ONE LAST RAW – the HOB 5D’s – WINTER 2021/2022 – The Dawn of h+

the Dawn.

Human Being. It is what it is and does what it does. For Millennia to ‘troc’ an idea for an idea a good for a good or a thing for a thing, the ‘do trade’ have existed for as long as Human could walk, exchange as well, so does the borrow and little to say about the theft, in the word of Penrose “for Eon’s” the societal habits of sharing, in a way or another, and by will or obligation, has built this World, the coming Eon’s will be define by how ‘Able’ this Planetary Civilization in the making will adapt to new ways of co-existing. Nothing really new, from over Centuries now, but a change of system survival for the Humanity Entity, the Human Organism, a Millenia ago adaptation to a new system,… misconception leading to another and you write an Alternative story, story as actual events taking place in the Contemporary Space, some of these misconcept have turn reality in the Digital Space, it goes from the idea that Multimedia machines (laptop, PC’s, smartphone’s, tablets, watch, etc..) are filling up your Mind with stuff, when in fact the recorded and quantifiable stuff in question, from emotion’s, interests, desires, are diligently extracted from Organic Entities (Human Beings, we don’t know of any Ants walking around with an i99 ;-)) for later use, and present studies. Other misconcept’s are in the Bios itself, solve Biological Entropy with a ‘pill’ would be nice, questions remains about what to do with all that Time(s) or for that matter what to do with the history of memories in a ‘Youth world’? h+ is gently reaching its Adolescence, and Human’s who abide by an Ethical Human Planetary Civilisation have been recognize as a Community, worldwide, TransHumanism enter the human society by mean of Philosophy!

Humanity have waited that long to have an open-source system, a digital one that is, available & accessible to all, from knowledge, Philosophy, Science, Entertainment and now Currencies, all of which is ‘Decentralized’, the open source is a step away to become a Dimension on its own, and of course, it does not come without dilemma, abuses and what not! Influences or Inspirations. Consequences and problems and consequences. Problems! Forget the Time(s), what Human needs, demands secretly, pray for openly, contemplates in dream asleep or awake is a adventure, away from psychological, physical and materials motivations, Humanity, asking for more time individually, look for a way to consume this time, free of false habits and locked-in ready for launch, this humanity is looking for an ‘other’ experience of living. Easy to say you ‘ll say, true indeed, we answer, how to claim another living when most of Humanity endure the struggle of not having the capacity to live the past and present experiences, ongoing frustration and the disbalance of the nerverworlds. So true the lies of reality come to be when the void of Life is filled with unlived destinies and nostalgic imagery only never accomplished. The task to entertain this Humanity is daunting, and to make it short on that part, we should simply remind of the latest assembly of claims and answer regarding the World Food program and ‘Thee Musk’ about solving the (very political) food crisis of this (very) Human World, and remind that it is in the foreseen of tomorrow that human find their Future and that it would takes a small percentile of this Humanity, at hand works, to lift Humanity from the burden that We are all stuck on that rock and that the simple thought that We can actually safely travel from it at Will would not only propose a human experience but also the comfort that We can. What to do with all this time? some plan it, others subconsciously forge it, while few achieve their ‘goals’ however realistically most wonder of which ever what ever ‘those’ succeed in reaching out to the best of what this dimensional living experience offers, billionaires, movies stars, politicians and other recognized as ‘leaders of this world’ rigorously publicly consume and empty of an uncommon substance, ‘work or luck’ (it took us .30 second to find something relevant)/, Transcendence, Transient. If all is to vanish, collapse, grinded to dust, the theory of evolution is then to be questioned as obsolete, to the contrary, the case of a Planetary Civilization would demonstrate the Human ‘abilis’ capacity to adapt to its own Self and construed a solution half way between Intelligent Senses and a Makeable Living, billion of years of observable Universe realized in the experience of living.

