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A Creative Soul.

What will be addressed in this paper is the possible solutions provided for solving the ongoing problems. What is happening? Not to the Cosmos, Our Milky Way Galaxy, Our Sun and Planet’s. What is happening to Us, Human! Curiosity is a natural occurrence in human behavior.

It took Us as far as where We all stand today, disregarding which wave of Consciousness you find yourself into, if you are here, now, it is best to accept that you are part of transforming time, not to say transcendent, and this, disregarding which ‘Social Cast or level’ you think you belong too! Herein what the WEB offers best in solution to the problem of what is currently happening!

To begin, a left aside subject, aka ‘the Circadian Clock’, and the very plausible solution that All, as in All that is Biological, is now seen its Time(s) being reset, Universally. More here https://neurosciencenews.com/molecular-mechanism-circadian-clock-15692/

Addressing what is unfolding, and reach out to who knows, is, has been and always will be a dilemna. it is interlocked with ‘non conceptual convistions’, made 

Who knows?

... Computers can store an enormous amount of information in a much smaller space. Computer faxes, electronic mail, and the Internet are only three examples of technology that have replaced paper. Who knows, perhaps one day people will not use paper to write on at all!

Which is the following does NOT agree with the content of the passage?
A. Nobody will write on paper in the future.
B. Computers, faxes, e-mail and the Internet are common.
C. …
D. …

Solution 1/ everything happen for a Reason(s)!

2008 forum discussions

Cause of what is happening is predetermined, and well or not so well experienced momentums are only the byproduct of a Reason(s), what the ‘reason s’ can be and what or who may it serve and for what? is an ongoing question which humanity should not be concern with, there is no good or bad reason with regards to unfolding events, Life included. Here Aristotle to explain https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/aristotle-causality/

It is a pattern that can be described in words, and also in mathematical formula, in the sense that you can write formulae which will express the precise relationship between position, velocity, acceleration.

Before we start philosophical thought, and maybe afterwards, I suggest we assume that this pattern is produced by something. We would probably put it in terms of something we call ‘forces’.

I don’t know what sort of a detailed story we would be able to tell. Some of us anyway would be prepared to say that the sun exerted a force which pulled on the planet, and it was this that kept the planet whizzing round and round – instead of whizzing off in a straight line. It is a force that gets stronger as the planet gets closer to the sun, and this is what makes the planet travel faster as it approaches the sun. And you may be able to add more, explaining in more and more detail how the forces acting between the two bodies result in the pattern of movement we are talking about.

I’m not interested in the details. The one and only point is that most of us I’m sure, and all of us before we encounter philosophy, would say that there must be some such explanation in terms of forces.

Or at least, if not forces, then something else. The point is, there needs to be something that brings about the regularity.

That is what most of us would say, I think.

And that is what the school I am gong to refer to as nothing-behind-the-scenes-ism would deny.

Let me try this ranging shot:

there are regularities, patterns: but that is all.

This is a ranging shot, because it doesn’t give the full subtlety of their position on this question. I am putting it to you to give you the general idea, because it is a strange and sort of extreme one.

It is saying: the planets go round the sun in a perfectly regular, predictable way. Their movements follow a pattern, a simple pattern as a matter of fact, and we can describe it. But there is nothing producing the pattern! There is just the pattern itself.” continue searching here!

Solution 2/ a perfectly timed momentum.

second choices. Human’s and their classifications weight heavy on this Humanity. What is happening has happen before, and following a multitudes of rehearsal, Life in its Human form will get it right and on time one day. For now, each and every single things are in their place and perfectly functioning to come to a conclusion we do not have any plausible facts to understand or know, awaiting for the next ‘crunch, or froze, or who knows…’, who will live will see. https://www.wired.co.uk/article/how-will-universe-end


Solution 3/ the real Anthropic Lives of Human’s;

To Be born to Die. All this orchestrated in an absolute decay of the flesh, for the Spirit and the Soul We do not know, human anthropic reality is unique to Us, and this human crafted definition only apply to human life time on Earth. All is well, you are on a journey, just make the best of it. All here https://thesymetrixoftime.com/


Solution 4/ the Hermetic experiments, games of Influences!

