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In nearly 2 decades of publications, the HOB Esoterikos house intended to ‘locate’ Humanity and its never ending relationship with Itself, Conscious, in esoteric terms. And we came to few conclusion, one of which is that if Earth and this Reality is “Hell”. Well, why would you expect their will be any Good Soul in it! Another question pertain more to the absolute of “Human”. Are You satisfied with Your Incarnation? Those are the Path of the Disciple. Self Disciple, disciple of Self. Thank you to all who have participated, over 20 years of publication.

closing RAW’s – the HOB Esoterikos House AUT21/22- the Counter, of Counter-Culture!



This Paper is about Cult’s, and how we may come to Love and Worship their ways and not. Cult’s & Cultures and all that flow from it is Human Made. Magic in Mind, and delusion replaced by confusion. The 21 Century Common Era is about the total and absolute Mastering of Your Spirit. At this Time(s), the known World has become Numbers, Equation, Algorithm, Lagorithm, yet, not even a Mathematical Library on Earth. Ambitious Nature, Human Beings. Adapting in Spirit to the Changes of Time(s). Social Human environment now interlinked for an 8 Billion Humanity. Modern Society Human tends to start exploring after reaching safety, call it a ‘norm’, a Human Psychological habit to maintain Space on a leash. Hence the surpression of the Age, over achieved repression of the Imaginary, the knowledge of a comfort zone for retreat promote self confidence, when this zone is compromised and becomes observable by all Senses, the Organism React. We aim at being good from so young! The total involvement of the Human Child, is, a Truth beyond any concept! a Symbol in the flesh! And what it symbolizes is the constant curiosity and its exploration by mean of co-operations, with One Self and Others, it confirms the perception of this reality soon to be diverter to other use. Intimate relation it is said. Something which ‘touch’ you and allow you to realize the Human ‘engine’ that responsible for Us arguing, fighting and war’in is just not going to go away it is a trade mark of Human of Earth. But for everything else, We, the Humanity Organism, can engage in a Life participation. An endeavor demanding the end of ‘oblation’ and a constant offering of consciousness, by what ever media and Human interface, Our common reluctance to Time(s) and it’s Law(s), and one reality which symbolize the Age, this Humanity is looking for a new realm of existence. A no end in sight for a built up subjective reality, to quire for those curious of their world a form of societal ‘culture’ has form, a planetary occurrence.


Who are the people behind your machine’s, does Emotions and Soul share a common path? The Digital world, Virtual space is now classify as a Dimension, like Earth, Air/Space or Water, the 0&1, W3S – specific sensitive space, belong to the list of ‘to be defended at all cost’ of any Nation State. Away goes the ALT(ernative), command-control-shift is building one block at a time the Dimension of Human, on the backbone of the Web World Wide and by use of Net – Inter. Asimov would be please and K. Dick pre-Vision of a dark Future Oscar-liked but not so. Is it the result of an Incantation, Rise of the Spirit, Holly, to Incarnate the Body, Devine, and Elevate the Soul, Eternal. Can Humanity adapt to mediocrity? No Life outside of Magnetic

Endless regeneration of the Senses. So for the last of the Esoterikos House RAW, we are asking; can it be believes without ritualistic practices; in what Dimension the emulation of the ‘Being’ takes place; who’s to claim a access whom is to claim that the Human Cult(s) do so; what “Human Being” appropriates such a benefit and not be able to abide like-so?

Cult(s) or Culture(s), A(e)nd!

The Word is such, that if chosen by the appropriate vocabulary, at the right Time(s) (momentum), in knowledge of the Space(s) (no place echoes Sound the same), and for the well define Intention, only one can either ignite or … the course of events. So we are back at it, Influenced or Inspired? What is Our approach to the State of desperation in other Human Beings? How far have We come to the understanding of the ‘Senses’? Our advance “sensoriality” is a reality! Emotional Intelligence underused! ,… when Our Act(s) & actions look more like regression than evolution;

Instruction on the instrument.