The interest for controlling our environment

Water etc,some time ago, well, a quarter of a Century past, the HOB interests was on anything solid, Physical, the Digital with it, Sylicon was but a dream and Cheep was dreamed only by Humans at the Time(s), Water was (and remain to this day) the prime interest. But we come a long way from the basic, Virtual Water’s, what you don’t know is use to gear and power your laptop, smartphone or which ever mean of intelligent support creation reception you use, is build using a form of Water tagged “Virtual Water” in the Industrial Verse. Geoengineering like everything in this Dimension, have its limitations. Human interest for control (more for some than for others) gratify ‘the persona’ in such a way that delusion is becoming a trend. Until when and for what? There is no common vision for a common reality. only the passing of Time(s).

h+, the Consciouss Self!

1 profile for a multitude of Individuals, h+

Primarily interested in the Human Kind and Human Future/

Acknowledge to be part of the Human Family/

Promoter of the function of Intelligence/

No interests to be assimilated in the crowd norm/

Highly knowledgeable of Planetary Cultures & Tradition/ No desire to be part of to lead the crowd/

You are what you speak!

start here, then go backward.

use of Vocabulary/

Me for yourself/- Me for others = propagated

Accepted = from others to Me/- from others to others

From others to You = Rejected = from You to others

Use of Modesty as an influencing tool//for goods // for speech // for acts

Application of ‘fear’ methodology – Physical and Mental = by Predation

= Manifestation – acquisition by means of violent actions

‘…, we did not get to where We are, as a Humanity, by chance or hazard. Our History is a succession of Emotionally driven choices, influence by Individuals enable to capture and use the attention of the “Organism Entity” or Human Society as it can be name, to better set a protective field against its Own Kind. Predatorial in Intelligence, not Human in Nature. Humanity protected from Humanity. So unfortunate!, maybe!, factual case remain, Humanity did not get its history from a cotton candy surprise box, it was made, made by Human Being, tested, experimented, studied, argumented, debated, from Soul to Bone Marrow, Human Natural Science at work, the result of Our Modernity is build on the foundation of Our Collective Crimes and We are not collectively looking for a collective memory but We all now run on a Collective Consciousness, Human of Earth. So, we come to distrust Our guides. Non Voluntary participations and the orientation of ‘ideology’ with no Human Civilization prospect in view, one too many, those who took upon them to rise a Conscious Humanity have lost their “Abilis” Humanity, not able, no Vision from a ‘cultural elite’ not in touch with a Dimensional Reality demanding an empty space in order to ‘Be-Think’, so We look collectivally for excuses, Eugenism, DNA studies, rNA Alteration, the vocabulary does not lack to describe the ‘where’ Human Humanity knowledge comes from, All Human Group on All Continents, no human expeptions, We all come from it. Like the idea of a ‘Unify World’ and a question?, who says that this World of Human is divided. How many more Human’s shall give in the ‘vision’ of Women and Men who have none, influence by social or historical figures, enable to foresee the Present and left out of Their own Future. Those who know will recognize themselves, for all the others, the waiting is over, h+ is by far the most original and Human vision for this Humanity. Who could deny it! //

Human, addressing the Mind and its variability.

Saphir & Worf – How language reach to the Self// watch here//

Logarithm the setting of Mind Self – the Mind Institution, shattered.// research here//

Back to it: Soul, Spirit, Body, and Mind

The Organic Intelligence O.S. – State of View Point; SS&B management; Similarities & Differences; Awareness; memory; Human.

More Human!, The Power’s of Earth Children.

Humanity did come to some conclusion with it’s Existence, in any Human community on Earth, Children’s must be looked after, Women’s, the Willing force of Life perpetuation and Men’s now ‘of’ Patriarchal delusion face the open Cosmic, discovery and curiosity have no limits, and unless cared for, ‘the’ Human Being interests for its environment is absolute, and this goes for Children’s of Earth of any Age.

Not possible to provoke it. Consciousness, like Mercury, reflect only its surrounding, escaping any attempt to be capture and able to shape to any form. Is that that Human history must be ‘made’ and endured, to be experienced by projecting Reality Consciousness speed to better crash against the wall of existence?

Or is there a way by which Consciousness and absolute real time awareness would be made Ours and propels Humanity toward a Cosmic Future.

The HOB 5D’s – one last RAW, Winter 2021/2022 –  closing RAW Publication/OUT!