Opening the 13th Gate, in the Age of ‘Creation’ – the HOB Esoterikos House – Winter 2020/2021 – re-published Winter 2021/2022// welcome to the Time(s) Machine//


‘Creare’ is a Latin word. Its definition if use in common terms, relate to the act to ‘produce’, in modern time, to create is defined by the act of bringing ‘something’ to existence. Before that, any forms of ‘creation’ Man made, was made by necessity of Survival or Art “with purpose”. Beyond these principles, only Theories and questions, in truth, very few answer, at the exception of the common acceptance of Our Existence.

The HOB Esoterikos House, as a participant of the ongoing HOB interest for the opening of the 13th door, is making a loop turn to the realm of what stand before along existence, which Action(s) is define by an act, in Human terms and on Our very Earthly observation possibility, the Act(s) of Creation.

Existence. In this realm, Life and Reality ‘create’ a third element, Consciousness, the state of being alive and the common objective reality is experienced in Human by the state of Consciousness. A creation of its own? Confusing? Yes we know, opening the 13th Gate is an initiative that is literally turning into a revelation. Can We say existence to be the ultimate state of being allowing the ability to create!

Difficult not to use this opportunity to overview what make this Reality, the Physical, the Material, the Cognitive, and of course the Common Sense of Consciousness. In ‘Imaginative’ and absolute.

the HOB Esoterikos House WIN2020/2021, Creativity



I spoke to 15 of the world’s leading innovation experts to get their definition of “innovation“. The variety in their responses may surprise you./


The process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay. … In business, innovation often results when ideas are applied by the company in order to further satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers.

In the Human world and reality, this definition has extend and overpass creation, innovation nowadays resonate with industrial competition and ‘.something generation model’

//This suggests that there are universal elements of emotion experience that may stem from biological evolution./

Human Creation! From what toward what?

Not to mention the Devine part of what We Human, describe as creation, involve both the phenomena, neglect and ignorance. If apply to reflection from a Religious point of view, the discussion is, well, short, that is what happen when you talk in ‘dogma’ terms, and to neglect this side of Humanity is to neglect a component of our today reality. Ignorance, the probable cause of Humanity state, is not an in house habit, and as confusing the Time maybe, we wont ignore the dominant aspect of ‘spontaneous creation’, the Devine act being a part of it, therefore the HOB Esotrikos House will aim to approach the subject of Human Creation with our usual neutral perception.

The creation or making of the Human Being stand is a very simple definition, the idea that it flow from a form of ‘Intelligence’, superior with that, do not make the path of study easy. In Alchemism terms, the creation of ‘something’ (hence the need for a ‘Creator’) by an assembling of elements in a particular order, is a natural result of an intelligent thoughts construct, hence the creation of the intelligent creator. True from baby cube games to miles high building, it is unfortunately true as well for ‘Molecular organism’ and ‘Particles mass’. As “an Observer”, today can be resumed as such, intelligence emerge from an environmental complexity (understand here the Universe), and to know if we have access to reflection modes and intelligent system to understand this environmental complexity is the question!

Life cycles on Earth for any living thing (Life as in what differentiate Animals and Plants from ‘non organic matter’) may seam remotely aparented to the concept, but in face of Cosmic events, these principles of ‘creation’ maybe rewritten at will by non Heliospheric influencers (understand here not from Our Solar system), and modern Humanity is at a Time and Place in which plausible observations guide Us to accept the possibility of cataclysmic events for Human Life in particular and any other Life forms on Earth in its generality, which by all mean, must be the influence created by Universal systems. It only remind Us that We are part of a Universe, not of the existence of any creations or creator(s).

…. at his stage, and addressing creation from a Biology point, We can wonder on any scenario, however, one ‘Element’ seems to relentlessly comeback to attention, Water, and its alteration to everything it touch, on Earth or within Stars, possible source of Life Creation. We should ask ourselves, how far have we come, from and with Water,….


The misunderstanding comes from Water?

CHNOPS is a term used in the research community when addressing what the Human body is made of, indeed an assembly of ‘Elements’ which to Be, must have been created. Last year closing on the subject of ‘Human Spontaneous Evolution’ the subject of ‘Creation’ was partially addressed, but in substance, all is but theory. The modern way of life reveals the new prophets, to foresee the future is to know, and todays Our Professors may as well be acknowledge as the modern prophet, issue is, they all run for the prize, so, Senses aside, once volatile knowledge did become Scientific realities, this is as far Humanity as come, and despite Our better efforts, what made Us remain a mystery, so we dig for knowledge, and what we found among other things is that ‘the Aquatic Ape’ is Our most likely common ancestor, but We may as well just manifested into this dimensional existence by ‘elemental aggregation or superposition’ supported by a willing energy. Very little chances that the reality stand somewhere in the middle, most likely to be a multidimensional reality.

Created from what? Made of what?

Etc// The short answer is… yes! Carbon atoms form the “backbone” of almost all the important biological molecules floating around in our bodies (except water, of course.) Therefore, when we say life is “carbon based,” we mean that our skin, hair and cells are all made out of molecules that contain large amounts of carbon




Invention, or the assembly of Natural Elements.

To the world of human, invention is pursued either for augmentation of living qualities, or for economic principle for which quality is a secondary ambition and take more than it gives from the Common and alter greatly Natural ways on Individual development (ear here progress). Problem is, the creations of the creators are fast becoming obsolete, force of Our Planetary industries can only provide that much, and a total change in Human Industrial Platforms is currently unfolding, soon a total change of living habits and general point of interests shift will finish a disruption started about 2 decades ago.