Can Transcendence be reach without draining the All & Anything ‘Auto-creational destructive’ experience?, Physical or Digital, no excuses, and first and foremost the vast amount of experience You experience with Yourself, Quantum!. Is the ‘governing bodies’ or ‘regulation abiding entities’ or ‘proceeding control mechanism’ the needed Action(s) to the much demanded Reaction(s). Culture, like its name does not mention, is base on the basic construct of what is chosen by few in order to assert the many. Nowadays even the idea to ‘cancel’ Culture do nothing but affirming this basic. Almost 2 decades ago, TMK provided a well define and well reflect testimony of Culture, mentioning that it was not your friend, He never said that Culture was not needed or not necessary in order for Humanity to be. Confused? You should! Like anything else, any form of Ideo, Finding, Art, Act, Intellect or Made construct to add to the existing vast Human Culture must be questioned, but it is in fact either accepted or Intelligently Ignored, matter of Mental survival. And this is where the Paradigm of Change(s) begin, continue and never ends, it also reminds Us why All Individual involve in Humanity Future are not on the front stage. Evolutionary, (Re) Atc(s), are never acknowledge has ‘valued’ elements of the said change and why these Individual always opt for an “Anarchist” state of mind, Consciousness first, and none involve Herself/Himself into such a Paradigm without the knowledge of what will be endured. The ‘spark’ or ‘Inspiration’ guided by Universal Intuition have no boundaries, All is made in full awareness of risks, costs and what will be given to any article of change from scratch. Very few have experienced it, yet it is accessible to All. Here lay the Soul of the Humankind.

Dream                          Living                         Imagination              Creativity

Etherealism                 Wakefulness              Foresight                  Sublimation             

poorless wealth.

Passing time, a Human endeavor, but unlike the passing of the Time(s), passing time refer to the repetitive actions, according to interests or ‘what you are good at’ with a purpose, prosperity or if you can accept it ‘to feel safe & secure’, of those things Human do to ‘entertain’ their passive Life in order to guaranty that they can purchase their future , from Ruling from edge to edge to suffering Time(s) with nothing but thoughts, the ‘purchasing’ demands making, and to avid all confusion we shall divide the ‘makers’ in to two part, those who Create, Invent, promoting Sapience, Sentience, Scientience and Intelligence, and those who reproduce, superpose systems on the top of systems to make themselves valuable, a form of survival who have taken its toll over Humanity for Ages.



Oxygen is Life. What ever they say, without any, Our existence is not, what to say about the compression of Air, this Element so present and overwhelmingly Natural that its use by Our Biology, from Breathing to Speaking pass nearly unnoticed, even less contradictory but nevertheless compulsory, Hydrogen and Oxygen are first and foremost potent explosives. Devastating force. Turn into a Fuel, Water, and equal to O2 alone, propulse Human Bioreactor throughout Time(s).

Aliment /ˈalɪm(ə)nt/ noun

  1. ARCHAIC food; nourishment./ 2. SCOTS LAW maintenance; alimony.

About food/  here on VCloud


The opposite of parallel.

“- ‘a’ counterculture is a culture whose values and norms of behavior differ substantially from those of mainstream society,…” this is the premises of the definition, the ‘meaning’ of it. It implicate 1 form ‘a’ and focus on the generalism of what is accepted as Culture as much of what is understood when it comes to “mainstream”. Conundrum indeed. One School We all have to thanks for it, the Cynics School of Being (see Diogene of Sinope), and when we mention ‘all’ it is including all of what makes this Humanity, none escape it whatever they say or do, You abide by one form of Rule or another, first of which is a beating Heart. It leaves Us with the Law(s) part of Life, Human made or those of the Physical Reality, realities?, no, Reality, one for All, shared but not in the same manner, the basic that some of Us enjoys their Life and others ‘endure life’ comes to a conclusion: the line on which Life is lived is an Individual Path, form which none derive from but from which All can utilize ‘the others’ to make its own Path more livable. We have reached the ultimate demand, do We give blindly or is it a question of Perspective, Intellectual, Ethical or Moral? Are we being taken advantage by or do We give carelessly for lack of another ‘prospect’?.

The question is on the basic of sharing. Experiences, Goods, Knowledge, Decisions, and overall the validation of a form or another of safety, security for the Body, the Spirit, the Soul and of course, the Mind, hence the inaction of a Resources Base Economy, as in the resource of Consciousness of this shared Reality. First of which is Equality! Not an easy concept to go around just in consideration of the fact that All Human are Unique, the Indivisible Individual prevail on everything else, so it takes Us to the next opposition, Rights, to have, to do, to understand, to be explained, to be Taught, to access, or in simple terminology, To Be, imply that We all can and that the supposed ‘mainstream’ (here you get it) acknowledge by a whole or by a succession of provable Action(s) which sustain Time(s) over time is ‘the’ tangible reality of which ever subject is in question to be for, the whole, the living reality. True for Water or Food, a Life necessity, less for Habitat, any shelters would do, not so much for clothing, fashion is much more than taste cold not so much, and from there it is all away from the physical part of the experience and all in Consciousness. To say that knowledge is Power in its capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events or in its ability to do something or act in a particular way, is a perception which only includes what the Human Organism aka Humanity if accepted as such, is entirely able to acknowledge, hence which is the ‘knowledge’ of the Time(s) that allow You to gain, retain and utilize Power on others?. But hose are not ‘Your Power(s)’, there are the result of a construct, a Human construct called Society, ‘set for a particular purpose or not’ it was not initiated by You, actually none of it was by any of the living of today, the Human Society, a construct, is the result of the organizational of Human Being over time for survival, and what better define the construct but when it is observed in Time(s) of hardship, spontaneous or made (Natural Disaster & Conflicts are the two common example), to consciously realize that Human power on Human’s is as obsolete as construct can be when the said construct is build and devoted for nothing else but to retain an unsustainable form of security or safety to guaranty survival in present reality, in Autumn it Rain on the just and unjust alike.

