CLOSING RAW’s – Sound, a musical experience the HOB 21/22 WIN Artist, Mattmosphere.

After a little summer break it is about time to reanimate our podcast series and serve you again with some cozy music for your home comforts. With slowly getting into winter mood we’re happy to share with you the perfect soundtrack for snuggling into the most comfy spot on the couch, made by no other than our all-time inspirer Matti aka @mattmosphere, master of chill mixtapes and connaisseur of the unconventional. He presents us an eclectic and soul soothing selection of tunes somewhere between Ambient, Balearic and Vaporwave. Calming genres that combine gentle instrumentation here and there with bird chirping, water dribble, wind noises and fire crackling – music made by lush nature that carries us back to the sunny days. Arising from some beautifully nostalgic reconnections you indeed feel his dedication to the abundance of a lush island, as Matti mentioned the „Schlaraffenland“, the land of milk an honey, a place that allows you to sit back, relax and float. We gladly follow that recommendation and invite you to celebrate slowliness and ease with us on this first day of December, which is also the day Matti was born! Happy birthday to you, dear friend and happy listening to everybody else! <3

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Sound, a Musical Experience, CLOSING RAW Publication Winter 21/22.

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