Difficult not to make a stop by any possible ‘Esotheric’ explanation, the Hermetic experiment is better explain using a pond, all and everything is recycled in an hermetic space (understand close space defined by physical boundaries), in which nothing from outside exist and everything inside is recycled, this Solution is unique in the sense that it exist only within itself, demanding an accidental event to be, and this event could have happen at the time of the first Atom bomb testing, and open a thin space within time for a neo Human dimension to roam. Also true if using the vastness of Space, in which case We find Ourselves ‘floating’ in between dimension and We are stuck there, so You will be recycled for ever and ever, with memory or not, it is up to you to answer this one. For the time being, nature is investigated through observation (Consciousness), experiments (the Human Experience) and illumination (awaited Transcendance); … follow Hermes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermeticism

Solution 5/ Being human is the Cause. A Revelation.

Nowadays, Life for Human is the same as it was hundred of thousands of years ago, the daily ‘hunting & gathering’ (at the supermarket) rules the Life of each and every Human, and however the ‘goods to be hunted or gathered’ has change, the methods did not, to the contrary, Humanity have reach the highest stage of ‘Hunting & Gathering’, technics have evolve and Senses perfected. What did deteriorate is the ‘Ethical’ or ‘Empathic’ ways to acquire the ‘goods’, We rule this reality, We made it so, and we simply don’t perceive the true state of all and have simply inherited what we deserve. See ‘Apocalypse’ and other title from the ‘vast Religion’s records’ (all of them) see library collections. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apocalyptic_literature


Solution 6/ Uthopia, Disthopia, Schitzofrenia!

All this is an hallucination, humanity is in Multiversal quarantine which will end as soon as our common hallucination will stop by will or occurring natural events, and Human’s are ready to accept a common existence and take their rightful place in this Universe. Chill, take a pill! https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/schizophrenia

Solution 7/ Time shifter experiment.

In a very long time from now, humanity interest to study the time line of humanity from the beginning is made possible by something, and we are only following the story path, it all unfold accordingly and we are the observer of our own existence. Will we use this experiment to alter or change the course of events is unknown. https://books.google.la/books?id=B_3j729imtYC&pg=PA63&lpg=PA63&dq=can+human+observe+themself+from+the+Future?&source=bl&ots=JsImQEy4xr&sig=ACfU3U1v7UKZ94GaDUb-KyAsmoWvhzaU7A&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjtks2TkunnAhXCy4sBHXarBsAQ6AEwCnoECA0QAQ#v=onepage&q=can%20human%20observe%20themself%20from%20the%20Future%3F&f=false

Solution 8/ Obsolescent Purpose

Long ago, we where ‘made’ for a purpose, and our makers left, leaving humanity to wonder in the Earth wilderness. This assumption is seriously studied and researched by many individuals and groups, and fall under the Mesopotamian Anunnaki Archeology. Here is what Wiki P say about it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anunnaki

Solution 9/ the exception confirming the rule

Our observable Universe is vast, infinite some say, and today we are living in the dimension of time revealing the existence of other Verses. But so far, in this Universe, we stand alone, none on sight. In this case, the living exception puts us in the forefront of the exception, in order for rules to be, an exception must be to allow order, in other way, everything that is foreign to the universal rules, is put in a specific space, Earth, by necessity in order for everything else to run according to the established rules. On Earth we have our own sets of rules that only apply to life, if these rules are transgressed, it may result in total annihilation. Does it mean that the overall universal rules would fall at this specific moment is a question address in science, does existence need to be observed to be, Human rules, see Anthropocentrism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthropocentrism


Solution 10/ Quantum Self Simulator

Forget Body, Spirit and Soul, only ‘Informative Matter’ remain. We are, each and every Human, in a mental self-simulation, who? ‘simulate’ and why? is an ongoing question, but will it lead to an ‘original’ experience we do not know. This theory is also tag ‘Holographic Principle’. Here NASA to explain https://science.nasa.gov/holographic-principle


Solution 11/ ‘the Hallucinarium of Dr Parnasus’.