The many realities of Fear.

In our common era, one could be fool by the necessity that modern life require to be safe, confident, or in the usable term able to survive the day to day existence. To compare it we will base our query on needs. A much more simple task and way more accessible than its counterpart, necessity. To begin which is which? For a simple answer, needs can wait what is a necessity is for the now of Time(s). however, when we address the ‘needs’ we should begin by those made for a purpose of having, or those emerging from existence ei; to enslave people to be able to buy a luxurious thing pertain to the conscious states of the makers of the said luxurious things, the buyer of such and the laborer, in the case which will imply that the ‘fruit’ of the labor is equally divided would make the luxurious good not accessible in our today standard/ our today reality is more about what people needs that their necessity, what people do than what should is done, what is ‘reported’ than what ‘is’. The subject fast shift to obligation(s), from what must be made and done to be in existence, to what it takes to keep your job (including the worst and unimaginable), down to the fragile but real Mental imbalance those who have mastered the consciousness of acquisition (Mind and Matter) are weighting on this World. In all, a very Human inhuman Humanity, all provoked by Human’s for themselves, no blame to none and responsibilities avoided at all costs, Life included. Fear is a necessity need for the Humanities many excuses not to or to, Be aside, act upon each others, better attend to what can not be answered than to which is accessible, available or accessible can be argued, needs and necessity shall not! The many realities of fear is a construct well accepted, made of no needs and offering the necessity to go on with existence as it is. Those living a parallel existence to those constructs are to become the Future of Humanity.

Bases of references, or how do you live your Life?

Under this Sun, very little is new. From how we eat or what we eat, how we dress and with what, how we work and why, how we communicate and on which subjects, to cut it short the Neo-Reason(s) of living have yet to be transcended. Best example is the Present of time(s), Asian workers building 4×4 cars while discussing the latest game of what ever game and ending their day dressed in their Nike’s shiny outfits in front of a Tv set (smartphone did not replace the Tv set yet) watching what ever show while waiting for diner, American workers not working avoiding the ‘clichees’ of a vanishing living ideal remembering the nightmarish dream that was, African workers aiming a validating the idea that which ever other option there is it must be the solution of a better living, fashion and music included, European workers encompassing the overwhelming argument that creativity of a living is long gone, quality with it, direct and lead to one and only reality, the known artifact of human culture have been consumed by all, as it is, the system of ‘systems’ is feeding on itself living no room for Evolution, proposing no Revolution and with no Adaptation in sight. Solution? Not so much! The ‘mainstream’ and all its parallel life forms is in demand of an Alternative, to clarify the quote we should talk about Energy: from what once was ‘Alternative source of Energy’ becoming ‘renewable energy’ to satisfy few and confusing ever more the whole; alternative is exactly what it says, it demand no effort to be understood and require no knowledge to be apply, alternate being the core component, as in, to alternate from one form to another, from one system to another, from 1 lifestyle to another. Next stop, the World back in the hands of the Imaginative gifted and Creative oriented, a common source, the Inspiration of Living.


Conscious Co-Creation.

