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A 100 Years.

Artificial Memory. A.M., and away from concept which are not! How can a Memory be artificial? Is it that the Memory was not genuine in the first place? Is that the ‘support’ the said memories was recorded on that is Artificial? Memory nevertheless. Is there Life without memories. Can Human Beings been an “scient” Organic Organism with the sole purpose to record experiences for this Universe to know. Motivated to Live?. Questions not meant to be answered, but lived. How are We here! How will You roam this Planet for rest of Your Life! Will You survive Yourself and Others? Will You live a conscious life in search of transcendental experience? Are you still convince that the relationship You entertain with Your “comtech” is only tactile, no emotion involve? 1994, so much to tell since its augmentation. The W3C, this Planetary Civilization communication system, a Human Multimedia, have drawn a heavy toll since its inception, and the cost is in Humanity, and this Humanity is slowly awakening from its first Planetary Human connectivity experience, outplayed, mesmerized, hypnotized, words does not miss to describe it. From flicker memory to conscious memory, consciousness speed, and then We can ask Ourselves what is the point in using All of Our resources, when the said resources have become obsolete, Cosmic Obsolescence. This Humanity ‘Hygiene’ (and ability to remain conscious) was tested once more and Sanity, both in Mind and Flesh can be maintained, only to be better tested by out-worlder Entity (in the present case the Sun, Our Star), is changing in Chemistry, like All things nowadays, and Human Earth is not different, Our Planet Geomagnetic Excursion is well ahead of any supposition “if”, “maybe so”, “perhaps” have vanish from the Geophysic science sphere and a form of consciousness arisen, a universal Consciousness that is, there is no Human Being today who does not know that Earth revolve around a Start as part of a Galaxy, somewhere in the visible Cosmos, conscious indeed. We ow so much to Our preferences. Chemistry, the ‘thing’ that make & keeps Us alive, is about the subject for anyone anywhere, and nowadays it takes the form of Biochemistry and Biomimicry. Adventurous and irresistible. Potten mix! and to make it ‘livable’ We should answer first what is an Emotion. Long Live the Love Bird, this ‘currency’ is not made for an ephemere affair, Love of all things remain the only existential experience that bound Human with one another, Pro-Creation oblige, but again, ‘what is it to live as a human being of earth’?

In the memory of ‘Beauty’, ‘Dream’s’ and all those things We will never experience but visually, slowly falling out of attention, to be replace by a form of curiosity never experienced before. For once, everyone agree and fall in contemplation before Humanity first Planetary Communication system, 1 of many other attribute to achieve a full bloom Planetary Civilization (cj; Kardashev), Humanity Sanitary & Sanity just tested, and a Planetary Consciousness on the rise. “Planetary Consciousness”?, ‘on the rise’? a little more would be nice, as a reference in face of Our Own Intelligence, and to better assume Similarities & foresee what should be Differenciate from Humanity Future and everything else. Earth 2022, on how to conduct an experiment!?! ‘there is nothing new on earth, except for what is unknown’, the adage still stand, choose a model, selected by few who can articulate administrative tools and social programs, and make it marketable to the Mass, for the remaining alternative, to stay out of these boundaries is the mainstream choice, Alternative living have its own advantage, and no compromises is needed. Is the propose experiment is actually useful, or is it that Human Consciousness have already shifted?!? Like so, among other things, almost nothing remain of Past Living, some Natural Science to be argued, one of the Phylosophy promoted that; ‘it is not because I have arrive here before you, that I am Older’, nothing about the “where from” or “where to”. Idiosyncratically Human You may say, maybe We are here to stay we shall answer. Which ever way you look into it, Graham is right on, this Humanity was made amnesiac, and it may have happen not so long ago we add. Words of pray! And never let anyone in Loving distress, the quest is Self transcendence, and experiences freezing cold Your Emotion’s is an everyday exercise. Abuse and predation replace by content & self awareness. Consciousness first, in the word of Ian Xel, being aware to be aware, and Transcend. Funny enough, Consciousness is the why we Evolve, continuous adjutments of over 16 billion of Our Years (ei; GCY), indeed Human have come to it, to the conscious conclusion of how Unique We all are, enduring the weight of misapps and unknown paradigm, slowly appearing as a new Dimension of Consciousness. This 3D Reality have emanated from a willing force, intelligent in nature, and perceiverent over Time(s). Human’s have conquered this dimension, and open the path for experiencing a 4th Dimension of Existence, and the fact that it is happening does not mean that We are yet, fully aware of what. Is there anyone foreseeing what others can’t? or is it that this conviction of a vision is apply by Individuals who have none? Both way the same.