Sometime not long ago, Humanity decided to experience a common journey to neighboring dimensions. Conclusion, we will all walk out safe and sound with a universe of experience, or, we got lost and the journey start to turn bad trip. This assumption is also valid from the pure biocentric view point, a naturally occurring release in Earth Atmosphere of large amount of hallucinogens substance was released and took us to an inner self journey, giving Humanity consciousness on the way, or the recent Ancestors have accidentally ingest a Mushroom (stop laughing its serious) and We are gathering more and more proof that it could be the foundation of Human consciousness. All here https://www.inverse.com/article/34186-stoned-ape-hypothesis

Solution 12/ a Big Bang

It all started from something, this is from far the most prevalent Human conviction. That something actually causes the ‘bang’ not so interesting, and that it maybe something entirely different even less. That’s ok, all is in expansion, at least from Earth viewpoint, and we are observing the Past unfolding. https://www.space.com/25126-big-bang-theory.html

Solution 13/ Reality, a crystal clear reflected & perfectly superposed momentum.

We exist in a crystalline organized pattern. Have you ever eared of Planck Constant?, or Emergence Theory?, Informative Matter maybe? How about Intelligent Energy? We are the unconscious creator of our reality by projection at the speed of light (many different speed), people are born, people die and Time passes, we are all influencing each other past and future until we possibly develop a common consciousness intelligent enough to let us deal with ‘Human issues’ in the best manner, thus promoting an Intelligent Present for ourselves. Thing is, we can very well be the reflection of a reflection, of a reflection. Meaning of this reality, make up your Mind about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0ztlIAYTCU

Solution 14/ theories of conspirations!

Someone know what this ‘existence’ is and sharing is a bias they do not have, so, using all the above and everything else a Human Mind can construct in theories, base on ‘ideas’ or ‘constant’, by secret plots or join effort, toward a particular end or aim comes to Be, which is what, Time(s) will tell: from the Latin https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/conspiratio#Latin

Solution 15/ a Pattern of Infinite Bios.

This one belong to Cosmology. Everywhere we look, with more and more advance technological instruments, the more we realize how Similarities of the observable universe are constant. This is revealing but scary. Revealing because we can observe, record and archive visual phenomena which concur this Infinite Bios assumption, and scary because being part of a gigantic organism would make us conscious that we are actually way much smaller that we anticipated. Does the momentum of consciousness of such reality could happen ‘Multiversally’ and ‘Simultaneously? Here https://books.google.la/books?id=5yCl6iGSfK0C&pg=PA6&lpg=PA6&dq=indefinite+Bios,+Cosmology?&source=bl&ots=jQwPziFih9&sig=ACfU3U1MaSmISCpRxkIkcDT_g_tejT0L1g&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwibhY2OtOnnAhXG7WEKHZq6DAEQ6AEwAHoECAYQAQ#v=onepage&q=indefinite%20Bios%2C%20Cosmology%3F&f=false

Solution 16/ Deceptive Reality! a scheduled awakening.

We are exceptionally creative Being, but We lack of Ethic, Universal Ethic, and not to fall into complete cosmic depression, we made up stories for Eon’s to pass by each day, the reality is imprinted in our very molecules and its boring so we have openly lied to ourselves. The main issue with this proposition is what will happen if a universal conscious momentum is to take place, not giving us the possibility anymore to imagine Life and this Reality as We like it to be, but as it is. We are on a schedule, it happen before, last recorded and archive event, 99Y2K and the new Millennia Digital, very real, Reality is now showing signs of Mental and Physical Metamorphosis, positive or negative one for a possible awakening is not yet define as this is an ongoing process. Here, an oldy but a goody, https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED282918.pdf

so! now what?

Much to wonder about and many possibilities. The HOB only scratch varnish with the here mentioned possibilities. Conclusion is to be made daily, as much as We would commonly like to predict Our Future, nothing is in fact less certain, and Humanity convictions act like a blinder, providing little to none indication or proof that all this happen for a Reason(s) if not for the Human experience to be lived for what it is. A Wild, Universal and Trans-Dimensional experiment, made by ‘Nature’ or ‘anyone or thing’ else, here We stand, Human of Earth, in search of a solution to solve a long lasting problem. Life!

“What should be known?, and ‘Who’ knows the remaining questions to be ask. the stance from A C. Clark is demanding an adjustment,
indeed that their is Life in this Universe or not, both answeres are equally terrifying.
and in the plausibla case that 1 or a group on Individual knows the ‘whar’ of Life is equally so!”

republication Winter 2021/2022

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