!attention, remains the quest of the reasonless and uninspired. Acknowledgement we will discuss further, Attention must be address in order to contemplate acknowledgement, a form of Intelligence in behavior in itself. It is true for a Human or a thing. Then, who own the best ‘wealth making’ idea, which human groups or ‘entity’ withhold the most effective tools to get rich, what operation provide with the capability to provide high revenue, all of it with as little contribution to Humanity advancement but taking as much shares of existence capital, Earth & Human resources, as possible, who are those who can ‘grab’ the tomorrow’s assets for their own and gloriously propagate that ‘they’ have the right to Be so because ‘they’ can or did? Well, this can happen to anyone, so why is it happening to so few? Can the basic of one identify individual lifestyle be utilize and reproduce if identified as ‘successful’?. The aim of this Humanity to succeed in proving superiority over other Human Being by a few to ‘lead’ or ‘set example’ so commonly accepted but so uncommonly experienced that it shatter the potential of what Humanity could achieve. Is it too much to ask for All to have a common vision of themselves, of a Humanity in demand of experiences, a Humanity is quest of a superior aim. The answers comes with the questions, and as long as few will be acknowledge as the lead because they are able to exalt throughout being witnessed of the most commonly random Act(s), the Natural barrier of what could be shall remain unthreatened, untouched and uncompromisingly weighting on this Humanity, main Reason(s) is that the ‘lead’ in question is enable of a vision, singled or unified, and base its existence on what was ‘recolored and refined to the modern taste’ instead of embracing the unknown of what Human are able to envision. So many words, and deeper in the conundrum confusion we dive. Nowadays the ‘new social tool kit’ ;ndrl-TMK, is the ‘Virtual’ new world, currencies included, it does not matter how hard Bitcoin will be to make or ‘high’ it will go, it won’t change the inequality of this World, ‘the few’ identify or not will remain as few as they are, the ‘power to Be’ is only shifting from a position to another, from a groups to another, giving very little to those who participate to this world, and even less to those who create the tomorrow’s reality, the co-creators remain in the shadow of the physical world, the few expose to the light are Intelligently Ignoring everything and those fallen from the light continue to live on the assets of what was taken, a demand for a new paradigm indeed.

So lets Us Dream.

Utopia of all cliché is the one that appear to stick to Humanity over time. Problem is, that if this vision comes from 1 or a few, it will fast turn into anything from ‘dictatorship’ to ‘dystopia’, the Human World is far from united, absolutely separated and commonly accepted to be dissected, to the exception of the ‘Organism’ attribute, when Human existence is threaten, the ‘collective drive’ takes over.

herein a ‘word’ from a long time friend of the HOB, Terence Mc Kena put into moving color by the now revealed ‘After Skool”; watch here

Mandukya Upanishad is the source of the Hindu revelations about the Four States of Consciousness and defines these states as waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and turya (the fourth state, which is the state of enlightenment).

States of Consciousness

The seven states of consciousness are: waking, dreaming, sleeping, transcendental consciousness, cosmic consciousness, God consciousness and unity consciousness.

  • Level 1: Survival consciousness. …
  • Level 2: Relationship consciousness. …
  • Level 3: Self-esteem consciousness. …
  • Level 4: Transformation consciousness. …
  • Level 5: Internal cohesion consciousness. …
  • Level 6: Making a difference consciousness. …
  • Level 7: Service consciousness. …
  • Full-Spectrum consciousness.

The famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believed that behavior and personality were derived from the constant and unique interaction of conflicting psychological forces that operate at three different levels of awareness: the preconscious, conscious, and unconscious.

“mystical experience”: mystical experience (sometimes regarded as the highest of all higher states of consciousness)

The more aware we are of our thoughts, feelings, perceptions and surroundings, the higher the level of consciousness. Our level of awareness of internal events and external surroundings is known as a state of consciousness.

Pure consciousness is our spiritual essence. Being infinite and unbounded, it is also pure joy. Other attributes of consciousness are pure knowledge, infinite silence, per-fect balance, invincibility, simplicity, and bliss. This is our essential nature. Our essential nature is one of pure potentiality.

Description: The AVPU scale (Alert, Voice, Pain, Unresponsive) is a system, which is taught to healthcare professionals and first aiders on how to measure and record the patient’s level of consciousness.

Altered Level of Consciousness (ALOC)

  • Confusion describes disorientation that makes it difficult to reason,to provide a medical history, or to participate in the medical examination.
  • Delirium is a term used to describe an acute confusional state. Lethargy and Somnolence.

Chaitanya (Sanskrit: चैतन्य) refers variously to ‘awareness’, ‘consciousness‘, ‘Conscious Self’, ‘intelligence’ or ‘Pure Consciousness’. It can also mean energy or enthusiasm.

Each letter stands for an important line of questioning for the patient assessment. The parts of the mnemonic are: Onset, Provocation/palliation, Quality, Region/Radiation, Severity, and Time.

The state of being conscious
; awareness of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc. … full activity of the mind and senses, as in waking life: to regain consciousness after fainting. awareness of something for what it is; internal knowledge: consciousness of wrongdoing.

Consciousness, via volitional action, increases the likelihood that an organism will direct its attention, and ultimately its movements, to whatever is most important for its survival and reproduction.