Human’s have trapped too much energy in matter,…
TMK circa Hawaii 2004


And since its all around, can We talk about Intelligent Consciousness, Experience & Application, Day and Night, a Day to a Day, cycle continuum, ‘evolution jump of real time consciousness’, real time experience, and a conclusion, the possibility of a Spontaneous Mutation is real. How Human accept such a complex change? happening is an over more simpler way, Human have a tendency to cultivate difficulties. This and Human behavior, and how Agoraphobiac end up being the most and more Human Social people online today, exclusive? worldwide! Escape velocity does not mention escape from what. Like a distortion We resonate with Ourselve and others Selves, in-tune with Earth or We shall have already vanish, and about to align with Cosmic resources. The Time(s) is upon Us, and Our aim is to keep consciousness conscious. In the possibility of a Spontaneous Mutation, what memory would we keep of Our previous State of Exsitence? Or, are We ‘recon scouts’, Entities send in Time(s) and Place(s) to assess a Dimension un-experienced? Which is which is what humanity is about to find out, and this is not a statement nor a prediction, it comes as a Natural perception! None of the progress made satisfy nowadays Human Consciousness, amazed like Children in face of Our discoveries. The ‘Internet’ is the most advance communication system to date, and crypto-currencies are a new ways to pay, not to earn!

100 years.

That is when ‘Insuline’ was discovered, not that is was lost or non existent, but Human attention works like so, Consciousness first and the discovery of Insulin transcended humanity at once, the W3C! is just an extension of the Human Being Experience, for Human of Earth to fall mesmerize in front of a Planetary Tp1C communication system. The synchronization from scyfy to foreseen science have come around, and Beauty is something that Transcend and have transcended Humanity over Eon’s of Time(s). eon’s was coin by Sir Penrose (hello Roger), it means an amount of Time(s) deprive of specific location in Time(s) hence the Sound of it! An incommensurable source in an ever more incommensurable Space. A thoughtful conundrum for Us, tiny Human Being in the understanding of the Grandeur of the Cosmos. The fact of the matter is, that this Humanity will not get ‘a upgraded consciousness’ from another conflict, or more Intelligence from separation and seclusion. Something else is at Work.

More time of this Time(s). Like the HOB chief of ops say; “what do you care about how I will rest, maybe I don’t want to rest, and maybe peace is a subjective perception that does not exist where ever Death takes me!.”. Humanity, on board of Helios Galactic Space ship, gently cruising at 480000 Miles per hour, that’s 250Km/second fox, and closing another Galactic Year, this Mother of All mother ship, the Milky Way Galaxy, inextricably attracted toward, well, ‘the great attractor’, 1350000 Miles every Human hour, in an ever expanding Verse, but maybe after all not Uni, this Humanity is entering collectively a permutation of a cosmic level. Universal Consciousness in lead, and Transcendental indeed. Closing of publications and opening of registration to the Offset Resources Base Economy O.R.B.E. by Individual participation. Until then, what will never be know about Earth and the Human experience is what was never publish, an old adage, “there is nothing new on Earth, ecxept for what is not know!”.

The ‘best’ earners are the worst spenders. The missing component, if the definition of Civilization is to be observe, demand a Cultural Elite. A group of Individual able to transcend others by their Consciousness, perceptive Senses, Life oriented Intellect, and foreseeing ability, the idea of any leadership out of the interest to have a Humanity conscious and able, 8 billion strong and fearfully Creative is now abandon, left aside, those who consciously participated in are all about to let go. Conscious Neutrality has taken over. This ‘world of human’ is untouched, the dematerialization of Matter is a reality as much as Spontaneous Mutation, Our ‘Uni”Verse’ is likely on its own journey toward an ever grander ‘Great Attractor’, and Our very Cell’s, Life of all things, increase in permeability from external forcing. A Human Intelligent idea is needed, in the sense that the lack of a cultural elite able to lift to consciousness any Human Being from any place on Earth weight heavy on a Humanity in demand to evolve. As in 1, 2, 3, 4, “the” Human Being, Sapient, Sentient, Scientient & Intelligent is ready for a new experience. A Multi-Dimensional and Celestial adventure.

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