SOUND SEARCH – SOUND H.O.D.T. – WIN 21/22 – Artist Andy Szanky

sound’s & Noises, Tunes and Vibrations, diligently selected and assemble to compose an effect, a premeditated Act(s) to Enhance Human Life, Music, and tracks, skud, piece, or EMD’s, what ever you like to call the result, moves Human, and Electronic Music have its ways to make it happen. techno, Trans. Electro, Dub-Step, Minimal and over a thousand other well define terms. The SOUND, ‘the Electronic Imaginary’, the “made” SOUND, is knocking the 30 years of presence in the human Community, from elevator music to experimental concert, the vibration and stereotypical SOUND of Electronic creation have enhance everyday Life of Human’s, from the ‘sound of the Moon’

Artist SOUND Search and closing SOUND H.O.D.T. RAW Publication, what a ride,… Andy Szanky.

the HOB selected Soundcloud as its main media, 14 years ago no so much available options, and the Home is, if anything, Loyal, we did a 14 years BDay playlist abut it ), to the now hundred of thousands Human playground using anything Electronic for environmental purposes, the SOUND is here, so much so that the Collective even witness the retirement of the Daft’s, if anything Time(s) works as such, and for the SOUND one thing is certain, it is here to stay and enhance more Human day to day Life Experience. And this Winter, 2021/2022 is not different than the last 20 something years the HOB cover of Electronic SOUND’s, and the SOUND Space is evolving and mutating constantly, Imagination at Work, All Senses aware, the SOUND have a Future, WIN 2021/22 and H.O.D.T. Artist of the Year, Andy Szanky.

The HOB SOUND SEARCH Home Of Down Tempo, sound oddity, closing SOUND SEARCH Publications.

PS// thank to all Artists, Producers, Documentalists, Sound Creator, Dj’s, and Vocalists for these twenty seven something years, and continue to build these magical Sound’s that illustrates so well the times of our lives!

Chosen piece – Heimlich Podcast #70