the HOB – Reflection – closing RAW’s – WIN21/22 – One Last Word.

The long haul.

Instinctively do something or, like all systems, that which Humanity abides by was invented, design, build according to specifics and mechanics to perform a task, a suits of movements with a programed purpose. Those who designed it, some 5000 years ago, did so with a competitive mindset, not to say ‘egocentric’, so it was made with a particular attention to disable critics, questioning, changes and possible deviation, a dogmatic mechanic. For some, Consciousness comes from ‘an absolute’ a ‘no particular place’ in Space, for others it emanates from the upper part of the Body, the Head, and for others, if you ask to locate it, it will comes from the Heart. Words have a way to describe and define Life that the living express in thousands ways. Nowadays the quest is a mix of ‘things’ which have for purpose the creation of safety by the accumulation of currencies, ask anyone what is the aim of their productions, the answer will always be ‘for a pay’, the ‘what’ and ‘why’ is replaced by the ‘for’. To make a Conscious choice one and only question is to be asked, do ‘I’ have the required items at my disposal to do so? This include anything from knowledge to intuitions, but again, what upset you most, that someone would think in differences of yourself or that you do not hold the knowledge of All? In a publication of ‘the edge of the Age’ the HOB was referring to ‘the Long Night’, this is the early Time(s), the ‘Light Sleep’ before the “Deep Sleep”, REM and Repeat leading to the Deep Dive, then, a other conscious states await. Time to watch, time to search. Time to reflect. And the Media of Our Time(s) provide, not what was promised, hacked, not by ‘guardian’, exploited, not by the Common. The first decades of the 21 Century is no surprise, but again, the HOB does not publish for the ‘all & everyone’, you must commit to the Common, by Participation, in order to lift your own veil, like a last gasp of Oxygen before jumping into a body of Water. From then, and unto the Future, Be in Existence has become less of a game, we can say that a sense of realism have now reach every Human Beings, a click away from the Digital Reality. Time for Self Honesty! Are you living your Life Under Influence or By Inspiration.

Question mark?

Are We, Human’s, living this Existence under the influence of a few ‘good’ Thinker’s/Aware Emancipator’s/Conscious Imaginator’s, ‘influenced’ or ‘inspired’, or is this the Work of Our own, a given ‘inspirational common’ propagated to each of Us, to be realized within a common realm, the realm of reality? Reflection RAW’s have run from the early 2000 until now, this one to be the last of its kind, One Last RAW as a common title. The chosen subject of reflection for Winter 2021/2022 is one of transgression, a multi-dimensional interpretation, and what better Time(s) than this year, with Movies, Films and Flicks support such as Dune, FOUNDATION, M4, ZONE414, REMINISCENCE to name a few! The Anticipation Genre, tool of Our Modern (Political) Media is providing more than entertainment, Fritz Lang was on-point, characters like Jules Verne or Mary Elizabeth Braddon before Him, only by writing, the “Media” in question is ‘The’ Multi Media, recently augmented Human Life in reality and anything fake. However, what good is a media without the Human Organic Intelligence to render in understandable stories and vivid Dreams to ‘feed’ the emptiness of the Mind? ‘vector of influence’ or ‘the propagation of inspiration’? transgression or multi-dimensional interpretation? Deep dive in what the Human Empire does best, in Senses and Intellect.

One last RAW, the HOB Reflection (UPAUT21). One Last Word – Winter 21/22.

On Honesty, respect is when you understand the consequences of your action on a system reliability endangering its capacity and therefore provoquing a chain of events which will knowingly diminish the efficiency of the said system and you decide consciously to act with or without the awareness of the effects of your doing on others, it may be by personal or group interests or emotionally driven by ignorance.


Consciousness & Awareness or Information & Knowledge, are 2 opposites.

Organism and System, systems of organisms, Life in a Tree some says, there is no such a thing say others, what would an organism say and do to protect itself, and what would a system be made of so it can protect itself! The experience is simple, basic in nature; asking an embarrassing question to one person out of a group, ask a second, a third and so on the embarrassment will wash out, shared, the opposite promote

Cruelty. Big word. It cover anything from acts triggered by an extreme comportmental behavior to the unique way the invisible action of Human on humand and their ebvironment surely now recognize as ‘cruel’ for 3 something billion of Human’s (the toll of change will apply to all given time), or within Urbanism Organism which have long ago extended from Metropolitan to Regional, Continental and now post Global presence thanks to ‘the Internet’ and mobile smart phone, content & container,


Alternative or Marginalize Society!? h+, a Human story.

Identity and cruelty are the 2 words you are looking for. the first you have given away gladly. To the “gram’s” and “tter’s” and “ook’s” and “ok’s”, away your Virtual and Real World Identity, not long before you all get visually#tagged, facially#recorded or DNA#printalized in order to be recognized, in order to exist, if by will and with a validated understanding of how you will benefit from it, give in gladly, if the sense is to De-Sensorized you from Being Human to the machines that service your day to day existence, the You of yourself, removing the each and everything from the shelves right into the sleeves all a QRCode away, to say, at hand control, for those who anticipate your demands in an aim to create this reality and ‘guaranty’ hemselves a tomorrow, control was never the goal, their survival is, of all things those who takes advantage of You do so by sake of survival, better living by validating a tomorrow. Legislatorship of dictators and dictatorship of legislators is but the same in the ‘paper world’, a decentralized Identity is building in the virtual world.


Ordinary perception

Architect or Builder?, Developer! “Only composition differentiates Us from everything else” these words are taken from the latest Film featuring Timothy Leonard Spall & Peter Stormare, “the obscure life of the grand duke of Corsica” a film between the Comedy of Life and its realities, which if anything, are words taken from St Francis of Assisi, small Planet, Big World. Above all matter of perception, in this ‘modern world’ we became all developer. Developers at work for a developing everything, from Economy to ourselves, so why the lack of Inspiration? Inspiration to Architect anything new, Inspiration to Build anything new, and by new we mean Create, shall we extend to Living?,


By the time the experience is consumed, nothing remained,

experience have a way of consuming matter.


In the name of Anticipation.

“Let’s us start with the K. Dick, the B. Sheldon, the Hitchcock, the Kubrick, lets us start with the obvious of something which is nothing but. The Creative and anarchist Mind topping the story. 1984, so obvious that the counter power became it, in religion, story, industry, politic and of course commerce.” some reading here!

On “Personalism”.

If the value is in the numbers of transaction made in the favors of others,

than I should be a very wealthy man by now.

Innovation – Methodology – Enhancement of a multiple of systems




Humanity = ‘A’ by participation Organism or ‘A’ Organic Intelligence Structure.


To conclude.

In the ‘what if?’ section! What if there is a world around Us We cannot see due to a void of consciousness, a missing awareness! Isn’t that the focal point this Humanity should be contemplating.


The HOB Review & Archived Web publications – One Last RAW – Winter 2021/2022 – Reflection. Out!

the Long Haul – One Last Word – Winter 2021/2022// the Human Operation Base