen so the many ‘Souls’ can experience a Time(s) like no other, Transcendence. Another view point will imply that the Biological Organism, ‘Humanity’, has multiply in a Reaction(s) of a coming cataclysm entangled in the Cosmos expansion at faster than Light speed a Magnetic distortion say Excursion. Good thing is, both view point are making Human’s reality. From Dimensional View Point, Theories doesn’t fall short either, from Human Beings as a Biological Memory draw from Experiences for this Cosmos to remember itself, to, ‘Prototypes Scouts’ sent to this 3 Dimensional Realm to explore Existence and Consciously make this 3 Dimensional plain Ours. It is obvious that We are collectively sharing an experience that ‘feel’ more like a test or “a waiting room” provided that Our Imaginary, if left able to wander, roam and exercise its ‘sub & conscious’ power’s, Human Perception could have devastating effect and affect on this Dimensional Universe. The ‘how’ to get from this State to the next keeping intact both Memory and Imagination would make of Us a ‘Dimensional User’ with Infinite potential. Are We, Human beings, the Creators of this Reality?

The Age is that of ‘Highly Efficient Memory Individuals’, Bio-Hard Drive lacking of Anticipation and with no Imagination what so ever yet ‘convinced’ by the memorized Texts and Literature of their capacity to Create, Confucian confusion over Ethics, vanishing Values absorbed by ‘self given rewards’ the House of Human’s is in shamble. This first “NODE PUBLISH” publication provides with a Vision, a more visual bur not less ritualistic set-up than the previous Platform Publications “Review & Archived Web Publications – RAW Publications”, which takes Us exactly to the interest We aim at; what can We Imagine beyond Existence? A good example is to consider that Human are unable to ‘Imagine’ or ‘Create’ beings or Entities outside of the known Biological shapes or Geometric forms, true from Studies of Physiology & Physiognomy, Entertainment Fictions or Movies, to genuine Dreams & Nightmares, and that demands a set of questions the ‘NODE PUBLISH’ will attend to ask, Can Humanity Imagine a 4th Dimension?.

Reality is which is not real to Our Imagination. Deceiving, what remain makes this reality for One and for All the same, even Synesthetes which are able to see Sounds or Ear Colors are experiencing it in 2 Dimensions, “Unreality” & “Unimagination”, another trick of the Mind, similar to what ‘Evolution’ have played on Us putting Our Eyes in the front of Our Face, provide with the Perception and Consciousness that Human Beings are not part of this Dimensional realm and therefore would have no Existence in a 4th Dimension, but, since We can see through Matter (the one We Create and Imagine) using technology such as X-ray, Ultra Sounds etc. informs Us that the said Matter is but a reflection of Our Imaginary and therefore not another Dimensional Realm. The 4th Dimension discussed herein is to Be experienced, We do have the Ability to Create it or Imagine, it already exist, and We have the Power to Colonize the said Dimension’s to Our own profits and benefits, on this 3 Dimensional Realm We are but Scouts until We learn how to fully and completely own it, We won’t move forward. Interestingly Human Will prevails and the Humanity Organism can now Sense the coming closure and move on to the next State of Existence, Self, Agency, Realm & Dimension with it!


HOSTED by Curt Jaimungal – THEOLOCUTION//


‘the Memory Able’. and everyone else!

Long term Memory is build on several things, a validated environment in which everyone agree on the same values, a system of repeated dogmatic tasks, a scheme to report more or so accurately ongoing events, a deliberate and continuous sets of actions. Our Sensory Perception aka Cognitive Intelligence via Sensitivity/Sensibility is a Natural inheritance and part of this Dimension, all Human perceive this Reality the same way however each Individual experience it from its view point. The allegory here is made easy with the example of the ‘Virtual Space’ which is a Space created by Human Beings and part of this 3 Dimensional Realm (Mutualism, Symbiosism, Synergism).