The English word “conscious” originally derived from the Latin conscius (con- “together” and scio “to know”), but the Latin word did not have the same meaning as the English word—it meant “knowing with”, in other words, “having joint or common knowledge with another”.

Location, in Time(s) and in Place.

Since at least the nineteenth century, scientists have known that the cerebral cortex is important for consciousness. Fresh evidence has highlighted a posterior-cortical ‘hot zone’ that is responsible for sensory experiences.

//FUTURE STUDIES WeTreat – Bicameral mentality is a controversial hypothesis in psychology and neuroscience which argues that the human mind once operated in a state in which cognitive functions were divided between one part of the brain which appears to be “speaking”, and a second part which listens and obeys//


Many types of mnemonics exist and which type works best is limited only by the imagination of each individual learner. The 9 basic types of mnemonics presented in this handout include Music, Name, Expression/Word, Model, Ode/Rhyme, Note Organization, Image, Connection, and Spelling Mnemonics.


  • Keyword Mnemonics. Brand New Images Stone/
  • Chunking as a Mnemonic Strategy/
  • Musical Mnemonics/
  • Letter and Word Mnemonic Strategies/
  • Rhymes as Mnemonic Strategies/
  • Making Connections as a Mnemonic Method/
  • Method of Loci Mnemonic Strategy/
  • Peg Method Mnemonics/


  • Imagery and Visualization. Our brains remember images much more easily than words or sounds, so translating things you want to remember into mental images can be a great mnemonic device.
  • Acronyms and Acrostics.

MOST POPULAR MNEMONIC mechanic – Your O.I. – Organic Intelligence.

ROY G. BIV = colors of the spectrum (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.) This is by far the most popularly used mnemonic. To make an Expression or Word mnemonic, the first letter of each item in a list is arranged to form a phrase or word.


The three main components of mnemonics are :Location, imagination and association.


Example 1. PEMDAS – Please excuse my dear Aunt Susie. PEMDAS is a common mnemonic for remembering order of operations in pre-algebra meaning: Parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, adding, and subtraction.

“These Experiences We have memorized, but are yet unable to reproduce, a constant of Human Nature and a foundation for Human Existence”


Visual mnemonics are a type of mnemonic that work by associating an image with characters or objects whose name sounds like the item that has to be memorized.


A mnemonic in the microprocessor is either a symbol, a name or a term that defines a computer function or operation. A mnemonic is always used to give users quick access to computer functions, processes or services. Through mnemonics, a user will bypass the actual and longways or path to perform a task.


The mnemonic in the microprocessor is acronym/abbreviation, for operation. It is used mnemonics in instruction code to make easy and suitable coding. The mnemonics are R used for the register, A for the accumulator, z for zero flags, add for addition, etc.


in full Formula Translation, computer programming language created in 1957 by John Backus that shortened the process of programming and made computer programming more accessible.

Emotional maturity or emotional intelligence

patience is essential to daily life—and might be key to a happy one. Having patience means being able to wait calmly in the face of frustration or adversity, so anywhere there is frustration or adversity—i.e., nearly everywhere—we have the opportunity to practice it.


It is extremely complicated to remain simple. A fact of existence and no specific attribute such as Intelligence, Ingenuity or Comprehension can deny that fact, true for any Living Creature, the end of this ongoing experience can strikes at anytime, true for anything made as well, Entropy is not ‘a test’ but a reality of Time(s), brutal reality for those in conscious contemplation of existence. The ‘word’ so complicated to explain but so simply lived is as such, that We decide to collectively adopt a States of Conscious Neutrality, a Neutral state of Being, in face of un unknown and obviously well elaborated ‘plan’. Intelligence have the limits of Reality, beyond Life, nothing.

In the Name of You. And You only!

To conclude a Decade and a half over of the HOB Esoterikos House RAW publication, we should simply word it this way;

– do We, Human’s. Adapt to what We know? Or do We Adapt to what is! Human ‘Incarnation’ flow from an Act(s), and such Act(s) are made possible in this reality (wherever We may come from before & go after), this Existence and this Experience is a share reality, an ‘Incantation’. And for Human’s of Earth who took the responsibility to do so on behalf of their Own Self following the belief that One should Consume and Destruct in order to Create and Make will demand Attention and require assistance. Humanity shall responds, it is not You’re Culture, Social believes, Values or Soul, Spirit or Body that is in question from now on, but that of Your Humanity. –

The HOB Esoterikos House, Review & Archive Web publication. The Counter of counter Culture – 2004/2022 Out!

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