In this consideration, and to enable what Humanity offer best in creativity, inventiveness or imagination, the Power(s) must shift. From some hands to all others, from one point of view to all the others, and from one conviction to any others. Thi is when the actual conundrum kicks in, the last 2 decades have also provided with more publication and self experiment than ever on what is consciousness. Point being made, it works, but all come back to fundamental reality momentum, You Life, and by convictions, what your life is,…

…. usually one’s lifeThe period between the birth and death of a living thing, especially a human being….

… consequently, We all aim for lost Power(s), long forgotten but Biologically present, Human fast rising Intuition account for the best proof that Universal Permutation is at Works, a Contemplation most needed in order to transcend, nothing Cultural nor Religious, but fundamentally Human, //a form of prayer or meditation in which a person seeks to pass beyond mental images and concepts to a direct experience of the divine// how ever it maybe resonating with You, the Cosmos can no longer be ignored.



Big word, so what does it take to be ‘creative’, in the industrial sense of the terms not so much, innovation or the Art of enhancing something is base on things once created for a specific purpose, over-industrialization took Us where We re today, drowning in useless accessories and ustancils and trap in a centric industrial system. In Art Humanity’s ‘alternatie’ provide with glimpse of thoughtfull and open minded work pieces, however, Creativity in Art seams at a stand still, we wont extend to the lack of creativity of cultural elites, and conclude with how unable We all are to create a continuity, an existence, fulfilling and exalting outside of the boundaries of Human societies, sciences and believes, in Common language, are You Human?

// Regardless of geography, all languages distinguish emotions primarily based on whether they are pleasant or unpleasant to experience, and whether they involve low or high levels of arousal. For example, few languages view the low-arousal emotion of sadness as similar to the high-arousal emotion of anger, and few languages viewed the pleasant emotion of “happy” as similar to the unpleasant emotion of “regret.”//

So, are We Creator’s? do We consciously and intelligently create Our day to day reality? Are We the creator’s of Our own made things, or are We fouled by an invisible ‘thoughts’ guiding Our every Action(s)?

a new Sound

Sometime, say most of the time, We use words which We feel contain more than their definition, the experience related by this word, as an example lets use ‘Contemplation’, or the action of looking thoughtfully and for a long time at something, say a Sunset, produce the emanation of a conscious experience from the ‘physically’ observable to the ‘non-define’ resented. To say that each and everyone of Us feel the same thing is another discussion entirely, but to say We all fall in contemplation in front of a beautiful Sunset is common, so why do We lack of a ‘vocabulary’ or ‘language’ to fully express the experience to another Human Being? This segment of creation is provoked by external events, but what of states which emanate directly from Our Self, as in Individual Self, most comes from Our direct environment, Human and Human Society, nevertheless, a wide range of emanating thoughts can’t find a plausible source to be understood and translated into common communication to be transmit, needless to say that ‘emotional experience’ can be share, they are most always badly remembered.

Opposing reality becomes factual the Coincidentia Oppositorum roam free, but all is sound, vibration, inaudible ‘metaplasmic’ frequency bringing matter to shapes and forms, ‘Existence?’, a Multiversal language for all to be, modern Science is all over it, to define a new vocabulary to feel it all, to know it all is to experience it and the language written for the aim of ‘existence’ (call it what you like we will use ‘matrice’ to make it simple) a ‘Matrice Language’ for all to be, could have been written long ago (Our Present), maybe written as a mean of development now (Our Past) or a building clock writing and rewriting ‘existence’ (Our Future), which is which? . Truth maybe, Science is out of stock when in need to ‘describe and define’ what is found, and all verbiage created and associated to scientific finding fail to develop a perceivable language to profoundly help Us transcend the barrier of the invisible. Frustrated yet!

Nowadays, except if you’ve been off Earth for a decade, it is impossible not to have notice the flux of acceptance in fact and data’s from the Science community in correlation with a more Philosophic approach to the question of existence, at the beginning was a sound, Arcanum, all is vibration, problem is, We, Humanity, lack of a ‘vocabulary’. ‘language’ or ‘dialectic’ to perceive fully the opening dimension’s Humanity is currently shifting toward. What is to be if We lack of substantial intelligence to ‘create’ Ourselves apart of this new reality.

Creation, a term imbricated into Human civilization under Religious influence is not an easy subject to address. This is not a ‘Paradox’, of all things if We can observe a changing Universe and corroborate the existence of Multiverses, and in the absence of a ‘Mentor Race’, it is Time for Humanity to enter the awaited realm of ‘Conscious Co Creation’, and commonly provide with a ‘word’ to gently and gracefully enter Our new state of existence, disregarding what or who may have ‘created Us’.

Self Confrontation and the confrontation to the self!

//The most vexing of these, though, might be “uncertainty.” As someone who both teaches introductory physics and fields a lot of questions about quantum physics, I’m constantly running into misconceptions and misuses of the whole idea of uncertainty (and a whole constellation of related concepts in probability and statistics). In everyday use, “uncertainty” is sort of a verbal shrug, a “who knows what’s going to happen?”, rather like the “Local News Anchor” entry in this awesome Math With Bad Drawings post. The uncertainty in a scientific measurement, on the other hand, is a rigorously defined and quantifiable thing. When we talk about the uncertainty in a scientific measurement, it’s less an admission of ignorance than an expression of confidence: we’re saying how tightly we’re able to constrain what we don’t know.//, but all these are prefabricated assumptions, it would demands Us to includes possibilities that are far reaching for the majority of the Common, like if an inquiries is made on Human controlled weather ideas ( or to say that if the Infinite Forces at Work throughout the Universe influences the All and Everything but not Human of Earth, too far reaching indeed.

re-publication//Winter 2021/2022

This year 2020/2021, the HOB search enter the Time(s) of Opening, in relevance to what is known as the Gates of Consciousness. Opening the 13th Gate.