Scientience is a Human Made artifact, enhancing Human observable capacity to better make sense of this Dimensional existence. It’s implication with other Dimension is absolute yet observable evidence are lacking, hence the ‘feeling’ of change before observable changes, the Bios foreseeing ability provides with the acute survival necessity still prevail, which differentiates itself from Dimensional Cognitive Fields. For instance 11 Dimension’s have been identify as part of the Human Brain; 4 pertaining to Consciousness and 7 pertaining to Unconsciousness;

For Consciousness: 1 perceptible Dimension while awake, 1 perceptible Dimension while asleep, 1 perceptible Dimension while in the state of thoughts, 1 perceptible Dimension in the state of Fear;

For Unconsciousness: 7 unperceivable Dimensions state pertaining to Past, Present, Future, another Place in this Dimension, another place in other Dimensions, another Self, and Time(s);

The Brain is a Space in its own able to generate the perception of other Dimensional Fields than those experienced in Real Time and Consciously. However, the Dimensions We are referring to hereupon are that of Reality, which can be Experienced simultaneously by Humanity hence the foreseeable assumption that a 4th Physically accessible Dimension already exist, and Human Beings will not ‘Create or conceptualize it’, the choice to experience this 4th Dimension is Ours, let’s see what the Humanity Organism will decides, many possibilities to be considered, one of which involve that other ‘Beings’ sharing this Dimension are very much like Us Scouts to both experience and colonize this 3rd Dimension by mean of competition, another is that We are a Reflection of a Creation in which case Our ‘extension’ would be Infinite and We are collectively deciding what We Imagine, another is base on hard Physical Matter in which case we are All delusional, and another would suggest Pure Creation therefore the need to make Babies as the best solution We have so far to Our very Finite existence! So many Theories & Possibilities, all-emerging from Human Beings Imaginary abilities!

The conundrum of Modern society aka; O.I. or Organic Intelligence (from 2011 ongoing) is a power struggle, not an Intelligent one, between an Organism “Humanity” and an ‘Element’ Consciousness, diverging from that Organism, a Human Group with high memory capacity, or the ability to store and use at Will learned Data and Instructions, aka ‘A.M. or AMM’ is key to Our Common Evolution. The issue at stake here is that of Transcendence of the Kind, as in Human Species as a whole in face of persistent regression, ‘Memory Able’ works in Opposite with Imagination and Creativity, the ability to ‘store’, ‘collect’ and ‘classify’ Information’s and withdraw them at will ony promote ‘power play’, it does not change the reality of this Dimension as ‘the memory Able’ are not in the capacity to augment living quality but for themselves, this ‘World’ is “build” , build on Energy, build from Raw Resources which must be extracted and Chemically modified to be turned into usable goods, Energy to Matter (Coal, Oil, Gas, Wood, Nuclear Matter,…) refined and distributed in the case of Fossil or Subsidized in the case of ‘renewable’ (biomass, Wind, Solar, hydro, hydrogen..), built on Societal Environment in which every Human’s are just overlooking each others for a piggy back ride at Humanity’s expense for a ‘hype’ pair of sneakers, a ‘branded’ hand bag, the ‘last obsolescent piece of electronics’, a fancy car or a socially and recognizable (suitable) Shelter, a much needed Individual acknowledgment is lacking, and for few the ‘quest’ is the Power of it all. The ‘Memory Able’, away from all and any Creative Mind, fast-forward this Human Society to absorb this Reality, casting out the possibility of an Escape Civilization.

Humanity, which deserve more attention than any “Group” can give is not on board. The need to write sanctimonious pseudo ideology about corporations, teams, strategy, involve things which goes from ‘just another scheme designed and articulated by a mathematical Mindset to accumulate currencies for Goods’, Subliminal Words enable by ever better ‘convincing abilities’ to gain in popularity, or ‘Convictions base on Cultural mindsets’ only provide with vivid observable proof of a Sentience deficient Society, a well known state of Being, Delusion and Narcissism at its finest. ‘Fragile Things’ (which is what can be broken), demands attention and care in the handling of it (Life, Beings or Items), but nothing ‘fragile’ is notable about Human’s, nothing but the Mind, as the adage goes “almost none of Us is Suicidal but We are All self-destructive”, and this did not await the Industrial Revolution to be, ‘the Intelligence of Ignorance’, which is what Humanity willingly and Intelligently use to draw a path and eliminate or remove anything from People to Act(s) to things in order to keep at Mind ‘the goal’ has develop over time a very specific Mind-Set using for Modus Operandis either ‘Impulsivity in the case of Endurant Machines’ or ‘Predatorial acts in the case of Consuming Organism’, the Mind would have you Dead instead of being wrong, hence the promotion of Entropy and its opposite, Conscious Co-Creation by way of Sentient Intelligence.


a World of Worlds, Maker View point.


Neptune Frost by Anisia Uzeyman & Saul Williams LIVE Interview with Eugene Hernandez

Neptune Frost – TRAILER





Decision to leave – by Park Chan-Wook/Jeong Seo-kyung – Cannes Film Festival 2022

Decision to Leave – TRAILER

Toward Fully Automated Enlightened Communities!

NODE PUBLISH Seasonal Publication, first draft Monday 19 2022, titled ‘the Supervision of Superstition’. So much to view, review, study, learn, and accept, to recap; Evolution, Revolution, and a search for Reason(s), reasons to succeed or reasons to fail (see Kafka ‘the Beauty of Failure’) , this very ancient operative ‘survival model’ was replace by Law(s) about 3 Millennia ago, before that all was Reason(s). Those ‘explanations’ was set by the ‘Shaman’ or ‘the Thinking Individual’ in all Tribal Societies Worldwide. Finding reasons for the Rain, the Wind, Life and Death, those are now substituted by other things under the frame of Law(s), Democracy or Dictatorship systems like so many others, Capitalism or Altruism and other Ideologies, advanced Computation machines so Human’s of Earth can “expect” all the same result, crafted Trends in order for “the Societal Tribe” to abide by the same ‘flavor of the Month’, and Time(s) a Common dimension for All to Be part of (Human Social tool kit was renew every 16k years 1 Million years ago, it is renew every 18 Month in Our Time(s)), all that ‘subconsciously’ experienced, 94 to 97% of the Time, persistent subconscious states aka Cell Automata so Human’s do not have to re-learn everything over and over again, keeping Us away from Consciousness which is why so many ‘brain stormer’s & ‘wishful thinkers’ propose that Humanity is under a spell of some kind providing good ‘reasons’ for Humanity recurrent tantrum, complaint being the very first reflex, a Reaction(s) every Human Beings remember from the Birth momentum, accentuated by Propagation of Needs, Government bodies and Corporate Agencies to make sure the ‘Robot aka Slave’ is aware enough to participate but not so much to take it from Grace and sustain the illusion of Experiencing this reality, a Living state going on until Death (look for Esoteric Wisdom) requiring a Spontaneous Mutation to shift, it will come soon enough.

From then on, changes (always due to an external component), in the case of the Indivisible Individual refer to has ‘Evolution’, propose no exception and few necessities, Human Societies do not rely on ‘Science or Technology’ say Scientience and less-more on Sentience, but on way more simple things to Survive, Existential Risks based attention aka; Sapience: Agriculture & Health, and the transmission of knowledge of those Two, a ‘Realism’ deceiving the Imaginary, the Human Brain is not design to Act(s) or think simplistically, and We have been on this Planet for so long that we are now about to fully harvest what is rightfully Ours – Sapience – Sentience – Scientience – Intelligence.

Information’s, a ‘thing’, a Celestial and Ancestral Inheritance that Your Brain have learn to differentiate and assimilate Existence provides with similarities only, nothing new and nothing more. We do not have Depth Vision, Mind Reading abilities or Cell Regenerative Capacities yet We aim at it, Human Scientience has its limitation Human Imagination has none, what We await to Imagine will become reality soon enough. For the now of Time(s) acceptance is key, away from ‘convictions’ and ‘believes’ only reamain the ‘knowing’ before the Act(s), Consciousness first, otherwise Humanity will go into Unconsciousness, the Infinite Dream from the shock of a sudden change of a shifting Perceptible Reality. Not long to wait, Transcendence is near.

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the Supervision of Superstition//